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└ Festival of feels:

Stimulus: Embarrass themselves.

Reaction: Cuteness as their response.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 11.02.2017

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I have been dying for something with Bucky and "Suga Mama" by Beyoncé like holy hell. Also congrats on 1k!!! So glad I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago ☺️ you deserve all of the follows 💓

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PAIRING: Bucky x Reader

SONG: Suga Mama – Beyoncé

A/N: ahhh you are the cutest, thanks babes. also ily for requesting my queen bee.

WARNINGS: fingering, oral sex (female receiving), sugar mama status

Bucky sat in the chair in front of your desk, playing with the watch on his wrist. You watched him from your chair, still in a dress and high heels even though you were working at home today. He pouted at you from across the desk. You raised an eyebrow at him, on the phone with a very important client. You nodded at the shiny thing on his wrist he was twirling around, silently reminding him how he got it.

Bucky slowly got up from his chair. You could see it in his eyes, he was formulating a plan. He pressed a finger to his lips, indicating not only that he was going to be quiet but that you better be too. Grabbing your chair, he spun it to the side to allow him access. You almost moaned right then and there, seeing him get down on his knees in front of you. You bit your lip, trying to pay attention to what your client was saying on the other end.

Bucky brought a finger up to his smirking lips again, this time to wet it with his mouth. He pulled your panties down in one smooth movement and they pooled at your heels. He lips kissed the insides of your thigh while his finger rubbed your clit. Once he knew you were ready, he brought his mouth to you, lapping up your already soaked folds. You had to put your hand over your mouth to keep from moaning into the phone as Bucky used both his mouth and his finger to pleasure you.

“S… Sorry Tony, I… I’m gonna have to call you back.”

1K follower celebration

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Namjoon is adorable and I'm straight but that's the truth. His eyes get so wide when he sees all the cute plushies and the other members just hand them over when they're done with them. And his dimple stickers just end up everywhere, they just disappear and reappear on his his shirt or pants.


ahhh thank you so much for sharing sgdojgldo ahhh he is so soft jnldkfgg I want to scream his stickers omg;; thank you so much seriously this made me so happy to read

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okay i finished watching oofuri the other day and i immediately thought everyone would look sooooo good in your style and wow i was so right!! they are the cutest, thank you for blessing us!!

AHHH YOU’RE SO NICE!!! i love oofuri so much… i did some fanarts before this one but i’m definitely gonna try drawing them more !! more of my…beloved… abe takaya (blushes)

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Gom+kagami+himuro+takao living with their s/o otaku addiction ( like crying over sports anime and stuff) xP?

LAUGHING BECAUSE I TOTALLY RELATE TO THIS REQUEST. Ahhh, you guys come up with the cutest imagine requests ever!!! (✿ ♥‿♥) I feel like sometimes you guys request really cute, fluffy imagines and then I JUST RUIN THEM WITH PERVERTED ONES >.< gomen. BUT AOMINE’S IMAGINE REALLY JUST MAKES ME ASDFGHJKL; Oh and also, I just realised these reactions I just wrote are like…way more super longer than I normally do..sorry? I JUST GOT REALLY EXCITED OKAY >.<

Sidenote: I know you requested this before I made an announcement to please specify the gender because it’s just personally easier for me to write, so I completely understand since some blogs write “s/o”. I’m just gonna write this imagine with female pronouns but if it’s wrong then please, please, inbox me again telling me you want male pronouns and I will certainly go back and fill it in! It’s your request so I want you to feel as personal and close to this imagine as you can!!!

Also, I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER. I’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH SOME PERSONAL THINGS BUT IM BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! Thank you for waiting patiently and understanding!! Seriously, thank you so much. It means so much to me!

