ahhhhh you are adorable

BTOB: their s/o blushing at cute nicknames

Eunkwang: he only takes your embrassment as a sign that he’s done something wrong, and quickly apologizes after seeing your reddening cheeks. Tbh he’ll be even more embarrassed when you told him you liked it when he called you “princess”, but will continue with the cringy nicknames nonetheless.

Minhyuk: “ahhhhh gosh, you’re too adorable y/n….I only said babe” legit cannot handle the cuteness overload when you hide your face in his big sweater. Minhyuk will keep calling you all sorts of cheesy nicknames until you finally looked up at him with an embarrassed smile.

Changsub: he knew exactly what he was doing when “sweetheart” slipped out of his sly mouth. Smirking as he looked at you, he’d grab your hand and told you to never stop being like this bc he loves the affect he has on you.

Hyunsik: he gets just as embarrassed as you, esp when you’re the one calling him these nicknames….even if it’s on accident lmao. Sometimes he can’t help but just pinch your cheeks “y/nnnnnnn…..my sunshine, my everything, my- awwww you’re blushing!!!”

Peniel: not really seeing the point of these cheesy nicknames, he never really bothered to call you by any. But when you asked him, you’d see the exact reason why- Peniel turning into a tomato and looking every where else but your direction…I’m telling you bruh he’s just shy.

Ilhoon: will do this in the worst moment possible, probably when you’re both out w/ friends or family, just to see your expected reaction. A slight slap on the arm and he might stop his giggling, but he can’t deny that your innocent towards everything makes him fall even harder.

Sungjae: he never really understood why calling you by a specific name made you all squeal-y and blush-y, esp when he does it literally all the time. He’ll pry your sleeves of your cheeks and kiss them instead, assuring you that you had no reason to be like that around him.

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My Champion

 “C’mon Lasercorn!” Wes pulled his friend down the hallway. “We’re already late, you can get the book later!”

The two had been in the library, Wes had managed to fall asleep while Lasercorn endlessly searched for his book; and since it was a library the sounds of the bell signaling school had indeed begun were muted to the point where a concentrated David didn’t hear it. In fact, the only reason they knew class had begun was the librarian had the mind to wake Wes and ask if they had a free period. Of course, they didn’t. Wes had pulled his friend away just as the orange haired boy found what he was looking for.

And now the two were running down an empty hallway, their classroom at the other end. Before they could reach their destination Wes felt something grab onto his collar and yank him back.

He felt himself slam into the ground a loud groan bubbling up his throat. Wes looked for what had stopped him and found the eyes of not only a worried and scared David, but the disgusted stare of one Jonathan Bennett. Wes knew from previous experience that this kid was a Dick. He had on numerous occasions found the boy pushing people into corners as foul words flew from his lips; most of those words began with an ‘F” and ended with a “G”. Wes didn’t even need a moment to wonder why this shithead had stopped him. He had been holding Lasercorn’s hand, his fingers entwined with his.

“What do you want Bennett?” Lasercorn had shaken himself out of his shocked state and was now ready to beat some ass. But he also knew that if he got in another fight he’d be expelled; there’d be no more second chances for David Moss. “C’mon man, just let us go to class and we won’t tell anyone about your uh, ‘thing’.” By ‘thing’ David meant the mixture of drugs Jonathan bought every Thursday at 10 pm. No, Lasercorn didn’t sell him the drugs! The weekly deal just happened to take place on the street corner next to his house. “Don’t want anyone finding out their ‘star’ football player takes enhancers.”

The glint in Jonathan’s eyes dimmed before hardening into malice. “And who’s going to believe you? You’re a pothead with no chance of even graduating.” He stepped over Wes and pushed David against the wall, spittle hitting the smaller boy’s face as Bennett said, “And they definitely won’t believe the words of a fag!”  

Lasercorn struggled against the druggies hold, shoulders pushing away from the wall before being slammed back down. “Lemme go you asshole!” The first punch left David in a daze, his cheek throbbing as another punch slams his head into the wall. He waited for the next hit, but it never came.

“Oh my God, what happened to you!” Mari pulled the ice pack away from Lasercorn’s face, a bruise spread across his cheek. Everyone had rushed back to Wes’s place when they didn’t find him or Lasercorn at the lunch table.  “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, you should see the other guy.” David gently pulled her hand away, pressing a kiss to her palm before letting it go, ice pack back against his cheek. “Boy, did he look gross.”

“Wait, wait wait.” Joven sat down next to Lasercorn. “I thought you couldn’t get in anymore fights. The-the principal said you’d be expelled!” Joven’s eyes became the size of a plate. “You didn’t get expelled did you?!”

