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“Plus Ultra!!!!”

Please let my sunshine kid Midoriya brighten up your dash and your day!!!

Painted on PS [2017.05]


Reaction to Taylor’s speech VS reactions to Sam’s speech… 

Also, I’d also like to point out that the song that won the award (I Knew You Were Trouble) was released with the album in October 2012 and Taylor and Harry broke up in 2013… Not that this should matter but it really shows how the media can manipulate you into reacting and thinking a certain way

“puppet master” starring pledis & seventeen’s performance unit

Isak was the one to nose bleed - is he also the one to get hit in the face by the internet?

Okay so an anon brought this up with me and now I am dying because it all makes sense 

so remember how in the trailer Even got hit in the face with a selfie stick?

well we all interpreted this as someone getting hurt because of the internet…and because it’s Even getting hit we thought he was the one involved in this buuuuut


Isak was the one to bleed not Even right?

So what if Isak is the one involved in this “hitting someone in the face with internet” thing

and then of course we had this clip

Which showed Noora giving Sana her password and was also released on a time that means some kind of code for hackering

which made us all think “oh my god Sara is gonna hack Noora or Sana is gonna hack Noora oh no ahhhh” (literally that was me no joke) 

But now i’m thinking


in this clip Isak lets us know that Sara is two faced

He uses the word online and talks about how she sent him all these messages about Vilde and all her ‘friends’ 

He knows all about the russbuss gossip and every little thing Sara has said behind all her friends backs. he has the messages that could expose what Sara is really like and maybe help Sana in….i don’t know revenge? getting the russ from Sara? showing her true colours? maybe

But yeah what if Isak gives Sana those screenshots?

or what if Sana hits Isak in the face with the selfie stick and hacks him

(but seriously if Isak does get hacked can they do him a favour and change his profile pic while they are at it oh my god pls) 


Isak was the one who said you can’t run from the internet girl…..hmmm


@medkip here it is!! this week’s bujo spread was inspired by pentagon’s comeback bc i love them a lot and ahhhh the first set of concept photos were just so beautiful and suited the color scheme of this spread ;v;

of course, i’m not ready for the bts comeback in like 2 days 😭 i’ll be the one girl in my neighborhood running around in circles, yelling, “MY BOYS DID THAT!!” and then someone will question my sanity, i’m sure of it

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No pets were allowed on campus.

The freshman orientation guide was very, Very clear about this point. Absolutely, positively, no pets allowed. (minor exceptions to be made for service animals.) And yet here she was, 3 weeks into her first semester, sitting on the ground, staring at a cat. It was staring back.

Dread had always been fond of animals. She had never been allowed to have any pets, (her father was allergic to most things with fur, and her mother just hated animals) but she had always wanted a cat. Multiple cats, preferably. And now she was sitting on the steps of her dorm, in a college where No Pets Were Allowed, staring at the most precious little ball of fur she had ever set eyes on. She knew far too well about the other rules (she was on her second roommate, now, and the delicate horns curling from the thing-that-was-not-her-first-roommate’s face had left an… impression.) She was very good about remembering iron, salt, and not to say please or thank you. But this was a very cute cat, and she was willing to risk a little bit.

It meowed. She held out a hand, and it walked right up to her, and “oh my goodness you are just the cutest thing!” she squeaked. The cat seemed satisfied.

She was, to say the least, conflicted. The rules were very clear, and the rules were generally right, but this was a very small cat, and she did not have very many friends, and really, she already knew what she would do. “C’mere, you.” She scooped up the cat and it snuggled into her jacket. “I’m going to name you Eldritch.”


It was about three weeks later that things got… actively weird. She had managed to smuggle in, via the Walmart (which had no employees that day, she left the money on the counter and hoped that nothing Else would take it) a litter box and cat food. Eldritch seemed to settle in fine, and she traded her roommate 3 dollars and a cool rock in return for not telling anyone about the very, very illegal pet currently snoozing on her lap. The roommate, whose name was Chalkboard, seemed to like the cat. Chalkboard even gave the cat a cat-toy. When Chalkboard vanished (decided to take the “fake your death to avoid breaking up with your s.o” advice a little too much to heart), Not-Chalkboard did Not like the cat. Dread caught Not-Chalkboard making what looked like a very rude hand gesture at the cat on multiple occasions, although it’s hands were strange and​ it was hard to be sure. It was when Not-Chalkboard, after having a Very Intense staring contest with the cat for about 6 minutes, saw the error of its ways and vanished, leaving Chalkboard in its place, that Dread began to think something might be up. Eldritch said nothing, as cats are wont to do, but it purred a great deal when Chalkboard let it sit on her lap while she was doing her homework. This was, to say the least, Rather Suspect. Nothing more was said about it.

