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Worthless pride, huh? That’s true…
Listen up, Ushijima.
I never thought my decision was wrong,
and my volleyball hasn’t ended at all.
Don’t you ever forget my worthless pride.”

chapter seven will be posted in about an hour and a half. It’ll only be one scene instead of two, but it’ll be about 3.5k words. the second scene will be posted tomorrow!! and honestly, there will probably be an update every day, instead of writing 10k words over a week+ in favour of 4k word scenes every day/two days. does that sound better?? i’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts!!

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Can I get something cute of Cana if it's not to much trouble, maybe something autmun related or halloween since it's in about a month (and stores are already prepping)

How about a pumpkin dress! That’s kinda Autumn and Halloweenish! 
Also first drawing with my new tablet! Wahhh~! It’s gunna take awhile to get used to it again but i’m so happy!


└ Imposter! What have you done with our stigmatized-by-animals Matsujun?! (^_^)

Indeed we find out HERE. Jun-kun~~~

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AAAHHH ;A; I love seeing the adventures of Squeaks, Squawks, and Muldoon unfold whenever they pop up on my dash :3 I love it when these two sit on everything and become loaves, so here they are sitting on a…toaster? Pretty sure Muldoon won’t be too happy when he finds unwanted feathers with his morning coffee ;)

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“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 17

You woke up next to Jungkook in his bed..When you turned to other side,Jungkook was still sleeping.
In a long time you woke up in his bed.You felt kind of happy waking next to Jungkook again.
He cried all night yesterday,you couldn’t calm him down no matter how much you try.Also you cried a little with him.
Both of you layed on his bed,he was breathing heavy because of the crying.
“Calm down Jungkook..Stop crying” you wisper to him
He slowly moved his hand and take yours in his.You let him hold your hand and just watch him.
After 30 minutes he calmed down.

“I am sorry” he looked at you
“I know you are” you looked at him
“I’m jealous” he said looking at the ceiling
“Jealous of what?” you asked
“You and Jimin” 
You stayed silent not knowing what to say.
“And I am sorry for yelling at you” he apologized again
“Why did you yell that much?” you looked at him and Jungkook sighs
“I broke inside when I saw you two talking,because..I am afraid that you will be with Jimin again” Jungkook said
“Jimin and I decided to just be friends..Because three of us fight a lot more when Jimin and I are together” you laugh and look trough the window
Jungkook bites his lip nervously when you said that..He thought how much there we a lot of fights.
“That is not true” Jungkook said and you turn your head towards him 
“We..Fight more over stupid things” 
“I know” 
“Is it always gonna be like that?” Jungkook looks at you 
“Honestly..We will have nice time,but there will always be something and we will fight” you sigh and look at Jungkook’s eyes
“What if I try to be a good guy?” 
“I think you can’t do that” 
“What if I try hard because of the person that I care about the most?”
“When I say I trust you,I end up being wrong,because you always do something to me or we have an big fight” you explain

Jungkook stood up and went over to the window.
“I don’t want to lose you Y/N” he said looking trough the window

You stared at him standing there and looking trough the window.He would always hold his hands in his pockets,and stand looking so cold.His head always holding high,chest out,just everything about him was so addicting.That’s why girls want him,but all they are is afraid.Yes,you were afraid in the begging,because he was standing close to you,every word would be mean,but you liked that.Actually,you loved that.
A boy who you would never espect to fall in love with.A boy who doesn’t care about if he hurts someone.
You fell in love with a boy who has no feelings,who has a black heart inside of him.There was just something that kept making you go back to him.
Was it love towards him? Yes it was.
Even you can’t understand yourself that you love Jungkook,you just do.No matter what person he is,even if you guys fight he still looks beautiful to you.No matter how much he hurts you,still you realise you are in love with that pain he keeps giving to you.
He will always make your heart skip a beat.

He is a devil and you are his angel..You are the angel who calms him down and makes him feel happy again,he forgets about his bad state,he’s a good boy when he’s with you.

You thought how Jungkook always acts tough no matter what the situation is..But he broke down few times,he cried and it’s all because of you.
You really got inside of him,his heart.
You know he can’t be a good boy,even thought he is sometimes,but he’s a bad guy,that is who he is.

