samwell’s womens hockey team
  • erica “bitty” bittle is 110% a lipstick lesbian
  • one of those girls who smell nice literally all the time even when she smells like baking ingredients
  • for her entire life, she had very long hair but after seeing lardo, she decided to get the chop sophmore year. her hair is now a cute little bob
  • always ties her hair back with a ribbon and jackie finds it really endearing
  • buys that fancy shampoo from lush that makes her hair super soft 

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could I please get Tanaka, Noya, Kuroo, Kemna and Ukai (if you can) doing their s/o kind of long hair? **And thank you so much for this blog, I find your writing spot on for the characters which is so rare, and it so satisfies my haikyuu need, you are such a precious angel**

You sure can! And ahhh thank you so much! ;w; You are a precious angel!

When it came to his partner’s hair, Tanaka was always reverent, torn between wanting to touch it and not wanting to ruin it. When his partner sweetly left it up to him to style it that day, Tanaka was all at once thrilled and nervous, taking the utmost care in handling his partner’s beautiful tresses. At first, he contented himself with simply running a brush through it until it was as soft as silk, and once he’d gained the courage, he began braiding it with an almost childlike delight. (He’d learned some tricks and tips from Saeko during their childhood days, back when she’d had longer hair.) When he was done, Tanaka handed his partner a mirror and watched, anticipating, as they turned their head this way and that. “It’s beautiful, Tanaka!” they exclaimed, in awe of his handiwork. The braid was simple but charming, honest and made with care—just as expected of Tanaka. 

Nishinoya was down for styling his partner’s hair in the blink of an eye. “Leave it to me!” he said uproariously. He was a tornado as he swept around his partner’s bathroom, collecting any and all products he could find, including his own jar of scented hair wax that he carried in his bag. Nishinoya was all about extravagance, even if it meant sacrificing good taste: he straightened his partner’s hair, and then curled it, pinned it up, down, side to side. He threw in some of his hair wax for the finishing touch. Clearly, he was having a blast.

But his hard work wasn’t for nothing and the hairstyle he created for his partner turned out to be attractive, in that unorthodox and flashy and dangerous sort of way that only Noya was capable of. Nishinoya was smug at his work of art, showering his partner with praise and basking in theirs. He couldn’t wait for the others to see how stunning his partner was. 

Kuroo adored his partner’s long hair, loving the way it looked on them and how it felt in his hands. But handling it in their stead was a different situation altogether, and he was uncertain when his partner turned around, presenting their hair to him. “Are you sure?” he said, raising an eyebrow. He ran some fingers down the length of their hair, experimentally. “I mean, have you seen my hair? It’s a pretty accurate indication of how good I am with hair. Which is pretty bad.” Even though he said that, and even though his own hair was and would always be a natural disaster, Kuroo turned out to be rather skillful. He had a good eye, and his fingers were deft as he wove in a collection of small braids throughout his partner’s hair. 

“If only you could do the same to your own hair,” his partner teased him afterward.

Kenma didn’t need to be asked twice—or at all, really. He was constantly playing with his partner’s long hair anyway, when there was no one else to see. Styling his partner’s hair that day was impromptu: one moment he was idly fiddling with their locks as he always did, and in the next, he was all quiet focus and determination, eyebrows furrowed as he tried perfecting the braid/knot/thing he’d managed to create. 

“Having fun, Kenma?” his partner asked, amused. 

“Mm,” he replied noncommittally, eyes fixed on his work. “Don’t move.”

It was quiet and peaceful; his partner occupied themselves with a book as he continued experimenting with their hair. Kenma’s touch was feathery and dexterous, just like him, and he gave his partner’s hair a final stroke when he finished. It was a hairstyle fit for royalty. 

Ukai didn’t trust himself with his partner’s hair, at all, but there was no harm in playing with it as the two of them watched television after a long day. He sat on the couch as his partner sat on the floor in front of him, and he absently ran his fingers over and over again through their hair. It was relaxing—the movement itself as well as the softness of their hair. But the show bored him. And soon, Ukai was sitting up, cross-legged and tongue poking out of the side of his mouth as he became fully engrossed with finishing what he’d started. The braid he made was a messy thing, but he was proud of it, and he slid off his own hairbands to use as an elastic. His partner wasn’t aware of what he was doing until they accidentally touched his hand on their head. Breaking their attention away from the TV, they turned to smile at him and laughed as they studied the braid. 