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I don’t know what’s going on in the AROHA fandom but let’s start something. Instead of gushing about your faves, gush about your favourite AROHA in the tags. Tag them if you want! I’ll start :)

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최하민 - Come for you (lyrics)

063에서 02로 변하고 
Changed from 063 to 02

그에 따라 내 발걸음도 바뀌고 
My (foot)steps changed accordingly too

친구들 전화는 어색해져
Phone calls with friends became awkward

만나면 할 말 많지만 말문이 막히고
I have a lot to say when we meet but I get tongue-tied

가족들 안부는 마음을 울리고
Family’s greetings touched my heart

태어나 혼자 우는 날도 겪고서
Since birth, I’ve been through days where I’d cry alone

꼿꼿이 서 봐도 다리는 떨리고
I tried to stand straight but my legs were shaking

눈물 콧물 젖은 베개에 잠들고
I’ve fallen asleep on the tear, snot-stained pillow

얘들아 다시 거친 말 써줘
Kids, say something harsh to me again

엄마 아빠 다시 잔소리해줘
Mum, dad, nag at me again

누나야 다시 내 옷 뺏어가줘
Noona-ya, take away my clothes again

난 일상의 괴로움이 그리웠어
I missed the troubles of my daily life

바보가 될까 봐 무서웠어
I was scared that I’d become an idiot.

혼자 남겨진 게 무서웠어
I was scared to be left alone

엄마가 슬플까 봐 무서워서
I was scared that mum would be upset

결핍들을 방안에 숨겼었어
I hid the things I lacked in my room

공허를 약으로 메꾸고 소리를 잃어버린
Filling up the emptiness with medicine

내가 쓰러져버렸던 좁고 컴컴한 방 위엔 꿈들이 아른대도
I, who has lost my voice collapsed there. Even my dream glimmers on the top of the narrow, black room

손이 닿지 않았던 날의 나
I couldn’t reach myself 

손이 닿지 않았던 날의 날
I couldn’t reach myself

일으켜 줬던 이들에게 감사를
I (want to) thank those who guided me through

감싸 안아줬던 이들에게 사랑을
I (want to) give love to those who embraced me

I’m coming for u
I’m coming for u
I’m coming for u
Coming for u
Coming for u
Coming for u

내 주위에 남은 내 사람들 위해
For my people who remained beside me

내 주위엔 아름다움이 함께 하기를
For those beautiful things that accompanied around me

Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family

이제는 어깨를 펴라고
Now you can straighten your shoulders

바라던 대로 다 하자고
And do everything as you’ve wished

힘들게 일하던 날들 다 뒤로하고서
Leave all the tough days behind

내 그늘에 쉬라고
Rest under my shade

희생에 작은 새싹이 꽃 피고
The small sprout blossoms in the sacrifice 

온 세상에 향기가 가득하게 해
Let the world be filled with the sweet scent

내 소리가 울릴 때 꿈꾸던 이들이 춤을 추게 해
When my voice resonant, it makes those who dreamt dance

Everyday everyday

구름 위를 걷는 꿈을 꾸던 내가
I, who used to dream of walking on the clouds

우줄 향해 서게 됐고
I’m standing facing the universe (now)

숨을 쉴 때 웅크리던 내가 가족들의 어깨에 꽃을 피우고

I, who used to crouch down when I sighed, I’m blossoming on my family’s shoulders (now)

사람들이 꿈을 꾸게 소릴 키워줘 
For the people’s dreams, raise your voice

영혼들이 꿈을 꾸게 소릴 키워줘
For the soul’s dreams, raise your voice

생명들이 꿈을 꾸게 소릴 키워줘
For the lives’ dreams, raise your voice

희망들이 춤을 추게 소릴 키워줘
For the hopes to dance, raise your voice

내 걱정은 하지 말아요
Please don’t worry about me

조만간 잘될 거 같아서
I think it will get better soon

혼자라고 생각 말아요
Please don’t feel you’re alone

세상이 우릴 비추니까 
Because the world is shining on us

그래서 난 이 기회를 놓치고 싶지 않아요
So, I don’t want to miss this opportunity

넌 내 맘 알거야
You’ll know my heart

내 주위에 남은 내 사람들 위해
For my people who remained beside me

내 주위엔 아름다움이 함께 하기를
For those beautiful things that accompanied around me

Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family

내 주위에 남은 내 사람들 위해
For my people who remained beside me

내 주위엔 아름다움이 함께 하기를
For those beautiful things that accompanied around me

Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family
Ooh God bless my family


