ahhhh i like how this turned out

I just finished Winter, and omg, I love her so so much. I was actually going to draw Jacinter BUT I started sketching and it turned out to be just her. This one aaah so lovable I just can’t *cries*


Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs

I got a commission from @umicorms of some bees and they TURNED OUT GREAT!!!! Umi is super cool and runs a Dishonored side blog @whales-and-witchcraft, so they drew me a little bonus Outsider! AHHHH!! 

will you share your soul with me?

pairing: even bech naesheim/isak valtersen

additional tags: alternate universe,camping trip

chapters: 1/5

words: 2123

There’s a school camping trip at the beginning of Isak’s second year. He’s not sure why he agrees to go, especially when he remembers how difficult it is for him to sleep anywhere that isn’t his own bed.

It turns out he’s not the only insomniac on the trip.


That’s the story of how I met Tom Ellis (and how he discovered that Iain De Caestecker is my favourite actor) - #day1


  • Thank you so much to everyone! The book is full of lovely messages and I’m so happy about that!
  • Tom loved the book, he told me he would have read it later during the night!
  • He thanked me. HE. THANKED ME. HE?! I MEAN. HE!!!
  • Tom’s laugh live, is the most wonderful thing in the world!
  • Tom singing, is even more wonderful! I mean, I HEARD HIM SING!
  • Can you imagine when he repeated my name out loud to be sure he understood it well? CAN YOU IMAGINE? I died.
  • Then the photo op.


  • TOM ELLIS IS SOFT! So skinny but SOFT!!!
  • AND TALL!!! I mean, I’m tall but look at how he had to lower himself!

Then. It’s always better if you go with a photo on your phone if you want a particular pose.
Mine was this one down below, of course the Iain-Ming pose.

So when I showed him the photo he actually patted his cheek like to say “c'mere, cheek-to-cheek”.
Then he pointed at my phone and said “Is that Iain?”
And I replied with a big “Yeeep!”
Then he said to me “He’s one of my best friends!”
And I was like “I know… he’s my favourite actor!!!”
So he smiled so much and actually grabbed me to hold me tight!
I love how we turned out mostly because he was so tired and in a lot of photos he wasn’t smiling or he was talking!
In mine, he just smiled and ahhhh! I think you can totally see my happiness in my eyes!
Plus when we got out from the photo room, the door was still open and he stuck out his tongue and ahhhh!

I can’t write all he said in the panel because I’m actually really tired. But we’ll read tomorrow with other news and stuff about him!

“Mhm, me too,” Gemma agreed. She straightened the blanket on the small bed. “How are things with you and Harry?”

I tensed up. I knew she would ask questions, and I couldn’t blame her. I didn’t have any siblings to look out for, but if I was in her position, I would be feeling exactly the same – worried and concerned. “They’re… things are okay.” I tried to make my voice sound at least a little convincing.

Gemma sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to her. “How are things really?”

“The same,” I sighed. “I don’t really know what to do.” I looked out of the window. I felt like I could cry, but I knew that I wouldn’t; I’d been all cried out months ago.

“Harry still loves you,” she said quietly. “I know you still love him.”

Chapter Two of Turned Around is posted!


“…Soren… Are… We frauds?”

( @green-kool-aid I DID THE THING. I’M REALLY PROUD OF IT. IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE I ANIMATED AND JUST NGHHH. This was supposed to be something happy and simple but H a. Nope.

Feels and complexities ftw.)

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i remember before episode 5 came out, the preview for it showed that scene where viktor was hugging yuuri from behind while they watch chris' short program. everyone was like OMG WHAT HAPPENED, WHY IS HE HUGGING HIM LIKE THAT, and it turned out? he was hugging him just Because? no other character mentioned it, neither yuuri nor viktor made a big deal over it. to me, that's what i love about yoi? you can rly see how comfortable they grow around each other, and i think it's so Beautiful

AHHHH I REMEMBER IT SO WELL! “WHAT’S GOING ON?? WHAT HAPPENED?? THERE HAS TO BE A REASON??” haha lol nope, just vitya being the extremely tactile man he is! the hug was just So Good?? esp for the reasons you mentioned! i still can’t believe we’ve been blessed with this gorgeous universe and these amazing characters ♥♥♥

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im glad about the way you see bakugou. so many people take the fact that he has a temper and then goes. temper=angry lover=frivallous/casual sex life. and im like?????????????? like headcanons are fine but complete misinterpretations of characters that become popular in the fandom and get seen as canon just makes me sad

Well, I understand this tbh, some popular headcanons are kind of cringy to me too - personally I’m under the impression that if Bakugou were ever to decide he wanted to involve himself with someone else it’d be because he’s really, 100%, completely and utterly convinced that’s something he definitely wants in his life and he can’t do without, and that just doesn’t fit with casual relationships? He’s too focused in a one-track-mind way on becoming number one, a “distraction” of that kind wouldn’t work for him

Then again it’s not like this stuff is canon, everyone’s free to see him as they wish haha

Anon said: What’s your favorite bnha crack ship?

