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Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs


└ Seriously old man! You CAN’T look THAT adorably cute when owning up to members!

Cr: VS Arashi 02.02.2017


Sammael is such an ultra adorable and aesthetically A+ monster, the suits are works of art and I want to hug them!


Title: The lone cyborg
Author: shorthairsonic
Rating: T
Warnings: cyborg gore
Summary: Genos has been looking for the mysterious cyborg that saved his town four years ago.

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“…Soren… Are… We frauds?”

( @green-kool-aid I DID THE THING. I’M REALLY PROUD OF IT. IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE I ANIMATED AND JUST NGHHH. This was supposed to be something happy and simple but H a. Nope.

Feels and complexities ftw.)

Like Water, Like the Sky (V x MC)


Rika hated to see suffering because she felt so powerless to change destiny for what they were, but (Name) chose to accept suffering and was able to look beyond her pain to bring forth happiness. V had been so stubborn to cling onto Rika despite her distorted obsessions to end suffering that he ended up hurting everyone in the process. Truly, he was not one to deserve any forgiveness from the people he cherished and thought fondly of.

Warning: There is character death and several heavy plot spoilers from Seven’s secret routes so be warned!

Inspired by musical pieces “Enigma (Two Steps from Hell)”, “Pavane for a Dead Princess (Maurice Ravel)”, and some of the feels-worthy Mysme soundtracks that lovely @doodlesloth graciously shared.

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Before I started watch Steven Universe and I only knew the looks of the character,s I had a dream where Steven was hanging around a junkyard (I guess the implication was that he was homeless I think?) and was looking at a broken down car that ended up hiding a portal to where the gems lived, and that’s how it all started. 

Title: Heart
Pairing: Naruto/Hinata, Implied Boruto/Sarada
Summary: A rare weekend of for the Hokage turns dangerous when Hinata collapses, causing some old memories to resurface.

A/N: Another entry in a series of prompts from @fruit-snack. This one basically wote itself, it was great fun. If you could leave a review you’d make me very, very happy

(AO3) (FF)

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