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I'm already lying several days in my bed and don't feeling well but your baby Lance gif just made my day. Thank you :)

ahhw i’m so glad it cheered you up!! here is a super floppy bby lance just for you, have a good day, sweetheart ; v ;))

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Hi! I just found your blog(s). I love all of your art! And you're style is super cute! How long have you been doing this? I can't draw worth shit lol

ahhw shucks ;;u;; 

umm i always keep loosing track of how long ive been drawing, i think its been like 9-ish years??? 

That really doesn’t matter tho. Some people are fast learners & others take their time. Everyone moves at their own pace. Plus you’ll never be a “perfect” artist, no one will. We’ll always be growing and learning new techniques and such throughout our lifetime. 

All that really matters is that you’re having fun and are satisfied with your work.

Jungkook Smut

This is a story of my wattpad acc, its - TwiceBTS. (Sorry for any typos)

“I’ll have the pasta with green pesto” you said handing the waiter the menu back.

Me and my friends were having dinner at this Italian restaurant.
“Woah girls my brother got us 3 tickets to the BTS concert this saterday” she grabbed her chest cheering happily, my heart also jumped out of my chest
“And the best part we have Backstage tickets aswell!!” I could have died right now.
We had a table next to the door and on the other side of the door i heard loud laughter coming from, i didn’t bother looking over at them and continued talking to my friends.

“Here are your drinks, your food will come in 10 minutes.” Our waiter said.
I took a sip of my drink and immediately i had to pee.
“I have to use the rest room i’ll be back in a minute.” They nodded.
Walking past the table with in total of 6 boys making alot of noise, i couldn’t see there faces.Walking trough the hall, looking at the paintings that hang on the wall as i walked towards the restroom.

I was so mesmerized that I didn’t see anyone walking my direction and that person clearly didn’t notice me as well.

“Jesus! Watch out whe~”
He looked down at me his eyes soften when he realized that it was a accident.
“So~sorry are you okay?” He helped me stand op straight.

“Yeah i’m fine” brushing the dirt of my skirt, looking up to see his face.
‘OMG JUNGKOOK!!!! T^T i’m dead’
We bowed politely and walked away.
I entered the Woman Restroom, and stood in front of the mirror.
Seeing myself with flush red cheeks.
'How embarrassing’ splashing some water on my face.

Coming back at my table, again i had to walk past those loud boys.
The restaurant door opened and a couple walked in, the wind blew my skirt a bit but I didn’t notice.

*Jungkook’ pov*

“Jesus! Watch out whe~” i was about to yell till i saw a girl sitting on the floor.
“So~sorry are you okay?” I helped her stand op straight.
“Yeah i’m fine” she smiled a bit and walked her way to woman’s restroom.

“Yah what took you so long dude?”
The all looked my direction.
“Just had a little accident in the hall on my way back” they all nodded.
I was about to take my first bite when i saw the girl walking by.
I looked at her, the way she walks look at those hips omg.
When the doors opened and a couple walked in, her skirt blew abit up, i got a perfect view of her ass cheeks.

“Yah maknae go do something about that” Jimin said pointing at my huge boner.
“Want me to help you out” smirking Jimin looking at me.
I pushed his face away.
“Yes sir”
“Can you tell that lady to see me at the rest rooms?” I whispered and pointed at her.
“Of course sir” he walked away.

My waiter pointed at me and the girl looked my way. I gave her my killer wink and i could see her cheeks getting bright red. 'How cute ><’
She stood up and walked towards the rest rooms.
“BRB guys!!” Skipping my way to the restrooms as well.

*Your pov*

“Yes” i looked up to see an other waiter in front of me.
“That young man over there wants to meet up at the restrooms”
I looked over my shoulder to receive a killer wink from Jungkook.
“Okay thank you” i said polite to the waiter.

“I’ll be right back girls”
“Where are you going?”
“Ehhh needa pee again” walking away.

'Why does he want to see me?’
'Maybe talking? No that wouldn’t make sense’
'Then maybe giving me backstage concert tickets?’
'Or Maybe!!!!……No probably not’
I stood there lost in thoughts of what might happen.
Within a second the room changed from Light to Darkness.
“Ow god pleas i’m to young to die” i fake sobbed.

The lights turned on, seeing a gorgeous male standing in front of me.
“Yah why i’m i here!”
“Because of this” his finger pointed down.
My eyes slowly looking down.
"Why do i need to fix it huh? I didn’t do anything creep!”
“Woah woah, you know what you did and your gonna pay for that young lady”
“You act so innocent *sweet sigh* your skirt flipped up (<does that make sense) and it gave me a perfect view of your ass cheeks” licking his dry lips.

“Want me to fix it okay fine then i’ll fix it BUT i only blow job you!”
Pushing him against the wall, working on his zipper.
“Tsk tsk so hard just of looking at my ass”
Your hands slowly rubbed over his hard boner. Your finger nails teasingly scratching over the thin material.
Little mewls escaped his mouth.

“Just do something!” He grabbed your hand desperately for some friction.
You hooked to fingers in his boxers and pulled them down.
Greeted by a solid hard dick that needs attention.
Grabbing him by the base, your tongue darted out, licking his already leaking tip.
“Ahhw why is there something cold on your tongue?” He looked down with hooded eyes.
You showed your tongue “Piecing, like it?”
“I fucking love it keep going”

The cold little metal pressed against his tip making him shudder and grab the back of my head.
Slowly bobbing down his long cock.
“Ah eghhh” broken moans were heard in the restroom.
I sucked the tip again an slipped my tongue in his slit.
I moaned on his dick sending vibration.

