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I Take You - makoharuheartandsoul (narmeenypuff) - Free! [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 8 summary:

Makoto studies for his upcoming exams, and Haru doesn’t approve.

Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto, Background Hazuki Nagisa/Ryuugazaki Rei, Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke
Additional Tags: Fluff, Engagement, Haru knows how to tease his man, Makoto is adorable, Bridezilla!Haru, Breathplay, Dominant!Makoto, Seductive!Haru, Wedding Planning, Rin/Rei/Nagisa are the wedding planning squad, possessive!Haru, model!Haru, the reigisa and sourin are in the background for now :D, Comfort/Angst, needy!Haru, Pet Names
Summary: Haru and Makoto are engaged and living together in Tokyo at the young age of 21.


What do you get when you cross a corrupt politician and a cop with nothing to lose? A film of the year. COMING SUMMER 2014 PREVIOUS VID: https://www.youtube….

Everyone this is SO IMPORTANT

Freaking hilarious~

So today, I sat for my math paper. It was okay I guess. Something I couldn’t get out of my mind though was how annoyed I was at myself. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a ‘math’ sort of person, but sometimes I just hate myself for not knowing things as simple as this. I see my classmates and they’re all doing exceptionally well. I’ve told myself time and time again not to be affected or fazed by this, but I’ve failed to refuse the ache that’s already crept into me. The pain’s like a familiar friend that I haven’t seen in a long time and is making an appearance again.

I’m not saying I’m not grateful. I am. I’m able-bodied, I have a roof over my head, a mind too sarcastic for its own good, and most importantly, a God that loves and protects me. I just wish that I’d be good enough at math like the average student. My grades stick out like a sore thumb. I’ve tried studying, but sometimes even studying just doesn’t cut it, y'know.

I wish the Singaporean education system would be a little more flexible. They’re really only testing us on memorizing stuff, something I’m obviously not good at doing. I dream of an education system that can fully utilize and harness students’ talents and abilities; let it be a sport, an art, some form of music or even academically if deem fit. Not forcing the students to be unable to lead stress-free lives and to be restricted and bound down by the harsh requirements of our world. I’ll be honest, it’s sicking and leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth (even though I’m currently eating Famous Amos cookies).
I can’t just remember things in an instant. My mind is like a pet that refuses to be tamed. I’ll keep doing the things I love and I won’t mind even if I do retain. I have to be good for at least something. I’ll prove to the people one day that I’m not as useless as they think I am.

I’m gonna let lose the inner artist/athlete/writer in me.

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Positivity: My friend gave me a really cute hair bow and I wore it to school and I got a lot of compliments and ik it's a small thing but I felt really pretty and fem for the first time and AHHH IT WAS SO GREAT

Fox says:

I bet you looked super cute! ❤️

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(I'm was exciting when you ask for the headcanons, sorry ahahaha) so idk if you like the idea but you can imagine Iwaoi in a distance relationship, like they know each other because ther tumblr blogs so one ther for Oikawa birthday Iwa-chan travels to Oikawa city and appears in his apartment at about 3:00 a.m and we have like a messy hair Tooru opening the door with only boxers and his aliens shirt and in the other side we have Iwa with a big teddy bear but is not a bear is a alien teddy +

No worries, I understand you just fine. Your english is fine!

And AHHHHH yes!!  I love this!! I’m always up for long distance relationship and happy surprises!! I love this, really!!
And imagine Iwa also bringing cake and then they are sitting there in Oikawa’s kitchen at like almost 4 am, eating cake, talking about life and just everything. It’s all easy and fun and as the time pasts their talk gets more intimate and they start talking about them and their “relationship” and what they are and what this means now. The result is that they want to be together. So Iwa tallows cake all over Oikawa’s face and they end up rolling and romping around, laughing, happy. It all ends with happy cuddles in bed *eyebrow wiggle*

And they sleep in and just enjoy their time together and have a nice late birthday breakfast!

Just read @theacademiczine, and you can definitely see all the hard work and love that was put into it. As a relatively new studyblr, a lot of the articles were immensely in clarifying basic aspects of studyblr (like bullet journals and pen reviews!) and it went over some topics that aren’t usually covered in the traditional “learn to study!!” guides, such as balancing relationships. I loved the range of articles, and I loved that it was so long! (I sat down for a solid half hour to go through the entire thing ahaha)

Overall, it’s a great collection of tips and tricks for studying and for being productive, and I hope the creators continue with it!

rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions.

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artist i am selecting: blink-182

what is your gender? pretty little girl

describe yourself? emo

how do you feel? just about done

if you could go anywhere, where would it be? the rock show (im sorry but,,)

mode of transportation? fighting the gravity

your best friend(s)? aliens exists (i love you tho, ur the bestest)

favourite time of day? after midnight

if your life was a tv show, what would it be called? what’s my age again?

what is life to you? all of this

relationship status? not now

you fear? violence