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Ike/Camilla C-S Support

Written by @tct-psychoticnekomata


Camilla: Oh, Ike dear~

Ike: Princess Camilla, right? I heard you managed to make a comeback against Lady Lyn. Well played.

Camilla: No need to call me princess. A Hero such as you is well past formality. Besides, that was all just a matter of luck, really. Honestly, I thought I’d lose most of the way through. I do hope the poor dear isn’t beating herself up over that last mistake.

Ike: On the contrary. I got a chance to talk with her. She intends to learn from it and better herself for it. She holds no grudge against you, by the way.

Camilla: Ufufu. There’s no need to worry about me, darling. I can handle more then my fair share of grudges. That being said, you won’t hold back against me now, will you?

Ike: Absolutely not. And you better not hold back either. I want to test my skills against you properly.

Camilla: I’m glad we’re on the same page. May the best fighter win~

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank C.]


Camilla: This feeling certainly is familiar.

Ike: I don’t intend to slip up like Lady Lyn did though.

Camilla: Oh, I don’t think you do. But keep on your guard now. I did promise not to hold back~.

Ike: Hyah!

Camilla: Umf! … That’s another victory for you then. You really are the fighter they say and more, Ike. Sparing with you has been nothing but delightful.

Ike: The same goes with you. I’m always glad to find another partner to test my steel against. I’ll be quite honest as well… I was hoping you would be as powerful as I’d heard.

Camilla: Oh?

Ike: I’ve heard some of the soldiers about speaking rather nasty rumors about you. I don’t care for gossip, but the things said have been nothing but slander. Of course I questioned (y/n) about it and (s)he was furious, but I wanted to see for myself just how capable you are.

Camilla: Awwww, that’s so sweet~ Truthfully, I know there are many who are jealous of me. Some envy my position, some my strength… some even envy other more carnal assets of mine. I notice you haven’t once made comment on them. You’re such a gentleman.

Ike: Even if were I inclined to look down, Titania would have my head in a vice.

Camilla: She sounds like a good mother to have.

Ike: Well… she is like a mother, yes. My actual mother died while I was still young, so she’s the closest I’ve had.

Camilla: Oh…. I’m sorry, Ike. I promise my intent wasn’t to-

Ike: I know. I’ve come to term with both my father’s and mother’s passing. Besides, this isn’t about me. I’m more worried for you, what with all this cowardice about.

Camilla: Well, you are just darling, Ike. But as I said before… I can handle grudges. And the rumor-mongering going on here is absolutely comedic when compared to what I faced before.

Ike: What you faced before?

Camilla: It’s… a long story. I’ll tell you after our next fight. Consider it your reward if you can beat me~

Ike: Heh… I admire your confidence. Alright then.

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank B.]


Camilla: Well fought again… Once more, I’m soundly beat.

Ike: Not quite soundly. I was losing a lot of ground there.

Camilla: Well I still lost regardless. But it was still fun, I assure you.

Ike: You seem happier after last time.

Camilla: Mmmnh… I still owe you that explanation, don’t I?

Ike: Only because I won.

Camilla: Very well. The envy and slander that comes my way from these soldiers is nothing new to me. But it’s easier to handle because these are nobodies, worthless infantile miscreants I can forget about when I go home. When I was younger, though, that was my life… and it came from within my family.

Ike: Your own family tormented you?

Camilla: My father, the King of Nohr, had many concubines. My own mother was just another woman at his beck and call, but like the rest of them, she dreamed of being queen, of having greater power. So she used me in her game of thrones and power. I either had to kill my half-siblings one by one or I to die myself. The fact that I’m here before you now should tell you what choice I made and of course… she praised me for it. But while the servants could do nothing about it, many of them knew. And they talked… and talked… and talked.

Ike: Gods…

Camilla: This isn’t the first time I’ve heard such unpleasant words. I know it won’t be the last. But I got over that the day those damned murders ended. I have a family to protect and a kingdom to guard. I don’t have time to agonize over the ramblings of those beneath me.

Ike: I see. You’re quite incredible, Camilla. I don’t think I could’ve ever brought myself to kill family.

Camilla: “Incredible” is not the word I would use to define it, Ike…

Ike: Perhaps not. But the way I see it, you did what you had to in order to live. And now that you’re still alive, you can do what you need to in order to make sure such a thing never happens again. Isn’t that still incredible?

Camila: … Fuhuhu… I suppose it is, when you put it that way.

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank A.]


Ike: The gauntlet is almost over now.

Camilla: A shame too. I’d come to look forward to our battles against each other.

Ike: As did I. But we’ll still be able to fight alongside each other at the very least.

Camilla: True. And I know you’re more capable then most out there. I’m going to miss you when I have to return home to Nohr.

