DAY 3397

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 16,  2017               Sun 9:35 PM

Birthday - EF - Walaa Zakariya Mohammed Ahmed Ali    Mon, July 17 .. and may all the goodness of life be with you and your special day .. Happy birthday Walaa .. from the Ef

Technology talks make special attention for most of the day .. they intrigue and hold us in great suspense as to where we are headed .. the specialists say the Bay area in San Francisco is running 18 months ahead of the rest of the world .. they have already thought of the next and the next and the next .. and devise means which shall prove to be in the realm of changing the world altogether .. we shall not be alive to see those inventions ruling the hemisphere, but what a joy it would be to be in the knowledge of it .. just so we could perhaps in the virtual world, know and understand where we are headed ..

In today’s world the option of not knowing does not exist .. an issue or a problem in the tech world, does not make sense, because of the confidence we have developed in its solution or solutions .. finding fault, or finding the absence of a convenience in a gadget perhaps, questions our ability to dare to bring it out in the open, for the solution is there in it .. it is our incompetence not to have found it .. because finding it is an exercise by itself .. the solutions and the remedies are there, its just that we are unable to search for it .. we tend to put blame on the machine .. this is not working because they have forgotten to include the problem, is what most think the moment the problem arises .. NO .. there is no problem .. the inventors have already thought of it, remedied it and put it in the system .. we .. we were unable to find it in the system and so readily blame it .. WRONG !!

The cure is there, well thought out .. we were unable to think and search it out ..


Sunday .. and like many other there is the moment of the well wishers and the meetings and the rush of cheer and the waving of arms and the taking of pictures .. and the different people that come .. kids and elders and security and traffic and yes .. YES .. those culprits that come to steal and rob and pick pocket .. but they must know that there are security watching them and they do get caught .. for them that come to the gat to see and well wish, a warning .. please be careful of your belongings, for in the crowd are negative elements as well who can cause you to lose your valuables ..

and the largest company that makes cameras today are the mobile company’s .. had you ever thought that the Canon and the Nikon and the Leika though still used by professionals are almost redundant .. Apple and Samsung and 1+ and the lot have overtaken them by miles ..

different faiths and children, some just born are out there in the rain .. they should not .. but ..

and then there are them that make a quick buck by selling their wares ..

pop corn makers to happily feed them that stand for hours at the Jalsa Gate ..

and then there are those that get caught for stealing and pick pocketing ..

all should be aware of this .. we can warn but how to stop them .. the security and the police is there, but they still operate .. hopefully they shall stop ..

and the cute little children that get lost in the crowd .. but are rescued by the staff at the gate and come up with a smile for a picture, and returned back to their parents .. who are aware that their kids are safe and well looked after .. in fact one of the little ones is sen in an earlier picture on her Father’s shoulders .. !! the black and red T-shirt wearing male .. 

But the joy of the well wishers is always a pleasure for me and shall ever remain so .. my care and love to them ..

that walk from the door of Jalsa, to the gate and the raised platform to greet .. an anticipation, a love, an apprehension .. happens .. but all with joy ..

and after a quick visit rushing up to see history being created on the courts of Wimbledon .. Roger Federer campion for the record 8th time .. a great athlete and a great accomplishment ..  but very very sorry for his opponent Cilic .. sad to see him break down in the middle of the game in disappointment of his performance .. his game just did not favour him at all .. he has a better game but all his shots just would not go over the net or went wide .. just one of those days when everything stands up against you .. Roger is and was great, but I felt he won because of Cilic’s own faults, rather than the superior game of Roger ..

Cilic made several own goals !! yes a part of the game .. but felt bad for him .. he does have a much better game than what we saw today .. 

Congratulations then to Roger .. he played well, but he played really superior tennis in the semi finals .. that was incredible !!

There comes a time in the day when you begin to look forward to what is next .. the time is now .. and I do look forward to the bed and the sleep to be up for 102 not out in early morning …

Amitabh Bachchan

BREAKING: Saudi government says it will allow women to drive for the first time
King Salman decreed that a government body draw up guidelines and implement the policy by next June, according to state media. The conservative Muslim kingdom has been criticized around the world for banning women from driving. This is a developing story. It will be updated.

King Salman decreed that a government body draw up guidelines and implement the policy by next June, according to state media. The conservative Muslim kingdom has been criticized around the world for banning women from driving.