nct quote masterlist
  • I wanna have xxxx with you fatass! love you forever darling-Ten’s birthday note to Johnny
  • You are all gay-Taeil
  • why do i need to buy chocolate if im the chocolate myself?-Jaehyun
  • Ten and I just showered together-Johnny
  • if you hold your pee in for too long, a big surprise will follow- Yuta
  • i like the bed because it gives me the feeling of a forest fairy-Taeil
  • Are these pokeballs?- Ten
  • Why do i look so scary?-Taeyong
  • This reminds me of the first time we met. I dont even remember that. Me neither, i just know it was awkward- Mark and Johnny
  • VERY HOT-Ten
  • Ten never looked at girls- Ten’s teacher
  • This is Taipei - Yuta
  • I really know nothing about dating - Taeyong
  • Hello we are the foreign swaggers- Mark 
  • I lived in america for 4 years thats why im here man-Jaehyun
  • Welcome back to the foreign swagger section-Mark
  • SM Super Cookie-Ten
  • I really dont think i can do this anymore-Taeyong
  • So today! February 2nd! Actually, its the 9th. Oh man dude what am i saying? No, its cool- Mark and Johnny
  • Doyoung who is filled with beautiful thoughts, I love you! -Taeyong
  • Everywhere I look, pose.  Everywhere I place my hand, its a pose. -Taeyong
  • I forgot how to do satoori-Hansol
  • A six-pack is too heavy for me, so now I only walk around with a one-pack.  I leave the other five behind.  I used to have chocolate abs, but i ate two of them. - Haechan
  • Who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. Alright, who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. -Jaehyun, Jisung, and Mark. 
  • I wake up at 7 am to water my plants.  But i dont have any plants - Haechan
  • THESE CRYBABIES SERIOUSLY! *wipes away tears*- Haechan ofc
  • Ten and I showered together - Johnny
  • He is always following me!!!  What are you talking about… - Mark and Haechan
  • My friends call me a heater, cuz i bring the heat! - johnny
  • I love him [johnny] soooo much! - Ten
  • On my schedule, from noon to 1 pm, I avoid haechan - mark
  • Offer the last piece of food! Please accept my Taeyong :) -Taeyong and Doyoung
  • I’M HEARTBROKEN!!!!!- Haechan
  • *dolphin screams* - Chenle 
  • hello my name is marklee - Mark Lee
  • Ten was never interested in girls - Ten’s old teacher
  • Yes, I learned some Chinese phrases.  The one that left the deepest impression on me is “where is the bathroom”- Haechan
  • Everyone should take unflattering pictures of other people- Haechan 
  • *someone mentions Haechan’s name* ahhhh im getting stressed - Mark
  • Bugs are bugs, but I’m really afraid of people… especially haechan - mark
  • Don’t give any food to mark. Haechan, you know you wont survive today right? Theres also tomorrow and the day after. Theres no camera tomorrow! - Haechan and Mark
  • We (mark and haechan) have a fantasy-like relationship - Haechan
  • Don’t, the cameras are rolling ;)))) - Jaehyun
  • Pinch Johnny’s nose, he’ll either die or wake up - Yuta
  • My face looks big today.  It normally is big. - Chenle and Jisung
  • Winwin is cute, but he’s stupid - Kun
  • It’s Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation - Johnny 
  • I choked on an icecube and i really thought it was blocking my air passage.  I kept giving Johnny and Yuta looks to make them call 119 because i couldn’t speak nor breathe.  We thought that he was joking because he jokes around a lot. - Taeil and Yuta 

rose-colored girl! 🌸

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disability au’s: ocd!