Ike: As will I. But Camilla… one day, I want to find a way for us to meet again. Though I have a war to win back in my world, I don’t want us to be permanently seperated.

Camilla: Oh? And what has you feeling so clingish, hmmm?

Ike: It’s because I love you.

Camilla: Ahhhhh~. … wait. Huh?!

Ike: I’m not the greatest with words, but I want to say at least that much. All the time I’ve spent with you, be it fighting against you or talking with you, has been more than enjoyable. I don’t ever want that to end, so I want nothing more then to stay at your side.

Camilla: I see… I hope you know that if it’s my political status you seek, I intend to give up my right to the throne when Nohr is safe.

Ike: The thought of being royalty doesn’t intrigue me in the slightest, I promise you.

Camilla: Well then… I’m happy to hear that. There are many things I do not fear. But the thought of you loving someone else or, even worse, using me as a tool for power… I’ll admit that thought terrified me. I care so deeply about you, I wouldn’t know what to do if you ended up like my father.

Ike: Well, I don’t mind spending any amount of time to prove to you I’ll never treat you like that. So… shall we have one last battle, Camilla?

Camilla: I would enjoy nothing more, Ike.

[Ike and Camilla have reached support rank S.]




Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, and belongs to the person who created it. The only thing I own is the plot.

Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

“You do realize that most stories like this are quite overused, right? I’m sorry to disappoint you Dipper, but I suggest rewriting this, or starting over, so it won’t end up as a cliché,” Mason sighed, tapping his long and thin fingers on the table.

Dipper groaned, and pressed the heels of his hands against his brown eyes. “Knew it,” he hissed underneath his breath, the corner of his lips curled into a scowl. “Shouldn’t have listened to my peers when they said it would have been easier,” he grumbled under his breath, not removing his small hands from their place on his head.

“I suggest not listening to your peers at all,” Tyrone butted in, taking a seat next to Dipper at the kitchen table. He had a red apple in hand, already taking a bite out of it. “They don’t really help with much at all, really.” The man shrugged, and tipped his chair back, resting his feet on the table, crossing his ankles. He frowned, and took small nibbles out of the red fruit in his hand. “Then again, that’s just me.”

“Feet off of the table, you heathen,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone’s feet. “We eat here, so at least show some respect and get your dirty feet off.” Mason’s face scrunched up a bit as he leaned back in his seat.

Tyrone just stuck his tongue out, before flipping the bird, and continuing to eat his apple. Mason huffed, and decided that dealing with Tyrone could happen later.

“As I was saying earlier,” Mason nodded his head a little, thinking before he continued, “editing this or rewriting it would help very much. I would say that if you just get rid of a few sentences or fix them, then you’ll be good. A solid ‘B’, in my opinion,” he hummed. Mason stopped tapping the table, and glanced up at Dipper and Tyrone, the former still in the same position (and had started groaning softly), and the latter still slowly eating an apple silently. “I.. Wouldn’t want you to rewrite the entire thing of course…” He said slowly, eyeing Dipper. “Are you okay?” Mason asked, tone oddly sympathetic for once.

“Mmmmhmmmmm, a-okay, totally gonna be alright. Yep. All good over here. Totally not gonna have to rewrite the entire thing,” Dipper removed his hands from his eyes, and shifted a bit, before letting his head drop on the table with a soft ‘thump’. “A-okay,” Dipper repeated, giving his brothers a thumbs up, his hand then disappearing underneath the table.

“Think you broke him, bro,” Tyrone commented, twirling his apple on his finger before taking a bite out of it. “Not the first time this happened. I think Mabel said something about this happened when they finished finals. Not sure though.” Tyrone shrugged, finishing his apple. Tossing the core up in the air and catching it, he tossed it at Mason, grinning widely.

Mason glared at Tyrone, catching the apple core. “Ew,” he mumbled distastefully, face scrunching up in disgust. He stood up, and walked over to the trash can, dropping the apple core in it. “Next time, just throw it away,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone.

Tyrone grinned at his older brother, and gave the man finger guns. “Bang,” Tyrone said, his hand moving up a bit so it looked like he shot Mason. Despite it being his fingers.

Mason rolled his blue eyes, sitting back down, crossing his right leg over his left. He put his elbow the table, and rested his chin in the palm of his head. “You sure you’re okay Dipper?” He received a groan in response.

“We’ll take that as a yes!” Tyrone said, smiling. Mason glared at him, and Tyrone just winked at the other brunette.

South Park 2102


Oh boy he scream!!!!!! AHHHHH my son

My poor boy


Oh boy not more Heiman drama shit


Gimme my boy

Tweeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk craiiigiiiiggggggg

He calm him


Craig is reasonable



Craig and tweek



Heidi you don’t deserve this shit babe



PC principal ain’t havin no shit


AHHHHH HHH Tweek my son you be done it!!!!!





