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His punishment

His punishment

Pairing: Thor x reader

Request : Thor-but I want me to be the dominate one. Like I have special handcuffs that he can’t break, and I tease the crap out of him. I touch myself before I pleasure him, and maybe the whole day I had been teasing him with touches and such. I want him to get really rough and dirty with it. Go all out, nothing is too far for me. And he cums inside me for all, but I want him for the sex to be so steamy and rough. At some point you can have him be released and he just pounds me at a speed like Pietro. I want this to be extremely dirty, and steamy

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Revenge. That was the only thing that was on your mind as you smoothed out the skirt you were wearing. You were planning on teasing the crap out of your boyfriend Thor. The reason behind your action is that five weeks ago he left right in the middle of sex. Sure he had a valid excuse, he had to go on a mission with the rest of the avengers but he left you at the edge of your orgasm. He as apologized profusely but you just weren’t having it and you’ve been ignoring him since.

“Ms. y/n you should hurry up, the meeting is about to start” Friday announced.

“I’m on my way.” you replied before you exited your room and made your way towards the conference room.

Once inside you noticed everyone except for Steve was already gathered around. “Damn y/n you’re looking good this morning” pietro commented and earned a glare from your boyfriend.

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Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, and belongs to the person who created it. The only thing I own is the plot.

Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

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Two Guardians Walk into a Bar...

Ok so I told myself drabble. Two hours later this is 1.3k.

Dialogue practice with Auburn, and testing out my hand at Cayde’s voice and tone as well as nudging his character towards something more complex and interesting than provided.

Cayde’s a smart ass, but if you listen carefully you can learn a thing or two from the snark.

Auburn wasn’t a drinker, really, not alone, not outside of social nights. But she’d discovered once that as well as being a half decent bar, this particular hole in the wall had an unrivaled green tea, lemonade, and peach brew. She was stewing over it, allowing herself for once to let down the smile, to be moody and just sip something sweet.

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nanbazu  asked:

maybe astral or yuma in a2 or b2 for the clothes meme? :00


Yuma: Quick Astral, make a nice pose to take a pic!

Astral: –What do you mean? Yuma—? when you an alien and don’t know how to act when taking pics

I’m sorry for taking so long with this  ORZ I’m too slow;; But I do hope you’ll like this!

Yuu probably fell while ‘KATTOBINGU!’ that’s why he’s all bruised and wearing band aids;;

For the art memey: Click!

Did I Stutter?

A/N: Anon asked me to write Barba learning that his girlfriend has suffered from Stutter like almost all her life.
I hope I could do some justice to this request, as I have no personal experience to draw from, just my imagination I’m afraid.
As always, thank you @minidodds for your input!
Word count: 1,593 (it turned out longer than I was expecting!)

Sinking into the couch after a long day at work was a wonderful feeling. Especially when you had witnessed such horrific violence. You thought back to the interrogation you had witnessed that afternoon.

“You know something, Kyle? When I first saw Jack laid up in that hospital, I was pretty upset. I was angry at who did it. Because right away, Jack reminded me of of me,” Sonny said to the boy gently.

“You see, I was the scrawny kid, way back when. Guys in the neighborhood, they used to pick on me every day. The worst was this this kid, Bobby Bianchi. One day when we were at school, he grabbed me by the hair and he he shoved my face through a plate glass window.”

“Must have hurt.” Kyle seemed like a good kid.

“I was bleeding, I was all cut up. The principal asked what happened. Now I could have put an end to it. Right there, all I had to do was say Bobby’s name. But I didn’t. Because I didn’t want Bobby to get into trouble.”

“He got away with it?” Kyle asked.

“That’s right. Nobody ever knew what happened. You know where Bobby is now? He’s in Sing Sing for stabbing some poor sap to death during a bar fight. And I always think, what if I would have said something? What if I just would have said something? Maybe that guy would still be alive. I missed my shot, Kyle. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret it.

“But this is your shot. Right now.”

Rollins had been right, the story Sonny had told had been a true memory. You had wanted to comfort Sonny that day, but the case had taken up the detectives’ time and instead you had gone over to Rafael’s apartment to wait for him to finish up with his case. Sonny’s story had brought back some less than pleasant memories from your own childhood.

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anonymous asked:

ahh!! i love love love this blog! ❤️ both of you write so well & i love coming on to see new posts from you both! could we please get some fluffy headcanons for the boys s/o insisting that they need to destress and insisting on a spa day at home to relax? facemasks, fuzzy PJs, bath bombs, the lot! i feel like they all need a break for once omg.

