He Is Heaven

Request: “How bout some nice PASSIONATE sex with Kylo? Like you’ve been with him for a few months, but he’s always so distant and withdrawn, but with great understanding and patience from you, he’s now opening up more–especially in the bedroom where he’s able to convey his affections better physically rather than verbally. hell yeah hell yeah”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1940

Warnings: smut… 

A/n: I DIE FOR ROMANTIC KYLO AHHH SORRY BYE also wtf this turned really poetic-ish at the end but I’m kinda really digging it? Lemme know what you guys think! x

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Your hands slid across each other as you passed in the hallway. You frowned, turning back to the tall shrouded figure as your gripped a crumpled-up piece of paper in your hand. Kylo continued walking without peeking back to see your reaction. Under his menacing mask he wore a playful grin.

You unfolded the paper, wondering why it needed to be passed in secrecy. It wasn’t as if your relationship with the knight of Ren was being concealed from anyone, so you considered the act to be quite strange. The note was written messily, but your eyes flicked firstly to the wonky heart drawn at the bottom of the page. You then began to read.


Please meet me at my quarters in 5 minutes. I have a surprise.

- Kylo

You couldn’t help but let out an excited giggle at the out-of-character note, clutching it to your heart as you twirled on your feet, heading straight for Kylo’s room. Once you arrived, you rocked on your heels impatiently. A familiar protocol droid then passed by the hallway, and you engaged in light conversation as you waited. A couple minutes passed as you spoke, then suddenly you were engulfed in large arms from behind, being picked up and spun around. You let out a surprised squeak, but once you realised it was Kylo who held you, you burst into a wide grin.

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Hey Reverse! First of all- YOU’RE SO CUTE AND YOU LOOK SO PRETTY AHHH (bye old persona XD) So I made a new drawing for you! Feel free to use it for anything you want ^^

But second of all, I hope you’re doing well on your hiatus! You deserve a break, especially because I know certain things such as college can be stressful. Please take all the time you need, we’ll be ready for you when you come back! ^^

- TeFA

Thanks so much, cutie pie! This is absolutely gorgeous, and I might have to use it on the blog somehow it’s just so cool!! Now that I’ve finished this awful paper that I’ve been working on, I should be able to come back soon! I’m so excited to be back and writing something I actually enjoy again, and I hope that you all are ready for everything that I’ve got in store.

Until then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREEN ANGER BEAN! I’m sad that I couldn’t do anything special, but there will be plenty of time for that wen I come back.

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how's about jaylos where Jay starts to do/say things to Carlos that makes him very flustered, but Carlos decides to do it back even worse and actually makes Jay all flustered and blushingggg?


The actions of his kind of sort of boyfriend are annoying and outrageous.

But his friends aren’t much better either.

“No, Evie, blushing is not cute and romantic.”

He’s a sixteen year old man, nothing about him is cute! But the girls have no sympathy for him, just laugh at his misery and misfortune like his obnoxious crush is funny.

“Mal, I swear if you say one more word about me stuttering,” I’m not going to do anything because you still kind of scare me, but if I weren’t terrified of you, oh boy, I would give you a piece of my mind, “I’ll stop talking to you.”

She keeps laughing.

Has he mentioned this whole thing is embarrassing and irritating?

“Carlos, it’s clear you like him back, why not just fuck?”

“Oh no,” Evie shakes her head. “You guys have to date. I mean, you can have all the wild crazy sex you want,” ew, not a string of words he ever wanted to hear leave Evie’s mouth, “but you have to date too. You and Jay are so adorable together.”

“He’s an adorable jackass,” Carlos bites.

Mal groans and throws a pencil at him. “You can’t seriously be upset that Jay flirts with you.”

“It’s not the flirting, per se. I don’t like that he…that I… When he does it, it’s like I can’t speak or think!” Carlos runs a hand through his hair before immediately soothing down the tuft he gave himself. “And he knows that and he does it anyway and he touches me and says all these-.”

“Nope!” Mal shouts. “Not going there. That’s enough detail.”