Akashi: ___ knew she was testing her luck at the moment for doing this…but at a time like this, she couldn’t care less. She knew Akashi knew about her…obsession..but that didn’t matter to him. She was to love him and only him. She was to think about him and only him. He was absolute, remember? When she told him her addiction, he wasn’t really shocked. He took her for one of those kinds of girls, but he still replied with “You will get over this. You have me now. And that’s all you need.” ___ tried, she really did; but,..it was too much. She was having withdrawals..and bad ones at that. It wouldn’t hurt if she watched her sports anime filled with half-naked men if Akashi wasn’t at home at the time, right? Well, that would be alright if he didn’t catch her; however, he did. “Agh, they’re just so perfect, and cute, and god they’re so —“ ___began to say before a certain smooth voice interrupted her. “—Hot. I can’t even.” Now usually it would be funny for Akashi Seijurou to say such a..fangirly..thing; however, the tone in his voice and the fact he caught her was anything but funny. “So this is what you do when I’m not home, is it?” “Akashi..I-“ “___ what have I told you? You are to love only me..You are to ‘fangirl’ over only me..” With each step Akashi took to his girlfriend, his voice softer but menacingly more dangerous. “But, Akashi, I can’t!! It’s not even like they’re real!! This is an addiction! They aren’t real boys but let me love them just as a fangirl!” ___ couldn’t help it anymore..she had to try and fight about something she loved..she couldn’t let Akashi rule her whole life…right? Wrong. With a fatal glare warning her to shut up, Akashi kept moving towards her, but that didn’t stop ___ from giving in. “Akashi!! I-I..It’s not a phase!! It’s a passion!!!” was the only plea she could think of at the moment; she was in one of the most dangerous positions at this time remember. “Passion, huh? You think this is a passion? I’ll show you what passion is..”

Aomine: “Waaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Ohmaigod, the newest episode of Free! just came out!! I don’t know if I can take thissss!!” was the first thing he heard his girlfriend say in the morning from upstairs. As he heard the pitter-patter sounds of his girlfriend running down the steps, he looks up just in enough time to catch his girlfriend before she face planted into the ground. “Oi, watch your step, you’re walking down stairs you idiot.” He shuns her, looking down at his girlfriend who had her eyes glued to the iPad in her hand. “But Aomine-channnnn, look at these biceps!! Look at his triceps! Look at his abs and leg muscles!! He has the perfect form for swimming!!” ___ went on and on, talking about her favourite sports anime show. Aomine rolled his eyes, looking down at his girlfriend he caught, bridal-style. He knew she didn’t mean anything of it, she was just a typical fangirl; however, she challenged his patience when she went on about these other guys’ muscles. Who did she think she is? Swiftly, Aomine hoisted her up onto his back and carried her up the stairs into the bedroom before tossing her on the bed. “Oi, gimmie that,” Aomine’s voice grumbled before grabbing the iPad and gently throwing it to the chair beside him. Swiftly he took off his shirt and smirked as he watched ___’s eyes go wide. “You wanted to see muscles didn’t you…Well you got em.”

Kise: “___-cchi! What are still doing in bed? I swear, I leave for basketball practice and come back two hours later to see you’re still in the bed.” Kise’s voice rings out as he walks into their shared bedroom. He looks to see a lumped figure in his bed, covered by a blanket. He hears his girlfriend’s giggle come from the lump in bed before seeing the lump kick and flail and scream in delight. “___-cchi..?” Kise’s curiosity was getting to him, he was wondering why..and what..was making her squeal like a fangirl? He swiftly climbs on top of the lump before pulling the blanket down just enough to see his girlfriend’s head pop out and what she was doing. Lo and behold, ___ was too involved in her otome game to even know what was going on. “What? What is this?” Kise asked in a curious tone. ___ surely wasn’t playing what he thought she was playing..right? “My life.” a monotone answer replied to Kise as ___ kept playing. Kise came up behind his lover and looked over to see a very perfect-looking animated boy character on his girlfriend’s screen. Just as he read a very..intimate..line that the characterized male said, ___ began squealing, making Kise disapprove. Just as she felt her boyfriend’s golden aura dim quickly, her phone was suddenly out of her hand and across the room. “___-cchi..why are you reading things like that when you have me to do things like this…”

