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Them Getting Injured During Practice and Her Volunteering to Help: SEVENTEEN


Would highkey lowkey think it was super cute, but he would have to uphold his manly pride, so would pretend like he didn’t need help, and end up hurting himself even more. 


The disappointment of not being able to practice would be forgotten as soon as the help is offered. He’d be too busy rubbing it in the other members’ faces to be sad about not being able to practice. 

“See that? That’s my girlfriend. I have a girlfriend that’s going to take care of me, and you don’t.”


“Awww, Jagi. Aren’t you the sweetest thing ever?”

*S/O’s biggest fan mode: activated*


He’d play it cool, acting like it was no big deal, but when she turned her back, he’d look at the other members like: “I hope you just saw that, peasants.”


His eyes would probably disappear for a solid ten minutes, and any words out of his mouth would be incoherent giggles. 

god he’s so cute i just can’t


Wouldn’t say anything, only just smile to himself and turn a bit red.


“Ahhhhh, what am I going to do, Jagi? You’re so cute, I might die.”


One happy lil bean.


Would refuse at first so that he could get her to try even harder/plead etc and then be like: “Lmao see how much she wants me


Would absolutely love it. After he recovered, he’d try hella dangerous moves, and when she’d tell him she didn’t want him doing that anymore, he’d pull the: “If I get injured again, you’ll take care of me :)))” card.


“Idk what to do she’s so cute and helpful and adfadf-”


This child would go into extra™ mode and take advantage of her so much omg. He’d pretend to fall and be more hurt than he actually would be, and catch her off-guard by kissing her when she ran over in worry.


Can I just say: e g o  b o o s t oh my god. He’d be such an overconfident little shit after that.

on a side note isn’t that gif just aDORABLE

“next time i wont miss”

oh but dean, you didnt miss. not really.

not when cas could literally heal himself up with the snap of his fingers but he wouldn’t because he probably let himself soak up in all the pain as a penance for failing dean

not when cas was staring into space, finally understanding how it must have felt like being in dean’s shoes when he was the one beating him to a pulp due to a certain angel tablet hidden in a certain hidden crypt

not when cas was left there lying on the bunker floor all bloodied up and closing his eyes, wondering where he went wrong, wondering why can’t he just save the one person he cares about the most

cas’ weakness is having too much heart, and dean has stabbed every single one of them except for the one trapped behind his rib cage.

so no, dean. you didnt miss.

A figure was suddenly around me and holding me still, whispering over and over again that it was only a dream and everything was okay, slowly leading me to wake into a conscious state and be aware of my surroundings. My eyes shot open as my chest was beating hard, beads of sweat smothered across my face as memories of the nightmare still vivid in my mind – haunting me, teasing me.

“It was only a dream, babe. You’re here and safe now.”

leather and lace