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i went to one of my friends b-day parties, and my crush was there (!!!) and we all played paint twister with glow & the dark paint & he went up to me & smeared paint all over my face & i did the same to him. & later we were all watching horror movies & i sat with my head in his lap & he played with my hair the whole time & i fell asleep & he pressed his forehead against mine to see if i was awake and it was so!! cute!! later we watches Mileschronicles together. I JUST LIKE HIM A LOT WHAT DO I DO

omg ahhhh sam this is so cute!!!!!! it honestly sounds to me like he might like you :’) all these signs are really really good so i think you have a good chance! keep paying attention to how he behaves around you and if he keeps acting like this i think you should honestly tell him you like him. best of luck & i hope everything goes well <3 <3 

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At Christmas Dinner....
  • My older sister: *drops something* чёрт! (Literal translation of and actual swearword: Devil!)
  • My grandmother: let's not remember the Devil on this beautiful, holy night.
  • Me: *slowly turns off phone* *the last lines of a smut samifer fanfiction blink out of existence*
  • Me: yeah, let's not. *laughs nervously*
Roadhouse Blues

Summary: Since you appear to be a Beta you took work at the Roadhouse for Ellen and Jo filling in for Jo when she’s in heat, unfortunately that changes when your heat is triggered one night in the bar.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: It’s A/B/O so the usual warnings for that, however, this part has no smut.

Tags: thanks to @bkwrm523 for being my beta for this! 

@kittenofdoomage your A/B/O’s gave me inspiration to write this

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[A/N: this is my first attempt at an A/B/O, I didn’t want to rush into it, hope you like it.]

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It was another normal evening at the Roadhouse. Jo was cooking for the few regulars, and you were on the bar. Ellen had hired you because you hadn’t presented yet. It appeared you would be a Beta to Jo’s Omega, so that when she was in heat, you could look after the Roadhouse. The regulars made idle chit chat with you, asking about how you had settled into the town, a few of the more regular hunters asked for information you could slip to them so they wouldn’t have to pay Ash.

“Sorry boys, you know the rules.” You chuckled as one man sighed.

“Come on Y/N, we know that genius tells you practically everything! Can’t you tell us just one small thing?” One of the older hunters smiled his usual half smile as you shook your head, a light laugh falling from your lips before you leaned into him, his interest now piqued.

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Rafe being surprised at what a good researcher Sam is? Like, Sam turns up stuff & makes connections Rafe didn’t even know about, and this is *his own father*. Rafe’s not sure how to feel about that.

omg. Yes

“You’re doing research.” Rafe repeats, arching a brow. Sam shrugs from his position at the kitchen table.

“I mean, yeah. I should probably be prepared before I walk straight into the lions den.” He’s being dramatic, he knows, but he feels it’s rather warranted at the moment. Tonight was the banquet, and as ridiculous as it was, he couldn’t help but feel jittery with nerves. So like before any great find, he busied himself with reading up on the subject matter.

He glances to the suit currently hanging on closet door in the living room and winces a bit. Rafe had bought it for him without a second thought for tonight. (How the man had known his size, he’d never know.) He hasn’t seen the price tag. He probably doesn’t want to.

Rafe rolls his eyes at his theatrics and grabs the glasses and bottle of wine from the coffee tables before making his way over. (A bottle that he had brought over, because apparently Sam’s booze wasn’t good enough. Then again, Sam’s not really complaining.)

“Everything is going to be fine, Samuel. We’ve rehearsed everything front to back,” as he talks he starts filling their glasses. Sam takes his with a grateful noise and downs it in one go while Rafe watches, amused. He peers over at Sam’s laptop, that has about ten different tabs open, all about Rafe’s father.

“That website is wrong, by the way.” Sam grumbles to himself and Rafe hides a smirk behind his glass.