“Maybe Jay just thinks it’s cute how flustered you get,” consoles Evie, wrapping her fingers around Carlos’ hand and squeezing. “I think he finds it hot.”

“But I hate it and he just laughs at it!”

“So do it back.”

Carlos perks his head up and studies Mal. “What now?”

“Do it back,” she shrugs, like flirting is something Carlos can actually do. “Give Jay medication. Or, whatever it is they say here.”

“A taste of his own medicine,” Evie hums. “It would be kind of funny. Watching sweet, virginal Carlos turn Jay into a bumbling mess.”

“I’m not a bumbling mess.”

“Just a stuttering mess.”

Shut up, Mal. “Oh, be quiet.”

“Seriously, runt,” Mal swings her feet over the side of her bed and moves quickly over to her friends, “have Evie give you some lessons in flirting and turn it back on him. He’ll never see it coming.”

Mal loves being right. It’s not a secret, she always gloats, much to Evie’s annoyance.

“I never disagreed with you,” she murmurs from their corner. “I helped because I knew the same thing you did!”

“Shush!” Mal hissed. “Watch!”

Carlos never got the Confident Strut down (even though that is Evie’s trademarked walk and she practiced with him for an hour), but Mal thinks it’s better. Carlos looks like himself, small and easily missed, but Jay notices him immediately, changing his course for Carlos instead of the locker room.

Jay grins, waggles his eyebrows and Carlos motions for Jay to come closer. Once he’s within arm’s reach, Carlos snatches the front of the blue jersey, uses it to steady himself when he stands on his toes and brings his lips up to Jay’s ear.

“What did you tell him to say?” Mal whispers.

“Something super poetic and dirty about oral.”

“So he’s asking to suck Jay’s dick?”

“Pretty much,” Evie nods and bites her lip as she watches the show.

The girls are close enough to see how Jay’s mouth falls open and his eyes go wide. His hands find their way to Carlos’ hips, holding tightly and looking like he might fall if he didn’t have a tiny, freckled anchor before him.

Carlos pulls back, blinks owlishly up at Jay and bites his lip, looking so unbelievably innocent and pure that both girls snicker into their hands.

“I see the appeal now,” Carlos nods, “of making someone flustered. It’s kind of fun.”


Carlos tsks, shakes his head. “I’ll get you to stutter next time. I need more practice. Bye, Jay.”

“Wait!” The tourney player reaches for him. “Did you mean what you just said?”

“What did I say?”

“About…you know.”

“You mean,” Carlos reaches again for Jay, whose hands go to slim hips once more and grip tight. 

Mal and Evie crane forward, straining to hear whatever is whispered to no avail.

When Carlos pulls back, Jay is pink in his cheeks, mouth opening and closing silently, but the older boy nods. 

“Maybe,” Carlos watches Jay excitedly, noting the blush and dilated pupils and inability to speak. “You’re pretty cute like this.” He blows a kiss to the fumbling tourney player before turning on his heel and trying to act calm and casual as he walks back to the girls, who stepped out of hiding long ago. “Bye Jay!”

Ahhh, I’m not good at writing flirting. I re-started this a couple of times and I think it came out okay-ish.

But I’m still taking Descendants prompts! At this rate, it’s taking me about two weeks to get to each request, so please stay patient!

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What dating lay would be like~ btw I'm now obsessed with your blog like imma stalk it all night 💕 oki bye!

ahhh thank you so much! 