(A quick thank you to everybody who was so gloriously patient with me while I took a short hiatus to get caught up with school work! You all are so kind and supportive - I truly appreciate it 🌸)

Ahhh, anon thank you thank you thank you! People like you are the reason we have the privilege of being able to write for an audience everyday.

I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the blog 😊

With that said - YES! A spa day for our overworked chocobros is long overdue, don’t you think?

They really run themselves rampant. 

Song: “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys


  • Convincing Iggy to take a load off and relax would undoutably be a difficult task, due to the fact that he always has something on the agenda
  • Once he’d commited to the idea, however, he’d be a total pro at pampering his s/o
  • DIY bath bombs made with pepermint and tea tree oils, face masks made with avocado and honey, and skin scrubs with rock salt and brown sugar are an aboslute must: everything homemade by chef Scientia himself
  • Even though the items are techinically not supposed to be eaten, this guy has gone to lengths to make sure that in the off chance his s/o gets some in their mouth, it’ll taste delicious
  • He loves being able to be affectionate in little ways, like softly spreading the mask on his s/o’s face with his fingers - his touch grazing their cheeks, cresting over their lips, and across the pillowy skin beneath their eyes
  • He may or may not just so happen to lick off extra product if it gets too close to their mouth - for strictly hygenic purposes, of course!

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Good Night (Spencer Reid fluff/smut-ish?)

IMPORTANT: Exam season starts tomorrow and I have been studying A LOT and I’m so tired all the time. For the next 9 days I probably won’t be posting as much (I will try) please don’t be mad,and when I’m done I will be doing requests and another part of Lie to me (until the next exam season starts again) …..and I need to update the masterlist god damn

another note:this is smut I wrote last year and my sorry for not posting as much gift *runs away crying with notes and books* 

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sassy-pigeon replied to your photo “Omg it seems i forgot how to draw with tablet and i have a few more…”

I love your paper drawings!!!! <3 <3 <3

 Ahhh thank you Pidgy!!! ;A; tbh I feel like I’m 2x faster with a pen and paper nowadays… 

Like this took me about 40 minutes while I bet with tablet it would take more than 1 hour ^o^ hahaha I’m sure you know the feeling! 

This took a while to finish since exams were on… but still…. I hope you get well soon! You gotta take care of yourself better since a lot of us gets worried when things like that happens! (Imagine all the Mamahirus up at Discord worried sick of you! xD). Rest up and recover now! =w=)/


I KNOW I PRAISED THIS IN THE DISCORD CHAT TOO. BUT I HAVE TO PRAISE IT HERE TOO!!!!! OF COURSE. AHHH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND JUST LOOKS SO NICE. I really do love the glowy effects and purplish and pinkish lines~~ Ahhh you guys made this day back absolutely wonderful! I feel 1000 times even better now~ THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH REI AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (●♡∀♡)

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  Now excuse me I’m just gonna latch on to this art forever now lol~ I hope you all know I save anything ever that is made for me. CAUSE THAT’S HOW MUCH IT ALL MEANS TO MEEEEEE. ALSO BLESS ALL THAT YOU DO GIRL!!!! Keep up the great work too!! 

My Girl (Staurt Twombly One Shot)

I sighed heavily as I gripped at the manila folder in hand, the anger boiling deep inside me while Graham, yet again as per usual, made an asshole comment toward Zach, our overweight group member.

“You’re so fat, man,” he muttered, making a face in disgust. “So fat…”

I pressed my lips together as I tried to hold back my own snarky comment, but bit my tongue instead. With that he finally dismissed our team for the day.

As I collected the rest of my things and began heading out, I could feel myself deeply regretting the decision to ever come in for an internship at Google for the summer before my graduating year from Stanford. Well, more like I regretted ever agreeing to team up with Graham.

I rolled my eyes as he eyed me up and down the minute I began making my way toward the exit. From the get go, I knew he hadn’t bothered to pick me for his team based on my merit, but merely because of my looks. He made that extremely clear.

“Will I be seeing you later then, beautiful?” he smirked.

“Nope,” I stated simply, slamming the folder right into his chest and making my way out. He huffed out in slight annoyance, but desire.

“Always playing hard to get,” he said through his accent, not bothering to hide his smirk. “I love it.”

Ignoring the comment, I immediately reached down for my purse in attempt to pull out my phone and distract myself a little further while I continued to walk. I huffed out in annoyance as I continued to dig, but couldn’t find it. An audible gasp and small shriek escaped my lips as I ran into someone.

“Whoa, whoa,” an unfamiliar voice cried out, reaching out for my arms and quickly grounding me. “I’m so sorry about that!”

I quickly turned over to look directly into a wrinkled smile and kind blue eyes. Instantly, I was able to recognize one of the older interns Graham was so set on destroying.

