simself meme

I was tagged by @shhhushhh​ and @wannabecatwriter​ (thanks!) and just not got around to it.

RULES:  Post a photo of your simself, answer these questions and tag some friends.

She’s a resting bitch faced, socially anxious cat lover introvert. Very exciting stuff.

Favorite Season: Autumn, hands down. The colors, the cooler weather, the insects dying, ahhh. It’s lovely :D

Of course it helps that I’m basically perpetually dressed for cold weather. Sweaters and jeans or leggings are basically my whole wardrobe.

Favorite books / author: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, PC Hodgell, oh god stop me this might go on for quite a while

Favorite song: This is always in flux. I guess right now my favorite would be anything off Slash’s latest album. 

Favorite food & drink:  Tea. I drink all kinds of tea. Coffee if I’m going to work but if I don’t need that extra caffeine hit, I go for tea. It’s a comfort thing.

Dogs or cats: Hmmm….

I wonder xD


Forever making stupid faces at cats and cooing at them while they wonder if my brains have melted :D

I tag @ashuriphoenix @ktarsims eerrmmm anyone else following me who might have a selfsim :D

anonymous asked:

Dear Yayaha, thank you so much for the advice on the pre-wedding gift for my mate. He loved the flowers and it pleased me to see him so happy. We both wish to thank you for your kindness and have attached an invitation to our wedding this week. It would honor us both if you could come. Please feel free to bring a guest. - Maral Qayagahara (aka perplexed-punchlizard)

Dear Maral,

I am so so so so so SO sorry I missed this. With all the commotion going on I must have missed your invitation until it was too late, and for that I am deeply sorry. I would have more than loved to come to see someone I’ve helped be married, as would have the lovely Fai. 

Ahhh I hope you aren’t too upset I did not make it, and I hope you’re wedding day was absolutely lovely. It is… a joyous feeling to know you’ve found the person you wish to spend eternity with, and I am glad you two are together. 

I’ve sent a care package your way with vintage wines, and chocolates as celebratory gift of your wedding. I know it’s not enough to make up for my absence, but I hope it brings you some joy for a time!

With many regrets and apologies,


There voices 🤩😍 Jimin singing high notes ahhh I seriously love this song❤️❤️ I 100% trust you guys and will forever hold you guys tight to my heart ♥️