“Get nasty. Ya dance trashy…”
Just because I’m butthurt about not being at EDC. Drawing the lights and the fog was a lot of fun though. I might do some more EDM stuff with these guys later because they would totally know how to get their rave on. 


Bad drawer, forgive me, lolz. But yes, here is a gem fusion between you, who’d be a Ruby, and Erin, who’d be Aqua Marine, and together, y'all are Iolite~ The gem’s meaning is peaceful, trust, leadership…the perfect description for you two. c: And of course, gave you a space-themed design~ i hope u likey! :D 

anonymous asked:

hello there! i'm a asexual demiromantic who is cis (i was born as a female and i fell 100% female) im proud of who i am and i love your headcanons for every character even if i dont agree with ALL of them they are all so fluffy and adorable and i just ahhh i love those! but sometimes i feel like you guys wouldn't enjoy my company because im a cis female ; u; sorry if i feel like im being...well shitty.

hey hey do not worry ur welcome round here everyone should be able to enjoy our headcanons!!