Midorima: “___, if we are going to live together, you’re going to have to get over this!!” Midorima sighs, exhausted after having to run around the living room and chase after his girlfriend who had the controller to the tv. “No! You wouldn’t have a problem with it if it wasn’t for my favourite show being on the same time as your stupid horoscope broadcast show is on!!” “What? That’s preposterous. Stupid. Not true, nanodayo.” He looked away with a madly blushing face before pushing his glasses back up. “You know it’s trueeeee.” ___ sang before running around the couch again for good measure. Midorima sighed while an anger mark appeared on his forehead again. “It’s important to know how your day is going to be so you can expect it unlike yours which is just watching cartoons.” “THEY ARE NOT CARTOONS!” “Yes, they are.” “No, they aren’t. If they are, which they aren’t, then your horoscope stuff is just myths that are made up with stupid signs someone made when they were bored in class. You’re basically wishing on a fairytale of a shooting star.” Midorima suddenly looked like his beloved girlfriend had just told him she wanted to break up. A loud, dramatic gasp escaped from his mouth before he slapped his hand over his heart. “You take that back!” “….” ___ didn’t say anything; instead, she looked back at the television and began watching her show. “___!…___!!!”

Murasakibara: “Eh..? ___-chin, you’re watching this again?” Murasakibara’s voice rings out as he closes the door to their home. As he told his girlfriend farewell early this morning she was on the couch watching an anime filled with boys that seemed to be popstars. Atsushi thought it was kinda odd but went on with his day, going to basketball and then hanging with Himuro. So it surprised him when he came back, five hours later, to find ___ watching the same anime in a different position. “Whatever. I’ll watch it with you if you have the food.” Truth is, Atsushi knew she had an obsession with these kinds of things, but he found it really cute. And was it wrong if he used it as an excuse to cuddle with her? Lazily, he moved over to the couch and grabbed the bag of potato chips that ___ held out to him before picking her up as if she was the weight of a feather. Gracefully, he sat down in a comfy position before pulling ___ onto his lap and letting her get comfy before beginning to eat his chips. He watched from the side of his eye as his girlfriend began to open a candy bar and pop it into her mouth as her eyes stayed glued to the screen. “Ya know, ___-chin. This show isn’t so bad. But I like the other one you were watching last week better.”

Kuroko: “___.” Kuroko’s voice called out, stern. For the fifth time, she ignored him, too busy with her manga to notice him. Suddenly, the manga was out of her hands and behind Kuroko’s back. “___, you need to get outside. It’s not good for you to stay inside all the time.” “Kuroko, give me that back!! I wasn’t finished!” “I don’t care!! Can’t you see I’m worried for you?! You haven’t gone outside for the past three days!!” ___ looks down, pouting. God, she hated it when Kuroko shunned her. Deep down, she knew it was true; however, she just couldn’t go outside when there were other stories she hadn’t read yet! “Come on, ___-san. Go out on a walk with me. You can go back to reading this after we go out on a walk, okay?” “You promise? I can have it back?” “Yes, ___-san. Right after we come back from the walk.” “Okay.” Kuroko knew he had to lure her outside every now and then, he had to make sure she had pure air every now and then. As they took a walk outside, ___ looked around at the scenery. “It’s really pretty out here.” “Yeah, see? Outside is good. I have an idea.” ___ looked over at Kuroko as he took her hand and walked over to a big rock before sitting down. ___ kept on looking at the trees that surrounded them as she realised just how relaxing a forest can be. Kuroko suddenly brought out the book from his back pocket and handed it to ___. “How about we read it together, outside where it’s peaceful? This way we’re spending time together, getting fresh air, and doing what you love.” Suddenly ___ doesn’t feel like reading. She wants to talk to Kuroko and just spend careless time with him. She lunges at Kuroko, tackling him into a hug. “I love you, Tets-kun.” “I love you too, ___-san.”

