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And people say they had no on-screen chemistry. Seriously, that is one of the biggest complaints from people that I have seen.


Exactly! I mean, the first time it came on full-force (with Vax’s kiss under the Sun Tree) I thought it felt really sudden, but we were also coming off the tail end of the Whitestone arc, which was already jam-packed with feels and hidden agendas and there was literally no way I’d have been able to see that coming, tbh. 

But I also think that had to do with Vax just being himself, and throwing himself out there, and dealing with whatever shit hits the fan (be it an attacker or a relationship). 

I do think it hit viewers a little out of left field, since it is so sudden, and it’s the first romance between PCs, especially when Vax’ilmore was still such a big deal (don’t get me wrong, I still love Vax’ilmore - my heart!) i have a problem with shipping everyone ahhh. But I also think it was a progression that we didn’t see coming quite as much as the characters/players did. Even the few episodes I’ve gone back and watched have showed me just how wrong I was in thinking Vax and Keyleth had nothing in common.

They might seem like complete opposites, but they definitely have more connecting them than a few conversations and a couple kisses. 

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Ahhh i really loved your post on how the members speak and like how you pay attention to the little details? I'm still learning and part of how I teach myself is listening to their songs ie I'd try and understand what each word?? meant and just translate it lmao i do want to ask tho what are other ways to learn/understand korean? I just followed you and I already love your blog very much ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

i answered an ask about how i learned and practiced korean a longgggg time ago so it’s a little hard to find that post right now, you can search for the ‘rec’ tag and it’ll come up? personally i think listening to songs would only help improving your korean if 1, you have a decent amount of knowledge in grammar and vocabulary already (like intermediate level or so) and 2, you want to keep yourself familiar with korean on a daily basis, so your audio memory (??) (is there even such thing? like you can easily recall a voice or an accent) will get better. i think interviews would be a bigger help, and v app’s videos! do you know that v app videos have korean subtitles? it helps a lot if you need to practicing listening :’) the korean subtitles usually come up after 2 hours or so, so you can watch the raw video first, then with korean subs, then once again with english subs ^ - ^ i still practicing my listening by rewatching ‘burning bts’ on a daily basis, but have never tried to watch it with english subs, which might be good because now i can recall almost every moment of the video and what they talked, how their accents were in that scene

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By share more do you mean full dets of my pegging Rein or all of my fantasties with your characters? Or both? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Except legit the only fantasy I have about Gio is taking him to tea room and letting him enjoy all the sweets he desires while hopefully having a pleasant conversation about what mmorpgs we're currently playing together and discussing tactics for the next event in the game. (❁´︶`❁)

Both! haha I would love to hear more~ ahaha and omg that’s such a sweet fantasy with Gio!!! He would love that ahhh <3<3<3


Sebastian Michaelis | You’re my shining star~  ★ ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪


Seven and Yoosung accessory swap!! (+ Sleeping LOLOL Prince and double glasses cause Seven looks odd without them-)

I swear I like Zen the most but all I ever draw is Yoosung-

✩ Sooooooo I commissioned @casanovakevin again because the first IwaOi she drew for me was just absoluely WONDERFUL that I had to commission her again … I am so in awe with this and I am so thankful for this piece ^^ THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  ✩