ahhhhh there

Scorpius has a thing for Albus

Draco has a thing for Harry

So, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if Lucius had a thing for James?

And Lucius’ dad had a thing for James’ dad

And there was just a long line of Malfoys having a thing for Potters

But no one was brave enough to say anything cause family honour and stuff

Until Scorpius just comes along and proclaims his love for Albus and like no one is surprised at all

But then it just stops, like the Malfoys don’t have a thing for the Potters cause the bloodlines have finally mixed and the Weasleys are there too (cause Ginny married Harry) and everyone is just one big happy family and ahhh

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Got any NSFW Izuocha HC's ??

Hehe I do have a few…

  • On the days Izuku comes back late from work and Ochako is already at home, he surprises her by sneaking into their bed at night, covering her with kisses.
  • They take baths together everyday, or at least when the can.
  • Izuku has a bad habit of getting impatient and destroying/tearing Ochako’s panties when they get intimate in bed. Ochako really hates it when he does that, Izuku apologizes but he still does it the next time. He just rips them without thinking because “they’re in the way”
  • Ochako gets fed up with Izuku always destroying her expensive undergarments and forces him to buy her new ones.
  • Izuku really didn’t want to, but after excess nagging from Ochako he finally gave in, bought a wig for a disguise, and set out to buy her a bunch of new panties.
  • Izuku absolutely loves making out with Ochako after she eats/drinks something sweet.
  • Ochako’s way of teasing Izuku is by nibbling on his ear and Izuku freaking loves it.

Just talking to some peeps ;3

(Thank you all those who wished me to get better, the requests will be out soon)


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