SPN Hellatus Rewatch: Pilot

“Lawrence, Kansas 22 years ago” I AM CRY ALREADY.

“Goodnight, Sammy” “It’s okay, Sammy” I hate everything.

God, my heart is breaking. For Mary. For John. For Dean. For Sam. Ugh.


AHHH JESS. “Crash and burn” NOOOOO.

Dean you are not stealthy. Get it together, child.

Man I am so glad Dean doesn’t stay this douchy. Layers are important.

“Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” SO DRAMA.

Geez EXPOSITION. This is terrible. I love it.

I like how when Constance first gets in the car, you can’t see her through the window, but then when they drive away you can see her through the window.


“YOU AND DAD STILL RUNNING CREDIT CARD SCAMS?” Yell it, why don’t you, Sammy.

I love mullet rock, and no one can stop me.

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” Best line in the episode, really.

Sam’s vogue face brings me joy,


Am I the only one who thinks that invoking Mulder and Scully’s names brought SPN good luck?

Wincync talking.

FIRST SCENE FILMED. Dean calling Sam a control freak. HA.

“This is not going to be my life” Oh Sam, baby. Why must you hurt me.

They both just DOVE off the bridge, how the hell did Sam grab onto something?

“Salt, cats eye shells, he was worried.” Babies don’t even know. Also, why are the cats eye shells never mentioned again?


“I love you.” The last words Jess ever says to Sam. I am cry.

“My boobs” So fucking funny Dean. We’re all really impressed.

Way to upset the widower for literally NO reason, Sam.

John’s journal. Woot.

Okay Constance appearing in the car behind Sam scares me shitless every damn time.


I am NOT here for creepy children. “You’ve come home to us, mommy.” NOPE. The music was pretty sweet there. Intense. But the toilet noise at the end there made me giggle.

“If you screwed up my car, I’ll kill you.” Oh Dean. Then the headlight is out. And yet Sam is alive. I feel like this is an accurate representation of their relationship.

This is the first time the boys ever hunted by themselves, together. Quite the beginning.

NO JESS. Dean’s face. Now he knows what it was like. This hurts.

“We got work to do.” Why did no one else notice their arsenal of a trunk?

My Thoughts:

Back in 2005, I started seeing these previews on the WB for this new scary show that was coming on in September. I decided to watch it. So on premiere night, I sat in my room in front of a 12" tv screen, and watched the whole episode. I spent the whole thing covering half my face out of fear. And I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. (Despite Kripke’s writing, which is only so-so, if I’m being nice.) The episode did manage to suck me in. I loved the Winchesters. Still do. It quickly became my favorite show. Still is.

Grade: B-

anonymous asked:

Hi, can I have a ship please. I'm English,5'6, fairly pale with blonde hair and blue eyes, ahh I love music and makeup a lot and I also love food. I quite sarcastic, and when you get to know me I can become slightly loud? I love to laugh, and I would say I'm quite a happy and chill person. I spend most of my time on YouTube and tumblr, and I'm called quite lazy and unmotivated by many people😂😂 ahh yeah thank you♡♡ I LOVE YOUR BLOGGG

Oh my, I don’t know you bUT I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH AHHHHH~

I ship you with…

Jin! I believe that Jin would just adore you. Personality-wise, you two would get on well; Jin is very sarcastic, funny, kind, and compassionate, and your relationship would be so sweet. 

You share a lot of interests with Jin, most important being: FOOOOD! Jin loves food! Whether cooking together, or going to new restarurants together, your relationship and bond woud grow very strong over your mutual love for food~

Because you are a “happy and chill person…and called lazy by many people,” Jin is all the better match for you. He would help you break any of your bad habits, give you a lot of motivation, and he would also love taking care of you! 

No matter what you two do together, watching youtube (in which, Jin would say, “Noooo, let’s watch meeee on youtube. Meeee~~~~”), or going on advetures together, you both would always be happy with one another~

Thank you for requesting!

I hope you like you ship!!~

Requests are open! Send requests here ^-^

storybrookeswans asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)

shit brah sorry didnt see this ahhh sorry kaiya jhbvhgzdad

I can lick my foot which i think is pretty cool cause its flexible i guess?? ahah

I can lick my nose, as i have quite a long nose, its pretty weird ahaha

I like how my hair is a reddish brown (the dye said it would wash out but it aint omg)

I can make my eyes shake which is pretty nifty ahaha *shake it off plays in the background*

I can sleep nearly everywhere in any position, just try me ahaha