…………………………………… TetsuKami - it??? kind of started because of their quirks??? A lot of my ships started because of the quriks actually, but yeah their quirk compatibility intrigues me - are they perfectly compatible? Or would Kaminari just straight out kill Tetsu if he ever used his quirk on him? Metal and electricity have some fancy things they can do together, if Kami could electrify/magnetize Tetsu without killing him they could be an amazing team?? I thought about this so much that I started thinking about a possible friendship between the two (they come from the same prefecture too!!) and in the end it turned into a ship rip


That depends on which bokuroteru we’re talking about and just how much you mean to change! 


Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O* I’m glad you liked it!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said: yamaguchi (my husbando) looks so freaking cool in your style!! i love it so much!! aaaaaaaaaaaa

BOI thank you!!!! I haven’t drawn him enough for it to be comfortable yet, so I’m glad I’m doing something right hahaha

Anon said: I thought you should know that you and your posts are the reason I wake up every morning and I love you!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! I love you too!!!! And I’m glad I can help you like that???? oh my!!!!

Anon said: I love you!! Your art makes me really happy! I hope you’re doing well!!

THANK YOU!!!!! I hope you’re doing great too, anon!!!!!

Anon said: I read the last anon asks, and the one about the rare pairs made me laugh, because I find that haikyuu! And BNHA are two fandoms where there is barely any ship wars. Yeah, some are more popular, but you could pretty much ship whoever you want and everyone is like “yeah, that’s good” because every character in both series are so well developed, that you see them as actual people and not just cookie cutter archetypes who can only be shipped with a single/certain type of character, and I love that.

Right? Fandoms in which my multishipper heart can have its way are my favorite t b h, I’d been looking for something like this since khr ended a real long time ago and now I have two what a good so many possibilities I’m Glad™

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how did you think up the concept of artificial heart? i want to be able to write fiction as compelling as yours someday :o

(Artificial Heart

Ahhhh, heck

and uh, there’s a sorta interesting story to it, heh.

(Spoilers for the plot twist of Artificial Heart) but the main twist is actually a revamp of an old fanfiction I wrote back in the beginning of 2014 called From the Ashes!

In 2013 I got an anon ask that was like “fanfiction idea where Danny gets sick for no clear reason and it turns out he’s a faulty clone of Vlad’s that Vlad’s been using to replace Danny ever since he died.”

And that idea just destroyed me. I sat on it for a while until January 2014 when I got a chance to buckle down and write it. As far as my old fics goes, it’s one of the ones I’m proudest of.

So, mid-February 2017, my deadline comes for my story submission. I was toying with this vague idea of some woman who finds body parts in the dumpster outside her apartment, it’s the landlord killing people, she tries to hide it so no police involvement, yada yada…. but it didn’t have anything that really clicked with me. I was bored of it, so I scrapped it back to “finds body parts in the garbage”

Then I remembered From the Ashes.

It’d been 3 years since I’d written it, and I was STILL digging that plot line, so I thought “Why not revamp it? See what I can do with 3 more years of experience?”

And that’s Artificial Heart


Mini 7: Innocence

This one may be my favorite of all the videos I posted in this collection. TuT  The climax of this song never fails to make my chest go tight and hopefully I brought across those feelings here!


Kitt: Ooo, it’s almost nighttime love. You know what that means, right?
Kitt: … Oswald?

Oswald: *sigh*, Yes. I know what that means.
Kitt: hehehe, now the REAL fangs are out!!
Oswald: Let’s see how YOU like it!!!
Kitt: ahhhh!!!!! YOU… JERK!
Oswald: Hahahahaha.

Kitt: NOT FUNNY, you are NOT gonna turn me!!
Oswald: Oh c’mon, hehe. That’s the most fun I’ve had all day. Plus, you owe me for springing this mess on me.
Kitt: gah… fine, fine. Fair enough. But really though, no biting… ya turd.


