ahhhhhhhhh i love her so much

hhhhhoooOOOOOLLY crap this took days. This started as a sketchdump and then I was like “nah better color it and spend too much time on it till it’s dead o'clock.” I kinda enjoy the final product at least, so there’s that.
Our two lovely heroines from the ATLA!au unleashing two cans of whoop ass on somebody. @mirsan’s interpretation was that Kagome was like the new avatar (so she’s in her avatar state) and Sango is an earth bender who mastered metal bending (hence the chain whip thing). Overall I’m super happy I got some Sango art colored since the last piece of her and a certain monk has yet to be inked (blame college, not me). Before I ramble anymore, I seriously need to sleep. Night all🤘

my co-worker/friend and i were talking about how we get when we’re high, and i was telling her i get really affectionate and talkative and i’ll show people pictures and be like “look at them, i love them” and she just

bailie: ah look, it’s a picture of james mcavoy, tell me about him

ahhhhhhhhh i love her haha