ahhhhh how cute

  • Jim Morrison fans: I want to do acid with him in Yellow Stone.
  • David Bowie fans: He's my weird dad and he's made of light.
  • Jimmy Page fans: I'm smoking weed right now.
  • Paul McCartney fans: What the fuck did you just say? No, what the fuck? Don't TRY me bitch!!!!!!
  • John Lennon fans: He was so smart :) he knew so much :) he was so enlightened.
  • Bob Dylan fans: I don't mind the sound of glass breaking. I love the noise of nails on a chalk board. I like the smell of cheap weed.
  • Brian Jones fans: AHHHHHH look how cute AHHHHH.
  • Keith Richards fans: Here's grandpa. He's immortal and we love him.
  • Iggy Pop fans: *Naked, covered in glitter and screaming.*
  • Lou Reed fans: This is our Lou. A naughty bucket of sin but we love him nonetheless.
And so the (AU) story of love among the stars...

└ of tears that came with love…

… of love that flew away…

… and could only bemoan its loss.

Then there was love that travelled together…

… and stayed together.

And you can tell I’m obviously infatuated with the starry effects. (^_^)

Cr: The Music Day 01.07.2017


Drake’s Deception // A Thief’s End

GTKM Meme - [5/?] favorite relationships - Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher Drake

Elena: Doing the dishes? We take turns. Don’t even think about not coming back.

Nate: I love you.

Elena: Same to you, cowboy.

Mayu: What if we all die tomorrow?

Morishige: Why the morbidity all of a sudden?

Mayu: I was just wondering. What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?

Morishige: …Be honest.

Mayu: You’ve been lying about something?! Whaaaat?!

Morishige: N-no… just keeping something to myself.

Mayu: Well, you might die tomorrow, technically. Anything is possible. Why don’t you say it?

Morishige: Not until I know what you would do or say in the same situation.

Mayu: *turns beet red* …I’d tell the guy I love how I feel.

Morishige: *jaw drops and he is low key hiding the fear and sadness* You LOVE someone?! How come you never told me, Mayu?!

Mayu: …Becauseit'syouShig.

Morishige: *faints*

Mayu: …Oh God. Shig? Wake up!

Morishige: *wakes up after like five minutes*

Mayu: Are you–

Morishige: Sorry– I didn’t expect that. But… hey…

Mayu: What…?

Morishige: *grins* The feeling is mutual.

Mayu: *faints*

Morishige: Why do we both pass out like this? I don’t–


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