Alexander Nylander - Midsommar

I wrote this really late at night. I don’t know how I feel but I’m sharing it anyway. I love the story line but I don’t know how well it was executed. Hopefully you like it more than I do!

Word Count: 1585

Warnings: Cursing

It was the annual celebration of Midsommar in Stockholm. A couple friends and I had planned to stay at a hotel farther out in the islands. We chose a place that was right on the water, with a forest behind. The place was beautifully set up. There were lanterns flickering lights over the patio the celebration was being held on. People were scattered holding drinks in their hands. Food tables filled with treats everywhere. Off the wooden patio, there was a grass field that led to the water. Furniture laid out across it.

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IMG_0295 by Stockton Heat - Photos Courtesy of Asvitt Photography

Evgeni Malkin #3 - Flirting

Anon asked: Oh dear god I love you! ❤️ I was wondering if you could an imagine about Evgeni Malkin? Maybe where (Y/N) plays for the Flyers and she can speak Russian so she flirts with him and he gets distracted? Thank you!!!

Hello anon, I clearly don’t know who you are but I can only assume you’re great and I love you too. This concludes the three Evgeni Malkin requests in a row. The flirting ended up being not as cutesy as intended so I hope that isn’t an issue. I enjoyed writing this and the way it ended might result in a part two. I hope you enjoy this! This is also my first imagine under the new username which really means nothing but is something to me. 

You were called up from the Flyers AHL affiliate team the Lehigh Valley Phantoms after a devastating case of the flu knocked out a good chunk of the roster. People were skeptical of a woman entering the NHL though you were far from the first. You quickly proved your worth and found yourself with a permanent spot on the roster.

During your time in the AHL you bonded the best with the Russian players both on your team and not. They liked your fiery spirit and can do attitude and while you can’t say for certain, matching them shot for shot after your first win might have helped. In exchange for you helping them with their English, they began teaching you simple Russian phrases. They started off easy with basic chirps and curse words but once it became clear how well you were learning they moved onto harder things.

You enjoyed learning the language because it gave you something to do during travel and the off-season. After a year of constant work, you could hold a passable conversation and used it any chance you got. You weren’t from Russian nor were your parents so there was really no reason you should know how to speak it. This gave you an unlikely advantage.

The Flyers-Penguins rivalry is regarded as one of the most intense rivalries in the history of the NHL. It’s initial beginning is assumed to be a result of location, as it is also nicknamed The Battle of Pennsylvania, and because both teams were introduced during the “Next Six” expansion wave.

As a Flyer yourself you are supposed to hate the Penguins on principle but couldn’t fully bring yourself to do so. They irked you sure, and sometimes they played less than what was ideal but you could admire their work ethic and determination. One player stood out amongst the rest. Evgeni Malkin was a name thrown around often by your Russian teammates both in the AHL and NHL. It didn’t matter if you liked him or hated him; you knew who he was. You admired his skill and the power he put into every shot. He was a force to be reckoned with on the ice but apparently a big softy off of it. Through the various Russians you were acquainted with you found yourself becoming more and more interested in Evgeni. Not necessarily in a romantic way, though he was attractive, but because he seemed like someone you’d get on with. You didn’t dare reveal this to any of your teammates because it would be seen as fraternizing with the enemy. They couldn’t think that you would be too distracted to play anything but your best against the Penguins.

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Salamu aleykum! I wanted to ask you why do some people say eid is on monday? :/ i mean even in makkah they celebrated it today right? Which means the moon is seen? :/ sorry I'm just so confused

Wa alaykum as salaam, ignore them, they just want to differentiate from those upon ahl as Sunnah. Basically wherever we do something, they need to be different to us because we’re always in the wrong 😕 ignore them 👋🏽

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oh my GOD so glad to see a Pens fan who loves and appreciates Reaves. I understand the trade but so heartbroken to see him go (especially since low key Vladis' two team bffs were traded tonight yikes). A great goon and so much fun to watch but also. He works so HARD. And he improved so much this season. And I want my Blues to win the cup so! Much! But seeing Reavo lifting the cup would be so great too. Sigh. Take care of him <3


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I didnt really like some episodes of AHL personally because some of their mentors were really rude to them. I know they did it so BTS could learn, but BTS BARELY knew English then and probably didn't understand them half the time so yelling at them to do stuff didn't help and probably made them feel terrible. Cough cough @Coolio

Well I mean yeah…it was part of the experience… That’s just how it was I guess. They didn’t want to sugar coat it. i dunno

It is reported that Muhammad b. Sīrīn – Allāh have mercy on him – said:

“If the Dajjāl appears, I believe the heretics (People of Desires, Bid’ah) will follow him.”

— Al-Lālakā`ī, Sharh Usūl I’tiqād Ahl Al-Sunnah (1/131)

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Why everybody thinks that ahl is so bad??

I think for people who get secondhand embarrassment easily (which I do), there are a lot of parts that are super cringey. Like the kidnapping part, a lot of the stuff with Coolio, when Hobi and Jin are beatboxing at random people in the restaurant, when they have to approach random girls on the street at night and talk to them in English, when Jimin and Jungkook are working for that airplane dude who hates them, etc.

Also it was a long time ago and they’ve grown a lot since then as artists and people.

But I think people over exaggerate how bad it is. Personally I think there are a lot of nice/cute moments. My favorite part is when Taehyung, Jungkook, and Yoongi are with Iris. I also thought Yoongi working in the hotel kitchen was cute. And I thought it was sweet how much they loved Tony and Nate.



@ people embarrassed of ahl

without it we wouldn’t have:
-chim chim
-turn up
-jimin ready to beat a 14 year old white kid
-international playboy jungkook shitting his pants while filming with girls
-$3 dollars
-namjoon teaching jimin “let’s not give a fuck”
-do you know annyeonghaseyo?
-this is my shiteu
-2seok meditating
-jiminie pabo!!
-what the hell?
-tae ruining every interview by knocking something over
-yoongi buying the kids ice cream :’)
-jungkook’s iron man socks