Kagami: “Woahhhh—Why did his eyes suddenly flash red?!” Kagami leaned back as his face showed that he was surprised at what was happening on the tv screen. “He’s a demon.” ___, his girlfriend that was currently cuddled up under his arm, replied while her eyes stayed glued to the screen. “That’s a butler…?” Kagami was still a bit confused but he couldn’t help but find the show very interesting. At first, he had to admit, he was a bit sceptic to agree right away to watch these shows with ___. He heard all during middle school and high school that it was considered…”nerdy”…to watch anime. He didn’t want to be considered a loser if someone found out he watched ‘anime’. He didn’t really even know why his girlfriend was watching anime in the first place. Wasn’t anime just half-naked, sometimes fully nude, cartoon girls that were drawn in an impossible busy shape? Well obviously he was proved wrong when he saw all the cool anime’s his girlfriend was watching. It only took him the first three minutes to get hooked like his lover was.

Himuro: It already bugged Himuro to no end that Murasakibara would always ignore him while eating snacks whenever they hung out, but this? This was too much. His girlfriend was acting exactly like Atsushi but with reading manga. Himuro only had ___’s friend to blame on getting her caught up in this stupid romantic comic stuff. He didn’t get what was so fantastic about it. And it certainly didn’t please him at the fact his girlfriend was caught up in this fantasy boyfriend character on a page of paper more than her actual boyfriend right beside her. “Are you listening to what I just said?” Himuro asks, looking over to ___. “Hmmm..? Sorry what’d you say?” ___ drawls, turning the page before continuing reading her romance novel. That was all it took for Himuro’s string to snap. Swiftly, before ___ even had time to blink, her book had fallen to the floor and her body was pinned against the alley wall, trapped between Himuro’s strong arms. “You know, it’s a little hurtful to completely ignore your boyfriend in front of his face for a fictional boy that doesn’t even exist, don’t you think?” The way Himuro’s voice had dropped two octaves made cold chills run down his girlfriend’s spine. “We’re in an abandoned, for the most part, alley..why don’t we practice your skills on giving all your attention to your real boyfriend..hmm? Starting now.”

Takao: “___-chan, hurry it up!” Takao was trying to pull his girlfriend outside the house so they could go shopping. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend was too busy on her phone. Takao didn’t know whether to feel relieved that he knew she wasn’t talking to another guy or hurt because she was paying more attention to her anime blog than her boyfriend. “___-chan, please? Come on, you were on that blog all night and early this morning!! When do I get time? Huh? This isn’t fair!” “Stop pouting, Takao! You’re my boyfriend. You’re more important than this anime blog.” “Well your actions oppose your words.” Takao pouts, crossing his arms over his chest like a baby. Takao then grabs the phone and starts running, not really having a full plan ready. Not expecting his girlfriend to run as fast as she did, she leaps onto him and tackles him down in their front yard. “Give it back!” ___ whines, hovering over her boyfriend, pouting trying to get him to give in. Suddenly, Takao flips her over so it’s his turn to hover over her. Swiftly, he pins her down to wear she can’t get out of the position. “Maybe I’ll do this again, I like this position, ___-chan.”

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he is a little puppy who wants a little love and a little attention from his little brother (。╹◡╹。)

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Love doesn't discriminate, right? So you deserve love too! You're amazing and beautiful and talented, and I adore seeing your activity on my blog. We're not mutuals, but I would fight all of the world to make you feel as amazing as we know you are. (Going off of the Sound of Music; you're one of MY favourite things ;D )

Ahhh!!!! this is the sweetest and the cutest. Thank you so so much, anon💓

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How would kyoya react when his s/o paint him instead of the wall of your new apartment? I'm so happy that a kyoya blog exist. Thanks :)

Ahhh, so sorry for the long wait! You send in the cutest prompts !