  • he would be very shy when he asked you out even though he really liked you
  • and he would be incredibly polite
  • when you said yes he’d grin and quickly tell the other members of EXO
  • your first date would be small, maybe to the aquarium and Yixing would admire you as you looked at all the fish
  • he’d probably buy you a stuffed fish from the gift shop to remember your first date with him by
  • you two would stay up really late texting or talking over the phone and when you reminded him that he had a schedule the next day he’d become incredibly sad
  • so to make him feel better you’d come over to the dorm his next free day with your laptop and some movies and the two of you would have a movie marathon
  • he’d probably fall asleep with his head resting on the top of your head
  • Yixing would love to take pictures of you
  • when you were walking down the street
  • when you were reading something
  • when you were petting dogs
  • and you’d see some of them and think they were so ugly and ask him to delete them and he’d say something cheesy like “why would I want to delete perfection when it is so hard to come by?”
  • honestly he’d always say a lot of cheesy things but they’d always make you blush
  • you were laughing at something while telling him a story and he couldn’t help but blurt out how much he loved you
  • you almost choked on air
  • but of course you told him you loved him as well and he grinned and grabbed your hand across the table and kissed it
  • going grocery shopping with Yixing and him sneaking things into the cart
  • like ice cream, brownie mix, small plants
  • and you’re like “I don’t remember needing any of this???? Did we grab the wrong cart?”
  • and Yixing is just giggling in the back
  • lots and lots of skinship
  • you’re talking to one of the boys with him and he just lays his head on your shoulder
  • or you’re out late at night and he wraps his arms around your shoulders and pulls you closer to him
  • Yixing would always listen to you and be excited about your achievements with you
  • he wouldn’t get jealous easily
  • he’d only get jealous when someone gave you something he couldn’t but it would also make him sad because he really wanted to provide everything for you
  • dating Yixing would be amazing because there would never be a dull moment and he’d always pay attention to you and smile dreamily at you because wow he really loves you and can’t believe you love him just as much as he loves you

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Ok so I keep thinking what if MC was actually a boy and no one knew (except seven) and didn't care if people thought they were a girl, so they didn't correct anyone; or they were too nervous to tell anyone. Like how would the 5 react when they do meet MC for the first time and find out that they are a boy? (And that also MC is like 178cm tall maybe??) ((Sorry for the longish ask this has been on my mind for a while and also I love your blog so much bye))

~Ahhh thank you so much sweetie!!! That’s so nice of you!!! I hope my answer has satisfied you!!!~

{188 cm = 6 feet 2 inches}


🌟He can’t wait to meet you!!!

🌟He’s sooooo excited to meet his GIRLfriend!!!

🌟When he sees you come in a suit he glosses right over you and keeps looking bc he thinks you’re a girl

🌟And you are a boy

🌟Eventually you nervously come up to him to introduce yourself

🌟He shakes your hand nicely and asks if you’ve seen a very pretty girl that goes by MC

🌟"Haha about that…“

🌟"Are you her brother?! Is she ok?!”

🌟You quickly calm him down before he freaks out and take a deep breath

🌟"I’m MC…“

🌟Yoosungs quiet for a couple seconds before he hugs you

🌟"MC!!! You’re so cute!!!”

🌟Yoosung standing at only 5'7" (171 cm) was surprised by your tallness

🌟"You’re not upset that I’m a boy?“

🌟"Of course I’m not!!! You’re a really cute boy…”

🌟You couldn’t help blushing and nearly killing him in a hug

🌟"U-Um… do you still want to be my boyfriend?“

🌟"Of course I do MC!!!”

🌟While you weren’t what he was expecting he fell in love with who you are

🌟Besides… he likes tall somewhat intimidating looking people…


☕ She never thought in a hundred years that she’d fall in love with a girl

☕ In fact it really made her open her eyes to things

☕ So when a boy shows up on her date with MC she kinda glosses over him

☕ But she does give you a weird look when you plop down in the seat in front of her

☕ What man thinks it’s his right to sit and talk to a lady obviously waiting for her date?

☕ “G-Good afternoon Jaehee… I hope I haven’t kept you waiting…”

☕ She’s so surprised you know her name and about this date

☕ “Who are you?”

☕ “I’m MC! S-Surprise!”

☕ She’s surprised that you’re a guy… like you recommended her chocolate and understood her period problems… (You have sisters)

☕ She sees your hands shaking and she takes them in hers

☕ “I’m so happy to finally meet you!”

☕ “Wait really?!”

☕ You were so surprised that Jaehee was accepting you

☕ You thought she’d hate you for ‘being a catfisher’ or something

☕ “Yes of course!!! You’re so much more handsome in real life!”


