Bendy:Why is it so small?

Creator:It’s normal in the babies …

Bendy:But … he is not doing anything, creator! Sure the baby is fine?

Creator:If Bendy, he is well, only sleeping the babies sleep a lot, you do not have to worry …

Good Times ~
Bendy was raised as a baby, Joey raised him and cared for him until he became a child, when Bendy grew up, they came up with a new character, they made a little wolf who would be Bendy’s new brother…

omg there was a street performer downtown today and she was one of those performers that dress up like statues and stand really still which i think is Neat as hell and she was really pretty so i went up and put a few dollars in her jar and she blew a kiss at me and good lord she might as well have set me on fire i got flustered as hell

This Week On: Jamie Can’t Even Look At Pretty Girls Without Fucking Dying

I feel bad after watching videos and pictures of Ten at the airport. It hurts so much seeing how his mom was hugging him and have this worried look all the time. No matter how famous you get, how much you want to achieve your dreams, there’s always your mom supporting you behind your back even if it kills her to see her baby so far away from her.

My 8 yr old cousin loves my bee stickers / knows how much I love bees & so tonight at a family dinner he surprised me with this drawing he did for me & I am shook by how cute this is💛🐝🐝