ahhhhhhhhh screaming

Fav Jin pt.3
  • *Bangtan just watched a horror movie together*
  • Taehyung : *back hugs Jin*
  • Jin : *Screams* Ahhhhhhhhh
  • Yoongi : Are you alright?
  • Jin : *shivering* yeah...no...guys I think I'm a bit scared...
  • Jin : Can I sleep with one of you tonight?
  • Hoseok : Yes!!!! Hyung I'm scared too let's sleep together!!!!!
  • Jungkook : Why would Jin hyung sleep with you if you're scared yourself?!
  • Jungkook : Jin hyung~ I'll sleep with and protect you tonight!!!!
  • Namjoon : Hyung, I'm bigger than you I'll make you feel more secure!
  • Jimin : Nooooo wayyy~ Joonie Hyung will just snore and wakes you up!!
  • Jimin : I'm more muscular Hyung let me sleep with you!!!!
  • Taehyung : But Jiminie is too short!!! You won't feel safe hyung~~
  • Taehyung : Let Taetae cuddle and protect you!!!
  • Yoongi : Yah brats! I'm his roommate~ if anyone he should sleep with me!!
  • Jungkook : hey!!! That's not fair you use the roommate card all the time!!!
  • Jimin : Exactly!!!! And Kim Taehyung who are you calling short?!!!!
  • Bangtan : *Is fighting it out*
  • Jin :
  • Jin : *dialing*
  • Jin : Hi, yeah, Jaehwan mind if I stay at yours tonight?
Talk To Me When You Are Sober Request: Ship

Requested by: @my-unique-mind

Title: Talk To Me When You Are Sober

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Music booming from the Gryffindor common room echoes the empty Fat Lady’s corridor. Gryffindor and other houses’ older students were having the time of their lives celebrating the end of O.W.L.S. Colorful lights dancing around the ceiling, changing directing each second. All the chairs and tables were set aside to make room for a dance floor that is holding majority of the students. A spiked punch on one hand and a free hand moving to the beat, Y/N was dancing on the middle of the room with her friends. Forgetting all her problems, she swayed her hips hypnotically to the current muggle music playing. Little did she know that she caught someone’s attention.

Hanging by the punch bowl, Sirius Black watched her make the dance floor her own. Dancing all around without any care in the world. He was mesmerized by her smile, the way she laughed, and the way her hair flew around as she danced. It’s as if everything was in slow motion. Everything blurred around him, his heart pounded, butterflies fluttered… and everything slowed down. Just like in an instant, his whole world all focused on the Ravenclaw girl dancing in the middle. She was breath taking.

This wasn’t the first time his whole world stopped. It’s been happening for quite sometime now. He admired her from a far: watched her play as a beater for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, knew she spends her time reading books in her free time and works out in the gym. He wanted to talk to her for a while now but her friends were mostly guys and, they knew too well of his womanizing ways.

He stared at her, still thinking on what to do.

“Screw this.” He told himself and started walking towards her.

He gracefully made his way to her but thoughts were flying all over his head.

“It’s just a girl, Sirius. Get a hold of yourself.” He told himself before reaching Y/N.

A clueless Y/N turned around to see Sirius in front of her. She almost stumbled a step behind, taken a back at the site of the Maurader. She wasn’t expecting seeing him tonight. As far as she knows, she has never spoken to the boy before.

“Hi.” he said

“Hey.” She replied, keeping her composure and started swaying to music again. Sirius joined her dancing. They took their time getting to know each other’s rhythm as they danced to the music booming from the speakers. Sooner or later, they started to complement each other’s dance moves. She glanced at his face and saw him looking back at her. His gaze was intense, showing all his intensions, emotions, and his true self in it. She was drowning at the sea of grey in front of her. She was captivated.

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Not quite but, I’ll take what I can get.” She said to him with a small smile. He smirked in return.

“Oh, Merlin’s beard! So, this is the infamous deadly smirk of Sirius Black that makes any woman fall for him.” Y/N thought to herself as she felt a blush crept on her cheeks.

