She misses him.

She won’t admit it, she hardly even shows it. She still wears the dress he loves, hoping for a compliment or even just a second glance. She can’t come up with words to say over dinner and she doesn’t know what to do when he talks to her. She feels lost as she climbs into their bed alone. She feels numb as she falls asleep on her own, the tiniest hope in her mind that the next day will be better.

He misses her.

He’ll never admit it, his poker face is good enough not even  his mother can see the truth. He wants to tell her that she’s beautiful, because she really is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and one look at her still takes his breath away. He doesn’t know how to talk to her anymore. He glances into the bedroom at night, watching her sleep peacefully for a moment, before he shuts the door and dozes off on the sofa, praying he’ll know what to say tomorrow.

Turned Around, coming very soon!

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sweetavidyajones asked:

thank you for giving us domestic adorableness today like I know we think of "domestic" as dinner and sitting on the couch and whatever but there is a special brand of domesticity only good NSFW artists can provide and I just I REALLY LOVE IT OKAY it's so so great YOU are so great and J U S T <3 <3 <3


anonymous asked:

Bonjour it's the art anon once more So my teacher has brought a shark pillow in memory of shirazu. He now has pictures of takizawa on the mood boards and he's buying and wearing fan Merch to school Hope you feel better soon mama bean from me and the crazy art teacher

ahh thanks for the message friend <3

oh my god, the stories about your art teacher never fail to put a smile on my face, thats hilarious and incredible and oh my god this poor man hes in hell with the rest of us

meccaleccahineyho asked:

Hey. You are one of a kind, do you know that? Day after day I read your poetry. I read. And read. And read. I borrow your eyes everytime I read your words. And you make me see what you see. I see beauty. I see it. I do. But hey, I can see another beauty too. You. I am not good with my words. I can't write like you do. But this time, For this exact time, I am giving my eyes for you to borrow, and I hope you can see what I see. The beauty that is you. These words is for you.

oh my goodness i am flattered beyond words. i am publishing this publicly if you do not mind because i really want to save this forever. thank you so very much lovely doll! this is so kind oh gosh. you are absolutely beautiful. i see so much beauty in you! and you write absolutely beautiful. this is a lil poem in itself. thank you so much sunshine