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kiwi said that if i wrote her some fluffy johndave in a bath then she would draw me some super kawaii art for it and she did so she gets fifty kisses. go check out the rest of her cute art! u3u

He’s not impressed with your wizard’s beard made of soap bubbles, sitting at the opposite end of the bath with his shades resting on the side with your glasses, both steamed over from the heated water. He gives your arm a nudge with his foot, kicking up enough water to dissolve your beard away with a smirk.


“You’re so fucking lame, I ain’t dating some old beardy guy.”

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heymacareyna  asked:

20 for Malec <3

20. Exhausted Parents Kiss

This probably isn’t exactly what you had in mind but whoops too late now! (send me a type of kiss and a pairing!)

“Who the hell is banging on my door after dark—” Magnus yanked open the door, and Alec practically fell on him. Magnus barely managed to reach out and steady him in time, struggling under his weight a little. Since when had Alec become this heavy?

“Sorry I’m late,” Alec mumbled into Magnus’s ear, “and that I lost my keys, and that I kind of slammed into the door because I didn’t want to risk dropping Pen …”

That was when Magnus caught sight of their sleeping daughter (at least he hoped she was just sleeping) sprawled across his partner’s back.

“Oh, my God.” Magnus rushed forward and pulled her free, laying her on the couch before hurrying back to Alec. “Are you—is she—?”

“She just fell asleep on the way back,” Alec reassured him. “After her adrenaline wore off.”

When Alec didn’t offer up any further information, Magnus grabbed him impatiently. “Well? What happened?”

“Demons,” Alec said, then winced, clutching his side.

“Oh, God, you’re hurt—don’t even try to hide that pain on your face, Alexander. Let me look at that.” Magnus lifted Alec’s shirt and traced his injuries with light fingers. “Your ribs might not be broken, but you’re still bruised as hell.” He frowned. “You’re usually more careful than this.”

Alec shrugged. “They went for Pen.”

“Oh.” After Pen’s parents had died in a demon attack outside of Idris, Alec had volunteered to keep her at their apartment for a few weeks, just until the Clave found some family to take her in—without asking Magnus first, which strained their relationship for a while. But then Pen turned out to have Magnus’s glittery fashion sense and dry humor that matched Alec’s, and before Magnus could pretend to dislike her enough to make her leave, he found himself actually enjoying parenting. Fast forward a few crazy months of paperwork and persuasion, and the High Warlock of Brooklyn found himself with two massive dorks long-term sharing his apartment.

“I’m glad she’s all right,” he admitted, brushing Alec’s hair out of his face, “but could you maybe avoid getting yourself smacked around next time?”

Alec smiled ruefully and apologized, then said, “We’d better carry Pen upstairs.” But his eyelids were already drooping.

Magnus shook his head and kissed the corner of Alec’s mouth. “Alexander, I think you’ve achieved good parenting status for the day. Why don’t you carry yourself upstairs, and I’ll deal with our underage rascal?”

“But I—”

“Get some sleep,” Magnus insisted, leaning in and kissing Alec more roughly. “The more rested you are, the more fun we can have in the morning.”

Even after all these years, Alec still blushed at Magnus’s insinuation. But at the same time, he tilted his head up and pressed one last kiss to Magnus’s jawline before stumbling off to bed, and that told Magnus that they would have some fun in the morning, no matter how exhausting parenting was.