Women in Saudi Arabia will be permitted to drive in the kingdom, according to a royal decree issued in Riyadh on Tuesday that overturned one of the most widely criticized restrictions on human rights.

The decree, signed by King Salman and broadcast on state television, said that the “majority of senior scholars” had deemed the change legitimate under Sharia law, and ordered applicable government ministries to make whatever legal adjustments are required to implement it by next June.

The change aligns Saudi Arabia with virtually every other country in the world, including other conservative monarchies in the Persian Gulf region that have long allowed more freedom for women.

It was unclear how the permission to drive would relate to other remaining restrictions, including laws requiring women to be accompanied by a male “guardian” when leaving their homes.

Several prominent female Saudi activists had spent years publicly protesting the driving ban, posting videos of themselves driving on Saudi roads or headed toward its borders. The videos garnered hundreds of thousands of views and quickly landed the activists in prison.

One of the activists, Manal al-Sharif, was arrested in May of 2011 as a grassroots Saudi campaign to overturn the ban gathered momentum, and spent nine days in prison. “As a result of my protest, I was threatened – imams wanted me to be publicly lashed – and monitored and harassed,” Sharif wrote in a first-person account of her arrest and exile from Saudi Arabia, that appeared in June in the New York Times.

Other activists also faced long term harassment for defying the ban. Loujain al-Hathloul, who was detained for 73 days in 2014 after attempting to drive into Saudi Arabia from the UAE, was rearrested earlier this year and held for several days. Shortly before her arrest, she said in an interview with the Post that she had not tried to drive since her arrest three years ago.

On Tuesday, following the news that the ban had been overturned, Sharif, in a Twitter post, wrote that “Saudi Arabia will never be the same again. The rain begins with a single drop.”

Hathloul’s reaction was more concise. “Praise be to God,” she wrote.

Asma Siddiki, an educator at King Abdullah Economic City, said the issue was not the top priority for Saudi women but had become “symbolic.”

“We enjoy some rights that other celebrated democracies do not enjoy and yet everything was brushed under the all- encompassing question of the right of women to drive,” she said. “I feel ecstatic that it is about to become a moot topic.”

“I am also quite relieved,” she added, “that I, not my husband, may be the person who will teach my children how to drive, being a better driver, in my opinion.”

Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Institute of Gulf Affairs, a group often critical of the Saudi leadership, said the decision reflects the influence of reforms pushed by the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

“This shows his stamp,” Ahmed said. “The ban was increasing unpopular and difficult for the ruling family to justify. It was inevitable that it would be lifted someday. Now was the time with the Saudi economy struggling with low oil prices and the monarchy facing some internal pressures.”

Last year, the well-known Saudi investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who is a member of the royal family, declared that the kingdom’s refusal to allow women to drive was draining billions of dollars from the sagging economy.

A new government plan has called for increasing the role of Saudi women in the economy, including boosting their participation in the workforce, from 22 percent to 30 percent by 2030.

Last month, a woman was appointed the chief executive of a major Saudi bank — a first in the country’s history. That came a few days after Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange appointed a woman as its chair.

Sahar Bahrawi, novelist also lives in Jiddah, said the announcement “means the world.”

“It means we obtained our right for mobility thanks to our king. Now we are really free , we are really celebrating,” she said. “We are equal to all the women around the world.”

Loulwa Bakr, a senior financial adviser who also lives in Jiddah, said she was “just happy that I no longer have to tell my 7-year-old to stop ogling at women driving in Europe because yes, it’s normal and okay for women to drive!”

“One small pedal for Saudi women, one giant leap for women kind,” she said.

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You who demolish me, you whom I love,
be near me. Remain near me when evening,
drunk on the blood of skies,
becomes night, in the other
a sword sheathed in the diamond of stars.

Be near me when night laments or sings,
or when it begins to dance,
its stell-blue anklets ringing with grief.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, tr. Agha Shahid Ali


HP Fancast→ James & Lily Potter

[Harry] stopped on a picture of his parents’ wedding day. There was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair Harry had inherited standing up in all directions. There was his mother, alight with happiness, arm in arm with his Dad. 

Riz Ahmed as James Potter
Mawra Hocane as Lily Evans Potter

Dedicated to @anidlebrain and @akosiroxy! And special thanks to @rumaan for helping me find a less creepy Godric’s Hollow.