He continued to laugh by himself, with Shion beside him.
NO. 6 Beyond - Chapter 4

I’m finally done with this doujinshi! :) Woah, that was a lot of work! But I hope you guys will like it. ^^ I felt a bit sorry for Nezumi, tho. Drunk!Shion is kinda annoying, but pretty cuddly. XD Okay, that’s cute. He’s touching him all the time. Or like meopat said, he’s nose-molesting him. X’DD But hey, that means they had 4 kisses in canon. 2 real kisses and 2 eskimo kisses. Haha, drunk!Shion is giving him the most innocent kisses ever. ^^  Ah, and thank you, karereiko for your suggestion! :) Have a nice No. 6 day, everyone. 

NO. 6 WEEK | June 8th - 15th

Pull out your tablets and drawing pens. Revisit your WIP fanfiction folders. Dust off your snow white wigs. Give in to the temptation to make an AMV to the song that has been giving you NezuShi feels for weeks. It’s time TO CREATE!

The No.6 fandom is proud to present its first official No.6 Week!
On the second week of June, starting on Sunday, the 8th and ending on Saturday, the 15th all lovers of No.6 are welcome to participate by any way they wish to seven days of themed events in succession. You can draw, you can write, you can edit. You can show off your matching cosplays for the day. Share your songwriting skills. Make everyone cry with your AMVs. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy the liveliness and animation of the No.6 Week by sharing and commenting on everyone’s contributions!

Here is the schedule!

Sunday - Pre-Reunion Day [Anything that covers the canon timeline!]
Monday - Alternate Universe Day [Highschool AUs, Waiters, Surfers, Soldiers, Space Fighters! Anything your imagination can create!]
Tuesday - Genderbent Day [Boys will be girls and girls will be boys! Time to see those curves!]
Wednesday - Family Day [Let’s love everyone but Rashi day!]
Thursday - Relationship Day [A day for those No.6 couples that you want to see in canon!]
Friday - Crackship Day [You can ship whoever you want with whomever you want! The more ridiculous the better!]
Saturday - Post-Reunion Day [To end the week in tears and love because REUNION WILL COME!]

Unleash your creativity. Celebrate your ships. Honor the story that has stolen your heart.
Let’s give some love back to the fantastic story of No.6 that has brought us all together!


PS: It would be nice when you could tag your posts with #No 6. Week then. :3 Thank you!


“Biting noses off is my specialty."   
No.6, Volume 1, Chapter 4

Hello dear anon! Thank you for your request. I didn’t like your idea that much, that’s why I changed it. The basic idea is still the same, tho. I hope you’re not sad now and I hope you’ll like this mini doujin nevertheless. I mean, it’s NezuShi…and they are even cuddling! <3 Wohoo! 

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