Heidi dont take this shit

Eric stfu

AHHHHH my boyyy

AHHHHH tweeeelkkkk

Oh no my boy

My baby why him why him I love him my poor baby please help him



Oh no dude wtf aHHHHH HHH that kid is dead now wtf wtf why wtf



Awwww www tweek go to Craig House

Craig calm tweek

He so sweet shhh



Awwww “okay babe” He want to helpppppp they cute.

Goddammit with the driving wtf people

Craiiiigggg aHHHHH tweek…. Me too buddy…… “Tweek honey”

AHHHHH HHH noooooooo but also same???? Same tweek same… Just “you big baby, aw goddammit now you made me loose control of my emotions” And then tweek just *screams* me too tbh

Ahhhhh but honestly I’m Tweek???? I just overreact???


Craig is having an epiphany

He go. TWEEK HAS 4

Craig he help awwww www







CARTmAN stop


They’re wholesome and I love them!!!


The creek content was really good, and honestly had a super good message about how to help those who don’t exactly have control over their emotions. Sometimes you just have to feel with them. It was really good.

Gem Association Headcanons

I really love seeing definitions of gems and such in witchcraft, so I thought what of what gems each character would have (some are more of MCD however). Though, I might need to fix things here and there but this is what I have.

Zane - Zane would own an Apache Tear. In addition to good luck (something this dude doesn’t have), they are used to aid in overcoming bad feelings. Probably would keep it in a pocket. He may also own a Lepidolite, which helps numb stress and negative emotions. 

Vylad - He’d have a necklace with a Smokey Quartz, which are meant to rid of bad and dense vibes and replace them with cleaner and more joyful ones.

Aphmau - Amethyst. For sure. The purple gems are healers from before the Middle Ages, and are for healing the mind, soul, and body. (get it? cause she’s irene in mcd-) Would wear them as earrings. Not to mention they’re her favorite color. Also might own a Chrysocolla. It lifts and balances emotions, eases emotional heartache **cough cough** AARON **cough** , attracts love and sweet dreams

Katelyn (This one reminded me more of the MCD!Katelyn, when she was coming to Aph’s house to get information and such) - Katie would have a Flourite gem. Flourites help the mind and body in analyzing conditions and situations in a rational and non-emotional manner. It enables detachment of emotions from the mind so that the thought process can achieve a higher level of self-understanding.

Gene - Lapis Lazuli. Enhancing a sixth sense of gaining secret knowledge. Y'know, cause in MCD he can alter memories and probably could get someone to tell him something if he does it correctly…

Kawaii-Chan - KC would own multiple sugalite. It’s known as the symbol for universal love. Puts them on daily. (Earrings, clothes, bows)

Laurance - He’d keep a Unakite. They heal the soul and are guides to transformation and Higher Self. (You kind of have to look that up, it’s also known as the White Soul and stuff but I gotta try to stay on task yo)

Aaron- Garnet. The gem repels negativity (though we’ve seen it get to him anyways), gives courage and confidence, it builds a defensive aura around oneself, and guards against depression and melancholy. Or, a Bloodstone. Warrior stone for overcoming obstacles and calm ones fear of a real or perceived enemy.

Garroth - Oh boy this was hard. I feel like he’d own an Amazonite. They’re for centering oneself, and getting back to balance. Re-focus and stabilization. Probably more of something MCD S1!Garroth would own, though. 

Sasha- Clear Quartz. Gives the user psychic, ESP (extrasensory perception) and mediumship (the connection to the spirits of the dead) qualities. Also connects with the source of universal knowledge. 

