ahhhh my bby


Enatsu going for curry :’]

I’m honestly really upset right now that this anime is ending next week (only 12 eps?? :[) But I’m just glad that this anime happened , and that enough makes me really happy.

Think about all the celebrities who have changed their names so they could make it big. Hundreds of people told Mariska Hargitay to, and she responded with, “You change your name!” Look at her now, fifteen seasons, one Golden Globe, one Emmy, countless nominations, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a foundation; the list goes on. If that doesn’t teach you how to be yourself, I don’t know what will.


28.08 // Happy Birthday Ichinose Guren! || With love for magicisfantastic

Since it’s already 28 here, happy birthday Guuuren <3

I made all the renders used for this edit, the middle one was a gitf itself for Cosi, so I don’t think I’ll post it soon but you can ask for the other two I guess, I may edit them later and upload