Ash here again with another mega list (you thought I forgot) So last year I did a favorite simblrs mega post list thing. This year I’m going to do the same thing EXCEPT these are simblrs that are new to me + people I forgot in last year’s mega list. If you want to check out the 2015 mega list of my favorite simblrs its ♡ here ♡ (all the people listed in that one too I would definitely check out as well. If you haven’t already). And since everyone deserves some love. Here is every amazing human being that I follow ♡ whoosh ♡   I love doing this because seeing people happy, makes me happy, so why not do this c: I love you all so very much ♡ and happy new year!!!  ( ‘• ω • `) ♡ ~ (˘ ▽ ˘) ~

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Do u know where I can download a male bracelet? I've searched for this everywhere, but I never find it for ts2. Thx!

Hello there, nonny! Any bracelet in particular? Hmmm… I guess I’ll just list some of my favorites!

1. @the77sim3 Skull Beaded Bracelet converted by @chanelwwww; LINK

2. 1080 Leather Belt Bracelet; LINK

3. KimJ/Traum Beads Bracelet; LINK

4. 1080 Rosary Bracelet; LINK

5. @ahiruchanet Barbed Wire Bracelet converted by @royalblues87; LINK



HELLO GUYS !!! Today is a family day for everybody . Céline is out with Toshiro to see the cherry blossom’s and enjoy the hanami day With our sweet baby toddler Hanari😁. BUT!!! do you see something…magical there ? ….😉 check close !!!! ENJOY THE LOOKBOOK GUYS

👑Female - sim Céline Gatour 👑
Hair by @sintiklia
Flower Crown by @sims4-marigold
Top by @simpliciaty
Skirt by @salem2342
Necklace by sclub (tsr)

📷 Male - sim Toshiro Kurosawa 📷
Top by me
Shorts by mclayne-sims (TSR )
Shoes base game

Poses with soda by @kiruluvnst
Poses with Camara by @kiruluvnst
Chopsticks pose by @ahiruchanet
Sodas acc by @dominationkid
Camara by @inabadromance


@beautiful-simmer hey girl WE DID IT ENJOY !!!👑🍷

莫名想放隻綿羊在Eren旁邊 (,,・ω・,,)

▪Model:Eren by me
▪Hair:@the77sim3 (converted by @junara-sims)
▪Magazine:BuffSumm (edited for private use only)

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.

可見我每次捏pose有多龜+多會拖 lol
Following the other creators and made my very own pose-making video.
It’s 4x speed but I still look so slow.
…so you know how slow I am on it. Everytime. lol

なんかダルダル~・・・・な感じの兄貴です。 バレンタインチョコもらえなかったので拗ねてますw シムズの中で一番気に入っているぬいぐるみ。あひる?のダッキー・・・。 装飾品なので子供が遊んでくれないのが悲しい・・・(笑)   Pose mirumom様 ahiruchanet様 床装飾 haneco410clone様 素敵なポーズとCCありがとうございます。

@simblrryuffy‘s Male Hair Test Shots. (ゝ∀・)~♪

the hair is sooooooo cute!!! (ノ>ω<)ノ

▪Models:Yuk Dok & D.J. by me

▪Clothes & Acc:
@pauleanr / @black-le / @s-sac / @sims4-marigold / @younzoey-sims / @sclub-privee / @s4seze / @ooobsooo / @ahiruchanet

▪Poses by me

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.


I updated two of my old poses.
please check Here.

and Here.