That’s all I have for now, I’ll probably put out some more when I think of them

Sleep over at Renjun's

Okay so this is gonna be bullet points again becuaseee, I just find it easier (tbh I can’t be bothered) Small note, we are gonna pretend that this is renjun’s house and not the dorms. Enjoy~ ——————————————————————–
- Right so we all know what a smol bean Renjun is
- So ofc when he messages you ‘Hey wanna come sleep over tonight?’ It’s all innocent and you know he just wants to chill with his best friend
- Also you being his crush may have something to do with it
- And you message him back like ‘Yeah sure I’ll bring snacks I’ll be there in a few.’
- By now you have accepted your feelings to Renjun
- But the fear of them not being mutual and it could ruin your friendship forever made you bottle them away
- You knock on the door and renjun’s mum answers
- You make small talk and just talk about life
- Which is alright cuz you absolutely adored Renjun’s mum just as she adored you
- Then Renjun comes down the stairs and is like ‘Mum you could’ve told me Y/N got here.’
- Cuz ofc this bean didn’t hear you knock at all, probs too concentrated in them Moomin episodes.
- So you both go upstairs and his mum leaves you be for now
- As soon as you get in his room you flop on the bed
- Admires his artwork that’s up on his walls, Gold hands istg
- Yall talk about school, how NCT’s going for him.
‘How’s NCT? Are my babies doing okay?’
‘We aren’t your babies Y/N.’
‘No you aren’t but they are.’
- Sighs internally every time you call Dream your babies honestly
but you stg that they are
- Starts watching anime together
- You know he gives 0 damns about your lie in april but you need to finish it
- Eventually you just end up watching Moomin cuz this guys snaggle toothed smile and doggy eyes is the death of you I swear
- After a while yall somehow get into a pillow fight????
- Honestly don’t know how but yall whooping each other’s asses not literally he’s a baby
-Then ofc his mum walks in just when you trip and fall onto Renjun
- yes your dumb ass just did that
- So there you are, lying on top of Renjun cuz of your stupid ass
- And then there’s his mum, standing in the hallway with the bedding looking sh00k af.
- Yet there you are still lying on top of Renjun
- finally gets up and come to your senses, smh
- So yall just standing there awkward af, you and Renjun blushing, his mum still standing there sh00k af
‘So I’m just gonna leave these here, Erm. Have fun…’
- As soon as his mum leaves yall burst out laughing, fully laughing your asses off
- like the look on her face was too funny not to laugh at fr
- After yall stop laughing you both go clean up
- obviously along with some banging tunes as well
- Cue you singing chew-chew-chew-chew chewing gum and renjun dancing with a toothbrush in his mouth
- Some truly great banging tunes
- Once yall are done washing up you go get changed separate rooms guys jesus
- Once you get back to the room there’s candles lit, fairy lights on and a cute little tent made on top of the bed
- pure comfort honestly
- You look around for the culprit knowing who it was
- He comes up behind you and taps you on the shoulder, now this boy be looking so troubled honestly
‘Do you like it? My mum told me she couldn’t find the extra bed and we’d both had to sleep in mine… So I thought I’d make something cute to sleep in.’
- all you are thinking is how long did you take getting ready for Renjun to have done all of this
- You hug him unconsciously, cuz?? Like??? Renjun just slaved away to make this perfect tf????
- This is when questions start running through both of yall minds. She can’t like me surely? She’s just hugging me cuz were best friends right?’ Or ‘Wait? Did he do this cuz he likes me? It can’t be right?’
-Yall get into bed, both drastically aware that if you move a little you’ll graze against each other
‘Well, err, goodnight Y/N’
'Yeah, um, goodnight Renjun.’
-:You weren’t going sleep but apparently you were really good at acting cuz Renjun definitely thought you were
'Aish Y/N, when are you gonna realise my feelings for you. I want to be with you so much but what it you don’t like me… I can’t ruin our friendship with these feelings, I must keep them secret.’
sorry I had to
- His eyes trebled in size honestly, this guy thought you were asleep ahhhhh. He’s actually dying inside
- you both just lay there, not knowing what to do at alllll
- Renjun finally speaks up
'Look Y/N I’m sorry you found out this way…. I’m really sorry. But I do really like you but it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way.’
- The look in Renjunie’s eyes omg, he looked so upset and as if he knew you weren’t gonna have the same feelings.
- oh how much he was wrong
- You somehow mustered up the courage to kiss him on the cheek????
- Then be able to say 'You idiot, I like you too.’
- His facial expression was a mix of OmFg IM So HapPY and DID SHE JUST KISS MY CHEEK OMG
- Tbh you’re face was just a mixture of beetroot and tomatoes so I guess it equals out.
- He cautiously wraps his arm round your body and hugs you close. He’s so damn happy you don’t understand you’re literally the girl of his dreams
'Does this mean you’re my girlfriend?’
'Yes Renjun, yes it does.’

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//Temporarily opening some commissions I guess? You can choose the color palette or even a single color that I take different shades of, which is what I did for all the pictures above. They will be done with a pixel-type tool but my canvas is normally pretty big so you can’t really tell -shrug-. All payments will be done through PayPal, PM me if you’re interested! AHHhhH i can also do more then BATIM but none of my recent art of other thing’s has been in a color palette style. If you want an example of how I draw people/animals/whatever i can always PM you other examples :’’]

Complete Commissions: asksilentbendy, ask-femboyfatale-bendy, wonkadodles

WIP Commissions: None

anonymous asked:

Idea: Delia likes fresh flowers, and Patsy seems happy to oblige. Is this a special occasion thing, or a regular day thing? A bit of both with different kinds of flowers depending on the reason? Delia must have quite a pressed flower collection in between the pages of her books by now, but does Patsy know that?

ahhhhh this was so sweet and wow i should really take notes on how to be thoughtful from my own writing? 