He would kiss you and make you feel happy again,but then push you away from him,making you feel like shit.But you didn’t care of what does he do,all you cared about is that you love him.

“I think you can’t lose me,even if you try” you smiled
Jungkook laughs
“I can always find you” he looked at you
“Exactly” you looked at him
“Do you wanna take a walk?” he asked looking trough the window
“What? Now? It’s like 3am Jungkook” you said checking your phone
“I don’t care” he said
“Let’s do it” you said standing up

Jungkook took his hoodie and put it over his white T-shirt.
You two walked quietly downstairs and go outside.

Only you two were walking down the street at this time.
“Do you like silence?” Jungkook looked at you
“Sometimes I do” you said
“I love it” he smiled
“I can think more about everything” he looked down at you
“Oh” you said nodding your head

Jungkook and you walked together in silence.
Few guys were singing out loud and drinking their beer.
“Stop Jungkook” you stop to walk
“What?” he asked
“I..I am kind of scared to walk pass them” you looked down
“If they do something to you,I’ll kick their ass” Jungkook looked straight into your eyes,meaning it.You nodded your head.

You both continue to walk..
“Oh look who we have here!” one of the guys yell and your heart stops how scared you were
“Don’t pay attention” Jungkook wispers to you
You two walk pass them
“HEY YOU TWO! STOP” same guy yells after you two
“Stay calm” Jungkook looked at you
“What if they come to us?” you looked at him 

Jungkook didn’t say anything.A guy and one more camed towards you two and grab your shoulders and push you back hard.
“I said stop” a guy shouts at you two
“What do you want?” Jungkook looked at the guy
“Your girl looks pretty…” a guy smiled at you and you sigh and start to feel nervous
“Leave her alone” Jungkook said coldly to the guy
The guy ignored Jungkook and camed towards you,started to touch your waist.
“HEY!” Jungkook yells and pushes the guy away from you 
“Don’t fucking touch me!” a guy yells and punches Jungkook

You froze and didn’t know what to do.The other guy went behind Jungkook and grab his hands.
“STOP!” you shout but the guy kept punching Jungkoook in the stomach so hard.
Seeing Jungkook getting beaten up is the worse thing you saw.
“STOP IT!” you shout and push away the guy

Other guy let’s go of Jungkook and he falls on the ground.
“DON’T DO THAT!” you shout again looking at him
The guy just smiles and pushes you hard and you fall on the ground.
“You’re pretty,but I won’t hurt you” guy smiled and he goes away

You stood up feeling blood going out of your arm.You cut yourself hard on the ground,because there was broken glass.
“Jungkook” you come over to him and help him stand up
“I..I’m okay” Jungkook stood up
“No you’re not”
“Just shhh” he said and take a breath for a moment
“I’m calling the guys to come help carry you” you said taking your phone in your hand
“Y/N! No!” Jungkook looks at you
“You’re being ridiculous” he laughed holding his stomach
“WHAT?!” you were so confused
“I am okay..I’ll be fine!” Jungkook shouts at you
“Fine! We will see” you shout back

Both of you stared at each other.This was your worse night you ever had..You felt something bad is going to happen when you saw those guys.
“This was like a horror movie!” you said and Jungkook laughed
“This is not funny Jungkook! You’re hurt” you were serious
“I am used to get beat up” Jungkook looks at you
“Seriously?” you were in shock
“I get into fights a lot..You know that” 
“But not in these kind of fights” 
“No exactly these fights”
“Okay I don’t wanna talk about it” 
“Okay whatever you say” Jungkook looked at you

Later Jungkook and you were still walking..
“Are you okay?” you asked
“Yes,son’t worry” Jungkook smiled

You shake a little because it was little cold.
“Are you cold?” Jungkook asked you
“No I’m not” you smiled
After 5 minutes again you shaked a little and Jungkook raised his eyebrow at you.
“Okay,here you go..I know you are cold,don’t lie” Jungkook took off his hoodie
“But you will be cold” you said taking his hoodie
“No I won’t” Jungkook said
You put on hoodie over your T-Shirt..
“Ahhhhh..I feel warm again” you close your eyes smiling
Jungkook just looks at you and continues to walk.