“You do realize we could just pay professionals to do this, right?” Kyoya looks around skeptically at all the rollers, paint brushes, paint trays, and gallons of paint set carefully on the tarps covering the floor. “It would probably look a lot better and would be a lot easier-”

“Or,” you interrupt him, handing him a paint roller, “we could save the money and just paint ourselves.” You give him a small, wry smile as you turn to start filling the paint trays. You hear him sigh as he comes up behind you.

You start to roll paint onto the wall in clean, even strokes, Kyoya doing the same. You glance at him quietly, a smirk creeping onto your lips.

Since this is such a messy project, you had convinced him to wear some casual clothes, most of which you had to buy just to make sure that they were cheap enough that he wouldn’t be pissed if they got ruined.

And boy, are you going to make sure that they get ruined.

You take your paint brush, dip it in the pool of paint, and you flick your wrist at him. Paint hits his right arm, creating a random pattern on his skin, while droplets of paint fall to the white tarps on the ground. His eyes widen at the sudden assault of cold liquid before turning to you.

A goofy smile stretches across your face as you see his look of confusion. You flick your brush again, this time painting across the front of his shirt.

“Y/n, stop, this is completely childish and a waste of paint-” you flick the brush at him again. He narrows his eyes at you, and for a moment you’re worried that he might actually be mad.

You let out a surprised yelp as he grabs his paint brush and sends a cascade of splatters towards you. Laughing out his name, you raise your arms to block your face. He steps closer, smearing his brush across your front.

“Stop, stop!” you laugh out, trying to grab at his brush. The wet bristles slap against your fingers, completely covering them in sticky paint. You bring your brush down, painting a stripe across his chest and catching a bit of his neck in the process. You feel his arms wrap around you, trapping your arms between your body and his. After a bit of a struggle, your brush falls from your grasp, useless. A small smile graces your lips.

“Are you done?” he asks, a mixture of exasperation and amusement in his voice. You nod, leaning your head against his shoulder and pressing your lips to the side of his neck.

“Yeah, let’s finish the first coat.”

-Admin Katie

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You are so super cute and I just???? I want to give you so many cuddles and pet hamsters while watching Disney movies with you and I'm sorry but you are just the cutest person ever omg

Ahhh thank you!!!!!

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before I didnt use, or like, Tumblr, but because i love bkya so much, and you are my favorite writer, I decided to come to your blog and since then it has been .. the greatest ever hahaha !! I'm always looking for updates on your blog (is that weird?) but i just love all the cute scenarios you give when people ask questions about bkya/wh ahhh.. it makes me so happy .. you're one of the most nicest, and cutest bangtan writers ever!!! i wish you happiness & please eat well!!

Sometimes I feel like Tumblr can be a really dark place, so I understand why you might not like it, anon. I personally try to only reblog really cute and fun stuff, and I try to only talk about dumb stuff, so hopefully my blog is a fun environment even though I make 900 personal posts per day lately, geez.

I’m glad you like my cute scenarios!!! I really do think about them. There is this ask that has been burning a hole in my inbox about Namjoon and Jin’s cutest memories of the boys, and I just have no idea how to answer it, I’ve been thinking about it for ages. It’s such a broad question, and the kids are so CUTE!

But I’m very happy you think I’m nice. I feel like maybe I look nice because I’m not like… talking to you in person. I know at least one person who thinks I’m the worst human being in the world (if anyone is interested in knowing the story of my archenemy, Mainline Kelly, feel free to send me a message or an ask, but it’s too much to explain in one post). BUT. I am doing my best. This is dumb, but I really love Jesus (not that my explicit fanfiction and swearing would make you think that), and I think it really helps. 

And I’m glad you think my writing is cute! I swear, 95% of the fics I write, I sit down, crack my knuckles, and am like “Okay, how do I write the cutest thing possible without it being unreasonable?” and then write it unreasonably cute anyway.

personal, this is such a weird answer, i am so weird, I’m the weirdest, xoxo