“You’re fine,” I breathed out before finally gripping the familiar lump and pulling out my phone from my purse. “Thank you.” With that I lowered my gaze onto the screen and attempted to maneuver my way past the old man.

“Whoa, whoa, hang on there,” he began, his hands pulling me back by the arms. “You’re (Y/N), right? Part of Graham’s team?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, looking up to him, my brows furrowing slightly.

“I’m Nick,” he smiled, dropping his hold on me and extending a hand for me to take.

“Pleasure,” I responded rather curtly as I looked back down to my phone screen.

“Look at you,” he seemed to chuckle. “You remind me of a certain team member of my own. Nose always stuck to that small four-inch screen. Uh, maybe you’ve met him.” He made a gesture and I barely glanced in time to watch him point over to someone in the distance. My eyes followed. “Stuart. Stuart Twombly.”

The minute my gaze landed on the boy, I felt my throat constrict and my cheeks burn up. Of course I knew who Stuart Twombly was. We both had gone to the same high school, graduated the same year, hung around the same crowd of people. He was the same boy I had been crushing on since my freshman year. However, he never knew I even existed.

It was a huge surprise when I came to find out that he had joined the Google internship program as well. That first day, when we were split up into groups, I had hoped to join him, but Graham beat me before I could even approach the boy.

During the first challenge, I would steal glances toward him every now and then. Watch as him and his team mates would frantically write against the clear board trying to figure out the bug in the code. However, the minute he’d take notice that someone was watching, I’d instantly look away. It wasn’t until the second challenge that I tried to interact with him, but as usual, he was glued to his phone. During the second half of Quidditch, I purposely dropped the quaffle in order for Stuart to get a hold of it and score for his own team, earning them the big win. For a brief moment we exchanged smiles that day, but it never went past that.

“I take that as in you do know him?” Nick gave a laugh, snapping me back into reality.

“I—I might have been acquainted with him,” I stammered, lowering my gaze yet again as my face only grew hotter.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” his expression seemed to twist into that of sneaking suspicion. “Do I detect a little something for our little Stewie?”

“N—No. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I cleared my throat and held my head high, straightening my composure as if to seem uninterested. “You guys are the enemy, according to Graham. The competition. And besides, Google policy is: say no to love. Even if I was interested—which I’m not—it’s not going to happen.”

“Now, now,” he shook his head and chuckled. “I can see straight through the act. There’s no need to pretend you’re even on that asshole’s side. I’m sure you’re a pretty smart girl. Maybe a current student attending UCLA or something—”

“Stanford,” I corrected.

“Even better,” Nick shrugged. “You know that following Graham will only take you so far. And policy or not… You gotta live a little sometimes. I mean take me for instance; I was told I’m not allowed to go after a certain sexy Australian in management, but yet I took a chance and asked her out to dinner some time.” He paused as he looked down to me, pointing a finger. “Now I saw that glint in your eye. It was just enough to tell me everything I need to know.”

“Which is?” I gulped slightly.

“You care about Stu. You’re interested,” he smirked slightly. “And a little birdy once told me… He seems to be pretty interested in you too. Do with that what you will.” He seemed to shrug before walking off. “It was nice meeting you, (Y/N).”

I squinted my gaze as I watched him walk off toward his group, clapping his hand with Stuart in greeting before getting back to their own work. The boy’s eyes flickered over to me briefly, a small awkward smile creeping upon his lips before tentatively waving toward me with two fingers. Could the bump in have been on purpose?


Later that day, I sighed heavily as I slammed the empty tray over the bar counter, my calves burning and my feet throbbing with regret. Much like every other night I took up a shift at the bar, my body begged me to stop wearing heels. However, that seemed to be nearly impossible with the kind of job I had.

Even though Google provided me with a lot of things, I still had bills to pay, and the internship was just that… An internship. Meaning, I had no money whatsoever. With that being said, I took up a part time job as a waitress slash bartender at a local strip club.

Sure, I could have easily taken up a waitressing job at any other restaurant or bar, but Brass Rail was known for its huge tips. In one shift, I could easily pay for my car and phone bill. And the best part about it all, I didn’t have to take my clothes off for the money either. However, policy did state that my appearance had to be presentable. And by presentable, I mean I had to wear promiscuous outfits, especially if I wanted to make great tips for the night.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off?” Patty, the bartender for the night, asked as she wiped the bar counter clean. The woman was a few years older, but she had become a really close friend of mine and she most definitely looked out for me. “You’ve been working hard for the past couple of days. And besides, shouldn’t you be back at home working with your team to create that new app or whatever?”

