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Flesh to Flesh [Winter Anderson x Reader]

Request: “Can you please pleaseee do a female reader where Winter sets up a bath for the reader like she did with Ally but winter ends up getting sexual with the reader?” - Anon

“i suck at writing, you’re amazing, winter smut pls” - Anon

“PLS write a winter anderson smut asap ahhhh i neeeeeed it rn” - Anon

“when r u posting winter smut!!!” - Anon

“Could you do romantic winter x fem!reader nsfw pls? ❤️👌” - Anon

“ohmygod winter smut plsssssss” - Anon

Warnings: SMUT, maybe a little OOC, fem!reader, lesbian!reader and lesbian!winter, fingering, mentions of Oz, probably more

Word Count: 1.1k 

A/N: Haha this is finally done… I screamed my way through the entire thing, so you guys best enjoy this. By the way, this was mostly written the day after episode four aired, so nothing from episode five/six is mentioned. Also, Y/H/C is your hair color.

MAJOR shoutout to @jana-banana-fana for helping me! Also whatever Anon came up with the title. 

(I grabbed this gif from Tumblr a few days ago, but didn’t save who it’s from! If this is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit!)

“It’s ready, babe.” Winter said, leaning against the pristine white door frame. She had taken her black top off, a white crop top underneath. You could easily see her dark bra through the thin fabric as she walked closer to you, small spots of water littering her body. Her hands were wet from where she had stirred the water. Giving her a small smile, you could tell that she knew you were uneasy about the whole situation. “Come on.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this? It’s not our house.” You said quietly, standing up from the plush chair in the bedroom. Even with your doubts, you followed your girlfriend into the master bathroom.

“They’ll never know.” She replied. “I promise. Y/N. And Oz won’t know, either. He’s asleep down the hall.”

She let you glance around the large bathroom for a moment before speaking up again, this time to let you know that she was going to check on Oz. Oz was the son of the two wives that live in the house, the child Winter nannied full-time. You had met him a few times before, and he liked you a lot, but after he caught the two of you in a passionate makeout session in the kitchen a few nights ago, Winter had decided that it was best if you snuck in at night from then on. Kids do have a habit of telling their parents things they’re not supposed to, after all. That’s how you ended up here, at the Mayfair-Richards house at nine-thirty in the night.

You began to strip yourself of your clothes as she walked out of the room, gently closing the door behind her. You glanced around the bathroom for a moment before stepping into the tub. There was a large, marble fireplace directly in front of you, and double sinks across from it. There were several bottles and jars spread around the counter, and a small, near-empty clothes hamper in the corner. You couldn’t help but wonder what was in the jars, though.

Winter was right, you had noticed. The bath she had drawn was, in fact, perfect, and soon enough, you had almost fallen asleep. This was so, so much better than taking your finals at Vassar. When your girlfriend had taken a break to campaign for Hillary, she tried her best to get you to go with her, but you opted to finish the year there and visit her on school holidays. Luckily, there was a free week just in time after the election, so you had postponed finals to see her. After all, she’s the only thing keeping you sane during this time. Hell, she had slowly become the only person you could tolerate anymore.

“See? It’s nice.” Suddenly, as you opened your eyes, Winter sat beside you on the lip of the tub. “Are you feeling better?”

Nodding, you lean forward, closer to her. “How are you always right?”

With a slight smile, she laughs lightly, pushing her sleeves up her arms. It was mere seconds before her lips were pressed to yours, her hands working their way into your soft, Y/H/C hair. Her silver ponytails were draped over her shoulders, nearly dipping into the water as she removed one hand, sneakily moving to cup your breast.

“You’re so good,” She whispered, gently pulling away from you. “so good for me, aren’t you?” 

You were silent as her hand fell downwards, breathing heavily from anticipation. “God, I don’t deserve you.” You whined, letting her hand caress your thigh under the bubbly, light pink water. Neither of you could see under it, but Winter didn’t need to. She had learned your body better than she knew the back of her own hand, always. 

“Mm, you’re wrong.” Her voice was rich with lust, smooth as velvet. Winter’s eyes were dark as she stared at you through her long lashes, licking her berry-colored lips in one swift move. “Let me prove it, how much you deserve me, baby.” 

You couldn’t help but let your head fall back against the bathtub as her hand crept closer and closer to your aching heat. Suddenly, she pulled away, quickly beginning to remove her white top. Eagerly, you moved to help her, but she shooed you away. She was left in her lacy black bra, which you had previously been gifted glances of through the thin fabric. 

Moments later, she resumed her actions, allowing you to melt into her once more. Moving faster this time, she studied your face as two of her long, slender fingers slipped into you with ease. You moaned out rather loudly at the sudden gesture, but she quickly hushed you.

“Oz, quiet.” Winter told you, her thumb sweeping over that bundle of nerves she was so fond of. She was able to find your sweetest spot with one small thrust of her hand, encouraging you to move one of yours to grasp her ponytail, ensuring that she stayed near that spot. She hummed quietly, instructing you to keep hold. 

It wasn’t long before you were a panting mess in front of her. “God, Winnie! Shit…” You were barely able to speak as you felt yourself squirm beneath her touch. “I’m so close!”

As soon as you uttered those words, it hit you. Your thighs snapped closed around your girlfriend’s hand and your fingers tugged onto her silver locks so firmly that you were certain she was in pain, but neither of you cared. She rode you through your orgasm before letting the tub begin to drain, standing up. 

Grabbing the fluffy, pink towel from the fireplace, she helped you up, wrapping it around you with care. You weren’t certain you’d be able to walk properly as you stepped out of the porcelain, letting her lead you. 

“Stay here. Your clothes are in the wash, you can wear one of Ivy’s old shirts or something until they’re done.” Winter opened drawer after drawer as you laid on the king-sized bed to recover, finally coming to you with a large, black t-shirt branded with the Butchery on Main logo. You slipped it over your body easily, letting her dry your hair with the towel. “Here, I almost forgot.” She smirked, quickly walking to her bag. Revealing a pair of dark red knee socks, Winter sighed happily. 

“Have I told you how much I love you lately?” You asked, resting your head on her narrow shoulder. 

“Mm, I’m pretty sure I love you more.”