GUYS MY RFA VIP PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! CRIES// after missing the other two chance bc they were sold out too quickly, I finally got it I want to cry, I am so happy. So yeah, here’s a short video of my genuine reaction. 

Warning: My voice is gross, you’ll hear me say “omg” a lot, and my gross fangirling over Yoosung lmao



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domestic headcanons

We all know that Pidge is a garbage-hoarding trash gremlin. Lance and Hunk are, let’s face it, teenaged boys, but if Shiro (or their mom) told them to clean it up they would. Hunk does, however, like a clean kitchen when he’s working, he likes to be able to find things when he needs them, same goes for his tools. Keith’s desert bunker says all you need to know about him. Coran and Shiro are tidy, but Allura’s surprisingly a little on the messy side as far as her wardrobe is concerned. I mean, she has mice living in her jewellery box, it’s probably full of mouse turds, but she’s got bigger things on her mind, like saving the universe. I like to think there’s a chore rotation wheel for cleaning public spaces and doing dishes/laundry.

I really like to imagine mealtimes with the Voltron team and how those conversations go, the whole “how was your day” touch-base thing. Do food fights happen more often? Maybe if it’s Coran cooking.

Cuddle puddles are initiated by Hunk 50% of the time, by Lance 40% of the time, and 10% of the time by one of the others. In fact, it’s often started by Hunk and Lance cornering someone who looks like they need a hug and once there’s three, well… it’s like Katamari Damacy. Form Cuddletron! Keith (when he isn’t being trapped into it) is really reluctant to join them at first, but eventually he gets comfortable with it and he feels weird being the only one not in the puddle so he works his way in. Allura and Coran just assume cuddle puddles are a normal Earth custom and join in readily.

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I can't be the only one who ships Nuri and Cerys, like they take baths together??!!?? YESSSS Also Nuri saying Cerys had nice boobs is fueling the fire of my burning passion for this ship

haha omg they’re both super cute!! ahaha they’re two girlfriends who loves each other’s company! Tbh their personalities mesh pretty well too since Cerys is more calm and sweet, whereas Nuri is super outgoing and feisty! haha Cerys doesn’t understand why people are so put off by Nuri because she’s just so energetic, and she just fuels Cerys more to be confident ahhh! Just thinking about their relationship makes me so happy (/)///(\)