“No, Graham got it all covered,” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Either way, I think we’ve got it covered. The night’s still young, maybe you should go out and have some fun!” Patty encouraged as her lips curved into a playful smile. “Maybe find yourself a cute boy or something. You’re always too busy with your internship and here that you never have any time for yourself. Find yourself a cutie.” It took me a minute to realize she was nodding toward the entrance. “Kinda like that one.”

My eyes flew over to the door, quickly landing on the familiar boy that stood at the front of his group, nose buried deep into his phone. Instantly, I felt my eyes go wide as I caught sight of his friend and team mate, Nick. He quickly grinned as he noticed me and began reaching out for Stuart, who didn’t bother to acknowledge him.

“Oh no,” I gasped, quickly spinning around and gripping at the counter behind me.

“What?” Patty asked. “What’s the matter, sugar?”

“I—I know him,” I stammered.

The music continued to blare throughout the club, the bass bouncing, while Patty took a moment to herself and gasping.

“Ahhh! I see where this is going!” she shouted over the sound. “You like the boy, don’t cha?”

“Kinda,” I admitted guiltily as I turned back to her feeling myself wanting to panic. “But he’s never noticed me.”

“Then make him notice you,” Patty smirked. I gasped as she suddenly reached over the counter and toward my already see-through romper, ripping at the buttons in order to reveal more of my black laced bralette and stopping just an inch before my belly button. She ran her hands through my hair, adjusting it before turning me back to face the group. “Now grow some ovaries and go to him!”

I stared at the boy with wide eyes for a moment before sucking in a deep breath and starting my way over to them. You could do this. You got this, (Y/N). “By the way! You’re officially off the clock! So whatever you do from here on out won’t be held against you!” Patty shouted after me.

“Show you to your table?” One of the topless girls asked as she approached the group. Her eyes landed on Stuart, about to make a move before I stopped her in her tracks.

“I’ll take care of this one,” I assured her with a small smile. He hadn’t bothered to tear his gaze away from his phone.

“Great big world out there, my friend,” Nick said, his fingers making their way under the boy’s chin. “Just three inches up, I beg you.”

His eyes slowly lifted, growing slightly as he finally noticed who stood before him. I bit my lower lip as I felt a surge of confidence grow from within me.

“Hey,” I greeted simply.

“Hey,” he said breathlessly.


“(Y/N),” he nodded, seeming dazed. “I know.”

Nick’s lips curved into a huge grin as he pushed him toward me.

“Experience the world, Stewie,” he encouraged. “There’s a whole lot more outside that phone screen.” I looked over to Nick, nodding in appreciating before turning back to the dazed boy that stood before me.

“What—what are you doing here?” Stuart asked.

“I work here,” I responded, taking his hand and leading them to their table.

“You’re not—”

“I’m not a stripper,” I laughed as I turned over my shoulder to look at him. “I’m a waitress slash bartender. I needed something to pay the bills while I’m doing this internship at Google.”

“In that case, you can hook us up right?” Nick asked as he rushed his way forward. I grinned and nodded.

“Shots on me, guys,” I said, coming to a stop and turning over to Stuart. “But only if this one dances with me after.”

He pushed on his glasses and opened his mouth as he turned to his friends, unsure of what to say before Nick and the others nodded in encouragement.

“O—Okay,” Stuart agreed.


Everybody cheered as I made my way over to the table, carrying the large tray containing the fourteen shots of tequila.

“Before we do this, (Y/N), meet Billy, Lyle, Neha, Yo-Yo, and of course you know Stuart,” Nick quickly tried to introduce as he clapped his two hands together. “Now we can all indulge into some good ol’ shots knowing each other’s names! Let’s go!”

“It’s about time this group had a night,” the other man, known as Billy said.

“Let the good times roll!” Nick shouted.

“Bingo!” Billy agreed.

“There’s two for everyone,” I grinned as I placed the tray down and my way over in order to sit next to Stuart.

“Alright, here we go!” Nick cheered, picking up a shot and handing it over to the boy known as Yo-Yo. “Bottoms up, bud!”

“Oh, I—I can’t,” he stammered.

“What? You’re twenty-one right?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, but my mom says alcohol numbs the brain,” Yo-Yo shook his head.

“Look, I’m not saying a shot of tequila’s the first step on the journey to self-respect, but goddamn, maybe it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe?” Nick finished off, handing him the shot as we all took one in our hands. “Your call.”

The boy hesitated for a moment.

“One shot!” Yo-Yo finally said, holding up a finger rather sternly.

“You’re gonna want that other one, dude,” I grinned as I edged myself closer to the table, holding out my shot.

“Anyways, CHEERS!” Billy shouted as we all brought our shot glasses and clanged them together before taking the swig of alcohol.