😻 He’s nervous to meet you because he has a bad impression of women from his father

😻 So when you show up at his door he’s surprised and wants to call security

😻 But you quickly explain it’s you MC and even show him the proof

😻 He never thought the Does Jumin Han is Gay rumor was true but… here you are… and he loves you…

😻 He’s actually happier that you’re a boy

😻 He would’ve felt weird with a woman to be honest

😻 Your date goes as planned and he’s happy with you despite your gender

😻 He is confused to how you’re taller than him though

😻 You’re literally two whole inches taller

😻 What did your parents feed you?


🎶 He was so excited for his princess to show up to see him perform

🎶 So when he looked into the audience and didn’t see a girl and only a boy he was discouraged and immediately texted you

🎶 Zen: MC~ I thought you were coming to see me~

🎶 You: I’m in the audience! Don’t you see me?

🎶 He looked back and you waved and his eyes got as wide as saucers




🎶 He’s nervous when he comes up to you bc you’re not what he expected

🎶 But he loves you all the same

🎶 He’s a bit jealous that you’re taller than him though because how is he going to protect you when you’re up there?


📱He’s so excited to see you and everyone’s confused as to why he doesn’t have the traditional things you give a girl

📱He keeps saying they’ll be so surprised when they see you

📱And they are surprised when a 6'2" male walks in and Seven goes running at him yelling “MC!!!”

📱He’s so happy to see you

📱Even though you’re a boy that didn’t stop his love for you

📱You’re his shield for the whole night to be honest but he gives you lots of kisses for protecting him

📱And you can’t stop blushing which he makes fun off

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i just thought of a situation where he tian was going to mo's room cus he wouldnt keep answering his calls and when he tian enters his room he's snuggling beside that giant sandwich thing he gave him and inside he's dying and taking pictures and crap why am i like this send help ok bye

Don’t expect any help from me,
I’m with He Tian taking pics

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hi! i know u probably hear it a lot, but i just wanted to say i've never had a tumblr crush till i found ur blog, ahhh, oki bye, have a nice day!!!



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First of all, I loved the thing you send to people after they follow you on SU Amino. Next, will we ever see you draw Jasper? Finally, I hope you have a wonderful day I love you you're amazing goodnight! (Bye)

Ahhh Thankyou~!!!!
Ive drawn Jasper once before but I dont do It often cause shes not exactly my most favorable character, BUT heres a five minute Sketcharoo

‘아주 NICE’ ft mini jellyfish animation

Telltale- Sehun

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Sehun x You (Hye Jin) FT EXO and Chan Hee

Words: 2673

Angsty/ Bff! AU/ College! AU

“Sehun, Your jaw’s dropping lower than it’s suppose to.“

[Hi everyone~ I posted yesterday, more like reblogged, that I will upload the second part in the afternoon and well, it ended up being in the evening instead. HA! Sorry. I had other things I needed to finish so yeah. The last part will be uploaded either tomorrow or the day after that.. {I’m heading out on a trip to the cleaning station.} But happy readying~ Dee]


Part 1: Wonder Wall            Part 3: Fool

I can’t believe he didn’t tell me about his girlfriend until that day that he made OFFICIAL. He still meets up with me too but lately his girlfriend has been giving me the side eyes. She made it clear once when I was suppose to meet up with Sehun that she didn’t like the fact that I’m Sehun’s best friend and that I should leave him because I was ‘taking him away.’ I don’t want any problems to rise between us so I agreed. I began to distant myself little by little. He’d ask me to eat with him during lunch but I would refuse because I don’t want to be the reason for their parting. I don’t eat much now. I snack on fruits and some granola bars since finals are coming and I need to graduate. Who knew that I’d be walking alone on graduation day.

We still kept in contact after high school and he still tells me if he’s upset or whenever he needs my opinion. He shows when I need him too but not as often. We sometimes meet but it gets awkward here and there; He also leaves early sometimes because she doesn’t want him out late. PSH.. Like a married couple. I envy them. No, I envy her. She’s receiving all the love and affection- attention. I wished I had it. I pushed myself to move on. A lousy high school crush isn’t getting me anywhere.

