Angrily fandom-driven me decided to finally try and draw something else other than Inazuma Eleven.

Not entirely pleased with the arms but ehhh I like the rest. ((also figured some more eye coloring stuff so that’s okay)

Also those skirt folds? –ok i just realized sai screwed me over they weren’t supposed to be this dark hhhhhhhHHH//inhales–

Whichever, they look good anyways xD ((i think))

Princess Tutu from…errr, well, the anime. Called exactly the same.

How do people explain who this is ahaha

Maybe one day I’ll draw the other chars as well ^^

//wants recognition from fandoms
//decides to draw for a fandom that’s literally dead
great way to success I guess lmfao amirite?? jk i probably killed my wrist and knuckles for absolutely nothing //cries


Two ptutu fanart  to celebrate the lunar new year!In fact the first one originally was the drawing of X‘mas congratulation_(:з」∠)_,and I painted too slow to finish on time….But who care,now I have finished it!  

The first one inspired by the ballet Nutcracker. Ahiru’s pendant just like the toy nutcracker,giving her a sweet,dramatic and romantic dream.

Because 2017 is the Year of the Rooster,next I painted a shell-breaking ahiru!Ahiru is sooooooo pure and endearing that I can’t control myselffffffff!!(wake up)

Happy lunar new year and wish you happy every day~ 

Hope you like it.


May those who accept their fate be granted Happiness, may those who defy their fate be granted Glory.

I love Princess Tutu so much! I’ll have these prints available at Anime Expo! I highly recommend watching the series if you haven’t already…It’s truly one of the most beautiful shows I’ve ever watched (I cried A LOT!!!!) and the soundtrack is A+++ as well, especially if you enjoy classical music!

I’ll be at table B100


i knew i wasnt gonna color this all (lazy)  + i have some work to do still so i cannot…. (busy) 

i thought of two different situations while drawing/coloring this, 

1. they met at this wedding and already look more in love than the bride and the groom and thats just rude

2. u do not have to be good at dancing for the ball if ur man is and he lets u ride on his feet.