“To the night you’ll never remember!” Nick cheered.

We all turned to Yo-Yo as he was the last to take his shot. He hesitated for a moment before forcing the liquid down and shutting his eyes tightly. We all waited for a moment as he shot up out of his seat and began screaming.

“YEAH!” He shouted.

“All right!” Everyone cheered.

“One more!” Yo-Yo cried out, reaching out for his other shot glass.

I gripped at Stuart’s hand and intertwined our fingers the minute we finished our last shot and began leading him to a clear opening. Whether it was the new found confidence that began blossoming after Patty or maybe it was the tequila taking over, I felt myself growing comfortable enough to dance.

“Holy shit,” Stuart breathed out as I turned my back to him and wrapped his hands around my waist, moving my hips along with the rhythm. I gave a satisfied smirk as I pressed myself against him, allowing him to move along with me.

We had gotten halfway through the song, grinding against one another before he stopped. Stuart quickly turned me around, keeping his hands over my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck, enjoying the closeness.

“Can we talk?” He finally asked, gulping slightly.

My smile faded as I looked up to him, letting my hands slide down from his shoulders to his chest.

“Yeah sure,” I nodded. He took up my hand and lead me back to the table, where the rest of the interns had cleared up in order to have their own fun. We both sat down, Stuart instantly dropping his hold on my hand before wiping it against his jeans and looking down.

“Uh. I—I have to confess something,” he stammered.

“What is it?” I asked, my brows furrowing slightly, attempting to scoot closer to him.

He hesitated for a moment, noticing the closing space between us.

“Is it horrible timing to say I’ve liked you since freshman year of high school?” He asked. My smile faded slightly as my eyes widened. “Maybe it’s the tequila talking…”

“N—No. I—I mean, you have?”

He simply nodded.

“I just never thought I’d even get the chance to do this with you,” he admitted, finally finding the courage within himself to turn to me and motioning between the two of us. “I always figured you didn’t know I even existed. I mean, I know I’m not the greatest person ever. I don’t like people and I hide behind snarky comments, so I come off as an asshole, but…” His eyes softened. “I like you. You’ve been the only person I’ve ever really liked.”

I kept my silence as my expression lifted in awe.

“When I saw that you took this internship at Google, you were the only person I wanted to team up with. Especially knowing your background. I mean, you were Valedictorian in high school, so obviously you’re really smart—like, really smart. So, when I saw you walk in through those doors, I thought… maybe this is my second chance, my time to grow some balls and actually talk to you and work with you, but then I saw Graham beat me to it, so I gave up,” he lowered his gaze again as he shrugged. “I grew bitter. Became more of an asshole… I just didn’t want to team up with anybody else.” I pressed my lips together as I felt myself smile.

“I like you too, Stuart,” I finally said, taking up his hand. He looked up to me, surprise lining his features. “If I’m being honest, I’ve liked you since freshman year too. I just didn’t have the courage to talk to you and get to know you better back then.”

His lips curved into a small smirk as looked to me from the corner of his eye, a new sort of confidence about him showing.

“Well, in that case… wanna start over?”

I chuckled and felt my smile turn into a grin.

“I’d like that,” I nodded.

“Drinks?!” I heard a familiar voice shout over the booming music. Quickly turning over, I finally noticed Patty standing around with a tray full of shots, a smirk plastered over her face.

“YEAH!” Yo-Yo cheered as the others came swarming in for their drinks.


After a few more shots and other various drinks, both Stuart and I began to loosen up. Talking and laughing the night away. Just a few feet ahead of us Neha began bouncing up and down, before running up and taking me by the hands and leading me to the dancefloor. I quickly turned back and grabbed a hold of Stuart’s hand, bringing him along.

The beat began to pick up and I moved my body to the rhythm while Neha tried to grind against me. I laughed as Stuart stood back, dancing about rather awkwardly. An idea suddenly sparked as Neha was dragged away by one of the various strippers in order to receive a lap dance. The tequila was definitely taking over this time.

I led Stuart back to the table before tossing him back into the comfortable chairs. His glasses fumbled a bit before he pushed them back with a laugh. I smirked before quickly climbing over him, straddling him and giving into the music. My first official lap dance over the guy I had been crushing on for six years.

My hands ran through his dark hair, his glasses messing up along the process as I drew closer to his face. His own hands made their way down to my hips, moving me along his lap. I smirked as I lowered myself just inches away from his lips.

“Look at what we got cooking here!” Billy laughed as we both continued to move along. “Ready?” I snorted and moved in order to rest my head over Stuart’s shoulder as the giggling took over the minute a flash of light spotted over us and Billy finished taking our picture.