He moved closer to her. His face is by her ear.

“Do you want to get out of here?” he told her that sent chills down Y/N spine. He moved back to see her react.

For a split second, Y/N’s heart started pounding and her stomach started doing flips. She was excited with the idea of spending time with Sirius but she knew. She knew this might be a one-time thing. Something she wouldn’t gamble her heart away even if its for a handsome irresistible guy like Sirius. So, Y/N gave him a toothy smile and looked him in the eyes.

“Talk to me when your sober.” She said and left the common room, leaving a confused and rejected Sirius Black behind.

Y/N swiftly walked back to the Ravenclaw Tower. She stopped at her tracks when she reached the door with a bronze eagle-shaped knocker guarding it.

“The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?” the knocker asked. Y/N chuckled softly because of how correlated the knocker’s riddle to her brisk exit of the Gryffindor Tower.

“Footsteps.” She answered and the door opened to their common room.

She went straight to her dorms and jumped to her bed. She grabbed her pillow and covered her face.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as loud as she could. She stopped and removed her scream-muffler away from her face. She looked up at the ceiling with a regretful face as if it held all the answers to all the questions in the world.

“Why did I do that?” she asked herself.

For the next few days, she tried her best to avoid Sirius Black. Whether its catching his eye, being in the same room, or whatever it may be, she tried to disappear away from him. She was lucky that this semester Ravenclaw was partnered up with Slytherin. She had no classes with him, so it was easier for her to avoid him the entire day.

Her free period just started and she decided to spend time reading on the quad. It was a nice day out but less people around. ‘A perfect combination.’ She always thought.

She was sitting on a bench, reading her favourite book. She was so engrossed on the book that she didn’t notice that a person approached her from behind.

“Hello.” A familiar voice started. Y/N turned to look behind her and saw Sirius Black standing behind her while having his arms propped on the back of the bench she was sitting on.

“Ugh hello.” She said as she cursed herself for not paying attention and for her heart pounding so loudly. She feared that her heart pounding so loudly that he could hear it.

“I believe that you told me to start talking to you when I am sober.” He said as he took a set beside you.

“Yes, I did. But, I believe you are barking up the wrong tree, Black.” Y/n said as she closed her book shut.

“What’s wrong? I just wanted to get to know you, L/N.” he said.

“You are just wasting your time, Black. I’m not up for fun and games.” She said and left him.

“Who said this was all fun and games?” he asked her which stopped her from her tracks. He stood up and turned to her direction.

“Could there be another reason why I wanted to know you? Like I don’t know. Probably because I like you.” She turned around to face him after he said those words.

“L/N, I know I am not the most sensible guy to date but hear me out. You caught my eye last year, not at the party. It was the Ravenclaw vs Slytherin game. Your chaser was targeted by the other team and you strategically got rid of your chaser’s tail. It sounds stupid but that’s when you caught my eye. I couldn’t stop watching you play. When I would see you out on the field, reading in the library, I can’t help but think what you are thinking. I sometimes wonder if you ever looked my way. I wonder if you knew me and what you thought about me. I am just sounding like a love-struck girl with a huge crush and just mumbling incoherently about my feelings. But it is true. Y/N L/N, you got me losing my mind! I, Sirius Black, has fallen head-over-heels to this breathtaking, amazing Ravenclaw.”

Y/N couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Is this Sirius Black?

“Y/N will you give me a chance?”

Chaos 45

Shidge/Svidge, Read Here

He thought he’d get to see them again. He thought he’d finally get to go home. Instead, he fell through a crack in reality and found himself in a world similar, but vastly different, from his own. His only ally: a friend that mistook him for her other half.


In which Takashi Shirogane finds himself in the reality where Empress Allura took over the universe and the only person he recognizes is an Altean named Kateyln Holt. An Altean scientist that, as he accidentally discovers, is madly in love with a man named Sven.

