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Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus (Dress Rehearsal Clip)

  • Miura Ryosuke as Joker
  • Tamaki Yuki as Snake

(nothing special just really like the 2 of them /w\)

carry on, darling, we were built to last

Ah, fuck. I fucked up, Yuuri thought.

Victor’s blue eyes were filled with tears and his lips trembled, a picture so devastating Yuuri could feel his heart tear into pieces. And when the first one slipped onto a pale cheek, soon followed by others, like dew running down a leaf early in the morning, Yuuri wanted to take it all back. Take it back, stuff it down his throat and choke on it, because no words were worth seeing Victor cry.

Yuuri watched how Victor swallowed, trying so hard to blink the tears away, but they just kept coming.

“Is it because of something I did?” Victor asked, his head bowed like he was scared of looking at Yuuri. “Did I do something wrong? I know I’m still inexperienced as a coach, even after all this time, and I swear I can work on that! So if it is, you need to tell me so we can get through this and figure out how to–”

“That’s not it,” Yuuri interrupted before Victor could spiral further.

All he wanted to do was to gather him in his arms and hold him, and kiss his cheeks and say I’m sorry as many times as needed to stop the tears and make Victor smile again.

But he couldn’t do it now. He had to say this, he had to let it out.

“Victor,” he called to make Victor look at him and Victor flinched. Yuuri’s heart almost shattered. “Victor, please, look at me.”

It would’ve been easier if he didn’t. Yuuri felt the guilt and the pain nestle in his chest like a small monster, just waiting to grow and lash back at him for what he’d done to the man he loved with his whole being.

“You may be inexperienced as a coach, but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing,” he gave a tiny smile, hoping to ease the broken expression on Victor’s face. It didn’t really work. Yuuri sighed. “But I also know my limits and I know I just hit them.”

Now Victor’s mouth was opening to protest, and somewhere deep inside it made Yuuri happy that he was still fighting for him, still believed in him, but he shook his head to stop him from saying anything. It wouldn’t change a thing.

“Don’t try to convince me,” Yuuri said. “I’m going to retire after this season, Victor.”

Victor’s mouth set. His bottom lip trembled, but he bit on it to stop it. Yuuri itched to reach out and brush his thumb across it to free it, but he didn’t.

“You could still reach higher,” Victor finally said, his voice petulant like a child that was just scolded.

Yuuri smiled agreeably. “Maybe.”

“Then why–”

“It’s painful,” he cut Victor off, looking away from him. “Competing has always been stressful to me. It’s not a burden I want to carry anymore.”

With that he reached out and took Victor’s hand, the very one upon which a gold ring gleamed in the dim light of their hotel room lamp. He locked their fingers together, gold touching gold, and squeezed as if trying to tell Victor what he couldn’t put into words.

And Victor understood.

Tears stopped and his face cleared a little, although it remained grim and unhappy.

“You won’t change your mind?” he asked one final time.

Yuuri shook his head, “No.”

The hand in his shook slightly when Victor took a deep breath, but when he spoke his voice was strong.

“Fine,” he said. “We’ll make the announcement after the gala.”

Yuuri nodded.

That night after they slipped into bed, Yuuri could still feel the invisible line, the tension, between them. It was something that wasn’t there before, not even when they were complete strangers. He chewed on it alone, curling in on himself and wondering if it was alright to reach out…

Victor beat him to it.

Forehead pressed to Yuuri’s back and arms tight around his waist, he held him close, desperately.

“Don’t leave me,” Victor whispered.

Throat suddenly clogged up, Yuuri took Victor’s hand and kissed the ring that bound them to each other.

“Never,” he replied. “I promise.”

  • Agatha: *holding Hesters's hand over her stomach so she can feel the baby kick* Sorry this is taking so long, he kicked for everyone else.
  • Tedros: It’s hard for the little guy to perform under pressure.
  • Hort: Top ten things Tedros said on his wedding night.
  • Hester: Woah! It was small, but I think I felt something!
  • Anadil: Top ten things Agatha said on her wedding night.
  • Agatha: *laughs*
  • Tedros: Stop laughing at it, Agatha!
  • Everyone: Top ten things Tedros said on his wedding night!
Imagine Erik Finding Out That You, His Young Daughter, Have Inherited His Powers

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“Slow down, Erik, what are you on about?” Charles frowned through the phone.

“Y/N has- she’s- she’s like me, Charles!” Erik sputtered. He had you in one arm, and you were squirming in an attempt to ‘do the magic’ again. You had always been very enchanted by your father when he did little magic tricks with his metallokinesis to entertain you, and you were only concerned with your joy of possessing ‘the magic’ as well.

