ahhhhhh still freaking out over this


So, you know how Jeremy was talking about how Lance dies and we are like nah can’t happen nope ain’t no way. (At least that’s what we be hoping for!) And now there is a lot of Allura trying to bond with the blue lion and such and it’s been confirmed now that Shiro ain’t dead… so, my dumbass head is like, What if Lance dies and Allura takes over Blue forever because he is gone??? Shiro does come back. And Lance is dead!!!! Like they pushing Allura being with Blue and subtly saying that Shiro is gonna live. And in the original voltron it was the blue paladin that died!!! I know that it’s technically Shiro’s character, but still the blue paladin. yeeeee its not dun in my head… but like ahhhhhh if my blue boi dies Imma riot. I’m literally freaking out!!!!