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I like that you love the relationship between Ciel and Finny so much! I find them cute too. They seem a bit like brothers. I like how Finny protects Ciel so often. I think he is the main reason why the Phantomhive servants have pretty much become Ciel's family.

Yes, Finny & Ciel are so cute together! Whenever I see them interacting with each other it warms my heart~(*´▽`*)

I personally didn’t really like the Green Witch Arc, but one of the good things about it was that there were many precious Finny&Ciel moments.

For me this scene was definitely one of the highlights of the GW arc!

And this was the funniest scene! (≧▽≦)

Lustrous (pt 2)

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Hybrid!Kook x Reader AU

Pt 1 | Pt 2

(A/n): Aye~ I’m finally updating something~ Sorry for any mistakes, I literally reread this so many times also thanks to @kikkohime for going through as well ;* anywho, I apologize for not updating so much ;-; school has me so exhausted right off the bat t-t

Warnings?: Violence, kind of?

When you grow old and have children of your own, you’d love to tell wild tales of your life as a youth and boast about young and stupid loves and wild, heart pumping adventures. As wild and heart pumping as the adventure you were having at the moment, your legs beginning to burn with fatigue while continuing to carry yourself through the maze of alleyways and corridors. Adrenaline shooting through your veins, and the will to survive, the only things keeping you from collapsing right then and there. Certainly you would emphasize that your future children hurry home before it gets dark and walk with a partner or group, instead of acting like a stupid ass such as yourself who walks home from school at sunset… alone.

You had your suspicions when you’d heard the ominous footsteps that shadowed yours, a chill crawling up your spine whenever you looked back to only find nothing. But the magical aura you sensed was unmistakable.

It was a mistake to stay late at school, it was also a mistake to send Hyejin home when she insisted that she stay with you, but now here you are, running like a headless chicken from your impending murderer.

“You’re getting tired aren’t you? Why don’t you stop running away for a bit?”

Risking a glance back, you suck in a breath at the male’s glowing white eyes, lips pulled back in snarl and bearing his large, pointed teeth. Fuck no, you think as you stumble slightly and push yourself harder.

I don’t want to die, you inwardly cry, what have I done wrong in life!

As if your thoughts were heard and twisted against you, the young man kicked off his dominant foot and threw his arms out to tackle you to the ground. You thrashed, breathing hard now that you’re no longer running, and desperately trying to push at his shoulders to keep his pungent teeth away from you. Right foot pushing up with all your might, you nail him right in the crotch, giving you much needed seconds to try and get away.

Your heart pounds in your ears as the seconds tick by, your hands grabbing and scratching along the pavement as you literally attempt to battle crawl out from under him. He regains his senses and is immediate to launch himself at your leg, hastily gripping at your ankles before he latches his sharp teeth onto your right calf.

Crying out, tears spring to your eyes, quite ready to accept your fate until you notice a flash of marine blue along with a sudden tsunami of overflowing aura that seemingly overpowers the emanation of your attacker’s spiritual power. The monster is shoved off of you, leaving you sprawled out on the ground with a large ring of bite marks dug into your calf. Liquid pours from the wounds, rolling down your flesh and onto the ground.

Who knew that after a week in school where humans studied alongside the supernatural, that you’d be in this sort of situation of fight or flight. Seeing as you’re no being with amplified abilities and fluorescent eyes, your only option had to be flight.

Your savior growls, a deep grumble that erupts from his chest as he bears his canines at the perpetrator who goes to pounce at him. However, the other is way too powerful and easily swats away the man before slashing across his front with his claws.

“Get the fuck out of here,” he snaps, snarling viciously with a glimmer of his irises that remind you of the vast ocean.

With your attacker running away like a frail little pup, whimpering with your blood smeared all over his mouth, you glance up and gasp softly when Jeon Jungkook kneels down in front of you. Despite being in a few class with him, sitting next to him in potions as well, you’d never actually spoken a word to him - well other than your meek thanks on the first day of school.

His eyes are noticeably glowing a bright shade of marine, and his wolf-like features are slowly returning to normal - his claws and canines receding. In contrast to how you felt a while ago, you felt comforted to see a familiar face, relaxing and finding his eyes absolutely gorgeous.

