Merry Christmas, everyone! And a happy new year! :)

This OTP Christmas party picture killed me, seriously. OTL But I could not decide which of these pairings I wanted to draw, so I drew all of them - Victor x Yuuri (Yuri!!! on Ice), Nezumi x Shion (No. 6), Simon x Baz (Carry On), Scorbus x Albus (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) and Patroclus x Achilles (The Song of Achilles) Enjoy!

Revolution - Chapter 3

I won’t allow that you destroy yourself, Shion.

Six years have passed after Nezumi’s departure. Even though the progress of the Restructural Committee is like an untamed wave of changes and improvements, some people are unsatisfied and more than tired Shion thinks he has failed. Will he ever be able to look in these beautiful grey eyes again? Or will his guilt consume him?

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