(this could be set whenever, tbh, choose ur own adventure) 

Asking For Flowers

It begins accidentally.

Patsy’s always had a sixth sense about this sort of thing; she can feel it in her bones when spring has truly begun.

As she walks, the daffodil droops in her hand, until she almost forgets its presence.

“Oh, how lovely!”

Delia saunters up beside her, eyes wide with wonderment.

“You know, Pats, I don’t know that I’ve seen a flower in the wild since I left Wales.”

Patsy grins, and before she can think about what the gesture might mean, proffers her find.

“It’s yours if you want it- there’s plenty more where that came from.”


Delia looks at her like she’s just promised her a new car.

Patsy rolls her eyes, but her lips quirk in a smile of endearment.

“Yes, really, Deels, just don’t get greedy.”


After that, Patsy may or may not put a little more effort into procuring blooms from the nooks and crannies of the urban landscape.

Daisies, Chrysanthemum, and a very shyly displayed Rose- it takes a bit more time than she really has, but something tells her she’d crawl over broken glass to find flowers for Delia if she had to.

(And buying them won’t do. For one, it would seem awfully queer for a woman to be purchasing a paramour’s bouquet. And there’s something special about plucking a bit of nature’s insistance from the barren concrete landscape. Hope among the ruins, or something like it.)

She doesn’t give much thought as to what becomes of the flowers; ashes to ashes and all.

Until one evening, stood in Delia’s room as she makes up her face for a night on the town, Patsy finds herself absentmindedly leafing through the books on Delia’s shelf.

From one particularly heavy tome flutters out a shower of pressed blooms.

Months of her collections, carefully preserved.

“Oh, Delia, if I had known you were pressing them, I might have found you better specimens,” Patsy stammers, painfully aware of her inadequacy.

Delia pauses her application of mascara to look at the mess beside her, blushing before averting her long-lashed eyes to the floor.

“I happen to think they’re perfect.”

(A pause, as the unspoken courtship ritual they’ve both apparently been practicing fully surfaces.)

“I happen to think they’re perfect, because you gave them to me.”

Delia never does finish lining her eyes.

(They don’t make it out that night.)

anonymous asked:

How would Shunsui and Jushiro react to seeing their s/o's scars for the first time? Like if they got into a lot of fights and have scars on their torso and such. I have scars from surgery and I feel like they'd be sweet lil beans that kiss them ahhhhh

Oh my goodness! They totally would because they’re absolute sweethearts like that. Ahh, I love them both so much 💜

Shunsui Kyoraku

Shunsui has also accumulated quite a few scars himself over the years on his chest and torso and throughout his body, although it can be difficult to catch sometimes since it’s covered by his unruly body hair. But there’s a chance that you two may have matching scars, and once you show him yours there’s a moment where he’ll be silent because he didn’t expect such a beautiful person like yourself to be covered in scars. Shunsui’s lips then tug into a small smile and he’ll say something along the lines of, “Funny, I have the exact same scar in the exact same place as well,” while he undresses slightly to show you his scar(s).

Jushiro Ukitake

Ukitake loves the fact that you were brave enough to show him your scars because he knows that it can cause some anxiety to submerge when you’re showing someone the vulnerable parts of yourself you don’t want others to see. After observing the scars on your torso, Ukitake will give you this look asking permission if he could touch it before he does anything, and once you’d given him your approval to do so, he’s very gentle and delicate when he runs his fingers along your skin. Ukitake will also murmur something such as, “Scar or no scar, you’re still the most beautiful person I know.” 

Follow Forever/Bias List/Positivity Post/Friendly Promotion/Let Me Love You

So, I’m realizing that I may not hit my milestone as I keep on blocking porn blogs, but then I decided not to care about the count and I’m gonna do this anyway because this honestly makes me happy just spreading my love to you guys. You all mean so much to me and I truly value each and every one of you, even the ones I just started to follow or haven’t followed yet because I’m stalking and working up the courage to follow back because koala-tea following me what? I love you all. Honestly, I try and give each one of you an explanation as to why I love you, but I’ve said it before that this mun is so bad with ooc expressions, I am literally a potato. If you don’t see me give you a lot of words or any at all, PLEASE don’t take it the wrong way, you’re on this list because I love you and you mean a lot to me as a writer and a mun, it’s just I have a hard time expressing myself in so many words and I’ll probably end up being repetitive at times - I will apologize for that, even if I don’t have to (I’m your stereotypical Canada eh)

@ghostofaformerself - Always have to put my Ghost first, I’ve said it before she’s the reason I am even on Tumblr, I credit her for starting all of my internet friendships because without her I would still be clueless about this great community. Rayne is an amazing and incredibly written character, I love her so much. Ghosty, you’re still a terribletrashbagperson for hitting me with all of the Rayne feels, but let’s face it we both know I love you for it.

