I love this game I love this game I love this game

(I also live for Morrigan roasting Alistair and Alistair being a puppy of a man and all the fucking dialogues, honestly) 

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2 & 9 😮

2: I’ll list off a few names here ;) @12-12-island-with-flying @teamcharmofficial @ufo–kid @professor-oakleigh @cursive-affliction @honeyspicez @smarmite @gengarvevo @mariowiki @thenbhdofficial @realititty @nicedog22 @nickisnothere @m-stermind @dicksoda @amalyse @doritoslocostacosupreme @judgerinder ok there are so many others I need to probably chill a bit

9: no, I actually have sexyfine feet, they’re big for how tall I am :* 

❨ ☁ ❩I’M  ALIVE !
Like  actually  alive  .  .  .  healing  is  complete !  Finally  back  on  my  feet  &&  up  &&  running  to  full  capacity.  MUCH-O  appreciation  to  those  who  have  stuck  around  &&  given  me support.  Seriously  you  guys  are  amazing  
Expect  a  complete  revival  (  phoenix  down  me,  someone  !  )  &&  being  an  actual  roleplay  blog. &&  a  HUGE  HELLO  to  new  followers.  Apologies  for  the  cobwebs  &&  slowness.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ONE LOVE @toysoldicr @wclfsanker @bloodshedbound

This person is my best friend, the one person I can count on, the person who pushes me to be a better person, and inspires me to go further than my chaotic little mind wants to.

If you aren’t following all three of these accounts and you aren’t getting to know her, YOU’RE MISSING OUT. DO IT.