  • “everyday in class I see you contain your anger whenever this girl complains about how’s she’s so ‘ocd’ bc she keeps her bookbag organized and one day u finally blew up and shoved your bloody chewed off nails in her face saying “ARE U SURE YOU HAVE OCD SHARON? ARE YOU REALLY SURE?”
  • “I always catch you when you’re stuck flickering the lights on and off and just to lighten the mood I sneak up on you and mimic nightclub music just so you laugh really hard”
  • “I make all my soap by hand and it’s the only kind you allow to wash your hands with so ur kinda my best and most frequent customer and also I kinda like you so I give you bars for free sometimes”
  • “people always think I’m super mannerly when we’re together but really you just can’t stand to touch doorknobs so I always get it for you and fuckoff im not ‘mushy’ inside get away from us”
  • “you’re severe germaphobia has you very knowledgeable about the topic and even though I know I shouldn’t condone the fear, hearing you go off in a rant about how many germs certain items carry and get all happy about the ways to kill them is incredibly adorable to me, pls tell me more”
  • “I own a flower shop and you stop by every day to count the petals on the bouquets outside and you get all embarrassed about it and I can’t help but wait for you to show up through the window”
    • one day it was really pouring down and saw you still out there so I just brought the whole cart inside and joked about whether he “loves you” or “loves you not” 
  • “as you know sometimes when I say things they never sound right and I have to say them over and over again until they do, and just my luck I’ve been practicing saying “you’re cute” all day and it didn’t sound right when it finally came out so now I’m stuck repeating it over and over and pls just kill me now
    • *cue me walking away now muttering “you’re cute” all the way down the hall*
  • “there’s a legend about me where if I find you, I’ll kill you by 29 stab wounds and count each one down to the last. and most people just find this sadistic, which I understand, but really I’m just really stuck on that number—like if I could kill you in like 3 stabs I would but my mind just goes "ahhhH” and idk :/”
    • “sorry—being a spy is hard with ocd man, it’s really time consuming”
      • “but also i dont leave shitt behind so ;)”

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Harsh Words Pt. 2

Requested By: A lot of people

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You and Peter were what you would call “frenemies,” you despised him, but he wanted to win you back, that is until he found out you were the new villain in Queens, the one he’s been fighting.

Warnings: Swearing, could still possibly be triggering for some people, beware ending, pls don’t hate me oh no

Word Count: 2,995


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A/N: AHHHH SO MANY PEOPLE LOVED HARSH WORDS PART ONE!! I’m mind blown how much you all enjoyed it, I really wasn’t expecting it to blow up as much as it did, so I’m truly honored and appreciative that you all took the time to read what I wrote and left amazing comments that made my day, therefore, I love you all. Also, I left it on a really intense cliff hanger, that way if people liked it enough again, I’d do a part three if requested enough. :)

Part one

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

There was never a moment where Peter would have thought you two would stop being best friends, but what topped that was seeing you that night, holding those people hostage.

You were the most down to earth, kind hearted person Peter had ever known, and to see you being this dark, dangerous, well, villain, broke him inside.

“Peter, I brought you some ice, now would you like to tell me what happened?” Aunt may questioned, handing him ice wrapped in a cloth for his black eye that was forming.

“It was nothing really, I’m just really clumsy May, you know this.” Peter mumbled, thanking her for the ice, before placing it on his throbbing eye, which he had you to thank for.

May didn’t look convinced but she let it go, not wanting to stress Peter out anymore than he already was.

It had been almost a full month since the hostage incident, Peter remembered it perfectly, his Spidey senses were tingling, he swung to where he sensed the issue, finding the villain he had been fighting against for weeks.

There was a moment where he thought something felt off, but he pushed it to the back of his head, he should have listened.

He knew the second he heard your voice, but he didn’t want to believe it, he didn’t want to believe it was you, so he did the only thing that could prove him wrong, to prove to himself that it wasn’t you, so he asked the most simple question.

Who are you?

What happened after that was a bit of a blur, he remembers hearing the laugh, your laugh, and then getting hit a few times.

He remembers holding his stomach in pain, glancing up to see you backing away into the darkness, hearing his name fall off your lips, and it was then that he had to face reality, it really was you.

After that was more than a blur, it was disbelief, he remembers his heart pounding erratically in his chest, before flying through his window, scaring the shit out of Ned who looked just as panicked once he saw Peter’s face.

But it was the moment that Peter told Ned everything that happened, that it hit him that this was all really happening, that it was you, his ex-best friend that was now his enemy.

The only difference was, he wasn’t going down without a fight, he said he’d win you back, and he meant every word.

Three months had passed since the incident between you and Peter, you’d give him glares in the hallways, as he gladly returned them, Ned would awkwardly look between the both of you, while Liz and Michelle would help boost your ego even more.

Liz and Michelle had become your all time best friends, you all did every thing together, whether it was going shopping, eating, even movie nights, you all did it all.

However, there were moments where you missed the old times, where it would be Peter, Ned and you, doing all those things together.

But, things happen, people change.

You were in your first period, of course, the class with Peter and Ned, you made sure to sit as far away from the two of them as possible, as they did the same.

