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i cringe
  • i cringe
  • accent challenge

i was tagged by @wonhobe to do the accent challenge! thank you 

warning: do not listen if you want your ears to be ruined omg  

  • what’s your name and username?
  • where are you from?
  • what’s the time where you are?
  • pronounce the following words: meme, pepe, doge, sudoku, espresso, celtic, açaí, dr. suess
  • what’s your favorite pizza place? favorite pizza topping?
  • what’s your favorite dessert?
  • what’s your favorite food? what food do you hate?
  • what’s your favorite tv show? which tv show were you into, but then got out of?
  • what brand is your phone?
  • do you speak a second language?
  • how do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? do you say ‘guys’ or ‘dudes’ or?
  • which harry potter house do you most identify with? if sorted by pottermore, do you agree with the one you got?
  • is there something you should be doing right now but are procrastinating?
  • now that you’ve talked about what you need to be doing, go do it!

i tag: @dibidibidisrespectful @taek-n-starlight @backwadzsandwich @gimtajoo @squishyugyeomie @eatnim and anyone else who wants to do this 

blue-aviators  asked:

OMG OMG MOOOM I SAW AMELIE IT WAS AMAZING. Pippa was on that night and when she walked onstage I honestly started crying. She was so so sosososososo amazing and beautiful and I'm just...Amelie is the best okay. There's no angst and everything just ends up perfect and...okay I love pippa so much. bye.

AHHHHH BBY I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! <333333 That is so awesome!! I’m so glad you got to see Pippa and that you enjoyed the show so much!! :’) <333

| Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

A lil gouache painting of Hana and Mai inspired by Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol!!
I really love Chasing Cars and had an idea to draw this ^-^

Yeah okay so I’m extremely happy because I’ve just had a dream that Phan was getting married and I was there and all of a sudden before the ceremony Dan ushered me into the back hall and told me that he lost the rings, and he was about to have another anxiety attack when we both looked down and they were on his fingers and he laughed and all he said was, “oh yeah i was practicing” and i died from feels and thats the story of my dream phan wedding.


hi there Jess (@sehv-n​)! ; v ; I’m your crappy secret santa hehe and I’m really sorry for being the worst santa ever, you deserve so much better ;A; I hope you had a wonderful christmas (merry belated christmas bby ♡) w/ lots of yummy food and lots of love ofc ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ oH AND I’m so sorry for this uGL y y edit oh my god I’m the worst but i34we2o3wes3we pls accept this (and I hope your beautiful colour coded archive does too lol) ;;;;; lots of love from your ss + Sehun ♡♡