“Exchangeagram moment, bitches!” he cried out, while the two guys high fived.

I threw my head back and laughed as I continued to grind against the boy once Billy left us to our private moment. The tequila was definitely talking for me as I lowered myself once again, my body not bothering to stop. My hands gripped at Stuart’s face as he watched in amazement, slowly lowering them down to his shoulders. I bit the corner of my lip for a moment as I drew closer to him. He stopped, having caught on as one of his hands made their way over to the crook of my neck. Our breaths slowed down as they came out in low shallow huffs. Without further hesitation, we both collided, our lips finally connecting. Whether it was the alcohol or something more, my head swirled and for a moment I could have sworn that sparks flew from all around. The whole place seemed to grow quiet for a moment. It was just the two of us and from deep inside, I felt a surge of emotions begin to pour out into the long awaited kiss. The moment I had been anticipating was finally happening and it completely surpassed any fantasy I had ever had. He was an amazing kisser and the chemistry was beyond what I had ever imagined. The make out session ensued the minute we began to move our lips against one another.

“(Y/N)?!” A familiar voice called out from behind. I quickly pulled away with a gasp, my whole body tensing up. “What the hell are you doing with these losers?!”

“Graham,” I muttered, turning my attention to the boy.

“I’ve been calling you fifty thousand times,” he held out his phone, his brows merging. “Zach said you’d be at work, but I see you’ve been doing far more than just work.”

I quickly climbed off of Stuart and looked down in shame. Even though I hated the guy, I didn’t want to be kicked off the team. It was still a great opportunity to work at Google, even if that meant I had to deal with Graham the entire time. If I was kicked out, there went my chances.

“You’re coming back with me,” he demanded, snatching up my wrist and pulling me with him. “We have work to do!” I tried to yank myself away, but it was useless. Turning back, I noticed the anger flicker over Stuart’s face as I stared back apologetically, stumbling behind Graham. It was bound to happen, being a part of his team, I wasn’t allowed to interact with the competition. Especially Stuart.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Nick held out his hands in the air as he stepped between the exit and Graham. “What seems to be the problem here?”

“It’s not any of your business, old geezers,” he spat out, attempting to maneuver past the two.

“Come on take it easy,” Nick grinned as a few other guys began approaching the scene. Graham’s posse no doubt. “Is this the Jets and the Sharks all of a sudden? Montague and Capulets?” Stuart pushed his way through, finally facing Graham and his grip suddenly tightened around my wrist. He smirked as he pulled my body closer to him, wrapping an arm around my waist. I cringed and tried to push away from him as he lowered his face to mine.

“(Y/N) is part of my team. She’s my girl, isn’t that right, sweetheart?” He drawled out as he tried to kiss my cheek. My brows furrowed and I pushed him back, the anger I felt obvious by now.

“I’m not your girl!” I spat back. This seemed to please him as he gave a laugh.

“She sure loves to play hard to get,” Graham smirked, turning to the others. “Now, if you’ll excuse us. We need to get back on track to beating you guys.” He turned to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. “Come on beautiful.”

I made a face and tried to push away his arm.

“Get off of me—”

“Don’t touch her,” Stuart grumbled, stepping before the two grown men that tried to hold him back, his hands shaking as he balled them into fists. Yo-Yo, Neha, and Lyle soon appeared just behind.

“Oh yeah?” Graham huffed, seeming amused. “What are you going to do about it?”

I gasped as the strobe lights suddenly turned on and the fighting began. Stuart was the first to throw a punch and lock against Graham’s jaw. Indistinct shouts began to echo throughout the place as the others joined in.

“Stop!” I cried out, trying to pull Stuart away from Graham.

“AHHHHH!!!!” Yo-Yo ferociously yelled as he climbed over a table and jumped on someone’s back. I shrieked and stepped back as Graham fell over on his back, Stuart punching furiously.

“STOP!” I shouted again.

“Stay away from MY girl!” Stuart cried out, his hands gripping at Graham’s collar before raising him for a second and slamming him right back down. My eyes widened slightly as I stared in both shock and awe. He had called me his girl.

“My mother hits harder than you!” Yo-Yo shouted, instantly snapping me back into reality.

“YEAH! Down goes Frazier! Whoo!” Neha cheered as she kicked someone’s groin. “What’s up—oh, shit!”

My eyes widened as the security guards all began rushing in, picking up the girl and attempting to escort her out.

“See you again! I’ll kill you!” she shouted as she struggled against them. “Hide your kids! Hide your wife!”

One of the bigger ones finally managed to yank Stuart away from Graham.

“That’s how you party!” Stuart shouted in pride before being escorted out. I pressed my lips together as I fought back my laugh before attempting to follow after.

