tecnomotive  asked:

I reblogged your post abt your most adorable friendship ever with brock but I couldn't leave it there. I'm so so happy that you have a friend in brock bc he honestly seems like (and is, no doubt!) the sweetest guy ever. it's so heartwarming how he has supported you in your pursue of hockey which also brings me to how incredibly proud I am of you. I'm so grateful to him for helping you find your confidence in this sport, which you have done amazingly. you're really inspiring, keep on doing you <3

Thank you so much for this. This means the world. Hockey (playing it) has helped stop my anxiety and I feel so at home on the ice. I never would have known this or be so happy playing a sport if it weren’t for Brock. He’s an amazing person and I feel unbelievably lucky to call him a friend and mentor. Your message means so much. Because as much as I don’t like sharing personal stuff here, I wanted people to know how much of a great guy he is and how off the ice, he’s incredibly inspirational and such a good role model who deserves a lot more love and attention 💕 thank you again.


jesus christ. jimin is and will be a child at heart forever