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How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple? 

Everybody does!  they’re like f i r e.


that precious laugh

“Sasuke,” Naruto whined, slouching on the couch and groaning some more, “Change the channel. I don’t wanna watch this lame documentary about soil acidity or whatever the hell this is.”

“Don’t I put up with you and your ridiculous, so called ‘comedy’ shows?” Sasuke replied, not a shred of sympathy in his tone and he didn’t take his gaze away from the TV either which made Naruto pout.

“So? You still make rude-ass sarcastic comments when they’re on, you’re not perfect you know!” Naruto accused loudly, causing Sasuke’s eye to twitch as he increased the volume.

“Yet I don’t make such a fuss like you are right now. You can’t do anything without making a big deal out of it.”

“I do not!”

”Naruto, be quiet. I can’t hear the statistics report.”

“Nobody actually listens to the damn statistics! Just you!” Naruto growled, throwing his head back in exasperation.

“I think you mean: People like me, people with proper brain capacity.” Sasuke corrected robotically, turning up the volume yet again even as he insulted Naruto. 

“That’s it! Give me the remote!” Sitting upright rapidly, Naruto launched himself at Sasuke and started desperately reaching for the magical device that could stop all this boringness with a press of a button. 

“Idiot! Get off, or-” A strange sound then fell from Sasuke’s lips, and it took Naruto a full minute to realise it was the sound of laughter.

Sasuke looked just as shocked as Naruto did, and had brought a hand up to cover his mouth as if he had committed a most terrible crime. Drawing his brows together, Naruto looked down and noticed in the chaos of the two of them wrestling, his hand had slipped beneath Sasuke’s shirt and had grazed against his stomach. 

The cogs in Naruto’s brain were turning and it wasn’t long before he could connect the dots. 

“Sasuke, are-are you ticklish?” Naruto asked, his eyes slowly widening and a light of realisation shone in them as he leaned closer and closer to Sasuke. 

“No.” Sasuke’s tone was the same as it always was, but he answered too quickly - a sure sign he was lying!

A mischievous glint entered those blue eyes, and Sasuke instinctively stiffened, leaning back away from the blonde. The TV and what was on it was left forgotten, the two now focussed totally on each other. 

“Naruto, no,” Sasuke demanded again, a fierce seriousness in his gaze as he looked at his boyfriend. 

Yet Naruto seemed to be suffering from a lapse of deafness, as he closed the space between them, getting closer and closer to Sasuke. There was nothing threatening about his movements, and that perhaps freaked Sasuke out even more. People didn’t know that behind his innocent smile and personality, Naruto actually had a darker side that he so loved to take out on Sasuke.  

“Stay away, or I swear you’ll regret it when you’re faced with the consequences.” Backing away again, Sasuke sharpened his glare but Naruto could see a flicker of panic in his expression.

Lifting his shoulder up in a careless shrug, Naruto let his lips curl into a smirk and reached his hand out to rest on Sasuke’s thigh, “Mah, come on Sasuke. You know me, I’m the type of to guy to go with his gut and act in the heat of the moment.”

“Naruto, don’t you dare-!” 

Sasuke’s didn’t get to finish his threat because his shirt was suddenly pushed up and Naruto hands were vigorously tickling his stomach. 

An uncharacteristically loud shriek of laughter emitted from Sasuke as Naruto ruthlessly tickled him. A grin bright enough to match the sun took over Naruto’s face, and he soon found himself joining in laughing as he tickled Sasuke over and over. 

Beneath his laughter, Sasuke was absolutely furious at Naruto for taking advantage of him like this. He would definitely find a way to pay him back for this. But beneath the anger still, there was a twinge of happiness. 

Whenever they laughed together, everything felt right in the world. 

mortemer that i worked forever on!