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Eyvind Earle painting a background for Sleeping Beauty in 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree (1958) [x

“In searching for a style for a cartoon feature, many considerations are necessary. For one thing, it must be more than merely pleasing to the eye. The backgrounds must harmonize with the animated characters, as well as fit the mood of the story and the music. Sleeping Beauty is a fairytale that is supposed to have taken place long, long ago, so we did a great amount of research into medieval painting and architecture before we arrived at the right styling for this picture.” - Eyvind Earle

Tongue Tied || Peter Parker x Reader

I was supposed to write a drabble for Tsukishima for my DeviantArt page, but lost the muse to do so. here, have another peter parker x reader that no one asked for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m writing this in celebration of finally reaching 400 followers!!! ;w; this means so much to me ahhhh and I’m super excited!!

so to celebrate, I’m writing this story, which was inspired by ranma ½ where the doctor character loses his shit whenever the girl he’s in love with is close to him.

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: none, just a really clumsy Peter Parker.

word count: 3,300+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. Reblogs are fine!


Little did Peter know, just about everyone in his class was out to get him.

Now, it came as no surprise that Peter Parker wasn’t too poised even on his best days, but his clumsiness seemed to enhance by a tenfold whenever she was around.

[Full Name], a girl who seemed to blend in with just about any clique because of how kind and easy she was to talk to. The girl was not too popular nor much of a loner, she was just there.

But her presence was enough to turn Peter into a bumbling and tongue tied idiot. Many of the students who attended Midtown High could not find (or see) a reason why this Parker kid was so smitten with [Name]. All they knew was that watching Peter trying to communicate with the girl was hilarious.

Because of how his brain seemed to turn to mush around her, everyone who shared a class with both Peter and [Name] had conspired together to force the two of them together for the remainder of the year. They had no idea of the consequences, and was honestly just looking for a good laugh.

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forever, endlessly [m]

Originally posted by acciosugas

pairing: yoongi/reader
genre: soulmate au!!!!!!! fluff!!!!! fluffy smut!!! bad writing!!!!!!
length: 3.9k
notes: this is a thank u to my sweet followers for continuing to follow me etc. etc. and also a celebration of the comeback! i really love u all and even though i’m not good at longer stories i hope that this is okay i just wanted to post something :( i hope to post some more stuff soon :( also the smut is like the last 1.5k words so if u want just the sfw stuff you can stop before the last section! 

Your mother never had a mark.

When you were young, you didn’t understand why. You had a mark, your strange twisting line on the inside of your left forearm. Your best friend Seulgi had a mark. Your uncle and aunt had marks, twin ones on their palms that met when they held hands.

“Where is your soul mark?” you asked one night, curled into her warmth as she read your favorite story to you, her fingers carding through your hair.

“I don’t need this, sweet pea,” she said, tapping her blank arm, “because I have you, and you’re all I need.” Her smile was soft, and kind, and you stared at her with big eyes.

“When will I meet my soulmate?” you whispered, tugging your quilt closer to you. You tried to imagine the meeting: the summer sun beaming down in the middle of a park as he approaches, flowers everywhere, the wind rustling his hair. Would he have black hair? Brown? What color would his eyes be? What would his voice sound like?

“I don’t know, honey, but I’m sure you’ll be very happy when you do.” She leaned down, then, to kiss your forehead, and walked to turn off the light.

“Good night, darling.”

“Good night,” you replied, voice small. With the dim light of the moon pouring in your window, you thought about your soulmate until you slipped into sleep.

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Tiny baby Harry being raised by his Moomy and Dadfoot

aHHHH yes Wolfstar raising Harry is everything to me I need it so much I need Harry raised in a loving home, I need Remus to not be alone, I need Sirius not to spend twelve years in Azkaban, I need the three of them forming a family together, and Harry growing up knowing her has four parents who love him and put him before everything. 