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BABY! It's cold outside

Or the one where the clique six get snowed in with a very pregnant Maya.

The blonde walked in, balancing the plate of her swollen stomach and looking rather proud of herself for doing so.
She took a bite of the chocolate cake that was tested on top of her Burgundy sweater dress clutching her stomach tightly as she waddled into the room with a frantic Riley behind her.

“Lucas.” She said whilst still looking at the chocolate cake adorning her fork.

“My water’s broken.”

She sounded so casual as if she had just mentioned she was popping out to get groceries instead of popping out their first child.

“WHAT?! Are you okay? When did the contractions start? Is it coming soon? Are you okay? Are you su-”

She held her fingers together to signal Lucas to shut up as she held her bump and winced, eyes shut trying to focus on breathing. He grabbed her hand to which she immediately swatted it away and death glared him, at which point Zay, Isadora and Farkle walked in, Zay with cookie in mouth.


“BABINEAUX! I will throttle you to death if you don’t take those Christmas cookies and your fat mouth as far away from my sight as humanly possible.”

“Yeeshhh.” Zay quivered away, hiding behind Farkle who was carrying all the food. Farkle stared at the sight: a pacing Lucas and Riley who was rubbing Maya’s shoulders, whispering breathing instructions into her ears as Maya caressed her protruding abdomen and he already guessed what had happened: Maya Friar-Hart was in labour.

The whole pregnancy had been quite a shock to the clique six, not because they didn’t think the two were going to be great parents but they weren’t expecting it only a few months into their marriage. To be fair, even though it took so long for the two to get together, they had been fast paced ever since they got together and were married and pregnant before Farkle had even put a ring on Riley or Zay even asked Isadora out. However, Maya was already past her due date and they should have seen it coming but their annual Christmas Eve get together didn’t seem like the ideal place to go into labour, especially as they had held it at Riley and Farkle’s that year instead of Lucas and Maya’s like usual.

“Right, get in my car Maya we gotta get to the hospital.”

Smackle shook her head whilst looking out the window. “Sorry guys, no such luck. The news just said all the freeways are shut because of the snow and plus the traffic on the streets will, taking all the factors into account, be packed with back to back traffic.”
The blonde let out a livid breath. “You are telling me I have to birth my firstborn child in Riley’s house without any drugs or qualified midwife’s?! Oh nuh uh I did not sign up for that c'mon we’re going to the hospital.”

“Maya, please stay here. I did a course in midwifery back in high school and trying to drive there would mean it’s more than probable that you have the baby in the car which is a lot harder to deal with than a home birth. We don’t exactly have a birthing pool but I could fill the bathtub with warm and soothing water. You and little one are going to be just fine.” Farkle was rubbing her hunched back soothingly.

“Farkle why the actual fuck did you do a course in midwifery?” Lucas furrowed his eyebrows at his best friend whilst rubbing circles on Maya’s knee and gripping her hand.

“Doesn’t matter! He knows about the vaj-jay-jay and that’s all we need to get this watermelon out of me okay?” Maya’s patience was running dangerously low but she did decide that between contractions, it was worth going over to the plate of cookies Zay had brought and devouring a good few of them. What could she say? She was eating for two which meant twice as many cookies!

A few hours passed and contractions got more frequent as well as everyone’s tempers shorter (apparently Maya wasn’t fond of Lucas’ joke about her temper being as short as her height). However, just as they had started to relax again, things took a sharp turn.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” A sharp scream rang throughout the appartment.

“Riley you can still see us I’m standing right infront of you. The power has just gone off.” Farkle pointed out to his fiancée who was still shook by the loss of lighting. A power cut was not going to help the situation at hand at all but they could try.

“Also Maya, I rang the doctors a few hours ago. They can’t get to us but they’ve given me a list of things I need to do. We need to measure how dilated you are…”

“NOPE! I am not having my childhood best friend looking up places that no one else needs to see.”