Three years of college flew by like nothing. School is hectic and jobs are even worse. I’ve made more friends than I’ve ever had in high school and middle school combined. Sehun and his girlfriend just broke up not too long ago. Probably like 3 months now. He tells me how much time he’s wasted on her and all those things. I hear him out and try to make him feel better whenever I have the time.

I’m not going to lie, hearing about his break up had me living again. But while he was still dating, I pushed myself to start dating as well to get myself out of this one sided love. He’d never notice me. Did it help? Yes, but a part of me still holds onto him. I’ve also found my other person too, Lee Chan Hee. He’s such a gentleman and a goof ball. That’s right, my type. Hahahaa, yes. I just stole that from my best friend. The thing is, with Sehun, he’s been having a hard time like this for almost a year, I haven’t told him about my boyfriend. My man and I have been together for a year.. Yeah, I hid from him for 12 months, but I did drop some hints throughout the year. I’m a horrible friend.

I’ve noticed that Sehun hasn’t been Sehun lately. He’s more quiet and he asks so awkward when we meet up with his buddies.Man has been blushing a lot too. Baekhyun and Chen pick on him much more along with Chanyeol. Poor buddy. And it happened today-

“Ah, hyung stop saying that to her.” he whines covering his face. I laughed hearing it from Baekhyun’s lips. The other boys laughed and chuckle along but… awkwardly. Hm… We all sat in the living room with variety shows playing- “You’re so funny Baek. He had his girlfriend then why would he do that to her?” I hit Sehun lightly.

“Did you tell him about what she told you?” Baekhyun Serious-

“Who? Ji Hye?- what did she say?” Sehun asks me. I shook my head, “What? She doesn’t even talk to me.”

“Ey, so you never told him? After all these years?” Baek-

“What? What are you hiding?” his face was serious. I looked at Suho then D.O. and D.O. nodded so I told him, “She told me to stay away because she said that I was interfering with your relationship with her.” I shrug. I can feel his eyeballs burning a hole in my face.

“She said that?”

I nod, “So, I stayed away. -AH.. I need your help tomorrow.” I turned towards him changing the subject with a huge smile on my face, “I need help picking out a dress.” He furrowed his brows lightly. His black hair barely skimming his brows, “Why?”

“I’m going to a ball like dance date night with Chan Hee~” I squealed a bit. Why does he look confused- Oh.. “I haven’t told you but..-”

“Chan Hee?”

I nod, “Yeah-”

“Who is he?”

“Well I was going to tell you but you were so stressed out about everything lately so I haven’t made the time to tell you but–”

“Are you dating?” why does he sound angry? “Yes.”


“I’m dating, soooo I want you to go with me to go dress shopping. I’ve already told him I’m taking you because I didn’t want him to see the dress yet–”

“How long?”

“I mean it’s a ball-”

“NO! How long have you been dating?” I’ve never seen him this furious.. “A year..”

“One- A year? And you didn’t tell me?!”

“I told you already! I dropped hints along the way and I didn’t want to make you more–”

“YOU COULD’VE JUST TOLD ME!” He crosses his arms and everyone is dead silent hearing us argue, “WHY WOULD YOU HIDE IT!?”

“STOP YELLING AT ME!!” moving aside. Everyone looked up at me, “You know what forget it. I’ll just go by myself. YOU STUPID. Brat.” shoving his shoulder, “I’m leaving.” I bowed quickly to the boys and fled. He needs to chill.


“Hye Jin-ah..”

I look up, “Ah… Suho oppa.” moving over on the bench that I was sitting at. The bus is taking forever. He rubs the palms of his hands against his thigh and sigh, “You know, I’ve never seen Sehun that upset before.” He starts. I know, me either.

“I don’t understand why he’s mad. I was trying to be considerate of his feelings.” I huffed in annoyance, “I mean, he’s been in the dark dungeon for a while after they broke it off and I just wanted to give him space before really telling him anything new.”

“Yeah, I get that-” He stops and stares at me. “What?” I ask.

“Have you notice how strange he acts when you’re there?” I nod. It’s awkward. “And like how he easily blushes when you’re complimenting him? He doesn’t brush it off like his cocky self?” He gave me a imitation and it was funny. I nod, “Why?”

