Thoughts on Spiderman: Homecoming

1. Holy freaking crap. This was freaking awesome. Just Ahhh!

2. #IRONDAD is canon. Look at him taking care of his spiderling. I’m so proud. *sniff*

3. Tony’s new suit is freaking BEAST. I may swoon.

4. That moment when: Your homecoming date’s dad is the dude who tried to kill you yesterday. #teenage-hero-struggles.

5. I really liked Karen. She was freaking awesome….
…speaking of… Dude his suit was freaking boss. Loved it.

6. Why was Tony in India again?

7. The new Avengers place is FABULOUS.

8. “If you really cared you would be here right now!” *suit comes off*
UGH! That about killed me. See! IronDad really DOES care.

9. Aww. Peter saved the day! Yay!

10. AHHHHHH. PEPPERONY moment! Yessss.

11. I was looking forward to the NBA Finals scene. Ah well… I’ll live.

12. Loved the reveal scene with May at the end.

13. I loved Peter’s vlog thing at the start. He’s so cute. And aDORKable. Love him.

14. Loved Happy! He was awesome. Just yessss.

So sorry if its stupid but I’ve always wanted to draw Windblade in a kimono since like, forever!
Seriously I’m in love with drawing her wearing one, that I want to draw more pictures of her wearing a kimono.
I should trying doing a side view next.

also sorry for few minor mistakes, I wanted to post this to Tumblr as soon as possible.

Sorry if this is silly to draw and she has no wings (let’s prepared that’s an AU wear they can shrink their wings to tiny so they can wear dope ass clothes like this.)
How she managed to get her hands on a kimono her size is beyond me.

Please continue to enjoy your day while I draw giant robots in kimonos.~

@rocksinmuffin sorry for tagging you too much but I need your option on this sin mama. vuv