“No, I didn’t get expelled!” David rolled his eyes.

“But you said-” Joven was cut off as Lasercorn’s voice grew louder.

“I didn’t say, I got in a fight.” David pulled the ice pack off. “I just got the crap knocked out of me.”

“Does that mean we have to go beat someone up?” Boze put her fists up before punching an imaginary person.

“No, ‘cause he said the other guy was beat up too. Right?” Damien had made his way up to the small ball of fury that is Boze as he tried to figure out what happened to the other boy. “Or maybe, he was just ugly to begin with.”

“Well, if you would let me finish.” David broke through the conversation saying, “You would know that Wes played the role of my champion.” As he said this Wes made his way into the living room having been in the bathroom before. The only visibly bruised part of him were his knuckles, one was even split and bleeding.

“Oh, hi guys!” He smiled at them as if he hadn’t been in a fight a few hours ago. “So, uhm, I won’t be at school for the rest of the week and I was wondering, would you mind bringing home my work?”

“Of course we will, man.” FLitz threw an arm over the silver haired boy’s shoulders. “Just a quick question. Did you really get in a fight?”

“Mmhm. Jonathan Bennett tried to hurt Lasercorn.” Wes pressed a kiss to David’s cheek. “I won’t stand for people trying to hurt my family. I’d fight for all of you.”


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Hey, I've took probably about two years to read Always Human, when my girlfriend introduced it to me I instantly fell in love with it, I love the amazing colors you put into it such as the setting, I can tell you put alot of effort into it, I look forward to see more comics from you ^w^

Thank you so much for sticking with me for so long (and thanks to your girlfriend, it’s so cute that she introduced you to it <333)

I’m really glad you enjoyed it, I definitely put a lot of myself (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears) so this is a very nice ask to receive, thank you :D

Anonymous said:I just wanted to say that I loved Always Human so much. I just caught up on four months worth of updates, and I didn’t realise that the comic would end in that time, but I really loved reading it in one go - I’d stopped reading before the job offer. ANYWAY they’re so precious and I kept crying?? forever?? thank you for making me cry, I needed that, and I really appreciated having something so beautiful in my life. I’m looking forward to your next work, it can only be amazing. YOU are amazing. <3

Ahhhhh thank you so much anon, oh my gosh you’re so kind and adorable and sweet and THANK YOU I love stories that make me cry (I love that moment when you can see how the characters are going to get through everything and be okay and then I just start sobbing.)

I’m really really happy you liked Always Human, and I’ll do my best with my next comic :D

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Dear Yayaha, I heard you like pizza. Are you a celebrity? I wanted your autograph last night but my sister was too shy to pester you. With love, your number one fan.

Dear My Number One Fan,

I adore pizza, mostly sweet pizza, but all pizza is good! Haaaah I wouldn’t say I’m a celebrity, but that’s just my own opinion! You’re very sweet to even consider me such though, I certainly don’t feel like I am!

I-If you really want my autograph I’d be happy to give it to you! You can usually find me around Ul’dah or Kugane just give me a poke!

Oh and please, you’re never pestering me! I always have time for someone that enjoys my work!

With lots of Love and Support,



Mad world 2- This episode was fun, Ben 23 is really selfish and really needed this lesson. Rook is just… Ahhhhh so fucking adorable!

“why don’t you do it” “CUZ THEN THERE WOULDN’T BE ANYONE TO SHOOT LASERS AT YOU! KEEP DIGGING!” XD hahahaha I would still love to see Rook’s reaction to himself!

I liked how Rook towers over Ben in the 2nd image, the different body language shows that this rook finds Ben beneath him and is willing to be physically aggressive, while the other Rook tries to keep his back straight as to not seem oppressive.

Seeing him cower was unpleasant, but it wasn’t too soon that he did his “I’m tired of your shit” face and begins to unravel his bad for good.

XD hahahaha also, I couldn’t help but notice that Mad Rook flinched when Ben touched his arm.

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so there's a boy in my geometry class???? that looks like Peter except his hair is a lil longer and he's shorter ahhhhh he's adorable

if you don’t date him???? i will???

dramallamadingdang replied to your photo: Aha! I finally remembered to have Sir Hugh…

I just love your pics! The editing is such that it looks great, warm and very fitting, somehow, for a medieval game, but it isn’t so altered that it doesn’t look like TS2 anymore. That’s the “sweet spot” for pic-editing, if you’re going to do it at all, I think. (And the pengie is always adorable. :) )

Ahhhhh! Thank you so much!