After Jungkook and you camed back home at 5am.
“I’ll get you some ice” you said
“Okay..” Jungkook said and walked upstairs to his room

You camed upstairs with some ice..Jungkook was already laying on his bed.
“Here..” you said and put the ice on his stomach
“OUCH!” Jungkook shouts
“SHHHH!” you said looking at him
“You’re not my boss! Don’t tell me what to do” Jungkook looked at you
You laugh and roll your eyes.
“Goodnight..I..Umm Actually I don’t know because it’s like 5 am…Sleep well” you smiled 
“You too” Jungkook smiled and closed his eyes


“GUYS YOU ARE SLEEPING TOO LONG!” Rap monster shouts being in the hall
“STOP YELLING!” you shout back
“GET UP!” Rap Monster opens your door
“What time is it?” you asked
“Like 2pm” he said
“Oh….Okay,fine” you roll your eyes and get up

When you camed downstairs,everyone was awake.Jungkook was walking like nothing happened to him yesterday.Maybe he was acting,you thought to yourself watching him.

You took your cereal and start to eat it.
“Okay…My friend has a birthday party and we are going tonight” Jimin smiled
“Awesome” V smiled
“Do we need to buy a present?” you asked
“Oh no no…I bought a fancy gift so it will be like from all of us” Jimin smiled
“Okay” you said and continued to eat your cereal

Even thought you hated parties,you wanted to stay home,but you couldn’t.
Later all of yu went to the beach.
“WOOO!” V shouts and jumps into the sea
You follow him and jump in too.
“I love summer” you smiled 

When you got outside and went to buy ice cream for everyone,one guy walked to you.
“Hi” he smiled
You looked at him.He had a beautiful smile,also a body.
“Hi” you smiled back
“I’m Luke….I saw you from the distance,and I think you are pretty” he smiled again
“Aww thank you..I’m Y/N by the way” you said 
“If you have free time…We can hang out,I mean only if you’re single” he rubbed a back of his neck
“Yeah,I’m single…Are you going to the birthday party tonight?” you asked
“Birthday party at Mark’s?” he asked
“Yeah,him!” you smiled
“I am going! Cool…So then I’ll see you there” he smiled

You smiled back
“Yup I will see you there” you said and now you guys had to say goodbye to each other..
You went for a handshake,but Luke went for a hug,so then you went for a hug,and he for a handshake
“Oh God” you laugh and you two give each other high five and he laughs and walks away

You walk back with ice cream
“FINALLY!” Suga shouts and takes his ice cream

All of you ate ice cream..Then you notice that Jungkook and you haven’t spoke at all today.
“Jungkook” you said and he turns his head towards you
“Are you okay?” you asked
“Yeah..I’m fine” Jungkook smiled and you nodded your head


Later when you guys camed back
“I AM SECOND!” you shout

The rest of the boys didn’t care,they all just layed around the couch because they were tired.

When you took your shower,you started to get ready for the party..You decided to wea skirt and a nice shirt.You put on your makeup and do your hair.
“Damn girl” Jimin bit his lip
“Jimin!” you got scared
“Sorry for scaring you” Jimin laughed
“You look pretty” he added 
“Thank you” you smiled and went over to him and kiss his cheek
“We need to go” he said
“Let’s go” you smiled

You walked downstairs.Jungkook was wearing a white shirt and black jacket over it.He looked really handsome.
“Ahh Y/N you look amazing” Suga smiled
“Thank you and all of you look freaking hot!” you smiled


When you guys were more and more close to the house,you started to feel nervous.Luke the guy you met on the beach,you were thinking if Jungkook sees you with him,he will kill him.
But still Jungkook can’t forbid you to hang out with other boys.
“This is not a house,It’s a freaking palace” J-Hope laughed
“WOOOOOOOW” rest of you said in same voice

You guys got out of the car,all you could hear is music blasting and see all the lights.
When you guys walked in Chris Brown’s “Ayo” was playing
“AYOOOO!!!” You sang along the song feeling amazing for tonight

Right away boys and you went and hit the dance floor..
“AYOOO!” all of you sang to the song
You got chills when you heard everyone sing along to the song.
“Here” Jimin handed you a shot of vodka..
“1,2,……3!”you said and take a shot
“YEAH!” Jimin shouts and you laugh

You look around and Jungkook wasn’t with you guys.You went to look for him,hoping he isn’t talking to any girl.
But he was.You tried your hardest not to go there and punch that girl.She actually looked really pretty.
It made you feel crazy how one day he’s perfect with you and everything is okay,and then the next day acting like nothing is happening.