“(Y/N)! Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” The boy cried out, his body still laid out as he tried to raise himself on his elbows. “Get back here!”

I stopped and turned to him, my expression hardening. Maybe I would regret my decision later, but I had had enough of Graham for one night.

“No,” I responded. “Find yourself another team member. I quit!”

“You can’t quit! You’re mine!”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m Stuart’s now.”

Just a few steps ahead, the boy stopped and looked to me in awe as I turned to him with a smile. Stuart suddenly grunted as the security guard kneed him and pushed on to get them out. My eyes widened and I quickly rushed over to help.

“We’re too hot to party!” Yo-Yo shouted as a security guard yanked on his collar. “That’s why they got to kick us out! Cause they’re gonna call the fire department! Why don’t you bring it outside the party?!”

“WHOOO!” Lyle cheered on.

“No more fun, c’mon,” Nick sighed as he grabbed a hold of the two boys and led them out.


Stuart and I sat back on one of the picnic tables by the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the few spots made to take in the beauty of it all. The boy groaned slightly as I lightly tried to clean up his wounds. I made a face and chuckled as he lightly pushed my hand away, not being able to stand the pain.

“You really took a beating back there,” I muttered.

“Well, I couldn’t stand around and let that asshole disrespect you like that,” he grumbled, his eyes glued onto the bridge.

“Would you look at that view?” Nick sighed out as he made his way closer to us, clapping a hand on Stuart’s back and causing him to wince in pain. “Buddy, you were an animal out there tonight!”

“Right,” Stuart scoffed, resting his elbows over his knees and looking down.

“No, you were!” Nick shook his head. “I’m sure (Y/N) agrees with me!”

I simply nodded.

“Thanks for standing up for me,” I smiled, keeping my gaze on him. Reaching out for his hand, he turned to me for a moment as we intertwined our fingers and I scoot my way closer to him, resting my head over his shoulder.

“Awe, would you look at that? Looks like you two really hit it off,” Nick grinned. “Glad my plan worked!”

“You set this whole thing up?” Stuart asked, his eyes squinted as he turned to the man in disbelief. He gave a shrug as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets.

“I had a hunch you two had a little somethin’ somethin’ so I thought why not?” Nick chuckled. “It sure got you to loosen up, Stewie. Plus, I figured it’d give me some brownie points so you’d warm up to me.” Stuart fought back a smile before turning to me as I nuzzled myself closer to him.

“Thanks man,” he said, turning back to Nick.

“What up with it, hot thing,” Lyle continued to sing along, making his way over to us as he texted away. “Hot thing, hot thing…”

“Lyle!” Nick called out. “Looks like you also hit it off tonight. Saffron, right?”

“Yeah, I’m texting her that I love her and I’m sending her this picture I just took of little Lyle when he made pee in the bushes,” he slurred. “Look, he’s winking!”

“No, Lyle. Lyle, Lyle, that’s a horrible idea,” Nick shook his head. “Please don’t do that. You’re drunk off your ass.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m flying, baby,” Lyle responded with a high pitched chuckle.

“Okay, Lyle, you’re not flying,” Billy joined in, shaking his head. “What’s seventeen squared?”

“Two eighty-nine. Why?” Lyle asked.

“Give me a harder question that that,” Billy sighed as he turned to us. “You know where I’m driving with this.”

“Try, uh, maybe square root of seventeen,” Stuart suggested.

“Like, four point twenty-three? Maybe?” Lyle answered uncertainly, his expression becoming puzzled for a moment.

“That’s the app,” Nick gasped. “That’s the app we should do right there!”

“What?” Billy asked. My brows furrowed slightly as I sat up straighter, not bothering to drop my hold on Stuart.

“Some quiz questions you gotta answer before you can send a drunk text or a drunk email or phone call. Something to protect you from yourself,” Nick continued.

“Wait, you guys still haven’t come up with an app yet?” I asked.

“No,” Stuart shook his head.

“Well, that’s actually a pretty good idea,” I nodded.

“Can we do that?” Billy asked.

“Hells yeah, we could do that,” Neha scoffed out with a nod.

“Are you shitting me? I could program the shit out of that bitch on the bus ride home,” Yo-Yo slurred as he kept his laid down position.

“I could help with the customization and settings,” I suggested, my eyes landing on the drunk boy. “Considering the condition of the main operator.”

“Wait… You’re going to help us?” Billy asked, his expression twisting into that of confusion. “I thought you were with Graham.”

I grimaced as I looked down and tried to force a smile.

“Actually, I don’t belong to any team now, so there goes my internship,” I shrugged. “Which means you guys aren’t the competition anymore, so I could definitely help.”