AHHHH!!!!! Ok I have to brag about how much I love my baby brother. He an I are both huge fans of jack and he saved up his hard earned chore money like a boss and used it to get me a @therealjacksepticeye t-shirt for Christmas (even tho it came in the mail just now)!!! I am so happy and it’s definitely my most favorite shirt ever!!! 💕💕💕💕


I only have about 100 pages left in Words of Radiance, things are getting hecka intense and I’m definitely afraid

I’m going in

wish me luck

The Demon’s Dessert (MikaxSam)

This was originally written for the follower contest of the-spacebetween-us, but I thought I’d share it here, too! I got inspiration from otpprompts, so I’d like to thank them! This is my first time sharing my writing on this blog (trust me, a have a lot more writing that I’ve done!). So, if you guys like it, let me know and I may upload some more of my writing!

I’m reading in the study when I smell burning. I pause and look up from the page, sniffing the air.

“Dammit!” I hear Sam yell. I toss my book onto the desk and dash towards the kitchen.

“Sam?! Are you alright?” I call as I run. I make it to the dining room, but I stop dead in my tracks when I hear Sam snap at me.

“Don’t come in the kitchen!” he shouts. I place my ear against the swinging door to the kitchen. I hear clanging and cursing coming from the other side. What the heck is he doing in there?

“Sam, do you need any help?” I ask, still following his command and remaining in the dining room.

“No. Just go away!” he hisses. I feel a pang in my chest at his harsh tone. I make my way back to the study. What was that all about? He did mention that he had work to do after dinner, but he wouldn’t say what it was. I sink into the recliner and sigh. I stare out the window into the cold January night sky. Even though the fireplace is lit and I’m dressed warmly, I can’t help but feel cold without Sam by my side.

“Mika! Come here! I have a surprise!” Sam calls to me fifteen minutes after to told me to leave. With a sigh of annoyance, I get up from the chair and make my way to the kitchen.

“Sam, what the heck? First you tell me to get lost, and then you tell me you have a surprise for me? What is going on?” I stop at the dining room threshold. Sam is standing by the table, wearing a dirtied white apron. He has the biggest smile on his face. I walk closer and he pulls out the chair and motions for me to sit down. Confused by his sudden act of kindness and cheery demeanor, I reluctantly sit down. “Seriously, though. I’m a little concerned. You’re acting really weird.” Instead of answering me, Sam pushes the chair in.

“Wait here,” he says before disappearing into the kitchen. Once again, I wait in silence and loneliness for his return. I sigh. When he returns, my eyes light up. He’s carrying a tray. When he places it in front of me, I can’t help but smile. On the tray is a cup of watery hot chocolate and a sloppily iced cupcake.

“Did you make this?” I ask in disbelief. He nods.

“I know that cupcakes are your favorite. And since you always cook dinner, I decided that I wanted to make you something.” I pick up the cupcake and slowly bring it to my lips, taking a bite. “That was the only one that didn’t burn in the oven.” I swallow and look at the cupcake, silent. “Look, I know that it isn’t as great as K’s treats, and I realize that I don’t have the same cooking skills as Matthew and James, but I thought…”

“I love it. It’s delicious. Thank you,” I say. I smile up at him. I stand up and hug him tightly. “I thought you were angry with me.” He looks at me, confused.

“Doofus. Why would I be mad at you?” he asks. I shrug.

“You yelled at me and told me to go away when I asked if you were okay.” I say. He laughs.

“I didn’t want the surprise to be ruined. I just… I love you so much, Mika.”

“I know that,” I say.

“No. I mean, I really, really love you. And I want to be worthy of you. You do so much for me, and I feel like don’t show how grateful I am for you very often.” Sam looks down at me and smiles. “I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings. Sometimes, I can’t help but lash out at people,” he says.

I hug him tightly, but he doesn’t hug me back. I realize that his hands are behind his back.

“Sam, are your hands okay?” I ask as I pull away from the embrace.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, normally you would wrap your arms around me when we hug. But, you aren’t now.” I try to grab his hand, but he backs away.

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it, okay? I’m fine,” he says, trying to brush off my comment.

“No, you aren’t. Let me see your hands,” I say.

“Uhhh, no,” he says, continuing to slowly back up.

“Stop playing around. Show me your hands.” I follow him, but he’s as stubborn as ever. He shakes his head. I start to get annoyed.

“Sam. Give me your hands,” I demand, sticking my hand out to him. He sighs and places his hands in mine, palms facing up. I gasp when I see that they are bright red and beginning to blister. “Sam! Your hands! They’re burned! Did you even use oven mitts?” I ask.