“(Y/n), what the hell are you doing out so late, and alone?” he starts, grimacing when he goes to help you up. You wonder what’s stopping him, noticing how he stiffens and hesitates, his hand raised but not moving to reach out to you. Eventually he helps you up, peering down at your wound with a deep frown on his face. He’s breathing heavily, chest heaving and shoulders rising and falling, you can only guess that it’s because of his little bout with your attacker.

“I was at school for a little longer than expected… I didn’t think much of it…” you mutter meekly, feeling embarrassed and idiotic under his scrutiny.

“Never walk home at night and alone again,” he sighs, tearing his eyes away from your leg to glance at your face, “You’re lucky I was around, or else that stupid wendigo would’ve had you for dinner.”

“W-wendigo?” you blink, thinking back to the young man with the gleaming white eyes and the teeth as sharp as those of a shark’s.

“They’re shapeshifters, they feed on humans,” he says with a nod, “there’s quite a few around, most are usually confined in mental institutes, away from humans.”

“…Um, I should walk you home…” he says shyly, scratching his cheek as he motions for you to lead the way, “Just to ensure that you get home safely…”

You blink and realize he’s waiting for you, stumbling over your feet and beginning to find your way out of the alley. Pain shoots up your right leg, causing you to wince and shift the majority of your weight to your left leg.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook questions, sensing a change in your emotional scent. He doesn’t move to aid you, keeping his distance, but still showing his concern.

You notice his eyes have returned to their normal shade of mocha, no longer gleaming a bright hue of blue. He catches you staring, holding your gaze before you both simultaneously turn away with rosy cheeks.

“Y-yeah… it just stings… I did just get bitten by a wendigo,” you answer, noticing how his aura fluctuates a tad bit.

“You did…” he agrees through gritted teeth, forcing himself to keep from gazing down at your wound.

After a while, you look up at him from under your eyelashes. You can’t help but think about how the moonlight bathes his lean figure so perfectly and compliments his unearthly looks. He’s quite literally out of this world, dazing off into space while at the same looking like he’s from heaven.

“I was wondering…” you speak up, catching his attention and earning his curious stare in result, “What were you doing in the area anyway? The majority of the students had gone home… it was a miracle that you managed to intervene in time before I became ‘dinner’.” Dinner emphasized with little motions you made, creating air quotation marks with your index and middle fingers.

At this blood rushes to his cheeks, eyes lighting up as he looks away immediately. You begin to wonder why Hyejin wanted you to avoid interacting with the young man, he was the epitome of cuteness. He was quiet as she had said, only speaking when he saw it fit, but you can’t help but note how shy he was.

“…W-werewolf,” he blurts out, “I was close by and could smell your fear, I heard your breathing and heartbeat…”

You nod thoughtfully, accepting his answer, before you both once again slip into a rather comfortable silence.

“Um… this is it..”

Once at Yahiko’s place, your home, you turn to bow your head thankfully at Jungkook. He grows flustered at the gesture, glancing warily at you. Before you can say thank you, he’s already retreating with an abrupt goodbye, see you at school and a please get your leg treated. His overbearing magical aura seems to ebb away the further he gets away from you until his tall figure is consumed by the darkness.

Yahiko’s motherly side had activated upon seeing you limp into the house. She had reprimanded you as she sat you down to tend to your leg.

“Wendigo?” she repeated after you in disbelief, her eyebrows rising into her hairline, “Well where’s the young man who saved you? You should have invited him in! It’s a miracle he had been close by!”

You pout when she decides to emphasize her disappointment in you, smacking you lightly upside the back of your head. Her expression is stern, but you notice the playfulness that sparks behind her eyes.

“Was he good looking?” she asks, laughing good-naturedly when your face flushes instantly.

“Yeah… he was.”


Come Monday you’re able to apply pressure on your right leg and walk normally. You come to school wearing socks that rise to your knees, successfully hiding the bandages Yahiko had wrapped around your leg.

“Did you get home alright on Friday?” Hyejin immediately asks when you see her in homeroom, her eyes looking over your figure for anything out of the ordinary, “I should have just stayed with you!”

“I got home fine!” you lie, wondering how she would react if she knew you were attacked by a man-eating shape-shifter and saved by the boy she told you to avoid speaking to. She’d totally freak out. Then again you did get home alive at least, thanks to Jungkook being around to save you.

