cassian to jyn: what do you know? we don’t all have the luxury of deciding when and where we want to care about something. suddenly the rebellion is real for you? now that you’ve got a stake in it and now that you don’t have another life to go back to? some of us live this rebellion. i’ve been in this fight since i was six years old. you’re not the only one who lost everything. some of us just decided to do something about it.



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Ilya Repin ‘Sadko’ (1876) - details

This painting is based on the epic 'Sadko of Novgorod’. The artist depicted the moment when Sadko chooses his wife from one of the sea maidens, presented ias foreign beauties, by order of the Sea King. In the opinion of Repin, they represent different countries and peoples, but Sadko chooses a wife which is standing in the depths - Russian maiden Chernava.


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̏ The evolution of the New Era rests on the cornerstone of Knowledge and Beauty ˝Nicholas Roerich

Path to Kailas (1931), Tent Mountain (1933), Waiting (1927), And we are not afraid (1922),  Royal monastery(1932),  Monhegan(1922),  Everest(1935),  Boris and Gleb(1942),  Mount of five treasures (Two worlds) (1933)