“So, as I Was Saying…

…they never looked me in the eye ever again.”

Just a couple of Yokai guys having a little chat. About what you ask? Mundane things such as: sneaking into the human world and taking a bite, finding stray humans in the outskirts of Kakure-Zato(The unseen Village), and the lengths people go through to see a ghost, then get stuck with a horrible clingy, curse.

I haven’t drawn my characters, or anything for that matter, casually interacting. Maybe, I doodled some years ago, and drawing one as an actual finished work makes me super happy.

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I hope one day someone loves me as much as you love Bakugo because dang, it's like you have a secret altar or something for the explosion son.


the most i have is his figure, a few keychains (.. two of which my friends bought me), a sticker (that another friend bought for me), and an enamel pin i bought from someone’s online store

that’s. that’s all i have really sak;shaga;


Work Doodle: Futakuchi-san

EDIT: I accidentally drew him with six fingers, because I forgot to coffee :U

I haven’t painted Ahka with my current method. He’s a Yokai I made up called Futakuchi-san. He is often mistaken for being just a male version of Futakuchi-Onna. I’d like to paint him as a Curse Eating Yokai or a Curse god, maybe even both. Sometimes, I get a little lazy and draw him in disguise. Teeth are a little hard to draw :<

Well, I’m going to make him Shou’s housemate, yeah! He’s subtle, quiet and disciplined, but he’s probably worse than Shou when it comes to horrific mischief. A combination that makes it difficult to see things coming. Even stranger is his rather convincing persona of a non-confrontational, unassuming, shy nurse when in disguise.

Work Doodle: A Proper Disguise?

I think those thick rimmed glasses are becoming the new stylish thing(Maybe? I live in a GLACIAL CAVITY in the FAR FAR END of the NORTH. SO, I HAVE NO IDEA). I changed his eye wear to aviators? I’m not sure. I saw a similar pair of frames while cleaning up and thought they’d look misplaced when worn by a “bashful, scatterbrained, male nurse.” *wink-wink-nudge-nudge-nuuudgeeeee-ELBOWS*

Hmm… Ahka’s disguise is less subtle than Shou’s. Maybe I’ll change his hair color at least.