“NO, Y/N, no, no no, we do not do that with those!” Erik said quickly, moving the silverware you had begun to float out of your sight. He pulled the phone back over to his ear to hear what Charles had to say about it. It didn’t quite matter if he had moved the dangerous utensils; you had found something else to play with.

“Just bring her to the mansion, I’ll run a few simple tests I do with the students, she’ll be fine, Erik.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll bring her up in the morning,” Erik sighed. He hung up the phone with a breath of relief, only to look down at you.

“Papa, look!” you giggled; his old, worn Magneto helmet rested loosely over your head. Memories around that helmet flooded his mind, both good and bad. He had tried to hurt in that headpiece. He had tried to kill, and he had wanted to keep that part of his past far away from you.

However, looking down at the innocence in your eyes, he felt a spark of hope. Maybe, where he had become a symbol of hate, you could be one of hope.

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First kiss

Hope you like it :)

(Word count: 894)

“Could you go any slower!” 10k playfully yells at you.

“Actually, I could” you turn around and give him a cheeky smile.

Warren had ordered the two of you to go on a run for some food at an abandoned grocery store in a town near to your camp. Surprisingly, there had been no people there and only a few Z’s that were fairly easy to take out. You stalked up on canned peaches, fruit cocktail and you even found some old chocolate bars that you would probably just hide and share with 10k.

You had been with Warrens group for a few months and had grown close to 10k. You had also grown close to Addy and Doc and even Murphy, but 10k was your BEST friend. Every time he had to stay up and take watch while the others were sleeping, you would stay up with him and talk all night. You would go on runs together and always have each other’s backs.

“Are we almost there” you whine out, you had been on your feet all day and the walk from town to camp was an hour on foot.

“Quit being a baby” he laughs out “there’s a little stream up here we can take a rest at”

“Thank god”

After a few more minutes of walking, you approach the stream that 10k was talking about. The surrounding area was covered with beautiful green grass and a nice shady spot under two small trees.

“Gosh my feet hurt” you plop down under the tree, patting the ground beside you, signaling 10k to sit with you.

He made his way towards me and sat down next to me, leaning up against the trunk of one of the trees.

“Okay, we can take a ten minute break, but then we need to leave and get back before dark” he said

“Sounds good” I say, batting my eyes shut and resting my head on his shoulder.

I didn’t need to have my eyes open to know he was staring at me. He seemed tense and uncomfortable for a while, almost like he didn’t want me to have my head on his shoulders. I didn’t care though, I was tired and 10k could just deal with my head there for 10 minutes.


I woke up with my head in 10k’s lap and a pair of hands slowly running through my hair. I rubbed my eyes in confusion and sat up, turning towards the dark haired boy.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Only 30 minutes or so”

“30 minutes! Why didn’t you wake me up? I thought you wanted to get back as soon as possible?” I groan out.

“You just-uh-you looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to wake you” he nervously muttered out.

I roll my eyes and get up off the ground, grabbing my bags and knife.

“Well it’s getting dark so we better go” I say, walking past him, not even waiting for him.


“What the hell took you so long? We are starving over here” Murphy grumbled out

“Sorry we…. Got lost on the way back, I took a wrong turn” I said.

I was starting to feel bad about the little tiff 10k and I had earlier. It wasn’t his fault that I passed out, and I wouldn’t have wanted to wake him up either.

He glanced over at me for a split second and took his backpack off, pulling out the cans of food.

“Same old” he said, handing the cans of peaches and fruit cocktail to the group and taking one for himself.

“Anything else?” Doc sighed out

“Actually, yeah, hang on” I say. The least I could do for being late was sharing the chocolate with the rest, I’m sure we can find more if we go back.

I reached into my pack and pulled out 7 of the chocolate bars and tossed them at everyone.

“Shit, y/n! You’ve really outdone yourself” Doc laughed out, opening the bar and shoving it into his mouth.

“Don’t thank me, thank 10k. He’s the one who found them” I say, looking over at him and giving a weak smile.

“We good job, kid. You two really do make a great team, you know”

“Yeah, we do” 10k gave me a soft grin and sat down next to Doc.


The whole group had gone to sleep and besides you and 10k. Warren and Vasquez were sleeping in a small tent they had found. Addy, Doc and Murphy were around the fire and you and 10k were in the bed of the pickup truck.

“Hey, 10k I’m really sorry about earlier. I was being rude” I whisper to him.

“Don’t worry about it y/n”

“Is there anything I can do to make up for it?” It got really quite all the sudden. The tension between us was like a fire. 10k out his hand up on my cheek and leaned in, giving me a soft peck. His lips were dry and chapped but tasted sweet.

He pulled away fast.

“I’m sorry I ju-” you cut him off by smashing your lips into his and grabbing his face to deepen the kiss. Your lips moved in perfect sync, it was magical.

He pushed your back against the side of the truck bed

“I guess this makes up for it”