At the thought of a certain ebony-haired male you can’t help but reminisce the gleam of his eyes, an alluring hue of azure. Especially bathed in the light of the moon, glowing irises gazing at you from under his sooty lashes, you wonder how someone could look so exquisite.


You blink and snap out of your trance, glancing at the clock and your surroundings to find everyone standing to leave the class. Hyejin is out of her seat, watching you with furrowed brows, wondering what has you so dazed.

Shooting up from your chair, you hastily grab your belongings and apologize meekly.

“You sure you’re okay?” she asks with narrowed eyes, you both walking to your next class.

As usual, you’re met with a variety of auras until one in particular grows in size and hits you like a monster truck - quite literally when you come face-to-chest with a student. Stumbling over your feet, you’re more overwhelmed by this sudden strength in magical atmosphere than by your collision.

Hands reach out to steady you on your feet as you look up to gaze into the chocolate depths of Jeon Jungkook’s orbs. He grimaces down at you, retracting his hands once he knows you can stand on your own.

There’s a flicker of blue that sparks in his eyes, but you must be imagining it. You feel your throat close up, unable to utter a word as he bows his head briefly.

“I-I’m sorry,” you blurt out, bowing as well, glancing nervously at onlookers who watch the ordeal with curious eyes, “I-I wasn’t looking and–”

“You okay?” he asks softly, his words only audible to you.

Blinking at him, you vigorously nod, at a loss for words under his scrutiny.

There’s a twitch at the corner of his lips, it’s miniscule and so quick that you think you’re hallucinating but it’s there as he nods and leaves you with a soft I’ll see you in class. His two friends, are grinning teasingly as they prod him about you. One of them, in particular the one with honey skin and amber eyes and sooty hair, makes an obnoxious comment about how he could smell your blood and would love to have a taste. At this, both you and Jungkook stiffen, the latter shooting his friend a look before continuing onward to his next class.

“What was that about?” Hyejin immediately asks, voice and expression stern, however you catch something you don’t quite recognize underneath all that. “Please stay away from him, he’s not someone you want to be around.”

By the time last period - potions - comes rolling around, you’re confused as to why she would say such a thing. He was anything but dangerous in your eyes. Sure, he probably had the enhanced strength to be able to snap your neck with one flick of his wrist or even tear open your throat, but you never once felt that he would harm you. In fact, the way he held himself back and distanced himself told you he was weary of himself, not wanting to hurt you.

“Hi,” you blurt out lamely when he takes a seat beside you.

Glancing at you, he nods, “Hi.”

“I-I’m sorry about what happened in the hallway… a-and–”

“Is your leg okay?”

You notice that he’s peering down at your covered right leg, his eyes flickering with that familiar shade of the ocean.

“Your eyes are so pretty…” you whisper, and upon realizing what you’d blurted out you cover your mouth with a sharp gasp, “I mean - yes! My leg is alright… my guardian treated me when I got home… a-ah that reminds me! I never got to thank you for that night… um th-thank you, I would’ve been.. You know… dead meat.”

You trail off, feeling your cheeks tinge with an embarrassed heat, inwardly hitting yourself on the head for rambling. Risking a peek at him, you freeze at the intensity of his dark eyes staring at you. There’s some sort of darkness that has crossed over his handsome features, brows furrowing and eyes narrowing down at you.

“(Y/n)… that may be so… but my eyes are anything but pretty.”

IDENTITY CRISIS. okay so this is nothing super amazing but i wanted to show my affection towards you guys so here’s a small bias list of people i love to death / stalk and all of that because you’re all so amazing and talented and beautiful k. 


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and as always because i suck i’m just going to try and give something away. so i’m doing a little promo giveaway because it’s the most decent thing i can make;; 





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what is your favourite danfiction?


Unbroken and Endless (Sequel to Unbroken) by the wonderful and talented Breanna (aka on Wattpad as secretlyhomicidal)
Note: This IS NOT a spon or anything like that quite the opposite, she’s one of my Senpaiis it’s genuinely one of my most favourite things so if you want a really gripping ReaderXDan Howell, that is your way to go :)

You won’t regret it :)

Oh God, I’m watching the finale of The Office for the first time.

I don’t think I’m ready. The last couple episodes have WRECKED me for all the wonderful character development that happened. The GROWTH these characters have been through, you guys. OMG. I want to roll around in the writing for this show. It’s AMAZING.

And now I’m at the end. It’s going to devastate me. I just know it.