“What are oven mitts?” he asks. I sigh.

“You have to protect your hands when you use the oven. You can’t touch a hot tray! Don’t your hands hurt? Why were you hiding them from me?”

“Because I knew you would act like this and blame yourself,” he says, bringing his hands to his sides. “Plus, they don’t hurt too bad. I am a demon, you know. We have a higher tolerance for pain.”

“Still! You don’t have to take on everything yourself. I can help more than you think I can. I’m not helpless,” I say. This time, he’s the one who sighs.

“I know you’re not. I just didn’t want you to worry about it.”

“I can’t help but worry about it,” I tell him. “I want to help. It’s partially my fault that this happened. You were baking for me, after all.”

“Hey. It was my choice to do this, not yours. It’s in no way your fault,” he says. He moves my hair to behind my ear.

“At least let me heal you. Let me give you some of my energy so that your hands can heal.”

“No way.”

“Please? I want to help. Please,” I beg softly.

“No. I won’t do that to you. We agreed that I wasn’t going to take any more of your energy now that we are together,” he says. I look down.

“I know. But… Just this once? It’ll be my way of thanking you for your sweet surprise.” I look at him pleadingly. He looks at me with a lustful gaze. I know that he wants to take my energy just as much as I want to give it to him. He sighs.

“Fine,” he mumbles under his breath. As soon as I get his permission, I push my lips against his and he wraps his arms around my waist. He pushes me against the wall and presses against me. I can’t help but smile against his kiss. Our tongues entwine. He starts unbuttoning my blouse and I sigh. Suddenly, I no longer feel his blistered hands on my skin. I pull away. I grab his hands to inspect them.

“See? All better!” I say happily. Suddenly, Sam grabs me and pulls me towards him and kisses me again. “Sam? What are you doing? You’re all better now!”

“If you think we’re stopping here, then you really are a doofus.”

So, what did you think? It’s not my best work (I was suffering from writer’s block lol), but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! This is a Seduce Me the Otome fanfic, so I’d like to tag the creator, thebunnyofevil (if you don’t mind!). I’m a big fan of your game and I hope I did your characters justice! Thanks so much!

Femslash February, Day 15

“I can’t believe you’re graduating college already,” Anna mused aloud as she pulled the new boxes of cereal from their shopping bags and put them atop the fridge where they belonged. Her mom’s kitchen stereo, perched in the window, buzzed and popped with the news in the background. Mom liked to listen to her CDs on it, but when she wasn’t around, Anna and Cassie liked to turn the radio to news stations to listen as they talked.

Right now, Anna wished they hadn’t. Apparently police were still trying to solve the bizarre serial murders that had been going on in the area, despite no leads and no luck. Anna got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that got worse the more she heard about it.

Cassie hit the power button and the radio faded to silence. Anna glanced over but Cassie was already turning to get the other bags. The glimpse she got of Cassie’s face was stony. At least Cassie sounded like herself when she replying, “I know. Time flies when you’re drowning in papers.”

Anna went to join her in unsheathing the milk, and took the opportunity to nudge her side at the same time. “You think maybe you should’ve eased up a little on your classes?” she asked. Okay, yes, sometimes she got accused of being the mom friend. Anna took it as a compliment. It meant she looked after her friends. Like Cassie. At this point, the battle was over, but there was still hope for her not overdoing it in the future.

Probably not much though, going by the sudden intensity Cassie gave off. “No way. A shot like this seemed way too good to be true, I wasn’t going to waste it on a handful of classes before they could pull the rug out from under me and make me go home with nothing to show for it.” Cassie nodded, full of determination and - Anna’s heart swelled - the amazing, beautiful pride she took in her own accomplishments. Anna loved her for it. Among other things.

When Cassie turned to look Anna in the eye, Anna wondered if she’d heard her and the world seemed to freeze. Instead Cassie said, “Believe me, I worked hard for this.”

Anna impulsively reached out and touched Cassie’s arm, needing to affirm. To let Cassie know how happy she was for her, how proud she was too. “I know you did. I was here, I saw you.” She cracked a grin. “I had to stop you from pulling your hair out the night before exams, remember?”

