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wait wait what about alfred flirting with ludwig all the time and ludwig used to get all blushy and stuff, but one day he actually flirts back and kisses alfred's cheek!! or what if alfred gets close while flirting and ludwig just smiles, touches alfred's nose and pushes him back with one finger while giggling?? and like they're not even together yet so alfred is left to stare at ludwig who just kinda walks away, hiding his grin and stuff?? omg 😫😫

AHHHHH yes omg i love this!! like some days Ludwig is confident enough to flirt back like imAGINE:

“Hey Luddy~ How’s the cutest fella in the world?”

“I don’t know Alfred, how ARE you?”

And it takes Alfred like 5 seconds realize what he meant and now the tables have turned and Ludwig completely ruined Alfred’s suave flow

Strobe warning!
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