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Home - Adrian Kempe

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“So, tell me again what we’re doing?”

You grinned and plugged some coordinates into your phone. “Well, you’ve been in LA before this, yes?”

Adrian nodded. “Of course. It’s how we met.”

“But you’ve never been around LA?”

He shook his head. “No. Not really. I’ve just been really focused on hockey and the team. No time to waste.”

“And that is where I find pity.” you said. “You’ve never experienced this place. Not really. This big city I’ve called home for my whole life and my own boyfriend’s never experienced it.”

“Keep in mind, I only first came to LA a few years ago, babe.” he noted. “It’s not my fault. And I’d only been here for short times or just for hockey business before getting called up. This was the first time I’d actually been here for more than a couple weeks. So, it’s not my fault.”

“Still. Let’s fix that.” you chimed. “And I’m not taking you to the tourist traps. It’s summer. Way too crowded and not always as great as people want them to be. We’re not tourists. We’re locals. I’m taking you to all my favorite spots that I think really make this place what it is.”

“If you insist, baby.”

He got into the passenger’s seat and buckled up since it was probably going to be a long drive from where you two shared your apartment. “Okay. Let’s go. Lead the way, madam.”

“But of course.”

You two found yourself in a little tea shop and cafe downtown after a full day of going around the city. It was dark out now apart from the lights of all the surrounding shops and the streetlamps. You giggled at your boyfriend’s face as he sucked up a boba ball from his violet drink. His face twisted in confusion.

“What the fuck.” he mumbled, swallowing the milk tea down and chewing on the gummy bear-like object. “What?”

“You’ve never had boba before, have you?”

He shook his head, still chewing. “No. What is this?”

“I kinda figured. It’s the bubble, babe. It’s what makes it bubble tea.” you clarified, sipping on your orange-colored milk tea. “It’s called a boba pearl. Boba means bubble, kinda. I think, at least. It’s made of tapioca. They’re really chewy and sweet. You have the honey ones. I got those ones, too. I wanted to go original style for your first try. They have a ton of different flavors though. Everything from this to mango to even strawberry. They even have these little jelly cubes, too. However, this is my favorite kind to get.”

He swallowed it down and stared at his drink, looking just as confused as with the pearl. “It’s good. It’s so weird though. And why’s it purple? That cannot be natural”

“It’s the taro.” you smiled. “It’s a purple root thing. It’s really sweet. They use it a lot in Asian desserts.”

“Wait, so this is natural?”

You nodded and took another drink of yours, sucking up some of the bubbles with the sweet, milky tea and chewing on them.

He stared at yours. “And why’s yours orange?”

You smiled and looked down at your plastic-covered cup. “See, mine actually is because of food dye. Thai tea. It’s really sweet and they use condensed milk for it. But yeah, this one’s color is because of food dye. Still good though.”

He smiled and took another drink of his tea. “It really is good. I like it. We don’t have this very much in Sweden.”

“I’m glad you like it and that I could introduce you to something you like… speaking of something you liked, what did you think about today?”

He looked up at you and grinned. “It was wonderful.”

“Yeah? You think so?”

“I know so.” he assured, reaching across the table and taking your hand from the middle where it rested. “It was… interesting. In a good way. I didn’t think there was much except for tourist things and sports for excitement here. I was proven more than wrong today.”

Your grin grew brighter and you gave his hand a soft squeeze. “I’m glad I could show you there was more to home than that.”

He nodded. “You were right. There were the shops and that place we went for lunch and stuff. And I didn’t even know arcades were still a thing anymore!”

“Well, they are here. And thank you for winning me the teddy in the claw machine.” you said. 

He grinned bright. “Took me a few tries, but I wanted to get you something. You’re my girlfriend and I wanted to thank you for showing it to me, after all.”

You swallowed down a mouthful of tea and boba bubbles. “I appreciate that, babe. I love it. Thank you. But yeah. There’s not a ton, but some still left. And you looked really happy at that record shop.”

He smiled. “Well, I’ve been thinking of getting a player. You know that.”

“I do.” you nodded, shooting him a smile in return. “So, I think we found you a supplier for records for when you get one.”

“We did.” he grinned in a reply. “Thank you again for doing this, by the way.”

“It’s not a problem, babe.” you replied again. “I just wanted to share my home with you.”

He put his drink down for a moment. “Yeah. I’m glad it’s become my home too.”


“Yeah.” he said. “Think we could do this again sometime? I want to know it more.”

You smiled. “Yeah. I can definitely manage that. We do have all of summer, after all. But only if you promise to show me Sweden when we go there next month.”

He grinned. “You have yourself a deal, baby.”

You got up and took his hand again. “Alright. Now come on. We need to head home. Next time, I’ll show you the beach and stuff more over on the coast side, okay?”

He held your hand and got up, grin still plastered to his face. “Sounds great to me.”