“Okay, good morning class! Today we will be doing a fun little experiment, but to do it, you need a partner,” Mr. Scott started, but waved his hands seeing everyone automatically trying to pair up, “But I will be assigning partners, I know how you all get when you’re with your friends.” He eyed everyone, pointing his fingers, making some of your classmates laugh.

“Alright, lets start with Ned and Amy,” He trailed off, Ned giving Peter a wide eyed look, and then your name was called, “Y/N and… Ah! Yes, Peter!” He smiled cheerfully, as you looked across the room at Peter.

He could have paired you up with anyone, LITERALLY ANYONE and he chose Peter, just your luck.

Mr. Scott soon dismissed everyone once they had a partner, but you and Peter just sat at your desks, refusing to move first.

“Y/N, Peter, get to work.” Mr. Scott scolded, making you roll your eyes, as you gave Peter a look, basically implying ’get your ass over here before I throw a chair at you.

Peter let out a huff, before grabbing his belongings and moving to your desk, the feeling of satisfaction running through your body as he slumped into the seat next to you.

You glanced at him, observing his features, something you hadn’t done in a while, you hated to admit it, but he looked good, like really good.

“Alright so um.. Lets just get this over with.” Peter muttered, making you nod and start the experiment.

You two didn’t talk the entire time, actually getting the experiment done for once, unlike last time, that is until halfway through.

“You want to tell me what you’re up to?” Peter muttered, his eyes never leaving the bubbling liquid in front of them.

“In you dreams Parker.” You muttered back, putting another chemical into the liquid in front of you.

“How’d you know I dream about you?” Peter whispered jokingly, making you freeze for a moment, making Peter smirk slightly.

“You know what I meant you dumbass.” You grumbled, placing another chemical into the beaker.

You both then went back to silence, until Peter broke it, again.

“You’re so much better than this you know.” Peter pressed on, making you roll your eyes, something he caught out of the corner of his.

“Like you’re one to talk.” You huffed, making his head turn slightly, looking at you in bewilderment.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Peter fired back, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“A few months ago, you ruined my life, and now that it’s happening to you, you don’t like it, ironic isn’t it?” You smiled, looking at the brunette haired boy, watching as his face scrunched up in anger.

“I won’t let you hurt anyone Y/N, no matter what.” Peter spoke lowly, making you smirk and let out a laugh.

“What makes you so sure Peter?” You raised your eyebrows, moving closer to him, his heart beating rapidly in his chest, his breathing becoming heavier.

“Because I know you, and I know somewhere deep down in there,” His hands motioned all around you, “That my best friend is still in there, and she’s hurt, because I hurt her, when all she did was care about me.” Peter declared, and for a split second he saw something change in your eyes, but quickly disappeared.

You blinked a few times, turning your focus back to the experiment, this time, satisfaction was going through Peter’s body, not yours.

The school day ended quicker than you anticipated, Peter’s words still swarming your head, you couldn’t get them out, no matter how hard you tried.

Everywhere you walked, Peter was there, watching you, making sure you didn’t harm anyone, which made you anxious.

Until you arrived home, and you put your outfit on, your mask hiding your face, and the confidence and darkness returned to you.

You weren’t sure how this happened really, after Peter broke your heart you needed an outlet, and what better way than to cause a ton more issues for the one and only Spider-Man?

You went out your window, and before you knew it, you were causing so much commotion, and you were positive Spider-Man was on your trail, which only made it even more of a thrill.

The thing was though, you didn’t actually harm anyone, you never laid a finger on one person, you just did enough to cause an issue to trigger his Spider-Man senses.

You were now running, mainly from Spider-Man himself, you knew he was around, it was late, making it the perfect time for Mr. crime fighting spider to appear.

You ran to a familiar place crowded with people, making them all get on the ground, your threats coming out harsher than you intended, and sure enough, Spider-Man appeared.

“I thought I told you, I wouldn’t let you hurt anyone, therefore, you need to step back before this gets ugly.” Spider-Man threatened, making you laugh darkly, sending chills down his spine.

What was happening to you?

“I guess you don’t pay attention much do you?” You crossed your arms, looking at the masked figure in front of you, before motioning around you.

You were on the boating dock, people on the ground, shaking in fear, unsure of what you would do.

Spider-Man took a look around, his eyes widening on the mask, it was the dock where he cut the boat in half, guilt instantly hitting him, and you knew it did.

“P-Please don’t h-hurt us..” One of the hostages choked out, making your heart break the slightest bit, before you went back to your alter ego.

