Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuichi - SLF Special Edition

  • Nakamura called Sugita everyday after Japan Earthquake last 2011.
  • The first time Nakamura was living alone by himself, he sadly told Sugita “Sugita… living alone is so lonely…” So Sugita came and then they proceed to living together… for four-five days. After that, Nakamura bluntly told him “Please go back to your own place.”

  • Several people said that its common to see Sugita and Nakamura holding hands during event or on regular recording.

  • “Because Nakamura will be here today” — a female seiyuu asked Sugita out and got turn down by this reason.
  •  Sugita once complained about how Nakamura first time BL ‘H’ partner wasn’t him
  • Sugita Tomokazu invited Nakamura Yuichi to play 'Monster Hunter’, but left him to take care of the enemy subordinate while Sugita concentrated on defeating the last boss ^^“ Several days later, Kamiya Hiroshi complained about the exact same thing also happen to him.

  • Nakamura said that Sugita never talk bad about other people, not even once.
  • When they got into fight, Sugita usually will look less energetic than usual.
  • That was a UST recording, when Sugita told the news along with Nakamura. Sugita’s PSVita was broken so bad it couldn’t be fixed no matter what. Sulking Sugita apparently didn’t really take notice when Nakamura said that he need to go to men’s room.One hour later, Nakamura was back with a new PSVita; he said, ”I change your birthday date. So its become today!“ and give Sugita the PSVita. It was unbelievable for both Sugita and their fans, of how Nakamura managed to buy PSVita in one hour on LIVE recording no else!

Extra Story of how sweet they are:

Sugita goal eight years ago was to buy two pillows. One to put at his place, and one to put at Nakamura’s place. The reason (taken from Nakamura’s blog) was because he only has one pillow at his place. Whenever Sugita came by to sleepover, Nakamura will fold towel as pillow replacement and give the pillow to Sugita. 

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OMAKE - Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuuichi - ”Through the Other’s Eyes”

- their relationship from people around them point of view -

Kamiya Hiroshi: “I got enough with Sugita kun’s Nakamura this and that story! Someone please ban him from talking about Nakamura!”

Ono Daisuke: “‘Seiyuu that I want to be my lover. 1st place: Nakamura Yuuichi’… Eh? This one from Sugita-kun, isn’t it?”

Wakamoto Norio: ”No one knows whether they join at the hips or not”

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: “Nakamura san has a beautiful voice, no wonder Sugita san is charmed~” (Sugita mentioned before that beautiful voice is something that make him fall in love with someone) 

Shimazaki Nobunaga: (based on episode when Sugita set his goal on something precious) “Nakamura san definitely wouldn’t lose!”

Hirakawa Daisuke: “Oh… The one that Nakamura kun is intimate with, certainly Sugita kun”

Yusa Koji: (the first time he met Nakamura long time ago) “So.. you are the rumored Nakamura kun, aren’t you? Sugita kun said that you’reå really really close friend…”

Miyano Mamoru: (Q: Any place that Sugita possibility go to) “Nakamura san’s place!”

Terashima Takuma: “Can’t find Sugita san… Shouldn’t you asked Yuichi san instead of me?”

Okiayu Ryoutarou: “Sugita kun always ‘Nakamura this~ Nakamura that~’ until I want to call Nakamura to stop him”

Yasumoto Hiroki: “Sometimes I pity Nakamura, he always have to deal with Sugita kun declaration of love” 

Morikubou Shoutarou: “Both of you must be really close friend on your previous life~!”

Morita Masakazu: “I think that they really have deep connection, the bond that they share each other”

Yasumura Makoto: (told Nakamura) “You already have Sugita, right! He is your ‘Only One’.”

Yoshino Hiroyuki: “Nakamura san, I wish you forever happiness with Sugita san”


Mizuki Nana: “I know that both of them are lovey dovey. Even when three of us are eating together, the conversation are ‘Nakamura this~’ and ‘Nakamura that~’”

Kobayashi Yuu: “Best friend should be only one; like Nakamura san who will do anything to make Sugita san happy.”

Watanabe Akeno: “I went with them to electronic stores. I got enough….”

Kitamura Eri: “Women all over the world who after Sugita kun are lose to Nakamura kun”

Hanazawa Kana: “Right~ The relationship between those two are too good.”

Yuki Aoi: “When I’m in the same room as them, I feel like third wheel”

Kondo Kanako: “Sugita san and Nakamura san already been through a lot of things, together”

Asami Imai: “Please feel free to show your love for each other”

Asakawa Yuu: “Are they dating?”