@hcvenofear - Keets, my darling Keets. Kudos to Paige for introducing us and giving me a wonderful internet friend that I am determined to meet one day no matter what. My PLL buddy tbh, the person I scream and cry to over Spencer Hastings god my heart. So much love for Keets both as a writer and as a person, and Keets even though I am pathetic with fandoms I’m gonna write with all of your muses because rping with you is fanfuckingtastic and good for my soul (maybe given you’re the head bitch in charge)

@astrcnautical - AGAIN credits to Paige for introducing me to such the beautiful soul that is Theo. I’ve written with Theo on his multi and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Again, being that I’m pathetic with fandoms and do not have much knowledge of Star Trek, I do wanna write with Jim and Theo (okay but who wouldn’t want to write with Theo u bae bro) one day and I’m gonna love it because it’s you Theo and I love you.

@beastlynecromancer - ARI!……What’s that? Typing your name in all caps with bold and italics to make it sound like I’m screaming because wow what a darling you are isn’t enough to express my love for you? Darn, that’s my go to line x3 No but in all seriousness, I’ve told you many times before that you’re one of my dearest partners, I love you lots okay. Brent was the first muse of yours I’ve written with and I completely fell in love with him (as did Kim and later my other muses of course lol), he’s truly an awesome character and very well developed, honestly Ari you’re an inspiration to me as a writer. I’ve mentioned before how much I love all of your muses, even the inactive ones as they hold a piece of my heart because our interactions were so great that I’m keeping them forever in there. Also throws @merfolkmayhem because yes this blog is awesome too and I want to love those muses of yours <3


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KuKi Appreciation Post II

It’s piling up again! This gonna be a loooong one!! XD
Let’s see the fluff *clutches heart* we have of @quiethist​/Kira and Kuro!!~ =///v///=)b

^When he hugs you from behind~
Emphasis on his SMILE— THEIR SMILE

^”Say ‘Nyaaa~’” from Butler Kuro. (AU! <3 xD)
And of course the outcome below~v


^ HUGSAREWHATTHEYDOBEST! They protect each other <3

^”Time to return the kiss I lent you,”



^ Based on that one part in the chat about milk.


^Kira feat. All Kuro forms in a biiiiig sleepy cuddle~!!! (Distant ‘Nya’-ing lullaby)

^Waking up in each other’s arms~! <3

^Neko Kuro shield from human Kuro— not that effective tho >v> Hehehe

//coUGH.HHHHHHHHHH <3 <3 <3

^”Let me look at you,”

^Featuring Final Servamp Quest- White mage Kuro and Witch Kira! A story where they have a special kind of bond that allows them to heal and channel each other’s black and white magic through touches~ 


^ Festival time with the fam as well!!

Yaaaaaaaay!! Ahhhhh… the fluff and feels–  //scrolls back up to go over them for the 16th time- //kicked I have like a folder of them with around 150+ pictures but I only chose the ones I colored well cuz the rest are doodles for the moment~ >v>) Because THEIR MOMENTS NEEDS TO BE CAPTURED—- 

Oh oh oh! And later on, we may even have an appreciation post for Kira and her fam too!! XD <3 BECAUSE THEY’RE SO AMAZING AND LOVING TOGETHER HNGNGNGNGNG— SO BL ESS

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Name: Lewis

Nickname: Lou/Moose

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5′7″

Orientation: Bi/Pan

Nationality: British (literally my grandpa traced back our family to at least 500 years living in the UK)

Fav Fruit: I lov…..all fruit so damn much but the one I will INHALE with animalistic desperation is watermelon. Every time I visit a hot country I devour a watermelon a DAY

Fav Season: Autumn! I love the rain

Fav Flower: I like deep scarlet roses a lot

Fav Scent: I love anything vanilla-ry, sweet stuff is super nice but makes me hungry lD

Fav Colour: Purple!

Fav Animal: It’s between pigs and rats……I want both as pets one day

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: I like all three! I need my coffee in the mornings to wake myself up, my brother brought me back some fancy tea from Nepal that I’ve been OBSESSED with ever since and hot cocoa is always nice to warm yourself up with

Average Hours of Sleep: 7? Maybe? Depends at what point in the semester I am and how much work I have to do

Fav Fictional Character: D………DAVID

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Just the one

Dream Trip: I’d love to go to Ireland or Scotland with my partner and uni friends, it’d be the best

Blog Created: This one? Like start of July I think. I made my main a good 5 years ago lmao

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Seventeen going to the Bank

Episode Six: Seventeen visits the bank but encountered a robber.