I want Harry curling up with Sirius in his Patronus form to sleep when he has nightmares, I want Remus reading his bedtime story and Remus and Sirius kissing him on the forehead, I want Harry to know he has two adults he can trust with everything. 

seiryuu-z1  asked:

I just wanted to say that your ao3 fanfics of BnHA are soooooooo good. They're like angels transcended from heaven and blessed me with love XD I love your katsudeku fics but I'm all for dekubowl, tododeku, tododekubaku, etc. That's all I wanted to say. Keep up the good work. I'll be silently cheering for you for whatever you do 😊 😊

D’awww omg thank you so much for the sweet words and your support! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying all (multiple of them? lol) of my fics like holy dang, you’re awesome! Thank you for the love and I shall definitely continue having fun writing for the BnHA fandom! All my love to you and I hope you’ll like the future chapters/stories that I update/create! Ahhh this made my day, so you have a great day as well! AHHHH. <3 -Unoutan


Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

Woooo thank you guys so much for all the love on Hunk. On another note: my babies, my boys- I feel sad cause I drew this XD Ahhhh Keith don’t be sad- Lance will be there to give you all the birb hugs ^v^

In the story, there’s going to be a looooot of stuff with Keith trying to surpress his Galra(Eraser) side and his fear that the others won’t approve of this (well, Shiro’s aware, but it’s primarily Lance really) and a lot of other stuff I’m not gonna tell you about- you’ll have to read the story in order to find out ;3

sappy feelings (and a follow forever).

so, I’ve kind of been going back and forth about when exactly that I was gonna do a follow forever. however, I hit 2k followers a while back (screaming internally!!!) and I thought now would be a great time to do it! excuse the edit I made on PicsArt, I am not good at editing things lol

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You're Good Enough || Remus Lupin x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: May I request a Young!Remus with a Ravenclaw!Reader who thinks that she’s not smart enough for Ravenclaw and asks Remus to help her with studying and while they talk the Reader shows her secret nerdy side (you can choose the topic) and Remus reassures her about her intelligence? Just some nice fluff please >3]]

ahhhh I love writing so much ;w; I can’t seem to stop.

tags: {anonymous}

{{request status: open}}

word count: 1,300+

warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! reblogs are fine!!


You wanted to scream and pull out your hair because you were so frustrated. Defense Against the Dark Arts was just not your subject as you struggle to grasp with the most basic spells. You couldn’t even make a simple smokescreen to confuse your enemies with.

Each time you were called on your professor to cast a spell, you would fail miserably, your inability to cast these spells making you the class clown as your Ravenclaw peers glared at you with disappointment.

You truly didn’t deserve to be in a group of such gifted students, yet you knew that you had to do something in order to get better at casting these spells.

When class ended, you look around the room to find anyone willing to help you. Asking for help from your Ravenclaw peers was absolutely out of the question, since they often liked to isolate you because you weren’t as naturally smart as they were. While your eyes darted throughout the room, you saw a shy boy with messy brown hair talking to his friends.

His green eyes appeared kind, and there was a certain softness about him that made him approachable. You search through your memories, hoping that you could remember his name when a lightbulb went off from within your mind.

Remus Lupin!

Without hesitating, you stand from your seat while gathering your books and wand together. Stepping closer to the young man, you hesitantly call out to him, “R-Remus?”

His head immediately turns to face you, and upon seeing you clearly, you heard him stutter your name “[N-Name]!” His movements were so sudden that he nearly fell out of his chair, earning a few chuckles from James Potter.

”You alright there, mate?”

James manages to speak despite how much he was snorting, trying to keep his laughter in check.

”I’m f-fine, a-anyways, [Name], how can I help you?”

There was a prominent dust of pink against his cheeks, and you briefly wondered why he was blushing before clearing your throat.

Happy that he seemed willing to help, you clasp your hands together in excitement, “Remus, I was wondering if you could maybe…tutor me for DADA? My spell casting for this class is absolutely atrocious, and I w-would really appreciate the help.”

James was still chuckling when Remus’ eyes seem to light up at the thought of helping you, and you felt all of your anxieties disappear when he gives you a nod, “Sure, let’s meet in the library once classes are done with.”


Excited at the thought of finally getting help for the class you struggled the most with, you arrive at the library first and waits near the corner for Remus to come. In about five minutes, you see the young man run into the library, his robe trailing behind him as his brown hair fell across his forehead in a mess of shaggy strands. He sees you and flashes you a warm smile, “[Name], hello.”

”Hi.” You stand before him, twirling your wand around with your fingertips. Unsure of what to do or say, you let Remus speak first when he gestures at your wand. “S-So you struggle with defensive spells?”

You nod, “I do…and it’s becoming a bit embarrassing for me. Can you please help me?”