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

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Can you write a Bechloe fic in which Chloe and Beca start like a competition about how much random things they know about each other and Chloe is surprised bc she would never guess Beca knew her so much even in the little things?

Ahhh yes yes yes. Here ya go!

I Know More Than You Think Beale

They were the last two on campus, go figure. All of the other girls had gone home for Christmas break already. Of course the day they both planned on going home the roads were covered in ice and there was no leaving in site. They were stuck. Stuck in the cold, with barely enough food and the same 10 movies they’d both already seen far too many times than comfortable to count.

Georgia didn’t see very many ice storms, but every couple years a bad one would hit and the whole state would lose it’s shit. Odds are they’d be home barely in time for Christmas- 2 days from then.

While Beca wasn’t particularly looking forward to going home for the holidays, Chloe was heartbroken. She hadn’t seen her brothers in months and she missed her dog more than the rest of her family combined. Beca on the other hand just had Shelia and Roger waiting for her, but they’d be just fine without them. She didn’t even go home for

Thanksgiving. They survived that- surely they could survive Christmas without her.

They were sitting on the couch, Indian style facing each other, playing what felt like their 7th game of Go Fish. Chloe had already won 5 out of the 7, merely because Beca was letting her. Beca threw her cards down, “alright Beale. I can’t do this anymore. We need to try to get out of her. I’m losing my mind.”

“Becs we can’t. The roads are totes iced over. There’s no way I’m letting you drive in this. You can’t even drive in normal weather, what makes you think I’m letting you get behind the wheel in ice covered roads? Come on. Sit back down. I’ll make you some cocoa.”

“Chlo I’ve already had 4 cups of cocoa. That’s too much as it is!”

“Nope. No such thing as too much. Shut up and sit down.”

“Ok fine but give me more marshmallows this time!”

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angst!! Color soulmate au! Bakugou, Toshinori, Izuku, and Tenya's reaction when their colors go away bc they're s/o dies ;-; and they're not there to actually see it, but like their colors slowly fade and they slowly realize what's happening

Yessss, my first ask specifically asking for angst  

Bakugou first noticed the colors fading when his explosions no longer looked as bright. The reds, the oranges, the yellows were no longer so bright, but the blacks and greys had grown darker. Next went the color green, his costume no longer seemed to hold any colors. It wasn’t possible. It could not be possible, you were too strong to ever lose. He repeated this to himself as the colors slowly faded. You were safe, you were with your family on a short trip. Even if anything were to happen you’d have your parents to keep you safe. He’d see you again when you returned. You two would do something together and he would explain what he thought and you two would laugh over it. No one could ever hurt you, you were much too strong for that. He respected your skills and strengths, something which was extremely rare for him to bestow upon anyone.

All the colors faded away during a practice battle. The colors may have been dull but now they were completely gone, confirming what he didn’t dare think about. He started to yell, yell from the top of his lungs. Yelling about the unfairness of it all. Yelling about how impossible it was. You couldn’t lose. You would never just die, you would not leave this world, not without a bang.  He was bashing in walls, destroying everything in his path without a thought. No. He wouldn’t accept that you were dead. No. His colors would come back. No. He just had to find you. No. And when he did all the colors would come back. In his blind rage he didn’t notice Aizawa extinguish his quirk until the pain registered in his head after he tried to smash in another wall. Even then he kept punching at the wall, only faintly hearing calls of his name. He’d find you, he swore then and there that he would, and when he did, he’d destroy the man who dared lay a hand on you.  

Toshinori first noticed the colors fading when his costume no longer seemed as bright as before. The reds, the whites, and the blues seemed duller than usual. He just took it as sign that he was more tired than usual and needed more sleep. The first color to disappear was blue and he noticed its appearance straight away. This caused him to be extremely worried about you, and he started to ask around about where you had been sent off to. He knew you had been sent off on a mission alone but he had always been confident in your skills, never overly worried. Now he started to regret that, he had taken your longer than usual return to mean you had fallen behind schedule but would return none the less. 

