Day 1: Body+ Selfie. My body and I may not always get along, but it’s taken me through tons of things (marching and acting!), so it’s still wonderful and I love it-bumps, rolls, scars and all. Fancy dress because reasons. #radicalselfworship #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositivity

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anonymous asked:

Could you do individual head canons for the Guild when they go get a haircut please? (Keep up the great work with the AUs!)

Ahhh sure, I don’t think I can think of more than a few, but I’ll do my best! (Thank you oh my gosh???)


  • Will notice the moment his hair is a bit too long and get an appointment.
  • He’ll make sure he’s cleanly shaven and looks the best he can for a simple haircut.
  • The most likely to chat at an uncaring hair stylist about things that have been going on in his life.


  • Doesn’t notice when she needs a hair cut until someone points it out to her.
  • Has to force herself to go get a haircut, to be honest. She doesn’t like scissors near her head.
  • Will sit almost too still while getting her hair cut and worries the hair stylist.

Rest under cut for length!

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