Remus gives you a reassuring smile, “Of course. Come on; let’s start with an easy spell. Try your best to conjure green sparks okay? Follow the movement of my wand.”

You and Remus spend an embarrassing amount trying to perfect the spell. When you both went past the hour mark, and yet still, you didn’t see a single green spark flow from the tip of your wand, you felt all of your doubts and self loathing come rushing back to you.

Feeling absolutely mortified, you begin to cry, showing Remus just how frustrated and disappointed you were in yourself, “Remus, I’m sorry. I’m such an idiot! I can’t even get this simple spell correct! I don’t even deserve to be part of Ravenclaw because of how much of a dolt I am!”

”Hey hey, it’s okay. You’re okay.” Remus steps closer to you, wrapping his arms around the front of your abdomen before placing a hand over your right hand. His close proximity to you was making you nervous when you begin to ask him, “R-Remus? What are you doing?”

”Ssssh, just close your eyes and concentrate on my voice.” Remus breathes into your ear, making your face turn redder when you nod and did as he said.

”[Name], do you have any pets?”

”I do…”

”Good, now describe your pet to me.”

You describe your beloved animal to Remus, not leaving out a single detail about your pet when Remus kept asking you questions about it.

”Now picture your beloved pet is lost out in a forest somewhere. It is winter, and your pet had somehow managed to wander away from your warm home in the dead of the night. You’re desperate to find them, yet you don’t know where to look. So you do the one thing you can do; you cast a spell, sending out a spark of green light, beckoning them to come to you.

Almost instinctively, you raise your wand and move it in the pattern that would make the green sparks come forth. When you hear Remus gasp from behind you was when you opened your eyes, seeing the emerald sparks emitted from the tip of your wand. Before it could reach one of the shelves, you stop your concentration and break the spell. Once the green sparks disappeared, you face Remus with a bright smile on your face, “Oh, Remus, that was wonderful! Thank you!

Too caught up in your excitement, you wrap your arms around his neck to give him a hug, “I’ll admit, Defense Against the Dark Arts is not my strong point, which is why I’m not too confident in this class. But what you did- that was amazing! I…I never had felt so sure about my spell before!”

Remus was blushing at the fact that you still hadn’t let him go, but he didn’t mind your closeness to him. Clearing his throat, he puts a hesitant hand around your waist, “To draw out these spells, you have to really feel a sense of urgency. I didn’t really help out with much; I just tapped into your natural abilities by drawing it out with a simple scenario. The rest was all thanks to your doing, so don’t think that you’re undeserving of being a Ravenclaw. You’re good enough, [Name].”

You laugh, unconsciously clutching on to the front of his robe with your hands, “You know…I may not be the best at the Dark Arts, but I adore my Potions and Herbology class!”

You pull away from him with a grin as you told him about how certain flowers had special properties that could help with healing. In fact, you were so engrossed with telling Remus about what you read and learned (and he had found you to be so cute) that he honestly couldn’t help what happened next.

You were in the middle of talking about all of the medicinal values seen in a rose petal when you felt something warm against your lips, effectively stopping you from speaking. Your eyes widen for a few seconds before narrowing slightly, returning his kiss when your raise your hand to delve your fingers into the back of Remus’ hair.

With his lips still lingering against yours, Remus gives you a few more chaste kisses, the blush never leaving his face when he asked you to join him during their incoming trip to Hogsmeade this weekend.

”As long as its with you, I’ll be happy to go anywhere.”


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Myths, Legends and a Little Bit of You

Summary: Being a fan of myths and legends had brought me a lot of loneliness. That’s why I usually spend time reading alone, away from those who look at me like I am a weirdo. But everything changed when I met my boyfriend. I didn’t know until that full moon evening that my passion would be, for once, useful.

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Word Count: 1385

Requested? Yes, by @jashin-dragon (still can’t tag you ;3; )

A/N: Okay I’m so sorry it took so long omg like months? Ahhhh!!! Anyway hope you like this!! And thanks to @maddie110201 for proofreading this!! (I forgot to mention you I’m so sorry)

Forever tag list: @rosecoloredshawn @multilovee (you can still ask to be in this tag list!)

Originally posted by absinthundblut

It was a full moon evening. Funny way to start a story, I know, but that’s how this story began. My story to be precise. Everything happened during the full moon. Actually, everything changed during the full moon.

