Kung Fu, it means “supreme skill from hard work”. A great poet has reached Kung Fu. The painter, the calligrapher, they can be said to have Kung Fu. Even the cook, the one who sweeps steps or a masterful servant can have Kung Fu. Practice preparation, endless repetition. Until your mind is weary, and your bones ache. Until you’re too tired to sweat, too wasted to breathe. That is the way, the only way one acquires Kung Fu.

Ahmad and Pilot theory???

((yeah, so this post included stuff i’ve collected  about Pilot and Ahmad, along with my obervations/hypothesises (HYPOTHESI?!?!?)… And, these probably aren’t true, after all, observations are what you see, and a hypothesis is an educated guess. I BLAME THIS ANON FOR GIVING ME THE IDEA. Oh and this is long oop))

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Fatima is my heart and my soul, whoever hurts her has hurt me.

Prophet Muhammad (ص), narrated by several non-Shia scholars, here are some of the references I translated:

Sahih Al-Bukhari, V.5, Pg.274; Sahih Muslim, V.2, Pg.261; Sunān b. Majāh, V.1, Pg.216; Sunān b. Dawud, V.1, Pg.324; Jām'e al-Thirmidhi, V.2, Pg.319; Nawādir Al-Usool Al-Thrmidhi, Pg.308; Khasās al-Nasāayi, Pg.35; Musnad Ahmed b. Hanbāl, V.4, Pg.323,328; Al-Aghāni, V.8, Pg.156; Mustādrak al-Hakim, Pg.154,158,159; Wahilāt al-Awleyāh, V.2, Pg.40; Al-Sunān al-Kubrā, V.7, Pg.307; Mishkāt Al-Masābih, Pg.560; Masābih al-Sunnāh, V.2, Pg.278; Al-Jam'e al-Saghir wa Al-Kābir al-Suyuti, Tahthib al-Tahthib, Pg.114,112; al-Fusool al-Muhamāh, Pg.150; Nazhāt Al-Majālis, Pg.228; Nur al-Absār, Pg.45 … Plus many more.

Tashrih-i Mansuri, f.41r by CRC, University of Edinburgh on Flickr.

“Colour illustration of the nervous system as seen in a copy of Mansur’s Anatomy, also known as Tashrih-i Mansuri. Written in both Persian and Arabic terms with seven sections: an introduction, five main chapters, and an appendix on the formation of the fetus and organs. Or.Ms 419 contians 100 folios with numerous illustrations. Not dated.”

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