“This needs to end, now.” Spider-Man growled out, he knew exactly what you were up to now, the dock, the people, everything clicked.

You were using his own fear against him.

“Everyone get out of here now!” Spider-Man shouted as he shot a web at you, but you dodged it swiftly, as everyone started running, getting out of there as quick as they could.

“Did you really think this would work? Huh!” Spider-Man shouted, clearly angry, making you grin through your mask.

“Didn’t it?” You shot back, making him freeze for a moment, which you took as your opportunity to attack him.

You caught him off guard, hitting him in the stomach and face, as he groaned in pain, holding his stomach.

“This can either go two ways..” He groaned out, webbing your arm and yanking you down to the ground.

“Either we fight until one of us can’t anymore, or we settle this the way we should of months ago.” Spider-Man shouted through his mask, and for a moment you wanted to take the second option, but you held a grudge, and you weren’t giving up that easy.

You stood back up, a few feet away from him, before charging at him, he shot webs at you, some hitting you and some not, and you made sure to hit him a few times before he hit you back, knocking you to the ground.

“Please, d-don’t do this..” He groaned out, as you slowly stood back up, you knew you were going to be severely bruised in the morning.

“Don’t you get it!” You shouted, ripping your mask off, revealing cuts and bruises already forming, as your eyes started watering.

“I want to forgive you so bad.” You choked out, a tear slipping down your cheek, as you watched him slowly slip his mask off also.

“Then why don’t you?” He pressed on, watching you sadly, he hadn’t seen you this vulnerable since that day in the cafeteria where he humiliated you in front of everyone.

“Because you broke my heart Peter.” You whispered, tears now falling down your cheeks, your lip trembling.

Peter stood there shocked, were you implying you liked him? Or more so, loved him?

“Y/N.. I didn’t.. I-I didn’t know..” Peter stammered, trying to find the right words as you laughed bitterly.

“Maybe once you cared about me, but after you shut me out, all of that went to hell, I was alone Peter, I had nobody.” You looked at him angrily, more tears falling down your face.

“I-I told you, I-I thought I was p-protecting you!” Peter tried to defend himself, stepping forward slightly, but you stepped back, raising a finger at him.

“No, Peter,” You took a deep breath, “You chose that day what you wanted, and it was clear, you didn’t want me.” You gave a sad smile, shrugging your shoulders as Peter shook his head frantically.

“No, Y/N, that’s not true at all!” He shouted, running his fingers through his hair, pacing back and forth.

“How am I supposed to believe you Peter?” You choked out, watching the brunette haired boy in front of you.

“Because, if you give me another chance, I can prove it to you, I-I can be a better person, your person.” Peter’s spoke softly, his own eyes starting to tear up as he observed you carefully, his heart beating so hard you could hear it.

“Promise me.” You whispered, shutting your eyes tightly, and for a second you heard nothing, until he breathed out the words you’ve wanted to hear.

“I promise Y/N.” Peter whispered back, and for a moment the old you was back, and Peter recognized his best friend again.

But then a loud sound filled the air, something, or someone flew through the air, shooting into a building, making it catch on fire.

You flinched, watching in horror as the building started to become more and more dangerous.

“Peter.” You whispered, looking at him wide eyed, you were right in the path for the building.

His eyes widened, realizing what was going to happen, you stood there, your body trembling in fear, you screamed at your legs to move, but they didn’t.

And then it happened, a loud explosion erupted, echoing throughout the dark sky.

Peter started sprinting to you, the sound of the building falling getting louder, metal and dust starting to cloud the air.

“Y/N!” Peter shouted, his eyes searching frantically for you, his legs burning from running so hard.

You tried to run, the best you could, before making eye contact with Peter, your eyes filled with fear, as was Peter’s.

“Peter!” You screamed, as he ran to you, pushing everything he had left in him to get to you, he had to get to you.

The air was getting worse, and before he knew it, the building fell completely, and so did his heart.

His eyes searched for you, his mind moving at warp speed, this couldn’t happen, not now, not after everything that’s happened.

And then there was silence, Peter’s heart breaking at the scene, he was too late.

That night in Queens, it was as if time stopped, and all that was heard was Spider-Man’s strangled sobs and screams.