“Clearly Lucas would be willing.” Zay smirked, earning a sharp elbow to the side from his girlfriend who was cleaning her glasses. “Dearest one, hormones run high during labour which can mean the female gets agitated easily and is quick to take action on her emotions.”

Zay shot her a confused look, to which Maya decided to cut in.

“Translation: shut up or loose your balls.” And that showed him pretty well.

Farkle led Maya, Lucas and Riley into the bathroom with a flashlight so he could well… Inspect (Maya was clearly not amused by his actions but just lolled her heavy, tired head against Lucas’ knee who was standing next to where she was lying.)

As soon as Farkle finished and told her it would be another few hours yet, they decided to meet the others back in the lounge to sing carols since there was no power and it was dark. Halfway through though, they were curled up and dozing off one by one.

“Lucas. I can’t sleep.” She whispered as Lucas kissed her neck gently. “It hurts real bad.” She said with a little tear rolling down her cheek.

“It’s okay baby, it’s alright. You are so strong and I love you and think in just a few hours we’ll be holding our little one.” He replied in a soft, low tone that made her knees week and her stomach flip. No wait, that wasn’t the gushiness, that was-

“The baby!! The baby is coming Lucas shit ow.” Her whole body was wearing with pain and her fires had woken up her friends who were now rushing to her side, Farkle with torch in hand ready to make sure everything was ready before they moved to the bathroom to begin the birth.

“Yep, she’s ten centimetres dilated. Time to start this.” Riley let out a squeal and hugged the exhausted blonde bestie.

“Maya! You’re about to have a little baby!” She delightedly exclaimed, squeezing Maya before all three boys rushed to her side to help her stand up. Her knees started to buckle from all the overwhelming sensations so Lucas sweeped her up in his arms and carried her into the bathroom, quickly helping her strip until she was in the bikini top Riley had let her borrow so she wasn’t completely indecent whilst giving birth. Her husband (who’s hands were shaking from nervousness bless) helped her into the warm bath that she immediately savoured in and welcomed the others into the room. It was extremely dark in the room so Riley and Isadora had gone about lighting candles whilst Zay and Farkle set up flashlights. Luckily both the room and bath was big enough for Farkle to stand on one side, directing her when to go and the other could watch from a distance, except Lucas who was rubbing Maya’s shoulders and squeezing her hand.

“Start pushing in 20 second inserts okay? You’re doing fantastic Maya.” She let out an exhausted breath and began to push whilst squeezing Lucas’ hand very hard.

“Fuck you friar how dare you fuc-”

“Okay little one let’s chill it out. C'mon keep going.” Lucas stroked her hair, planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Don’t tell me what to do Mr ‘So ready for children’ bullsh-”

“I can see the head! A few more pushes and you’ll be at the shoulders!” She sucked in the air and let out another deep breath.

Riley wanted to squeal and scream in excitement but knew it might be safer for her life if she didn’t so managed to hold herself back.

“Last few pushes and little one will be hear.”

Maya winced, and gripped Lucas’ hand as tight as possible but tears began to stream down her cheeks and a lump formed. “Lucas I can’t I’m so tired.”

“Maya, just a little longer and we will have little one with us. Breathe in and out, we’re going to do this together okay?” And she nodded as he places a kiss to her flushed cheeks.

And just like that, without a door or window opening, or a noise passing by, there was another human in the room who would be loved more than they could ever know by everyone in that room and many more. That was one damn lucky kid.

The sounds of newborn baby cries rang throughout the room as both Riley, Maya, Smackle and even Say wiped their tears. Farkle quickly helped the baby out of the water, drying it off and letting Lucas cut the chord.

“It’s a boy!”

Maya could tell Lucas was choked up as he passed their little boy to his rightful mother who sighed in content. The others exited the room to let the two new parents adjust and Maya knew as soon as that little one was in her arms that her heart was more full than she could ever have wished for and that the two males with her in the candle lit room were all she would ever need (she was just blessed enough to have so much more than them too).

