Welp I made the SEES girls as mermaids and they all look great <333

Fuuka is a Seahorse with a Jellyfish skirt to try and emphasize the looks of her Personas.

Yukari is a regular mermaid but I tried to give her a look similar to that of her bathing suit from Yakushima.

Mitsuru is an elegant Octopus.  Because Mitsuru.

Minako is a Dolphin with bright colors to emphasize her sun-like traits.

And Aigis is a Shark and I tried to give her as much cover-up as I could, since her robot-ness does that.

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Would you write kisekasa? At school, tomorrow is the festival, no practise, and kasamatsu tempted to play guitar (which abandoned on the stage in their gym-soon to be concert hall)


He’d only ended up in the gym because he’d forgotten they were lending it out for the school festival the next day and there was no practice, but when he’d seen the guitar set up on the stage for the next day’s concerts the temptation to play was too great.

He strummed his fingers over the strings, his legs dangling over the side of the stage in front of rows of fold-out chairs, playing songs known by heart and making up others, when the sound of a chair scraping made him pause.

Kise sat in the front row, watching him with something intense enough to make Kasamatsu’s stomach warm, and whispered, “Please, don’t stop.”

Found vintage postcards at Camden market and I’m in love with them. What was the life story of the sender…the recipient…how did this postcards become lost, how were they found, what do they mean AHHH I love
I could have stayed at that stall all day reading the postcards


So excited today *^*! My order from rosy61987 came in and everything is so cute ;A;!!

Flash Sale Review

Shipping 5/5
Super fast for me as usual! Arrived pretty much within a week from the date it shipped from HK to Canada owo

Packaging 5+++/5
Pretty sure everyone who has purchased from Rosy knows everything is packed in super cute wrapping ;A; All my items arrived in perfect shape thanks to all the nice cushioning *^*

Product 9000/5 (it’s over 9000! K that was lame but you get it xD)

Gudetama Sailor Squishy
So… I am that absolute loser who bought 3 of them for squishing and I just love them ahhh! They’re beautiful, Sanrio really has good quality squishies!! Love the little details in the tag and omg I have been squishing them all day!

Sailor Moon Phone Bag
Really cute! It was priced fantastically that it would have been a shame to pass it up and I’m super excited to use it in the near future… Or give it to my friend! I haven’t decided yet since I’m in a dilemma…. It’s a lot cuter than I imagined…. QAQ

Alpaca Tape
Pretty much going to use it as stickers since each paca on the tape is adorable xD

Bunny Rabbit Pouch
Got this for my mom since she loves rabbits! It’s really cute and very good quality *^* Definitely gives off the Japanese traditional feel with the fabric it’s made out of! :D Hope my mom likes it hehee.

Overall 5/5 (definitely coming back for more…!!!)

Every time I order anything from Rosy’s Garden it just gets cuter! Makes me want to spend all my money ughhh! Rosy has a ton of authentic Japanese goodies (all authentic) ranging from Sanrio to amuse brands! :D So many choices it’s such a dilemma each time on what to get xD

She also includes the cutest freebies and this time she sent everyone who waited for her return from Japan her mini mystery pack full of yummy Japanese candies! (Gudetama Choco,
Strawberry Hard Candy, Pokemon Poppin Candy, Peach Lollipop and Lucky Cat Candy) and in my order she also threw in a free Gudetama sticker pack which I immediately put to use on my phone ;D

I am super satisfied with my order and I can’t wait to order again :D Can’t wait to see everyone else’s packages from Rosy (seriously tag me… I wanna see!!!)

Thanks again Rosy :D


My TVD Crush List by Season:

Season 1 Stefan - Oh Stefan, you introduced us to your Hero hair and perfect abs. PERFECT ABS!!! Ahhh. We will always love you Stefan because you are the nicest bad boy out there. I don’t think anyone would kick you out of bed. As a matter of fact, I think some would love to tie you down. You’re heart is pure and I’m certain that Vamp Sex with you would be epic and romantic at the same time. Thank you so much Dreamboat Stefan.

Season 2 Damon - Damon, you gained some of his humanity and passion this season. Your eyes got more dreamy…at least for me. You mastered the art of walking around with your shirt open, forcing women to want to rip it the rest of the way off of you. I never shipped you with anyone really, but I have to admit you are not hard to look at. 

Season 3 Klaus - Yes, Klaus. You are broodingly evil, but you look damn good doing it. Shirt on. Shirt off. Those full lips. That accent. That swagger. You remain an epic hottie with artistic talent. You are passionate and impulsive and even though you are not the model sibling…or son…or friend…you’d die for your family and that makes loving you necessary.

Season 4 - Jeremy. Oh little Gilbert wasn’t so little in this season. No one looks as hot as you do while chopping wood. Can I just bask in the moment where you ripped off your shirt in front of the fireplace a la The Incredible Hulk? Don’t talk, just stand there without a shirt on and work in the yard for me. You bulked up to drool-worthy proportions this season and we all appreciate the eye candy.

Season 5 - Matty blue eyes - you so are so boy next door hot, it’s almost too much to handle but we will give it a try. You are so stunning in a tuxedo that you would make your date speechless. Put on a t-shirt and jeans, and the heart goes pitter patter. My god, you even look good in flannel (which, you have to admit, is a hard thing for any man to do.) You are crush worthy, but also the kind of guy a girl can take him to mom. Oh, will you be my sheriff and protect me?

Season 6 - Kai - It was hard to find just one photo to choose because, quite frankly, every picture of you is hot. The way you walk. The way you wink - Good Lord your wink. Whether you’re a slightly nerdy psychopath in 1994 or a cocky witch in present day Mystic Falls, or a vengeful Heretic out for blood, you look gorgeous doing it all. Those lips. Those eyes. That smirk. Thank you for making it impossible to hate you. Thank you for wanting Bonnie even though the writers didn’t give you guys a chance. Thank you for “I’ll go of you go,” because baby, for you…I’m gone. 

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I headcanon that Krem is the Chargers' secret tailor dad and that whenever their clothes are damaged or torn they end up "magically" darned and fixed overnight.

Ahhh i love that o: ty anon for sharing!!


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.