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me: AHHH i really love attack on titan, and the ships are so cute as well! eruri, eremika jearmin, eremin, YUMIKURI, levihan, nanamike, rivetra, eruhan, mobuhan, reibert, aruanni, beruanni, erumike, jeanmarco, SPRINGLES, mikarmin, mikasha, erejean, jeankasa etc etc please continue shipping them i am living for the cute fanarts :))) me @ ereri:

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Modern AU, Hux and Kylo went to the same highschool, but didn't really run in eachothers circles, then they meet up again in collage, and Hux is baffled cause 'How the fuck did you get into 'famous elite collage'?' and also 'oh no he's super hot, how?' and Ben's all like 'Hey Gingerbread! Still a nerdy beanpole, you know I kinda like that' And just being a sexual deviant jerk around him and making Hux blushy and slighty aroused.

ahhh I love this! they both sorta get aroused by the other because, fuck, Ben has beefed out and his hair gotten thicker and covers his ears, and Hux doesn’t look lanky now, he’s lean and got better glasses and his hair is styled rather than just limply hanging down

they pretend to dislike each other but they’re quickly falling in love

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I want Merch that only fellow Louies/1D fans would recognize. Like if that Oops sweatshirt came out and I saw it around town, I like the idea that only 1D fans would know where it came from. A secret signal between the lot of us. I guess lyric shirts work on that front, too. Would love to see some fan art acknowledged and rewarded $, too, w official merch commissions. They've been providing free content for years and deserve a nod. Also, in fantasy land: RBB & SBB merch.

ahhh yes i love the fan art idea and it definitely seems like something louis would get behind (they could even donate some of the proceeds to charity, that would be a big motivator)

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!!!! Buddy!!!! My guy!!!! I love that cute pink girl you drew in SU style!!! That's my wife!!!! I don't know anything about her!!! But she is a precious gem and I love her!!!!

Ahhh thank you!! Her name is Andy! She’s a lead singer in a band called Blood Lust, a young vampire, and a very deceivingly evil little shit hahaaa

Here’s her toyhouse page! http://toyhou.se/479636.andy

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Marte, and all the lovely Norwegian people who took time to translate all the updates, thank you very, very much that you made it possible for us, international fans who otherwise would never be able to understand dritt, to watch this amazing series.

hellooooo, lovely!! 💖

AHHH thank /you/ for telling me this! i really appreciate it (^:

*snoop dogg voice* greetings, loved ones ! ahhh this is a late intro but it’s eid rn so i’ve been super busy sobs!! but im here now and more ready than ever to plot !!!!!! some of you might know me since i’ve been in mi a few times but hi! im fifi and i’ll be playing this cocky spd detective kiddo right here !! i’m super excited to be back and i’ll definitely get to replying to all those ims soon ( thank you for a bunch of them!! ). you can find me on twitter i’m @rohwoons or you can also just hit my ims! 

since i’m SUPER motivated to keep this taehyung muse running, underneath the cuts are some facts™ about him and some really basic plots/rs™ that i have in mind!! 

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ahhh i really really love your style of art and you inspire me to draw so much, but sometimes i worry that my style of eyes looks like i'm copying you unintentionally >_<. your art is really pretty btw

thank you so much !! <3 and hey don’t worry, as long as you’re not copying my whole art style it’s fine, especially if you still haven’t found your own style yet ! getting inspired by other people’s art styles and adapting parts of them are how you can learn and eventually develop your own unique style :>