Jeonghan: “Finally my baby dino is old enough to open his own personal bank account”

Dino: “How many times do I have to tell you hyung, I’m 18”

Jeonghan: “Hello miss, my son here would like to register his first bank account”

Dino: “I have like 3 bank accounts hyung I do not need another one”

Jun: “Are you going to start an account too Wonwoo?”

Wonwoo: “Nope, I already have one”

Jun: “Then? are you going to put money into your account?”

Wonwoo: “I don’t have any savings, I spent it all of it last week on that haircut remember?”

Jun: “Then why did you bring your bank book with you?”

Wonwoo: “Mingyu told me not to tell you”

Jun: “Mingyu?! What did the tall thing tell you!”

Wonwoo: ….

Jun: …

Wonwoo: “Okay fine. Mingyu told me to withdraw money from my account to buy him more food”

Jun: “He did what now?”

Mingyu: “I said not to tell him Wonwoo…”

Jun: “Stop using Wonwoo’s hard earned money to buy snacks! you have like 10 boxes of chips that haven’t been opened”

Mingyu: “One can never have too many snacks Jun”

Wonwoo: “So… do I withdraw the money or not?" 

Jun: "No”

Mingyu: “YES!”

Jun: “Why can’t you use your own money?”

Wonwoo: “Cause he has no money in his account?”

Mingyu: “thanks a lot wonwoo”

Jun: “You don’t even have a single cent in your account?”

Mingyu: “It was well spent!”

Jun: “It was on food wasn’t it?”


Robber: “Put the money in the duffel bag now, the rest of you get down and put your hands up where I can see them!”

Seungkwan: “I’m too young and fabulous to die!”

Joshua: “In the holy name I pray, please protect us dear lord”

Hoshi: *puts hands up* “Mansae-”

Robber: “Who the hell said that?! If any of you make a sound and I’ll put a bullet through your head”

DK: “Just a clarification though Mr Scary Robber, are you going to cut open my head with a scalpel and put the bullet in or-?" 

The8: "Seokmin, now’s not a good time to be curious”

Robber: *puts gun at dk’s temple* “Do you want to find out?”

Woozi: “Well good riddance”

DK: “Honestly?" 

Robber: "Yes, strange horse-looking boy”

The8: “Are you serious right now?”

Hoshi: “Must. Fight. Temptation. To. Dance. To. Mansae. GAHHHHH”

Scoups: “Hosh. NO”

DK: “In all honesty, I actually really want to know though” *smiles*

Robber: “Okay, I’ll grant you your wish and let you find out”

DK: “I didn’t wish for it but alrighty!”

Robber: *pulls trigger* 

Scoups: "Alright! Hold up! Hold up! Sorry Mr robber-nim, please just ignore him, he’s my child and he is a little… you know” *circles finger around his head*

DK: “What does that mean?”

DK: “Are you implying that I’m crazy?!”

Scoups: “Omg Seokmin…”

Seungkwan: “Yeah Dorkyeom, he’s calling you crazy” divaboo alert

Vernon: “Not now kwan… bad timing to be sassy" 

Hoshi: "Must. Contain. The. Need. To. Swing. Arms. In. The. Air.”

Seungkwan: “What? I’m just stating a fact, we were all thinking it, I’m just saying what everyone else was thinking out loud!”

Vernon: “Divaboo tone it down will ya?”

DK: “You want to know what crazy is? I’ll show you crazy!" 

DK: *gets up from floor and starts doing his horse dance while screaming*

Seungkwan: "I can do better than that" 

Seungkwan: *takes something from the floor as a microphone and starts singing and dancing like it’s his solo debut*

Robber: "What is this situation?" 

DK: *scREAms*

Seungkwan: *starts high note battle*


Jeonghan: *screams from over the counter*

Woozi: *screams a note so high that it made the robber drop his gun*

Robber: “What in god’s name was that?!”



Jun: *hits robber in the eye as he swings his arms*


Jun: “Sorry?”

Jeonghan: *giraffe mode on*

The8: *dabbing mode on* stop Minghao 2017

Dino: *Michael chanson mode on*

Wonwoo: *gives deep stare to robber*

Robber: "AHHHHH what is this noise? What is this stare… it makes me feel somewhat emotionally detached…?? it makes me reflect about the despicable life I’m living…”

Robber: “Why are so many children dancing about?! OMG are they multiplying?!?! How many are there? 10? 20? 30?!!” *collapses*

The Po-Po: “You have the right to remain silent, whatever you say may be used against you in court” *handcuffs the robber*

Robber: *still counting*

The Po-Po: “Well done kids, I don’t know how you did it, we’ve been trying to catch this robber for a year now" 

Scoups: "Oh well, my kids just did whatever they usually do at home… and also in every public place known to man-kind, so don’t worry too much about it Mr Officer" 

The Po-Po: "You guys make a good squad, maybe after your career ends you guys can join the police force, we’ll call you squad number 17" 

Dino: "Woahhh I always wanted to be a police officer hyung! I can have guns and shoot people-” *pew pew*

Jeonghan: “No! Gun’s are too dangerous for toddlers!”