Monsta X: nicknames


•  he’s more traditional so he likes calling you babe and baby often
•  I feel like he’d only call you these cute nicknames in the privacy of your own home
•  like……but imagine him moving your hair away from your ear when you’re watching TV and just whispering “baby”
•  when he’s feeling in the mood, those whispers will become like growls but he keeps it vanilla and won’t call you anything but baby awwwwww fk


•  listen he’s a special case and I wouldn’t put anything above him to call you all sorts of nicknames under the sun
•  to annoy you, he’d probably be extra cute and be all “my sunshine, the loml, my heart, the peanut to my butter-”
•  but if he’s actually being genuine and loving or wanting to get your attention, he’d make up some sort of nickname out of your name (take a shot every time u read name)
•  when his weird self is in the mood for more than kisses, he’d go back to his embarrassingly adorable nicknames- but he ain’t even doing it to annoy you lmao


•  ahhhh you’ll never find a vanilla more pure than him
•  legit will ask you if you preferred any sort of nickname bc he doesn’t wanna annoy you if he called you something you didn’t like
•  but mostly he won’t even use them at all, he loves how your name sounds when he says it and the way your attention always turns to him when he calls you
•  like I said, he’s vanilla af……………….but don’t underestimate his kinkiness aka here comes his love for the ‘prince/princess’ name calling afaggdfkgkhlh kill me


•  hooooooo boy…….if you thought wonho was bad lmao this one is extra greasy with a side of 'no one asked’
•  okay totally don’t picture him in your head pulling you to his side in the middle of a large crowd and going “it’s okay, angel, I’m not gonna let go of you”
•  his go-to is probably sweetheart bc he knows you love the way he says it and how your cheeks turn red every time he does it with a hushed voice
•  yall better prepare yourselves bc it’s not easy being kihyun biased and writing this……so use your imagination and don’t torture me jfc (but like it’s the same with him saying sweetheart and angel and baby except being really loud and almost screaming it in your ear fuuuuuu)


•  ahhhh he’s the awkward one who doesn’t really plan to stick with a nickname for you, it’s more like it slips out of his mouth
•  like just imagine joon hyung calling Bok Joo chubbs like that’s the kind of love he has for you and I’m so jealous
•  he gets defensive when someone else calls you by this nickname bc he’s like “I made that so therefore…..it’s mine and you can’t call y/n by that nickname”
•  he’s an innocent vanilla man that would only go neopolitan for you……….but still call you sickly sweet names like baby and somehow making your actual name sound like a nickname


•  I mean idk what you expected but if you called him a certain nickname, he’d address you by the same
•  he’d be the type to imitate you if you were trying to be all cute and get his attention  like “weehhhh babe weeehhhhh :^^^”
•  in all honesty tho you’d probably melt if he came up with any sort of special nickname for you bc he’d make it sound so personal and cute yet romantic
•  to get you in the mood, all he has to say is your name tbh it works every time……………along with maybe a few inappropriate words :’)))


•  he’s a literal angel!!!!! Even calling you 'babe’ would set his own heart beating a million miles an hour
•  there’d be no telling what goes through his head when he randomly calls you something like 'pookie’ and you’re like ????
•  sometimes he’d be too embarrassed to be all cutesy and couple-y with you when you’re together so he calls you all sorts of cute things over text or social media
•  he’d be too stressed to be calling you anything when his lips are kissing all up on you, but you’ll hear him mumbling “beautiful” over and over again probably lmao

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Jealousy Shows True Feelings

Requests: “AHHHH OMG IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO DO HENRY FANFICS! i’m so excited. could you do one with henry and reader where henry gets jealous.. oof i don’t really have a plot, but i would like you to make up whatever plot you have


“Can you do an imagine with Henry Bowers where you’re close friends with Patrick so you hang with the gang a lot and Henry has a huge crush on you and gets jealous when you hang out. So one day while you’re hanging out with them you and Patrick crack an inside joke that’s kinda involves touching and when Henry sees it he flips out? Fluffy ending please?”

Pairing: Henry Bowers x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I got out early today from school at 11:48 and I will get out at the same time tomorrow. Then on Friday I don’t have school so if you see me posting more imagines even though they’re weekdays just know that it’s because of that^ Yay!

You and Patrick were friends ever since middle school. You both were very close and people swore you two had been separated at birth. You guys thought it could be a possibility since you had plenty of things in common and got along very well. When Patrick met Henry, Victor and Blech now known today as “The Bowers Gang” in the high school that you all attended.

You thought that Patrick would leave you all alone and forget about you. The surprising thing was that when Henry approached Patrick about being apart of the gang he had also offered you a spot. You thought about it with Patrick for a couple of days and eventually you both said yes.

