SO, let’s talk about this image.

it seems to be a flashback, i’m gonna guess Bismuth is the one telling the story.

obviously, we have Garnet, Pearl and Bismuth, PINK DIAMOND, and another unknown gem to the far right.

the gem to the far left…. is that Yellow Diamond? it kind of looks like her hair, but she’s way too small (could be perspective) the diamond on her chest is not visible, unlike Pink’s. She doesnt have shoulder pads. the expression is rather off. Pink looks devious, and if Bismuth is the one narrating this flashback, she won’t describe YD any differently. No, I don’t think it’s her. probably another gem we’ve never met.

What is Pink holding? Gem destabilizers? and is she wearing gloves? her hands look particularly big. also, if we are to trust this shot for scale, she is by far the smallest diamond we’ve seen so far.

who’s facing who?? were Garnet, Pearl and the unknown gem facing the supposed YD in the background while Bismuth faces Pink? Were Garnet and Pearl standing on PD’s side??? 

Going from meeting this man a good few years ago, to where I am tonight….

Oh man. It was a great night. So many good laughs. So much to talk about.

But I just want to say, I’ve never felt such a large feeling of together. I’ve been to a lot of events around Dallas, but this one takes the cake.

I’ve never felt such a strong feeling of you belong and we love you.

A plus. I’ll be smiling for weeks. Yas.

Okay but you guys know what this all means in Sci-Fi right now? 

The latest Star Trek Captain and First Officer are women of colour. 

The main leads in Star Wars are women, and men of colour. 

Wonder Woman and her tribe of Amazonians (many of whom are woc too) are on the big screen breaking all the records. 

The Ghostbusters are all brilliant women who ain’t afraid of nothing. 

And now the Doctor is female too! 

Women are taking Sci-Fi back! It’s ours again, we created it and now we get to have it! Little girls can dress up as all their heroes and be excited by that!

White Men are going out! They’re no longer always centre stage and it’s fucking fantastic

It’s such a good new move and I’m like…. I’m so happy to be alive to see this happen!!