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But he is all no nonsense when it isn’t a friend. Like Lubos!

/ that’s an interesting point. because yes keith really IS no nonsense regarding Lubos BUT the important thing to remember about that is it’s in a way he knows nobody actually expects. He makes a threat, but the intentions behind that threat are very different to what anyone in the room is led to believe. 

keith has undoubtedly had his fair share of people misunderstanding him and making assumptions on his character in canon, we see as much confirmed in his mindscape during the trials (meta is coming after show week!! AHHHH) when dialogue from some pinnacle moments of misinterpretation of what he’s saying in S1E11 via people he cares about gets paraphrased  - barely thought some of it is virtually word for wordand pings back to the centre of his mind. It’s clear that stuck with him. 

But even so, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes even if it means compromising how people see him. 

By threatening Lubos, Keith was aiming to compromise the enemy based on the information he knew at that moment in time which was: 

They need Lubos because the Olkari said cube is almost complete. The Galra can’t finish it without Lubos. Put Lubos at risk as a bargaining chip for our way out of here, and they’ll back off enough for us to make an escape because they need his mind. 

Unfortunately as we see, the cube is already completed which renders keith’s plan absolutely moot. You can see pretty clearly his ‘oh shit’ expression at the revelation. But the fact he does this proves he trusts his own actions enough and he knows that even his teammates and friends around him don’t completely understand his actions and motives (we could ping forwards to S2E8 re: Lance, even Shiro questioning the origin of the knife for a split second, and S1E11 are all pretty critical in proving this). 

The reaction of Shiro and Lance and Hunk when he grabs Lubos is crucial in making this look like a believable genuine threat, because Keith knows that in MOST CASES as proven throughout life and present time being a ‘hothead’ is what seems to stick to him the most out of any other trait of his personality when people see/regard him. 

Keith is self-aware, remarkably so. That’s partly why the knife is so significant - because he does know who he is. At least he thinks he does - now for the first time in a very very long time doubt in the one thing that hasn’t changed that has been constant and constant in knowing is being tested. His own identity and self. 

But he’s self-aware and perceptive enough to understand that in this moment with Lubos he can use the way others interpret his actions (as it has been proven on many occasions in canon S1E4, S1E11 happens ect ect) to verify his threat, make it seem loaded despite it being empty. 

The thing that went wrong is that the information Keith was going by was already outdated and the cube had been completed. 

LMAO omg sorry. im just v passionate about this subject. i know i’ve already written several meta [1 & 2] about this scene, but in neither did i actually touch upon this really interesting and important point, so it was fun to get that final bit out there 8)))) !!! thanks for reminding me to write that up somewhere here!