“Ahh faster!”
Sucking harder, using my hand to jerk off the rest.
Licking several times with the cold metal over the tip, licking of the pre come.
Teasingly rubbing his thigh moaning on his dick to get him come undo.
Looking up with my innocent eyes, seeing him lick his dry lips moaning with closed eyes.

“Ahhhh oh ma gadh!” His hot seeds shot out, spatting in my face what i couldn’t swallow.    
“That *pant* was great”
“I know” i kissed his lips quickly, walking away leaving him vulnerable.
“Wait” i turned around.
“When do i see you again?”
“Faster then you think” giving him a killer wink.

*skip to Saturday*

“Woah are you excited!? IM EXCITED!!” [Y/B/N] cheered, looks like she is about to die.

“Love is a lie lie
Don’t tell me, don’t tell me
Don’t tell me bye bye”

The crowd went crazy.
“WE LOVE YOU!!” [Jimin]

“Okay Bangtan is in that room, you can enter now” the man said to all the girl that stood in front the line.
We with no luck on the end of the line.
“This is gonna take ages to be done!”
“Okay last ones you may enter”

“1,2,3 Bang~Tan Annyeonghaseyo we are BTS!”
Jackie and Nina basically dying.
I looked for Jungkook who was staring at me.
We introduced our selfs.
We got an autograph and a hug, and chit chatted a bit.
Jungkook gave me a little note when no one was looking.


~Meet me at the restrooms at 20:30~

Looking for Jungkook, turned out he already left.
“Ehhh i need to use the restroom. I see you guys later”
I bit my goodbyes with BTS and skipper trough the hallway.

“Hey whats with the restroom?” I asked closing the door.
“Private?” I nodded.
“So whats up?”
“I own you”
“For what?”

“You gave me a blow job, then left i feel like owning you something”
“You really don’t have to” grabbing the doorknob.
In one second i was pinned against the cold wall with my hands above my head, standing face to face with a lustful Jungkook.
One hand slid down my side and the other hand held my hands with a tight grip.

His lips teasingly brushing over yours.
“I know you want me as bad as i want you” he whispered with a deep husky voice.
You closed your eyes, letting him do whatever he wanted.
A sweet giggle escaped his plump lips.
Before you could open your eyes, his lips landed on yours.
The kiss was sweet, not needy but cute.
It was the sweetest kiss you ever had and it was with the guy every girl wanted.
Your lips perfectly molded against each other.
His tongue darted out, asking for permission. You happily opened your mouth letting his tongue meet yours.

The kiss became needy as he began grinding his hard bulge against your now wet pussy.
Little moans escaped your lips, as he worked his hot mouth down, lightly sicking on the thin flesh.
At this moment you didn’t care about the hickeys.
His teeth sank in the skin and softly pulled on it and got back to your lips.
His hands freed your hands and rested it on your hips.
Your hands flung in his hair and pulled it to bring him closer.
His hand unbuttoned your shorts and slid it down along your underwear.

You let out a moan when one of his long slender finger rubbed over the wet slid.
“Ah” you bit your bottom lip preventing the little moans that escaped your lips.
His finger slid into your heat slowly thrusting them in and out.
Second finger slipped in, scissoring his fingers.
You looked up to see an Jungkook with lustfilled eyes.
You gave a peck on his cheek “I’m ready”

He smirked, unblocking his belt, pulling of his pant.
“You have a condom?” You whispered in his ear.
He grabbed a condom out of his pocket handing it to you.
You ripped open the plastic package, and rolled the condom on his dick.
“Jump” you did as he said and jumped, legs around his waist.
He rubbed his dick a few times over your wet slit before slowly thrusting in your tight hole.
He inhaled sharply, letting himself suck in your heat.
He slid out and thrusting back in, getting a steady pace.

His fave buried in your neck letting out small moans.
Your moans grew louder with every hard thrust he gave.
“Eghh, Jung~” you got cut of, his soft lips against yours.
He broke away creating a string of saliva.
“I’m close [Y/N]” he breathed in your neck.
You nodded rocking your hips, meeting his thrusts.
You let out a loud moan as you came.
He only a few thrust away, letting him spill his seeds in the condom.

Both panting heavily.
He got up and cleaned you.
He helped you dressed and himself.
“Ehmm” you looked up at him.
“Wanna be my girlfriend?” You looked with shocked eyes but, got soften as you realized that he was being serious.
You pecked his lips “i would love to”
He smiled and helped you up walkind
out the bathroom.

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Of course

OMFG Ahhw what a cutie

Can you not? I swear if Ryuu is going to say girls I’m gonna punch something

motherf- WHY 

I’m too Hot

(Hot Damn)

I can’t

(at this point I was just laughing hysterically)

Look at that determined face, look at this precious child trying to set everything he messed up, right.

(aka I’m crying cause it’s over and I just can’t)

Arrow fandom, we need to talk about this
  • Laurel: *is attacked by someone, she tries to fight back, but is overpowered by the attacker*
  • Arrow fandom: Are you fucking kidding with me, how do you even expect to be a hero, jeez, fucking damsel in distress, ugh.
  • Felicity: *whenever in danger always protected by Oliver, and put in the corner until the fight is over*