“I think.. I think Sehun has fallen, you know, I mean you don’t know, but you know what I’m saying?”

“What exactly are you saying? Wait so you’re probably saying that, that child is upset because  he’s jealous?” He nods, “Yes.”

“Who? He just broke up with someone.” He stares at me and I returned the stare but- wait what? He gave me the brows, ‘I’m looking at her’ type of brow look. I shook my head, “That can’t be. We’re only friends.”

“Hye Jin, listen. You can hide it from him but you can’t hide it from us.”

“I’m not hiding anything.” I protest. “Stop hiding it Hye Jin. We all know that you have or had a thing for Sehun back in high school and you still do. I can feel it. It’s very clear how you feel for him.”

“Suho oppa.. I have a boyfriend.”

“Really? Then explain those looks you always give when you look at him. Why were you so happy when he said that they broke up? I’ve seen them all from you. You better not lie to me. AND YOU ALWAYS SMILE hearing about his name or anything related to him. You still do! I know you still have feelings for him, deep in you. You’re probably just dating this Chan woo… chan something guy just to get over him. I just know it.”

I hate myself.

“I’m not good enough for him.” I mumble, “He– Sehun’s like the stars that I can never reach for..” He deserves more. I just know it myself that I don’t complete or would never complete him. “I have to go.” bowing quickly before the bus reaches me- “I’ll tell Baekhyun to text you!” he yells.

Sehun falling for me? Ha.. ridiculous.


Suho said Baekhyun was going to text me. BOY IT’S BEEN 3 DAYS. Speaking of the devil, Baekhyun did– A video? When was this? This was when… it’s me and Sehun-AHH, it was when he cut his finger- nice. His ‘new girl’ was introduced. Psh.. I rolled my eyes and continued watching. What’s so interesting about it? It’s just me wrapping his finger. I finished the 1 minute video and read it.

Baekhyun oppa: Do you not see how the way he looks at you? Hye Jin-ah, if you can’t tell by the way he looks at you, you’re seriously just as blind!

The way he looks? I went and replayed it. Wha… He wasn’t, I’m sure, even focused on what I was saying. His eyes looked so soft and subtle. Calm. What’s with that smile, eh? You can almost hear our entire conversation. Oh my– why is he suddenly, his face suddenly changed. I replayed to hear what I told him. Thank god for it being so quiet.

I replayed it a couple of times, ‘You’re my bestfriend…’

You’re my bestfriend. I stared at the screen- His face, how his smile faltered after I said that. I closed the video- Baekhyun sent me a photo of Sehun? And he looks like he’s texting.. Okay.. “shorty?” I asked myself aloud ‘Shorty my love?’. “Who’s shorty?.. Shorty– What?! Noooo.. No.”

Baekhyun Oppa: He’s asking me if he should call you to makeup for his anger the other day. He’s such a cutie.

I put him on speed dial, Sehun, he’s my number 1 speed dial besides Chan Hee. “Hello?”

“Sehun-ah..” My stomach knots up. It was quiet.. Why did I call him?

“What? If you don’t have anything to say I’m–”

“You! You.. You want to go shopping with me?” why shopping? WELL I NEED A DRESS ANYWAYS. It was quiet on the other line, “Hello..”

“When do you want to go?”


He sighs aloud. Fine, “I mean if you don’t you-”

“Who says I’m not going? I’ll meet you in a bit.” He says quickly. I hate this butterfly feeling, “Okay.” making me smile, “Bye.”


AHHH! Okay. I need to dress up. And makeup.

Baekhyun Oppa: Look he’s smiling.

It was a photo of him smiling while still on the phone. So he does?


I didn’t go too fancy. I went like how I’d normally meet up with him. Well, maybe a little bit more blush but whatever. He’s right there! I wave at him and he smiles walking over, “Did you wait long?”

“No.” I shook my head. I can’t make eye contact. We walked towards the shopping malls, but in silent.



We stopped and laugh at our mistake, “You can go first.” I told him. He took in a breath with his hands in his pocket, “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for yelling at you the other night. I should’ve congratulated you instead.” What… why? Oh.. Chan and I? “Oh.. it’s okay.”

