Dude... 666 Follow Forever *sparkles*

so I would just like to state that uhhhh I have no idea who to work tumblr on the computer so I won’t be putting links because i have no idea how… i need someone to teach me… 
Anyways, I’ll be putting my absolute favourite people in bold and you should all check those guys out because they are my favourites for a reason!!!!

A) absolutely-mullered, achievement-tooths, achievemichael, ahdorabledorks, ahmichaeljones, ahmogar, alexander–gayscarf, alittlebitgayandmore, all-time-fricking-low

C) callmepoppunk, catscrew, charzardroe, cyberwho, 

D) dctorfree, definitelythor

E) eatglitterglue, eventhorizoncosplay, exrthwalker

F) falloutbliss, foodless

G) ghostlyfiendfromdownunder, gworbs-gavichal

H) howellatmelester

I) idkwhichurl, immortalhd-bitches, imsailingtheships, infiniteragequit, insertyoutuberquotehere

J) j3ssi3-paws, jolegreyman, jgarve63

K) k-illingyou, kicktheassbutt

L) l-earninghowtobreath, lazyenigma, lillylikeablade, littleianthonythings, littleredhatterlordoftheballpit

M) misspepperpond, mlchaeijones, morgenmolly, my-sorrowful-song, mylittlesittyblog

O) outside-of-me

P) peanutbutterthedog, phanfiction-slut, placentaandllamas

R) raybutts, riccasze, rogueofpandas, roosterteetheverything

Sshishka-boob, sickwithapprehension-182, slothkitten, smoshfan1231994, someoneudontknow5, somewhereinthesunshine, squirtlesock, synnesai

T) tardisfangirler, taynay101, team-lads-in-the-tardis, thathumanwiththecatears, theholymother, touhoho, troylerphan, twnty-one-pilots

U) uncoolistic, unicorndildos

V) vaginal-shrimp-basket, vic-a-lickin-good

W) will-i-ever-get-a-good-url

X) xerxes-blade

Y) ymasreckless, youngwentz