I really don’t do anything special as far as editing goes, honestly. Its seriously all down to Hat’s firelight edit of Gunmod’s Radiance Mod and Pineapple’s Post Effects mod. All I do in Photoshop is crop and add slight levels and vignette, and that’s about all I can be bothered with! I’d much rather be playing, lol. But I thank you anyway, them’s high praises! 

And I agree, that pengie gets squeals of delight from me every time he crosses my screen. It never gets old. 

BTS When You Like to Sneak Up On Them

hey guys! I’m sorry that I’ve been gone for like 89645879345 years, but this is to show that I’m not dead and that I’m still living and now I think I can get back and work hard for you guys for the summer!

so, without further ado, here we go!!

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Jin would honestly get shocked every single time, no matter how many time you scare him like that. Since I don’t think Jin is too ticklish, you’d probably result to walking quietly behind him and scaring him. He’d probably act like he hates you for a little bit after you do it, but right after that he’d just want to cuddle you until that dull pain goes away. I mean, which is great, because he’ll be even less alarmed for you to do the next attack.

((you’re Jungkook))

“So I just wanted to say thank you guys–Aish! Jagi!”

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Yoongi would honestly play it out cool overtime. Things don’t usually scare this little muffin, but he’s rather ticklish. Sometimes I feel like he’d react differently. Like if it was like a time when it wasn’t really too important just like a random time when you’re hanging out with the boys, he’d probably laugh everything off, or just try to play it off cool. But if he was working really hard on a song or something and was really stressed, he’d probably be a little mad at you. But, he’d be really apologetic to getting so mad at you and then he’d cuddle you to make it up to you.

*in his head* “Okay, okay, she did it again.”

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Hoseok. Can I just leave it at that? No? Okay fine.

Hoseok would play it off by making you laugh. Literally all of the options anon gave me are things that will affect him. If you’d tickle him, he’d laugh to death then fake cry to make you laugh then apologize. The second you apologize he’ll act like nothing happened. If you’d scare him he’d scream, then cry, you’d laugh, then you’d apologize, act like nothing happened. If you’d punch him in the gut, he’d bend over, groan, then he’d cry, you’d laugh, and then you’d apologize, and finally act like nothing happened. It would honestly just be an emotionally funny experience each time you did it, and that’s why you’d do it.

“Jagi, why do you do this to me? You know it makes me uncomfortable, you know it doesn’t make me happy…”

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would just think that this is adorable. I don’t think that you would really scare him, and I don’t think that he’s ticklish. He’d think that your attempts are adorable, but it’d make you frustrated and strengthen your desire to actually catch him off guard for once. And if you’d punch him in the stomach, he wouldn’t be too dramatic about it. He’d whine a bit, but then just smile again because your just too damn cute. 

you: *scares Namjoon*

“Oh did you need me?”

“Jagiiiyaaa, you’re suppose to be scared!!!

“I’m sorry Jagi, you’re just too cute it’s just ahhhhh!!”

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Jimin would be adorably upset at you. You’d definitely scare him, and he’d really freak out, or he’d really laugh hard when you’re tickle him, but then second your done he’d scold you. He’d look really stressed when you’d do it, but this is all because he wants to maintain his image as a strong tough guy in front of you. But he’d never really be too mad about it and he wouldn’t really make a huge deal about it.

“Jagi, you can’t do things like that! You know I don’t like it…” 

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He’d be like Jimin, except he wouldn’t really scold you, he’d more judge you. He probably wouldn’t get scared, but he’d laugh if he was ticked and he’d definitely react if you’d punch him in the gut. He’d immediately make his judge expression, and he’d stay like that for a while. But when he could feel like he was judging for too long, he’d greet you with that gorgeous rectangle smile and just say that it was cute. 

“Did you seriously just do that?”

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((but lbr here, he’d probably do those things more to you than you to him…))


On the inside, Jungkook would probably think that he’s acting it out cool just like nothing even happened. He’d try to be like Namjoon and like turn this situation into something really flirty. 

“Aww, was my gorgeous little Jagi trying to scare me?” 
even i cringed

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but lbr here, he’d try to be chill like that, but you’d probably hit him a bit too hard and he’d still try to make that cool face but it’d probably end up with something like this highly attractive face. He’d probably still try to say the phrase but it doesn’t work and it results in a wheezy little mess.

“Aw…was *wheeze* my uh, my Jagi little *wheeze* little Jagi *cough* y’know can you give me a sec?”

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ahh tbh i’m think i’m hobi but in reality think i’m jungkook. 

hope you guys like it!

//requests are open!!

-Admin Amy <3