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Some small details in ch132
  • “Professor Hugues”



  • “Vicar Rathbone”



  • “Sam the shepherd”



  • “Fenian Cycle”




Sam the shepherd is most probably this old guy from ch63 and ch120

and his “grand-daughter” Rathbone mentioned in ch132 is probably this little girl from ch120 :)

(This month’s flashback happened 5-6 years ago, and this girl looks like 5-6yo, so she would definitely fit age-wise!)

At Christmas Dinner....
  • My older sister: *drops something* чёрт! (Literal translation of and actual swearword: Devil!)
  • My grandmother: let's not remember the Devil on this beautiful, holy night.
  • Me: *slowly turns off phone* *the last lines of a smut samifer fanfiction blink out of existence*
  • Me: yeah, let's not. *laughs nervously*

Guys I’m obsessed its killing me, its not just superwholock, its marvel, and all fandom and all shows. And all of these amazing actors, no one around me understands, no one get my love my feels for these amazing people, they made it sooo far I ASPIRE TO BE THEM SOOO MUCH! WHY? HOW? WHENDO I GET TO PERSONALLY THANK ALL OF THEM!!??

“Experts” (Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Okay, so this is a pretty short one and I’m sorry if it doesn’t have much substance, but I’m still really ill with gastritis and I’m trying my besT, OKAY?! Also, small spoilers(ish) for Lost Legacy!

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“Right, so let’s go over this one more time, okay, Sam?” Chloe says, stopping the car and handing you and Sam a gun each.

“Me and Y/N trick your guy into thinking we know how to get to the Tusk in order to find out a little more about it, blah, blah, blah. We got it, can we just get on with it?”

“Okay, okay, I was just making sure. Now, he’s already expecting you, so all you two have to do is knock on the door and not get killed.”

“Can’t make any promises.” You smile.

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Roadhouse Blues

Summary: Since you appear to be a Beta you took work at the Roadhouse for Ellen and Jo filling in for Jo when she’s in heat, unfortunately that changes when your heat is triggered one night in the bar.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: It’s A/B/O so the usual warnings for that, however, this part has no smut.

Tags: thanks to @bkwrm523 for being my beta for this! 

@kittenofdoomage your A/B/O’s gave me inspiration to write this

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[A/N: this is my first attempt at an A/B/O, I didn’t want to rush into it, hope you like it.]

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It was another normal evening at the Roadhouse. Jo was cooking for the few regulars, and you were on the bar. Ellen had hired you because you hadn’t presented yet. It appeared you would be a Beta to Jo’s Omega, so that when she was in heat, you could look after the Roadhouse. The regulars made idle chit chat with you, asking about how you had settled into the town, a few of the more regular hunters asked for information you could slip to them so they wouldn’t have to pay Ash.

“Sorry boys, you know the rules.” You chuckled as one man sighed.

“Come on Y/N, we know that genius tells you practically everything! Can’t you tell us just one small thing?” One of the older hunters smiled his usual half smile as you shook your head, a light laugh falling from your lips before you leaned into him, his interest now piqued.

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If Only

Fandom - Supernatural

Characters - Dean, Cas, Sam, Jo, John, Gabriel

Summary - Dean’s fallen in love. Hopelessly. But what happens when he’s forced to choose between Castiel and Sam?

(A/N) - This is my longest fic yet! I worked on this for quite a while, so I hope you guys like it!

Words - 8.7k

“You have way too much energy considering it’s barely 6am,” Dean mutters, pulling the covers over his head and attempting to tune out his best friend’s perky humming. “Nothing and no one should make any noise before at least 10.”

“There’s no such thing as too much energy,” Charlie says folding her arms with an unimpressed look at her roommate; or, rather, a look at the mound of covers that he’s hidden beneath. “Besides, I want to go get coffee.”


“Yes, Dean. Coffee. That drink that people like to consume in the mornings? Or the afternoons? Or at any time, really, because it’s coffee. Now get up, would you?”

“Are you going to wear your Harry Potter shirt?”

“Which one?”

“Any of them.”

“I’m already wearing one.”

Dean groans, weaving his arms under his pillow and hugging it tighter to his body. He could go get coffee with Charlie, which would give him extra energy for his very first photography class… or he could bury himself in the warmth and sanctuary of his bed and forget about the rest of the world for the next 3 hours. Just as he’s contemplating which option would better prepare him for class, he hears a rustling sound, and peeks out from under the covers to see Charlie grabbing fistfuls of his bedsheet.

“Wait, no-”

“Too late,” Charlie smiles gleefully, whisking the covers away from Dean and throwing them onto the floor.

“Dammit, Charlie,” Dean groans, tucking his legs and arms close to his body. “It’s frigging cold.”

“You know what’ll be warm? Coffee. If you’re not up and dressed in the next ten minutes, I’ll start resorting to interesting methods to get you out of bed,” Charlie threatens, pointing a warning finger at Dean. “You do not want to know what I’ll come up with, trust me.”

“Ten minutes?”

“Don’t make me change it to five,” Charlie says, spinning round and reaching the door. “Get dressed.”

“Here,” Dean slides Charlie’s coffee across the table, taking a seat opposite her. “You just had to wear Star Wars and Harry Potter clothes, didn’t you?”

Charlie glares at him, shaking her Star Wars jacket from her shoulders, revealing her Deathly Hallows shirt. “I’ll have you know that while you were ordering our coffees, I got a compliment on my jacket.”

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Ahhhh ok, so it’s Egotober day 4. Jack is lucky that he has Sam. And Sam is lucky he has Jack. (Sam, that mask doesn’t fit you)

I WAS going to do a drawing for yesterday, but I ended up getting crunched for time. My original plan was to draw tiny Sam being abandoned by Jackieboy Man but I’m glad it worked out this way instead. And also.. the mask is red now. I for some reason thought it was red and halfway through I looked at a picture and saw that it was in fact blue, not red. Sooo it’s red now. I mean… SAM accidentally grabbed red fabric. So Sam made Jack a red mask for Jack’s Halloween costume. (He’s going as Jackieboy Man but with a red mask because he’s a special little flower)

But oh yeah.. I got a dog. He’s an adorable stray named Max and he’s so happy now. Sooo if I’m a little busy, that’s why.

whatisitlikeinyourfunnylilbrains  asked:

Sam only looked at Lucifer for a short moment, then down to the floor. Somehow, they had ended up here, and it was all his fault. "We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry." He glanced at Lucifer for a second. "I knew you would believe anything I told you."

It wasn’t often that Lucifer found himself at a loss for words, but then again, it wasn’t often that he played the fool. There had been a time when he would have anticipated lies and trickery from his other half, but he had thought that to be a danger long since passed. It seemed he had been tragically wrong. 

“Of course.” His voice was so much quieter than he’d intended - so hoarse and strained that it surprised even the archangel, causing another bout of silence as he swallowed down the lump in his throat, willing his vessel to obey him. 

“Your word was my Gospel… but I was just another stray begging for scraps at your feet.” He’d given up so much of himself -allowed the cold armor that kept him safe to melt beneath the warm touch of the man who was his only hope. He’d given love another chance, and once again, it had left him battered and bruised and painfully forsaken

“What should I do, Sam?” His voice grew a little stronger - a little colder and a little less human sounding, the archangel’s tired eyes focusing relentlessly upon the only creature he’d ever loved more than his own Father

“Would you suggest that I leave? Cut my losses and abandon this childish fantasy of finding love? I think that the world has been too long without its devil.”