… Seriously, how many are going to down that lane? That makes two today alone. No matter how toxic, how perfect or how much of a shadow of yourself you think you are, you are not. You are all a lot stronger and, if you are willing to change, you can. Nothing can stop yourself from viewing the truth.

We’re Shadows, we’re made to be perfect, and our creator, our father couldn’t have been closer and far off. He failed. He failed because as close to perfection as we might be, he made us with emotion, he made us individuals.

We’re not perfect, we’re not toxic, we’re not shadows of ourselves. We’re Mobians, anthropomorphic hedgehogs with conscience. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to fail no matter how much we know. Because perfection, no matter how close you get to it, will never be achieved.

So stop beating yourselves over it. There’s nothing you can to. It happens.