“Y/N right?” Luke smiled looking at you
“Luke? Oh heeey” you smiled hugging him
“Crazy party,right?” Luke looked at you
“Yeah,this is the best party I have ever been to” you smiled
“Come with me” Luke took your hand in his

You smiled knowing what will happen..He was so hot and so amazing looking.
Jungkook saw you walking away with some guy.He tried his hardest not to look all the time,buthe just couldn’t help it.
He knows he is with a girl.But he isn’t flirting with her,he’s just talking.
“I really like that too” she smiled at Jungkook
“Yeah right,like I love that drink” he smiled but all on his mind was you

Luke and you walked to the hall.
“I thought this is better place to get to know you” he smiled
“Aw you’re so nice” you smiled
“So like…Who are you with at this party?” he asked
“Well with 7 guys” you laugh
“Oh wow” Luke laughed
“But they are all my friends” you said and Luke nodded his head

Luke and you kept getting to know each other,there was no kissing.
“I need to go now..So I’ll call you” Luke smiled and you two hug and he leaves

You walked back to the living room and start to dance again.
Jungkook puts his arm around your waist
“Where were you?” he asked
“With a new friend” you smiled
“Just a friend?” Jungkook looked at you
“Yes” you raised your eyebrow and laugh
Jungkook just looks at you 
“I saw that you went with some guy alone” he said
“Jungkook,just a friend” 
“Yeah right” he said
“Jungkook!” you shout but he walks away

You tried to dance again and feel excited for the night,but no..Jungkook was in your head.His words,you knew he was mad,but he doesn’t have to be mad at you for doing nothing.

After few hours you couldn’t do it anymore,you needed to know why Jungkook is mad at you.
“Let’s go home” you said to Rap Monster
“Okay” he nodded his head


“What did I do?” you said soon as you walked to the living room
“You went alone with that guy!” he looked at you
“I ONLY TALKED TO HER!” he shouts back
“I AM NOT LYING!” you shout 

You were so angry right now
“Guys calm down!” Rap Monster said
“I am not a liar Jungkook!” you looked at him
“You made out with that guy!” 
“WHAT? No I did not!” you were in shock
“You don’t even see us!” you added
“A friend told me” 
“Your friend is lying!” you said

Jungkook laughed and went upstairs,you followed him because he was being ridiculous..He was walking away from the fight.

“Are you serious Jungkook?” you asked
“You are gonna trust your probably drunk friend who doesn’t even know me” you laughed
“I thought we were on a good way!” he looked at you
“What are you talking about?”
“We were good and now you fuck it up”
“You flirted with a girl soon as we walked inside! So what should I say then how I feel?” 
“I didn’t flirt with her! I only talked to her!” Jungkook looks at you
“That guy was  a friend Jungkook.We didn’t do anything” you said
“Why are you lying Y/N?” Jungkook looked at you
“SO you don’t trust me anymore?” 
“I don’t know” 
“You only did that because I said I loved you and now because you don’t you’re trying to break me even more” Jungkook added
YOu stood there not believing what he is saying.
“Are you serious? I wasn’t doing that!” you said
“You did it because you hate me!” Jungkook yells
“I FUCKING LOVE YOU!” you shout and Jungkook stayes frozen
You start to cry and walk out of his room and go to yours and lock the door.
“She..Loves me?” Jungkook asked himself
“What the fuck am I even fighting over?”
“I am so fucking stupid!” Jungkook breaks the lamp that was on his desk in anger

He realised that you were actually telling the truth.
“Y/N open the door” he was knocking on your door
“Open the door” he said again
“Y/N…I’m sorry”

You just listened to him and stared at the door.
Both of you were fighting over nothing and it’s always your fault.You always do something wrong.

“Y/N come on open the door” Jungkook said pressing his head against the door 
“I..I love you too” he says quietly

Jungkook slides down and sits on the floor and leans back against your door.
Now he realised that he really fucked up for not trusting you on this one.
“Are you gonna sleep here?” V asked him
“Yeah..I don’t want to get up” Jungkook looked at V and he just nodded his head

“Why do I always fuck up things? Because I am an asshole” Jungkook thought to himself