The next color to go was green, he noticed its disappearance while talking to Midoriya, who had been in his hero costume. Now Toshinori was growing desperate to find where you had gone, growing more and more persistent when asking others about your whereabouts. Then the colors all simply disappeared. They were just gone. Gone, just as you were. He started to panic and headed straight to your hero office. This was all just a mistake, he’d get to your office head quarters to find you there safe and sound, waiting for him with an apology on your lips and all his colors would return at once. He got to your office only to find it ransacked, windows shatters, furniture destroyed and upturned everywhere, papers scattered. People were gathered around something and he forced himself through. And there you were. Your body bruised and bloodied, costume torn to shreds. Tears had started to fall from his eyes as he rushed towards your body. There was no explosion of colors. No smile from you. Holding your cold body close only confirmed his suspicions. He only cried harder. He’d never see your smile, never see you in his flamboyant costume no matter how large it was on you, never see the color of your hair or eyes. Nothing. He’d never see any of it again. 

Izuku had been told that you’d be overseas for Golden Week. He had told you good bye and that when you returned the day before classes would begin you two would do something fun together. Sometime after you left his colors started to become duller. His costume was no longer as bright green as it had been before. He had noticed the same of his friends, their costumes were no longer as bright. This led him to panic and start to run a million scenarios through his mind of what could have gone wrong. Iida had noticed and explained that at times when two soul mates were separated by long distance the colors dulled some. This calmed Izuku for some time, accepting the fact that both of your colors would be dulled. Then the color green completely disappeared. One moment it was there, the next it was gone. He remembered what Iida had told him and just thought the color disappeared for you to. Izuku had been invited by Uraraka and Iida to go shopping for something for you before your return the next day. He chose something that he thought may have been green, since it was the only color he couldn’t see. You had told him you loved the color because it reminded you of his eyes. Just remembering that caused a smile to form on his lips.

The three of them were passing the electronics store when they noticed people surrounding the tvs on display. Curious the three of them walked over and saw that it was showing a plane crash that had happened a week earlier, around the time you had left. He wondered how he hadn’t heard about it earlier when something on the tv caught his eye, the reporter had warned that they would be showing the inside of the plane, and he noticed a bag that looked like yours, with the same buttons and all. He felt panic start to set in, it was just a coincidence, it had to be. He couldn’t see you or your family in the plane, you were heading home safely, he’d see you the next day, you would be smiling at him and telling him stories about your break. Then all the colors disappeared, all at once. They hadn’t grown duller, they had just disappeared. His legs gave out from under him and he fell to his knees. No. No. NO. You couldn’t be gone, Even if that had been the plane you were on you would have survived. Izuku felt tears running down his cheeks. When did he start crying? He could faintly hear people calling to him but he couldn’t stop thinking about you. You were gone, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. He’d never see you again. Never hear your laughter. Never be able to tell you how much he loved you. Never be able to hold you close again. Just like his colors, you were gone forever and it left him feeling empty.

Tenya had told you that you’d catch a cold for playing around in the rain, but you had ignored him. He found your actions endearing and tried his best to keep you dry but you had kept dodging him. Now you weren’t at school because of the cold you had caught and he was going to scold you after school when he would visit you to bring you the work you would miss. He thought about how unlucky it was that you were missing an extensive training day. Although, you would claim it was lucky because you hated those days, you accepted them as something you needed but it didn’t stop you from hating them. When he stepped out with everyone else in their costumes he noticed that the colors weren’t so bright, but brushed it off. He was tired from chasing you around the day before and that probably explained the colors. Then in the middle of the day all the colors disappeared. He noticed it when Uraraka’s and Midoriya’s costumes suddenly lost all color. Panic started to set in. There was only one reason why all colors disappeared. Tenya stopped in the middle of the training session and called to one of the teachers, panic evident in his voice. Worried, Uraraka and Midoriya followed him as he explained the disappearance of the colors to Present Mic. Present Mic understood his worries and had told the other teachers, then someone was sent to your home to check on you. 

Both Uraraka and Midoriya tried to abate his panic and were able to do so, but only slightly. Once Tenya knew you were safe he’d feel immensely better. But he had noticed the teachers whispering amongst each other and occasionally shooting a glance towards them. This only heightened his panic and when a teacher finally explained what they had found he felt his heart stop. They had found your house in a ghastly state but wouldn’t elaborate passed that. He was ready to rush over to your place to see for himself, they had to have made a mistake. He only just seen you the day before but one of the teachers held him back and shook their head. That’s when the panic slowly started to disappear but was instead he was filled with dread. He had only seen you smiling the day before, playing in the rain. Laughter in your eyes and a large smile on your lips, teasing him for being too serious. You couldn’t be gone, you two were going to lead a great life together. You two were going to become great heroes and help all those you could. You couldn’t be gone before making that dream into reality. He was going to protect you and you him, but now that was impossible. He’d never see you smile again. Never get to become great heroes. Nothing.