ahitinsweden replied to your post: Homeopathy and the cure for cancer

She does have a bit of a point, way more research money goes into treatment rather than prevention.

She has no point. There is no conspiracy theory to suppress the already discovered cure for cancer so that the American medical industry can continue to profit from cancer therapies. That’s not a thing. That’s just tinfoil hat-wearing.

Homeopathy is not a thing. If it were, the very act of swimming in Lake Ontario would be a curative! Drinking a glass of water would give you eternal life. She tried to suggest that vitamins were an example of homeopathy and still didn’t get where she was wrong when I pointed out that for that to be true she’d have to be taking vitamin C tablets with a dose of 1-part-per-zillionth-gram, rather than 1000milligrams. The clues are right there out in the open for her.

ahitinsweden replied to your post: thank god for the internet.

Albert Gleizes, Marie Laurencin (one of the few female cubist painters) the early work of Fernand Léger, Roger de La Fresnaye I don’t know how extensive of an art library your school has but there are a lot of good art research databases out there.

when was like “any help internets?” i really meant “dear sweet jesus let ahitinsweden check tumblr today”

Thanks! Our library is super limited, i’m probably going to our city library on lunch break tomorrow or tuesday and praying i find what i need.