The Po-Po: “As a reward, here’s some vouchers to a buffet, please accept it and enjoy your day”

Wonwoo: “I know someone who would be very happy to accept it” *glances over at Mingyu who is currently stuffing free mints into his pockets*

Mingyu: *whispers* “Wonwoo can I borrow your pocket?”

Woozi: “I have an idea, if you want an eternal endless supply of mints, why don’t you just take that empty cardboard box there and sit in it and stay there?” 

The Po-Po: “Thanks once again boys!”

Scoups: “No, I should be the one thanking you police officer, with this buffet vouchers I saved almost $130 on expenses for their food!”

The8: “Actually Sir can I have your number, I have something important to discuss with you about, it’s regarding a boy named Kim Mingy-“

Scoups: *covers Minghao’s mouth*

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Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to the Hair Salon

still really want lesbian Love Square, just, yes please. Ladybug being like “stay safe, pretty girl” at Adrienne Agreste while internally SCREAMING at herself and Marinette fucking SWOONING every time Adrienne does another ad wearing some glitzed-to-fuck gown that she would a) kill to wear herself, b) kill to have designed, c) kill to get to take OFF her AHHHHH SHE DIDN’T MEAN TO THINK THAT PART OH GOD ALYA HEEEELP 

Alya’s like “omg my precious bb I have no idea why you think I am going to be any help here at ALL but ok let’s go talk to Rose and Juleka, THEY’LL know how to hit on girls” 

Rose and Juleka do not know how to hit on girls. Rose is politely confused as to why they think they would? (Juleka is silently dyyyyyyying) 


literally everyone else: NOT THE INTERNET 

Alya: the internet was the wrong choice 


also if her father asks Nino is definitely her very supportive boyfriend with excellent grades and a promising future in the music industry who does not say “dude” every two words, okay, PLEASE NINO PLEASE GO ALONG WITH THIS FOR ME, SIS CODE ME HERE 

One of Keiko’s old dresses

I’ve been searching for this dress for a LONG time. She has been wearing it quite frequently in the past few years and I always thought it would be easy to find due to its bird pattern but for the longest time, I didn’t have any luck. Probably because I mostly focused on Japanese brands. Oh well, the other day I finally managed to find it o((*^▽^*))o

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Black Hummingbird Print Silk Shirtdress

worn together with Keiko’s all-time favourite waist-belt

BALENCIAGA Bow-embellished Leather Belt

Ahhhhh! I love this feeling of finding something I’ve been looking for forever!
All in all, this is a really fancy outfit! I wonder if Keiko owns anything else by Alexander Mcqueen. I browsed through his stuff but I didn’t really recognise anything o.O Will have to do some more research.

I think Keiko wore this outfit for the first time back in 2012 for the Special Nico Live to commemorate the Madoka Movie.

anonymous asked:

Tbh I'm so mad at the reaction ppl are having to sana getting back at sara? Like let her be mad she's a human the fandom is dehumanizing Sana just like the ppl around her are:"she's strong, is a good person" yeah good ppl can do bad stuff when u bring them to the edge ppl talking about ramadan and all that yes islam is about being a good person but also u have to know ur limits? As a woc I just feel so angry that we can't have all of these emotions without seeming stereotypic anyway thanks haha

Oh my gosh I totally agree with you! ahhhhh thank you for existing my little angel <3

people seem to think this is bad rep because Sana is muslim but and I see where they are coming from but…I personally think this is skam?

and skam has always been about representing real humans and how we all have flaws and feelings and we all make mistakes. Every single one of us is going through struggles, and pain and growing as humans. 

every main has dealt with pain, misunderstandings, and love. Each main has grown as a person and made mistakes. 

It would be extremely patronising and honestly rude if Sana didn’t get the same deal. 

Because by her also making mistakes, learning from them, falling in love, misunderstanding, hiding her feelings and feeling alone, oh my gosh it does exactly what Julie should be doing….

it is showing that Sana is just like us

Sana is just like all the other mains. She is just like you and me. 

Skam shows that despite our gender, race, religion, sexuality or mental illness, we are all one and the same. We are all making mistakes, struggling, feeling, loving and growing. 

we are one. <3 


Doodle dump because power’s out and cant make proper artwork before my laptop dies…
AHHHHH here is the first of probably many fanarts to come, of mysecretfanmoments​ amazing kagehi fanfiction ’I like the way your clothes smell

It so amazing i am going to just lie here in my feelings and have the fic run in my head and hope for a new chap and gush and oh gosh please read it you will see what i mean.