Usually during the nights of a full moon, I remain very quiet at home to do research on the myths I like so much. I loved looking through my books that I already knew by heart, especially when it was during a full moon. A little habit of mine.

I was passionate, if I may say so. Other students at school looked at me with a strange look, as if I were a witch or something like that, or just very bizarre. I was a person more interested in her books or video games than by human contact. I wasn’t associable, no, I only loved to spend some time alone. I enjoyed calm and solitude.

Even if solitude was starting to weigh me.

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Kintsugi-related asks under the cut!

These are all the ones I have the time to answer today, so if you don’t see yours please know I probably have it in my inbox. Lmao its so messy in there and this isn’t even half of it so,,,, please have patience with me.

Sorry to mobile users!!!!! I wish the cut worked cause this is so long.

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You meanies!!! How am I meant to get all the way to Friday without knowing what happens???!             


What. The. Fuck. You can’t post a chapter like that and expect me to sit back in a palace of sunshine and happiness and not blame you for wrecking my fucking heart. I fucking hate you and I fucking love you. I love angst but fuck. And I have to wait a whole FUCKING WEEK FOR SOME FUCKING REASSURANCE WHAT THE FUCK GUYS. YOU’RE KILLING ME HERE. HARRY BETTER BE FUCKING OKAY AND READY TO FUCK DRACO WIH SOME FUCKING POWER AND I MEAN POWWER POUNDING. WE NEED THE DADDY KINK AND PRAISE KINK FOR APOLOGIES          

 And I quote: “So we hope you enjoy a break from the angst”   Why the fuck you lying. Why you always lying. Mmmm oh my ghad stap fuckn lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bloody brilliant chapter tho. Evil bastartds making us wait until Friday tho.

I love you but hate you for doing this to me (referring to the latest virgin Draco chapter)            

feelings after that update: *screams into the void*  


IM CRYING NOOOO             

I hope you guys are happy, I’m fucking crying because of ch29 fuCK *clears throat*  Um chapter 30 please and thank you loves  Ps. it was stiLL FUCKING AMAZINGA NF EMOTIONAL ADN WOW IM AMAZED LOVE YOU AMAZING FUCKING WRITERS Pps. Possible threesome with Blaise??? (Fingers crossed

Just finished chapter 29 of the virgin draco story.. I AM CALLING THE COPS  I HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT! pls fix it omg what I can’t AHHHH      

Ummm…. @l0vegl0wsinthedark do you feel like fielding these?  *hopeful*

In order–as much as I can do–Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry I did lie just a lil and feel so bad, sorry, sorry and we’re screaming with you, sorry and we love you too, sorry, sorry and probably no threesome, sorry and the cops probably won’t care!!!

SORRY!!!!! Omfg we love you so much don’t hate us!

This is my face as I work on posts for this week. Tee - hee! ♥

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Hello, I'm that anon that gave you all that Filipino emotional dump earlier (thanks for helping me sort that out btw) and yes I would love some recommendations!!! Also, my appreciation for your existence (which was already very high) went up about one hundred million percent.

ahhhh thank you!! i just wanted to say that your message really meant so, so much to me.

and now: RECS. YES!!! pls take note that all of these recommendations are subject to my own biased preferences, so while i love them with all my heart, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea

NOVELS (these can easily be found at national bookstores!!)

SHORT STORIES/SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS (again can be found at national bookstores. probably. the hunt is worth it.) (pls buy local books)

POEM (im not as well read here so bear with me)

  • Aral Sa Heograpiya by Edgar Calabia Samar (i cant find it online so heres a sneaky pic from my fil textbook bc u just…gotta read this) (simple and heartbreaking portrayal of best friends/maybe more and growing apart)



  • At Last, the Ocean by Alie Unson (i bought this chapbook just a few months ago and i had to stop after the first essay to just. breathe. for an hour. my god. if my heart was ripped out, her essays forcibly put my heart back in)


this looks like a lot but this is just baaaaarely the tip of the iceberg. it’s like. an icecube from the iceberg. im not as well read as i wish to be, but i will read and read and read til i am! i enthusiastically encourage all ph readers out there to give some of these a try and maybe venture even further!!! go to chapbook launches!! open mics!! find out what you like and what you dont like!!! buy and read classics and buy and read new stuff from up and coming writers!! 

the ph literature scene is, heh, lit, and exploring it is an utter joy. i hope you find some of these useful. happy reading, anon!!!

