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Dark Fate Ruki Heaven 02 Translation

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Switch Up! For those who have been with me for all the other routes, I don’t do the Heaven Scenarios until I finish the endings. But, for some reason I wanted to start now. So, at the end of each arc, I’ll be posting a Heaven Scenario. After this will come Ecstasy Prologue. Heaven Scenarios are just extra situations not necessarily tied to the plot.

[Note: The Heaven Scenarios can be found in the “special” section on the main menu. You unlock them by choosing the correct word choices at the end monologues during Chapters 06-10 of each arc]

-Scene: Black Screen-

Yui: … …Nn… …Mn.

-Yui Wakes Up; Scene: Ruki’s Bedroom-

Yui: (This place… …I’m in Ruki-kun’s room?)

(… …That’s right. I was talking with Ruki-kun on the bed)

(I guess I fell asleep… …)

(It’s pitch black outside… …I must’ve slept for a long time)

*Bed Creaks*

Ruki: … …Are you up?

Yui: Ruki-kun… …yeah, I’m awake.

Sorry. I promised that we’d go out together, but I slept for so long… …

Ruki: Don’t worry, it’s fine.

You were up late last night. You were probably lacking sleep.

Besides, it’s raining out. It’s not suitable to go out in this kind of weather.

Yui: … …Raining… …?

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