BTS AHL: When a Jungkook meets spray whipped cream

SG: for these kinds of things, its fun when the younger one does it 

JK: *tasting whip cream while suga talks* 

JK [in english]: oh, delicious. 

JK: *second taste of whipped cream*

Tony: welcome to america 

JK: *third time, just a quick one* 

Hyungs: *laughing at their cute maknae* 


This is the cutest effing thing


that moment when Kookie tasted canned whipped cream for the first time and he never looked back

JK: Oh~ delicious~
T: Welcome to America!


BTS AHL: Jungkook teasing Jimin for his short height ft. Hoseok beatboxing

JH: *is beatboxing*

JK: jiminie hyung’s height is so freaking small~ 

JM: *shoves jungkook* 


BTS AHL: the way jimin and jungkook pronounce ‘milk’ is the cutest thing you will ever hear 

Tony: is there milk in here? (bc he’s lactose intolerant ) 

JM: eh?

Tony: milk. 

JM: mok? 

Tony: milk? 

JM: myork 

JK: milk. 

JM: ah..ah! milk!