“Hey little fella.” Maya chuckled, nuzzling her nose into his little one and wiping a tear away from her face.

“We did it. We have a son, and I’m so proud of you. You were a fierce little Amazon warrior tonight.” Lucas exclaimed quietly, trying to keep the peace whilst kissing both of his two most loved people in the world (even though he only met one of them 10 minutes ago).

“I wanna call him Austin.” Lucas’ face lit up at Maya’s statement. “Austin Matthew Friar-Hart.” And he nodded a million times.

“It’s perfect. I love it, and I love you.”

“I love you too.” She replied, kissing him on the lips.

The gang returned into the tranquil, candlelit room since they couldn’t wait any longer. “Guys, come and meet Austin Matthew Friar-Hart.” Riley grinned from ear to ear: “Matthew!? As in…”

“Yep. I wanted a little bit of Matthews in this kid like I got a little bit of Matthews in me.” Maya grinned to which Riley burst into tears and went over to squeeze her best friend and new godson tightly.

“24th December might just be the best day ever now.” Maya grinned down at her new little one.

“Oh hun, it ain’t the 24th it’s 3 am. It’s the 25th. You’ve got yourself a Christmas baby there.” Zay smiled walking over and stroking the child’s light hair. He truly was the spitting image of Lucas but with Maya’s wild eyes (boy was that kid gonna be trouble).

The blonde looked up at her tall cowboy husband and she didn’t think she could grin any bigger as he knelt down. Somehow, as if they worked in sync, they said the same thing at the same time and kissed either side of his little, soft head.

“Merry Christmas, little one.”

Into the woods II- A Preston GoodPlay production

Disclaimer: I have never listened to into the woods lol

Character: Preston Goodplay

Word count estimated: 1033

Fandom: Camp camp


Preston runs away from camp after a play of his went to hell. W HA T  HAPPENS NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU

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He ran into the woods. He didn’t care that David was calling at him to come back. Or was it Gwen? Did it really matter? Preston stumbled over a tree root but kept sprinting, branches caught onto his costume.He just wanted to get away from those buffoons.

He finally burst through an opening into a valley, little cuts and bruises were stained on his face. Preston fell to his knees. Tears were forming.

Why was he so bad at something he loved?

I love writing. I love acting. It’d be nice if people loved it too.

He sat up and made a bitter face. There was streaks of dirt, water, and traces of tomato from a displeased audience.

He remembered the looks of mockery from his peers. Oh, how Nurf hit him. He hit him hard, for being, quote unquote, “A fucking nerd.” His morals were in the wrong place.

He was so deep into his own self pity and doubt, that he didn’t hear the growling at first. First it was soft, like a lion’s purr, but it gradually got louder and more menacing.

“W-who’s there? Nurf?” He said getting up to run away from the threatening noise. However, when he looked around he immediately regretted it.

A tall brown furry wall greeted him. When he looked up it was an even scarier sight.

A bear.

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anonymous asked:

Oikawa refused to teach Tobio some things because he was worried he's think less of him if he screws up and that was something he just couldn't bare to see, but then he hears that Tobio screwed a spike on purpose and explained a kid that it was okay to screw up cuz no ones perfect and that's fine and he just broke down in tears. In the end, he managed to get into a custody fight with Suga over Tobio. Iwaizumi is glad he got that off his shoulder but that custody fight is a bit too much.

this was like my 12th playthrough of Birth by Sleep and I’m just now noticing all the similarities between Xehanort’s and Vanitas’ fighting styles and like

while it’s really cool and while detailed touches like that are totally my aesthetic I’m also kind of mad that it took me this long to notice wow 

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Oh wait I thought of another one! I like to imagine the older newsies carry little bits of food around in their pockets in case one of the younger ones gets really hungry. It's something I used to do for my little brother, and I could see them doing it.

AHHHHHHHHH. i actually just screamed because this is so cute. It’s like the babysitter carrying around cheerios or goldfish for the kid theyre taking care of.