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37 and 46 with AJ Styles.

#37- “I had a dream about you.” + #46- “I could beat you up, you know that right?” (AJ Styles)

From this drabble list

Originally posted by frentique

(AJ’s POV)

           To be honest, I was never one who expressed my affection for a person often. I mean, friends were one thing. When you worked with the ones I have for so long, eventually they become family (Gallows and Anderson to name a few…..Ahhhh, the good brothers.) But darlin’, you were a different story because I loved you even before our paths crossed again in the WWE Performance Center on an empty cold Friday night.

           “Hey, beautiful.” My deep, southern voice had been a shaky whisper. I wasn’t even sure if you’d still remember who I was. “How’ve you been?”

           “AJ? Oh my God, AJ!” You said with a cheer. “How can I forget you? I missed you….so much.”

           Your arms wrapped tightly around my waist in a hug and I pulled you closer towards me with all energy I could muster. One of my hands rested softly in your dark brown hair and the other landed lowly against your back.

           “Thank God.” I sighed. “I thought you’d be pissed I left you back in Japan. I’m so sorry.”

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im not entering the giveaway bc i always wanna buy ur stuff and support u fam but i love all ur legfam comics bc #daddyissues and i love the stories explored by legfam whether they be parental insecurities or just parent-child interactions, and just, it touches my heart and makes me soft and the uplifting stories really cheer me up a lot when im exhausted and out of energy and feeling like ive lost hope/motivation

AhhHH dude this means so much to me 😭 thank you for always supporting me!!! You shower me w sm love I can never be grateful enough :’-) and I’m glad legfam au offers you some type of comfort! Making your days is really what keeps me going as well whenever I’m having a hard time cause it’s v heartwarming to know that we all have this mutual love for one another??? Idk I might just be getting senti again it’s 3am :’-)

But yeah I have a lot more hopefully endearing stories about the father and son duo soon! I hope those give you strength as well!

andjiminieshands  asked:

hello there hehe! soo go for the baby jeongguk three sentence fic i know you want it as much as i do!💓 i would say with baby jikook but you can include baby vmin too💕💕💕

jikook [cute kiddies jikook ahhhh]

hello~~ lolol u know it!! 👀👀💕💕

also, for those who don’t know/haven’t seen yet, go check uruhiko out on twitter!! They make the cutest baby jungkook and vmin fanarts ever OTL

Dark, twinkling doe eyes blink up at Jimin as he stares back at the baby slowly shuffling towards him, pacifier in Jungkook’s mouth bobbing and drool dripping to the floor and slight panic bubbles inside little Jimin as Jungkook crawls closer and closer- what did he want, why was he coming to Jiminie?

Jimin stumbles back a little as the younger child stops in front of him, the one year old trying to climb the older boy and Jimin falls back on his butt with a little yelp, eyes scrunched shut because oh no, he was going to get attacked by a baby in a pink bunny onesie!

Jimin opens his eyes when he feels something warm settle on his chest, small arms coming around his shoulders and despite the gross, wet feeling of drool on his neck, Jimin hugs Jungkook back, the older boy rubbing his cheeks on top of Jungkook’s head as their hyungs cooed at them.

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I'm so tempted to read Was, Wasn't again bc of how well it was written but I also don't want to cry again so ??? Other than your own great work, can you recommend any other blogs or stories (with Bucky ofc) that are equally as well written if not better (probs impossible) than yours? I'd appreciate it so much!! 💖

Thank you so much, wow. It means so much to me that you liked Was, Wasn’t to this extent 💚💙

I mean, there are so many blogs who write way better than me, and it’s so hard to list all of them, but off the top of my head
@buckyywiththegoodhair, @thewinterswimmer, @whothehellisbella, @writingruna, @viollettes, @rotisserierogers, @theassetseyeliner, @abovethesmokestacks
They are such talented people and deserve all the love in the world and I adore them ahhhh

Mood board for Mad by @idolimagines

》To the Author : ahhhh! I don’t even know where to begin! I loved this fic so much, there are no words to express for how much I enjoyed it! I binge read the entire story in one day, along with your other series you had written. Thank you so much for all of your work! ♡