ahhhh i just love this book series

Ahhhh I just finished watching the Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix show. Honestly, ASOUE were my favorite books as a kid after Harry Potter. I forgot how freaking much I love them. 

I also remember being kind of sad when it ended fairly inconclusively. My memories of that are extremely fuzzy, I remember there were supplemental materials that sort of gave a clearer idea of things. But the last book was basically “SOMETIMES YOU DON’T GET ANSWERS IN LIFE KIDS”. 

ANYWAY The Netflix series seems like it’s going to reveal a lot more about the secret organization stuff and it’s such GOOD adaptation for the most part. Like I have zero problems with anything that’s different. A lot of it actually works better than the books because the kids learn that shit is going down a lot earlier and are actively investigating things rather than just kind of bouncing from place to place. Likf the Baudelaires ditching Mr. Poe to go to lumbermill on their own to look for answers rather than being taken there. Like, it makes sense they’d just get sick of his nonsense at some point.  

So I am super psyched to see where it goes. I will probs be reblogging gifs later.

Also happy to see my girl Violet not get screwed over and do all the cool stuff she did in the books. I’LL NEVER FORGIVE THAT MOVIE. 

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ahhhh oh my god, I'm honestly a bit scared for the Netflix series? I really don't want The Witcher world to get screwed up, especially since the game did so great. I'm obviously going to have positive hopes for it (since I love the Witcher so much), but there's always that little part of my mind that's scared 😳 😂

I get it LIKE OK I LOVE THE GAMES BUT they did a pretty meh job at getting what is in the books because the books are just MIND BLOWING!!!!

I just want this Netflix show to give us what the games never did (Ciri + Yen and Yen + Triss relationships) and like I HOPE THEY DO GOOD IM NERVOUS A

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I just had to let you know I was reading a book yesterday and this series is really popular apparently and the author was quoting lyrics from Bad for Me and I totally geeked out cause I recognized the lyrics and knew you guys wrote that song! Ahhhh okay well anyways love you guys!

Wait, explain this again! Hahaha