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Hi! I really, really love your fic "Targeting". Your Bucky is so cute 😘 Any possibilities to write a side story? Some was left unexplained, like why did Bucky became less talkative when Steve was still texting him? Also, I want Rumlow to suffer 😡.

AHHHH cute bucky!!!! THANK YOU!

there’s no plans for official sequels/side stories but i have some scenes in mind that i may post to tumblr.

for the record, i also want rumlow to suffer. AND, did you read strong safety? the week bucky is in chicago with steve is ACTUALLY the week rumlow’s team PLAYS STEVE’S TEAM. and i thought about including that somehow … but i wanted a happy ending. anyway, steve probably annihilated Philadelphia, and probably punched rumlow in the face after their game, and probably got fined several hundred thousand dollars for it, and probably didn’t care at all.



You cannot officially say you have a certain mental illness unless a professional has told you so. Recognize some symptoms which may mean you have a specific mental illness? Okay. The next step is to go see a professional and/or to get help in whatever way you can.

I see 14/15/16 year olds diagnosing themselves with personality disorders that cannot be diagnosed if you’re under 18. I see kids diagnosing themselves with mental disorders that cannot co-exist. There are so many people that treat this shit as a little cute thing that they can put in their description and reblog posts about how their self diagnosed autism is a superpower.

Yes, I get that there are people out there that will be right when they self diagnose. But there will also be people that will be wrong. The thing is, you can’t know whether you’re right or wrong until you see someone. Self diagnosis will never be as valid as a professional diagnosis, so stop treating it as such.


“Sorry for my hair, it was early in the morning!” - Dex

this is giving me life