Now it was summer, you all were in highschool and when the five of you would go back to school you all would be sophomores. Even though you were apart of The Bowers Gang you were still the nice girl you had always been: whispering apologies to The Losers’ Club when Henry and the boys would tease and pick on them, you also picked up their books if they got dropped, helped them up if they were pushed to the ground, etc.

Due to that Henry would bully them either less or when you weren’t around. He didn’t like to see you picking up the books that he had dropped on purpose, it was more work for you. When you would do this Henry would also help you pick up the books and mumble an apology under his breathe to whichever member of The Losers’ Club that he had picked on.

When he did that they just stood still wondering what the hell had happened to the infamous Henry Bowers. It was like he was under a love spell whenever you were around. Everyone noticed it except you, you super clueless.

“Y/N I’m telling you Henry has the biggest crush on you.” Your best friend Patrick told you.

You all were currently at the park just chilling. Belch, Victor and Henry were playing soccer on the field while you and Patrick were 20 feet away on some swings just sitting on them.

“No he doesn’t that’s a lie.” You said playing with your hair.

“Y/N, Henry has had a crush on you ever since middle school. Why else do you think he let you be apart of the gang?” Patrick asked.

“Because I’m your best friend?” You replied.

“Wrong. He has liked you ever since he laid his eyes on you in sixth grade. If that wasn’t the case he would not have offered you this spot.” Patrick explained as he spun around in his swing.

“But Patrick that’s crazy!” You exclaimed.

“How? Y/N look at you, you’re my best friend but even I know you’re incredibly smart and beautiful. Everyone at school does.”

“Thank you I appreciate it but I meant it’s crazy that a guy I like finally likes me back.” You looked at Henry playing soccer for a moment before turning back to Patrick when he spoke up. “Wait YOU LIKE BOWERS?!” Patrick exclaimed.

Henry turned to look at you both from across the field stopping the game, Patrick covered his mouth as he noticed he caught Henry’s attention.

“Did you call me?” Henry yelled out putting his hands by his mouth so you could hear him.

“No keep playing.” You yelled nervously.

Henry nodded before he continued to play with the boys.

Patrick burst into laughter realizing what he had done, “Any louder dumbass.” You said annoyed.

“Sorry but wow I can’t believe it you like Henry?” Patrick asked as he sat down next to you.

“Yes yes I do but don’t say anything.” You hushed him.

“But why? You both like eachother, this is amazing!” Patrick exclaimed happily.

“I-I don’t know.” You stood up kicking the wood chips by the swingset.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell him I’ll just get him to confess his feelings to you.” Patrick winked, smirking at you.

“How are you going to do that?” You asked crossing your arms.

Right after you asked that Patrick punched you lightly causing Henry to stop playing soccer, he stared at Patrick. Anger started to bubble inside of him.

“Patrick what are you doing he looks really mad.” You said nervously.

“Start play fighting with me you’ll see.” Patrick said.

You shrugged, throwing a light punch at Patrick but he blocked it and spun you around into his chest.

“You’re crazy Patrick he’s going to be mad.” You chuckled.

“Well he’s going to be even more mad when I do this.” Patrick pretended to slap your butt. You were in front of Patrick covering him so to Henry and the other boys it actually looked like Patrick had done that.

“See what did I tell you.” Patrick said as he pointed to Henry who was walking over to you both furiously.

“That’s my cue to leave.” He continued as he ran away.

“Patrick you asswipe get back over here!” Henry exclaimed.

You grabbed Henry’s wrist causing him to turn to look at you.

“What the hell Henry what’s wrong with you? We were just messing around.” You asked confused acting like you didn’t know anything.

“You call him slapping your ass ‘messing around’ well I don’t.” Henry said angrily.

“It’s not like you’re my boyfriend!” You exclaimed.

“Yeah well maybe I should be!” Henry exclaimed.

Your faces were inches apart from each others’ all the boys smirked as they started at you both from across the field.

“W-What?” You asked.

“Y/N I-I’ve had a crush on you ever since I met you and Patrick in sixth grade. My feelings haven’t disappeared and I can’t stand to see any other guy treat you like Patrick just did right now. I really want you to be my girlfriend.” Henry confessed as he wrapped his arms around your waist,

“Oh Henry I feel the same way.”

Before Henry could say anything you smashed your lips together, the both of you melted into the kiss. The boys cheered as the say their two group members finally together.

When you finally broke apart from the kiss Henry rested his forehead against yours. He was happy that he finally had the girl he loved and wanted in his arms.