Ukai harrumphed. “I should be doing your hair every day, honestly.”


Pairing: Steven Stone/Wallace (Originshipping)

Rating: T

Summary: Steven and Wallace head out for a morning jog.

Author’s Note: I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any Origins, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things because I really missed these guys! I hope you’ll enjoy my little way of easing back into writing these two! And get ready for more Origins in the future, of course~

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Exo React to you Using Aegyo to Get What You Want

Sorry I took so long to make another post! I’ve been busy and also procrastination is my worst enemy *shakes fist*


XIUMIN: You: “Oppa~! Please can we go see a movie? Pleasssseee?” *Pouting and lots of aegyo are involved.*

Xiumin: “Ahhh, okay. Goodness, how do you manage to be so cute?” *He ruffles your hair.*


LUHAN: You: “Oppa…let’s go get ice cream!”

Luhan: “Well Baobei, you can’t expect me to say no to that cute face of yours, can you? Let’s go get whatever you want.”


KRIS: You: “Oppa? You’ve been on your phone all day! Can we pleaaaase go to the park?”

Kris: *He looks up from his phone.* “Ah, you’re right baobei.” *He puts his phone in his pocket.* “I’m sorry, let’s go to the park and we can stop for some food on the way back, okay?”


SUHO: You: “Oppa!!! Will you buy me this necklace? Pleeeease?” *You’re batting your eyelashes and swaying back and forth.*

Suho: “Jagiya, if you keep being so cute, I’ll buy you the entire country of Austria.”


LAY: You: *in bed, the two of you just woke up* “Oppa? Can we just stay in bed and cuddle for a while?” *Insert aegyo here.*

Yixing: *He turns to you and makes the ‘okay’ sign.* “That works for me, baobei. Come here!”


BAEKHYUN: You: Baekkie-oppa! Buy me these leggings please! They’re so cute and they match my shorts perfectly!“ *You smile and bounce on your toes.*

Baekhyun: "Do you realize how cute you are being? How can you expect me to say no when you’re like that?”


CHEN: You: “Oppaaa!~” *You tug at his sweater sleeve.* “Please can you take me to the mall?” *You bat your eyelashes at him.*

Chen: *He tries to hold in his laughter, but he busts out laughing.* “Nice try, jagi. I give you a five out of ten. If you want, I can call Sehun to give you some tips?” *He still takes you to the mall nonetheless.*


CHANYEOL: You: “Oppaaaaaaaa!~ Can you take me to a cat cafe*?”



KYUNGSOO: *He’s reading a book in a chair next to the couch you’re seated on. However, you want to spend some quality time with him so you decide to try aegyo on him for the first time.*

You: “Kyungie-oppa?” *You bat your eyelashes in his direction.*

*He turns the page and looks up at you.*

Kyungsoo: “Yes, Jagi?”

You: “Come sit by me, oppa! I wanna watch some videos with you!” *You point at your laptop and smile.*

*He’s kinda hesitant, so you take it one step further.*

You: *You turn to sit on your knees and do 'bbuing, bbuing’ while speaking* “Opppaaaaa!~ Pleaaaase? Bbuing, bbuing!”

Kyungsoo: “I uh…o-okay.” *Gives in quickly.*


TAO: You: “Oppa? Can you pleeeeeease take me shopping? Pleeeeeaaaasssseee?”

Tao: *His ego gets inflated and he acts cool* “Of course, baobei. Oppa will buy you anything you like.”


KAI: You: “Oppa!~ Can you buy me this stuffed bear please?”

Kai: “Ohmygod Yessss!!! I think they have couples ones too! We should get couples bears!! Ahhhh, jagiiii!” *He gives into your aegyo without even knowing it.*


SEHUN: You: “Oppa!~ Can we go get some bubble tea please!?” *You’re swaying and grabbing at his arm to get his attention.*

Sehun: “Jagi, we’ll go get bubble tea, but not because of your lame excuse for aegyo, but because I can never say no to bubble tea. Now, come on.” *He won’t admit it, but he found you pretty cute ;)*




*A/N: If you don’t know what a cat cafe is then I’m so sorry, lol. Basically it’s a place where you can go spend time with some cats and like you can buy treats for them and like feed them and stuff! I learned about them /here/ on YouTube! It sounds like so much fun!

Also, send in your requests! I do reactions, scenarios, and ships! <3