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December street….. I love street photography… this is one of those things that gives me a lot of self-satisfaction…. I had been missing the streets for a while now…. had been too much driven by priorities…. December is the month that usually got me going when it comes to inspiration to hit the streets… lets hope that I find that inspiration once again….

this photo was taken on 15 December 2007 at Dhaka, Bangladesh…. not being a big fan of selective colour, haven’t tried this thing since then…. well, at least I can say that I’ve tried it…. :)


forbidden attraction….. its true that anything banned attracts us instantly… something very boring and uninteresting becomes eye-candy the moment it is banned…. its a psychological trait that haunts us all the time…. and none so than rules that restrict our activities… as much as we want to break free, we also want to make a mockery of the rules… we leave our mark there, not knowing that it puts us in perspective….

the pictures were taken at various times in Dhaka; in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

take a pause…. street intersections are like hubs… it attracts activities… and the activities attract people… somehow people always have more time to spend at these intersections…. some people like to utilise that time to the fullest, while others just wait for the signs to move on….

this picture was taken at Dhaka, Bangladesh; 11 December 2009


justice…. another of those fundamental virtues that make a good human being…. its the recognition of the rights of others and giving each person his or her dues… talking about the rights of others, are we really paying any attention to that?…. how many of us today are thinking carefully whether our actions would do any inconvenience to other or not?… aren’t we really doing injustice to others by ignoring people’s rights?…. are we just too self-concerned to think about others’ problems?…. this is where a society collapses, when every human being works only for himself/herself… thats the death of justice in that society… nobody pays due credit to anybody… nobody gives a simple “thank you” to others for their contribution, however simple that may be…

the time is today… its time to change… lets start from our homes… lets change the society for the better…. lets start!!… lets give due credit to everyone… lets say “thank you”!!

this is the second write-up in a series on human virtues that we are about to lose in Bangladeshi society… take a look at the first post here…. and this series is inspired by Tahmid Munaz’s writing in Facebook… take a look at that in this post here….

the photos were taken in various times (in 2009, and 2012) in Dhaka, Bangladesh


close to Nature….. Jahangirhagar University had always been a place close to my heart even after not studying there…. Nature always took me there…. that was as close to Nature as I could go within a short time…. if I wanted to refresh myself, that was one of the first places I would think about…. its been a year since I had been there….. not sure about another quick visit over there, though…. missing the place badly!

these photos were taken at Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 07 January 2011

the bridge that changed lives…. the Third Buriganga Bridge brought a lot of change in the lives of the neighbours… Basila was a busy place because of it was more like a hub… this was the place where people used to cross the river on small rowing boats… and a lot of businesses sprung up here based around this traffic… but things have changed dramatically since the bridge was inaugurated…. the boats seen in this picture are all but gone now… only a few engine boats that reach for more distant places still operate there…. most people have fetched different professions by now… life changes; but never stands still…

this photo was taken at Basila, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 12 December 2009