long time no build! finally i built a new lot, it’s called “little tokyo”, thanks to exp3100 for the idea. :) i guess it’s more like a countryside little town though. lol.. anyway so as you all know it’s not the right thing to do to pack all cc in one download so if you would like to use this lot in your game…

Yakiniku Set - @ahiruchanet
Calculator, Ceiling Fan - @ajoya-sims
Shirt, Logs n’ Coffee Table, Cigarettes - @anbs
IKEA Stepstool n’ Wallrack Utensils - @aroundthesims
Kitty Deco, Water Dispenser - @black-le
Chinese Food Deco, Towel (Set C) - @budgie2budgie
Wall Lamp, Grunge Deco, Candle - buffsumm
Floor Lamp, Kokeshi,  Water Bucket, Tea Set,
  Soap, Fish Tank - cc.coloful
Plants, Shirt n’ Industrial Door - @chisimi
Blanket - @dani-paradise
Basket, Furnitures, Plates n’ Bowls - angela
Wood Walls - devirose
Lights - dot
Pencil Holder, Office Desk, Kitchen Stuff, Coffee Bottle, Clothes,
  Wood Bench, Milk Crates, Bed Set and Blanket - @dreamteamsims
SushiDessert - @exp3100
Mochi n’ Sake - lolinekosims4
Bowls - @fayesta
Tokoita, Fuzukue - gigo
Wallpanel - @grilledcheese-aspiration
Plant and Rug - @hvikis
Box Tissue - @imadako
Apple Computer, Call Box - @inabadromance
Bathroom - jomsims
Kitchen Counter, Lathe Wall - @kiwisims4
Glass Bottles - koposov
Stuff - @lina-cherie
Shoes, Towel - @lindseyxsims
Stuff, Bedroom I, Bedroom II  - mangosims
Notebook, Scooter - @maximss
Plants, Kitchen Clutters, Bathroom, Bookcase, Misc II, Misc III,
  Misc VII, Misc XII, Endtable, Calendar - @mio-sims
Sushi, Stuff, Plant - @msteaqueen
Windows I, Windows II - mutske
Chinese Deco, Asian Dishes, Bamboo Panda, Bus Stop,
  Festival Stuff IFestival Stuff II, Kitsune, Temple, Asian Snack -   @noiranddarksims
Ambient Light - @notegain
Floors - @nullspacenancy
Plant, Table - numberswoman
Wall - nynaevedesign
Fruit - @ohmysims404
String Lights, Fruit and Veg - @omorfi-mera
Clothe Rack - @puresims
Mirror - punisa
Bicycles, Bird, Dogs and Cats, Umbrella, Light, Stool, Chair, Table -
Motel Clutter, Beetle (ctrl+f search keywords) - @sg5150
Deskchair, Dresser - shinokcr
Fountain Set, Bathroom - simcredible
Panda - @siminimonster
Japanese Style Roof, Japanese Style Door, Juraku wall2Tile Counter 
  (ctrl+f search keywords) - sim-mushi
Kotatsu, Clutters, Alcohol Set, Clutters II, Random Deco, Objects Set  -
Glass Door - hellen
Soda, Meat, Sushi - sim4fun
Sidetable, Wall - @smsmcr
Mahjong, The Life in Shikumen lanes part1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 (scroll
  down to find everything) - @sweetmint-sims4
Cage Lamp - @tingelingelater
Wall Shelf, Beckoning Cat - @veranka-s4cc
Coat Rack - @younzoey-sims
Floor - @sims4luxury

special thanks to @noiranddarksims and @exp3100 for letting me edit / recolor their wonderful CCs. you guys are the best! and to dear @msteaqueen, please let me know if it’s not okay to adjust the angle of your sushi conversions. i’ll take them down immediately. (sorry i post it in advance cuz i sent you messages but still couldn’t reach you for days. > <) 

Japanese Rickshaw Poses by @kiruluvnst​ 
( requested by me, thank you deeeaaaarrr ♥ )
Yakiniku Pose Set by @ahiruchanet
Spring Breeze Biking Poses by @flowerchamber


(include my cc and tray files)


New Clothing❤

Model:Kanato & Hayato & Ayumi & Nana & Vera

Kanato’s Top/Jacket/Scarf/Pants/Ring®/Ring(L)/Earring/Shoes

Hayato’s Top/Pants/Shoes/Ring

Ayumi’s  Jacket/Scarf/Pants/Stocking/Ring/Earring/Shoes

Nana’s    Top/Skirt/Stocking/Shoes

Vera’s     Top/Shoes/Jacket by m1ssduo(W.I.P)

Pose by mochi029 . Pilboahiruchanetcacharel-simlim-ix . yumitaro

PS.好久沒拍這個哩!! Tag到死了偶…


Gift for happylifesims (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

For the pose set, you can use the Hats made by happylifesims​.
此動作可搭配 happylifesims 做的 帽子

In Game

Step 1.
download Andrew’s pose player first.
需要先下載 Andrew動作盒Step 2.

Step 2.
click a sim and select “Pose by Pack”, then find:
Kiru - Male Model Poses N6.
點選一個sim,選擇”Pose by Pack”,搜尋:
Kiru - Male Model Poses N6

CAS : These poses will replace the Slob trait.
CAS : 此動作取代邋遢鬼特徵

◆ If you use my pose to take photos please tag kiruluvnst so I can see your photos!
◆ 如果有使用我的動作拍照,請記得標註 kiruluvnst 唷!

◆ Please do not re-upload, or re-edit.
◆ 請勿重新上傳、打包或修改我的作品

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.
◆ 感謝所有cc製作者

Download (MediaFire) | Download (Baidu)

Download (MediaFire) | Download (Dropbox)

2015.11.16 update


▪Models:Mikasa & Eren by me / Yu-Jin by @s-sac
▪Hair:@sintiklia / @ha2d
▪Mic & Hat:@younzoey-sims
▪Earring:@ha2d / @ahiruchanet
▪Bracelet:@dominationkid / @onebillionpixels
▪Top:@sims4-marigold / @s4seze / @waekey
▪Shoes:@hautfashionsims4 / @sims4-marigold / @azentase
▪Poses:@flowerchamber / @yeji-k@dearkims / me

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.


▪Model:VJ by @pipisims4 (gift)
▪Bracelet:@onebillionpixels / @ahiruchanet
▪Poses:@dearkims / @flowerchamber

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.


@haneco410‘s Half pants & Leggings Test Shots!!! (*ˇωˇ*人)

IQ by @pipisims4 / Yu-jin by @s-sac

toksik / @sims4-marigold / @younzoey-sims / @s4seze / @black-le / @maygamestudio / @dreamteamsims / @s-sac / @ahiruchanet / @ha2d / @junara-sims

▪Poses:@dearkims / @flowerchamber

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.




@simblrryuffy‘s Male Hair Test Shots. (ゝ∀・)~♪

the hair is sooooooo cute!!! (ノ>ω<)ノ

▪Models:Yuk Dok & D.J. by me

▪Clothes & Acc:
@pauleanr / @black-le / @s-sac / @sims4-marigold / @younzoey-sims / @sclub-privee / @s4seze / @ooobsooo / @ahiruchanet

▪Poses by me

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.


I updated two of my old poses.
please check Here.

and Here.