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NCT 127 Confessing to you

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Taeil: Taeil would be pretty calm. He would have been sending you hints beforehand just to make sure he had a good idea of your feelings for him. “Hey um y/n would you like to come grab coffee with me sometime? On like a date or something?” If you agreed he would give you a smile. “Because I kind of like you a lot and it would have killed me if you had said no.” 

Johnny: Johnny would try to ask you as confidently as possible regardless of if he felt nervous on the inside. He would be straight with you. “So I have had something for a while and haven’t said it. I like you y/n your pretty and nice and almost a better dancer than me, almost. And you don’t need to reply I just needed to say.”

Taeyong: Taeyong would be very nervous about telling you. He would think you were too good for him and had little faith that you liked him back but he liked you so much he figured it was worth a shot. “Ahh umm so I think your pretty cute and you make me laugh and ahh I don’t know how to explain how much I like you but just know it’s a lot,“ 

Yuta: Yuta would have waited to see if any of your friends could give him information. Once someone had hinted at your feelings for him too he would walk up to you with a big smile. “So we are both friends and we have a lot of good times together, you like hanging out with me right? Well, I was thinking that we should be more than just friends who hang out because I kinda like you.”

Doyoung: He is quite charismatic because of his killer MC skills of course. He would be more than extra. He would get like a balloon with a message in it for you so you had to pop the balloon to get it. “Your pretty cool y/n. Actually more than cool.” He would say picking the note from the floor for you. As you looked up from reading it he would make a heart for you (like in the gif ;)) but then die slightly from the cringe. “I may not have been able to control the confession but everything I said about how great you are was true.”

Jaehyun: Jaehyun would ask you to meet him once he had got his courage to confess. He would sit down opposite you and try to be as genuine as possible without any of the theatrics. “You don’t need to tell me anything y/n I just need to say that your great and I really like you. If you don’t like me we can just be friends and that’s fine because you mean a lot to me and I want you to know that. But you may also crush my soul, but it’s fine. Jeffrey can handle it.”

Winwin: Winwin would be really shy about expressing his feelings but if the moment arose he would just go for it. "I don’t always have the chance to express myself correctly but when it comes to you I feel I need to. I want us to be on the same page even if you don’t share my feelings. I just need you to know that I love you a lot and I always have ever since you tripped over when we first met.

Mark: Mark wouldn’t quite know what But if you were talking and the subject came up he would take his moment. “So I hadn’t planned this but now you are talking about the subject I will tell you honestly I really like you y/n. So if you feel the same meet me at the movies tomorrow at eight if not I understand. Also if you can’t make the date text me. Because I have to leave, I’m so nervous now I might cry. Hopefully, you would run after him and make sure he didn’t cry of nervousness. Not that he would actually cry, I doubt that.

Haechan: Haechan likes to joke so he would make it funny to hide any nervous jitters. “So I have an issue y/n. Whenever I see you my heart stops and I fall to the floor. It’s becoming a serious issue. You’re killing me and I think the only way to save me is for you to tell me that you like me too. I mean who wouldn’t I’m ncts true visual.”

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A lil gouache painting of Hana and Mai inspired by Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol!!
I really love Chasing Cars and had an idea to draw this ^-^