“Thanks for that,” Cassie said wryly. Then sighed. “Ah, I’m gonna miss this place.” Chuckled. “I never would’ve thought I’d miss Ohio.”

Anna, who had never lived anywhere but Ohio and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, settled for a, “Yeah.”

Cassie shot her a look Anna had little trouble interpreting. “And I’m gonna miss you. That’s really the only… bad part. I mean, thank God I won’t have to get by on two hours of sleep anymore. And I can’t wait to see my parents and go home. But…”

“Cassie?” Anna asked. She could barely hear her own voice. For the moment, that seemed unimportant.

Cassie smiled painfully and Anna felt her hurt with her, as bitter and sharp as she’d felt any of her own. She could understand. If nothing else, they were practical girls. “But… what are you gonna do?” Cassie finished simply, closing the door on a question with no answer, her eyes glistening. Only a little.

Anna felt a tear break off and slid down her own cheek as she cupped Cassie’s face and kissed her, wordless.

Between the two of them, there wasn’t anything else to be said.

Sam waited impatiently while his phone rang loudly in his ear. He rolled his eyes when the tone rang again for the fifth time. Of course, the one time he really needed Dean’s brotherly advice the jerk doesn’t answer.  “Come on, Dean. Pick up.”

“Hey, Sam?” You called from the couch, your eyes glued onto the TV screen as your hand dived into hot popcorn made fresh out of the microwave. “You’re missing the best part! What are you doing in there?”

Sam got up from his place on the toilet seat and mentally cursed himself. Maybe taking residence in your the bathroom wasn’t the brightest idea. You probably thought he had a bad batch of chicken wings or something. Just as he was about to reply back Dean’s voice finally greeted him on the other end of the line.

“I swear you pick the worst times to call, Sammy.” Dean grumbled as two high pitched giggles erupted in the background. “This better be quick because if I lose getting the double mint twins numbers’ then you’re dead.” 

“Alright, alright. Geez, it’ll only take a second.” Sam sighed, opening the door to the bathroom to check on you. There you were sitting on the edge of your seat, your hands covered your face as the monster stalked the lone woman walking through the woods on the screen. He watched you with a small smile as your hand blindly reached for more popcorn, missing the bowl a few times before achieving its target. “Look, I’m with a girl and I need-”

“Wait a second.” A slight chuckle sounded from Dean. “A girl?…Aren’t with you with Y/N, right now?” The smirk in Dean’s voice was evident and Sam instantly regretted confiding in him.  

“No!” Sam defended, his face turned a bright red. He leaned against the sink and gripped it tightly under his hands.“I mean, I was, but then I-”

“No need to explain, Sammy boy. I got you covered.” Dean interjected slyly. “She told me you were coming over, and we had a nice chat about you.”

“…About me?” Suddenly, Sam’s face became hot. If you talked with Dean then who knows what kind of embarrassing crap he told you. This was starting to become the worst night of his life.

Oh, yeah.” He replied, his tone smug. “She was all about Sam Winchester. Maybe a little bit into him, if you know what I mean.”

A smile broke across Sam’s face in an instant. The fear of telling you about how he felt since the first day he met you, vanished. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so horrible after all.  

I have a theory (first of all little baby brother Sammy is just so freaking adorable here and looks fantastic in blue wow…anyways, moving on). My theory is, when Sam mentions Mary Poppins, Cinderella, basically any fairytale and Dean has this confused look on his face like he doesn’t remember…he really does…but not the movie part. I’m sure that when Sam was little Dean went to the movie store when John was away and got all the movies that normal little kids like. Like Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White-even if they were little girl movies (hey, Disney is classic and for anyone). But see, Dean never watched the movies. He watched Sam. He made sure that Sam was safe and taken care of, and then he would sit on the couch or bed next to him and zone out, or pace and wait for dad to come home. Maybe baby 4 year old Sammy would’ve tugged on Dean’s pant leg and asked him to sit with him, which I’m sure Dean did but he was always thinking about John and wondering if he was actually coming home this time and wondering about Sammy and is he doing an okay job with him by himself. Dean doesn’t remember the movies because he never watched them, Sam was the one that got to be the kid.