Washizaki Takeshi: “Nakamura kun, I left Sugita kun in your hand.”

Kikuchi Yumi: “Sugita san, looks like that you’re busy in the night. Nakamura also.”

Endo Masaaki: “Only two of you also not bad, right? How about getting married?”

Mafia Kajita: “Sugita san and Nakamura san are codependence. They can’t live without each other.”


Done! Yay! I’m not supposed to post this one, because I just found it several hours ago accidentally! But this is so amazing, to be able to know how friends, colleagues, Sugita group member, think about their relationship. 

I just know that IF i don’t post this one right now, it will end as translated but never shared. Good thing must be shared :D although I think that you bored already with post with this two hahahaha.

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Happy Belated Birthday Ono Daisuke~! MamaD related post

[Kamiya Hiroshi - Ono Daisuke Special]  1 /  2 /  3 /  4  / 5 / 6  / 7

**from the way Ono Daisuke talked, its not clear whether he always feel nervous when he is with Kamiya Hiroshi, or he only nervous when doing DGS program with Kamiya.

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うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ series (4) ~ Mikaze Ai

[Aoi no Ai] # inside story of UtaPri from Mikaze Ai’s seiyuu point of view#


(1) Kotobuki Reiji (CV: Morikubou Shoutarou)

PREQUEL - Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuichi - SLF Special Edition

  • スパロボOG   うますぎWAVE」第24回 RADIO
    Sugita mentioned that Nakamura was caught by his fangirl just now…
    Miyazawa: “It was a long time since I saw Nakamura. At least I want to see his picture, I miss him so much”
    Sugita: *proudly take his cell phone* “My screen saver is Nakamura picture!”
    ….Everyone was so shocked….
    Sugita: *rambling happily* “Actually before, it was a 2D picture, but when Nakamura saw it, he went ‘Humankind has fallen'「こいつ人间として终わってる」that kind of expression… so I asked him what should I do. He said, "What do you think?” so I snapped him and make the picture into my screen saver!“ (Nakamura later was proven to be too embarrassed and speechless to even stop Sugita from continue taking his picture)

  • Because of the constant, tirelessly story of 'Nakamura this and that’ from Sugita (all over BLOG, RADIO, interview, hand written interview,and so many more); all the people around them already believed that Sugita + Nakamura = BFF even before they even become a close friend ^^” On the other side, Nakamura didn’t really realized Sugita 'handwork’ until a moderator teased him about “Its So Nice to be IN LOVE~” (RABU RABU ね〜)

  • Seven years ago, to maintain 'healthy relationship’ in public face, Sugita went to Taiwan to attend an event, all by himself. There was period of time, that the agency told them to keep distance each other, to stop mentioning each other in their blog, practically to stop seeing each other. Sugita in Taiwan, although with super high spirited fans, still feel bit stressed out. When his fans asked about Nakamura, he answered, “We’re good. Best friend.”
  • Two days in Taiwan, Sugita received five email. Two from his mother, one from agency, and the other two are from you-know-who. Still, the first phone call he received after back to Japan, was from his best buddy, Nakamura :) Gradually the chaos went down and their relationship was as good as ever be.

Yesterday, I carelessly pick any fact that happy or funny, but I never really really read it until today… Just today I realized, that their relationship wasn’t always sunshine and rainbow.

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*I love how Morikawa-san memory seems to be perfect mwahahahahaha*


Kamiya 167cm, Hosoya 175cm. Your fans still can see you behind Kamiya, AHOsoya….


~ Kamigami no Asobi Event [Miniature Garden Festival] series ~

/  Apollon   /   Baldr   /   Loki   /   Hades   /   Toto sama   /  Anubis  /

What can you tease about the book?
I can definitely say that the characters go to a location that we’ve heard about, but we’ve never seen in any of the books. There is a death of a major character really early on in the book that I think will surprise people. And there are two weddings.

Miyu, Toyonaga and Yuto already talked about which part Kamiya has to remove, in order to be a woman… And Hosoya, well, its Hosoya ^^; 「うわ~見えそう、見えそう」

## I think Kamiya (said) wanted to be born women, so he can marry Kaji ^_^ But I believe once Kamiya turned into a girl, he will deal with his own male seiyuu  fanboy, who also want to marry him…##


~ Kamigami no Asobi Event [Miniature Garden Festival] series ~

/  Apollon   /   Baldr   /   Loki   /   Hades   /   Toto sama   /  Anubis  /