“What were you going to say?”

“Oh.. um, we’re shopping because I needed a dress for the date.” His face dulled a bit but pushed back with a smile, “Okay.” I nod hearing him say ‘ok’. I don’t know how to confront this.

We tried many stores. This is the last store, I swear cause there’s none that I like. I’m too picky. He stood beside me while I looked at all these dresses- “This is such an expensive store.” he comments. I giggle, “It’s a company royal ball of course.”

“Where are you getting the money to afford these?!”

“I’m renting it, smart.” I meant it’s a boutique where you can rent dresses.

“So Chan Hee, eh? Since when did you like a guy name Chan Hee?”

“I liked him during our first year of college.” I confessed. He was a nice guy so I said ok, “But we didn’t really talk until like the second year or so. And he’s two years older than me.”  

“What did you like about him?”

“He’s a gentleman. He’s very understanding. He’s family oriented and yeah. He’s funny too.” I looked at him through the mirror that was beside us. He quietly nods his head as he also dug through the dresses. Not a happy look. “Here.” He hands me a royal blue fitted dress, “I think you’ll match this.” I nod, “let’s try it on then.”

“You’re not going to continue looking?”

“No. Whatever you grab is fine.” I told him with a smile. Sehun has eyes for fashion so whatever he suggests would be nice. It’s- a low back cut? Did he randomly pick this out? An employee helped me out I got a room and dressed in it while he waited outside. The dress had a beautiful embroidery with a sweetheart chest and that low back though.. That’s really pretty- “I’ll go get him inside.” I nodded and she left. I pulled my hair out and up into a low pony tail. I fixed any wrinkles before he– He quietly came in but stood quietly at the door. I can see his eyes scanning my dress with his mouth opening a bit. My face is burning up a bit, “I- Ahem.. so, what do you think?”

He cleared his throat, “You look really pretty in it.” He came closer. I smiled, “Thanks.”

“So you’re going to get that?”

“Mhm.” I smile, “It looks very pretty.” looking through the mirror. I couldn’t help but notice his reaction. He’s still in awe, “Sehun-ah..” I hollered. He looked up, “Your jaw is dropping lower than it’s suppose to.” I giggled. He smiles, “I’ll wait outside.”



I paid the rent fee and we went back home. We were the last customers for the day. Whew~ Finally done. I also rented a pair of shoes and jewelries to match with it. He offered to take me home so I said sure. During the ride home, he was really quiet. Chan Hee called too so I chatted with him a bit until we reached my place. “Can you help me?”

He agrees and headed for the dress in the back as we both got out. The elevator was a long ride to my floor. I live on floor six only. “So when is the ball night?” he asks.


He nods. Why does he always nod his head? At least say ‘Oh..’ or ‘Okay.’ We got out and headed for my door. Haaa.. finally home! I opened the door, “You can leave it in my room.” He walked first and I followed. He places the dress on the bed and I placed the other items on my vanity.

“I guess.. I’ll leave then.” he puts his hands in his pocket. “Okay.” I replied. I honestly wanted him to stay longer so we can chitchat but he doesn’t look comfortable. He walked out first. Why? It’s like he’s slowly walking out of my life and I hate that.

We reached the door. He turned around to saying something but I just automatically hugged him. I don’t like this feeling. Don’t go. Stay and let’s talk.. “Thanks.. Thanks for helping me today.” That’s not what I wanted to say. He pats my back, “No problem. That’s why we’re best friends.” Best friends. Have he really drawn the line? I detached myself, “You should go before it gets late.”

“Ok. I’ll see you?”

“OH YEAH. You have to help me tomorrow.”


“I.. I need help zipping it.” I didn’t really need help. I just wanted to see him again. He stood quiet. “OH MY GOD IT’S NOTHING LIKE THAT! Just a zipper. I’m gonna be clothed.” He nods, “Okay.” and left.

“Chan Hee?” why is he calling now?

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ahhh i’m really happy that you enjoy him as i really love drawing all these centaurs so yeah thank u here have a centaur