Nick and Billy turned to one another while the others looked amongst each other. Their expressions lit up as they finally looked to me.

“(Y/N), how would you like to be one of our fellow Nooglers?” Nick offered. My eyes widened and I felt myself grin.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, can’t leave Stewie’s girlfriend behind now, can we?” Nick chuckled.

“I’m in!” I huffed out in excitement.

“C’mon then!” Billy began standing up.

“Let’s roll!” Nick announced. “Let’s get back to HQ!”

“Hey, wait, wait,” Stuart stopped everyone. “Let’s—let’s stay, like, five minutes, you know?” His eyes flickered over to me. “Just enjoy the view a little more.”

“Yeah, all right,” Nick agreed.

“Okay!” Billy sighed out and sat back.

Stuart hesitated for a moment as he looked directly into my eyes, his face slowly inching closer to mine. Before I knew it, he took up the crook of my neck and our lips gently met for a moment. From all around, I could hear the rest of the group start to cheer, causing us to laugh through the kiss and ultimately break away. I rested my head over Stuart’s shoulder as he pulled me closer, our eyes landing back to the rising sun over the ocean. What a way to end the night.

(A/N Crystal): Okay I know this blog is supposed to be Teen Wolf related but omg I had to because Stuart is just ugh. Beautiful. Anyways. I’m so sorry for the quality. I’ve been locked out from my computer so had to post through phone. Sorry for any mistakes! Hope you guys enjoyed!

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

ily Aoife <33333333

1. I’m a pretty good student. I did super well in my classes this semester. :D
2. I’ve improved a lot as a writer over the past few years, which I’m really happy about. 
3. I think my eyes are my best feature which is funny because I used to not care for them. I’d wear colored contacts in high school. lol
4. I’m very non-confrontational and forgiving which could be kind of a double-edged sword. But for the most part, I think it’s made it a lot easier for me not to hold grudges as well as to be more receptive. 
5. I think some of my lyrics are pretty good! Definitely better than they were when I first started writing songs! XD

The Occasion of Sin

This little stand-alone fic is a missing scene from Outlander book 1, set in Leoch after Jamie and Claire were married. It’s my explanation as to why Laoghaire left the ill wish beneath Claire’s pillow. Warning: It has approximately no redeeming value, and is purely an excuse to write Drunk Claire, Horny Jamie, and smut. Plus bonus Jealous Laoghaire.

We were drunk on Colum’s Rhenish. Or rather, I was drunk on Colum’s Rhenish. Jamie had only had ale at dinner, and was tipsy at worst, while the Mackenzie had plied me with glass after glass of his potent alcohol. I only realized sometime during my third glass, when he asked me all too casually about my parentage, that he still wondered whether I was a spy and hoped I was drunk enough to loosen my tongue. Now that I was Jamie’s wife, I was technically related by marriage, but our rushed and unexpected nuptials had done little to erase his suspicion. Nor did my arrest and capture by Jack Randall. While Dougal seemed convinced of my innocence, having seen firsthand the bruises that resulted from my encounters with the Captain, his brother was not. I could hardly blame him. I couldn’t be entirely honest with him, though I was hardly the threat he imagined me to be. But though I couldn’t tell him everything about me, I happily disclosed everything I remembered about Randall and Fort William.

As I took another sip, I glanced over at my new groom, who was deep in conversation with Alec and Murtagh. I didn’t know what they were talking about, nor did I care. I was entranced by the planes of Jamie’s face in the firelight, the defined jawline, the sparkling blue eyes, the flame of his hair. My attraction to him was undeniable. It had started earlier than I was willing to admit, and had only gotten stronger as I knew him better. Between his exuberant love making and the gradual, sincere opening of his heart, I was becoming quickly enamored of my young husband. He broke out in a gale of startled laughter at something Murtagh said, and I found myself involuntarily smiling at him. He caught me watching and gave me one of his solemn, owlish attempts at a wink.

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Chaos Reigns Chapter 46- In The End

Awwww snap fam your long wait is over!! and no, this is not the last piece I have one more coming at ya post this, and potentially a Q&A about my little terrorists ;)

Originally posted by jokers-x-story-x-teller

Trigger Warnings: Language, violence, angsty stuff, guns, gas, batman

10 minutes later

Like a shock wave to the chest I gasp for breath, trying to sit up but something is holding me down.

“Hey, hey it’s all good, you’re back.” Whisper is holding my shoulders down against the tiles, “You’ve been stitched while you were out, that antidote took longer to bring you back than we thought, you’ve been dead for nearly fifteen minutes…” I can hear the concern in his voice, that was not a good sign for the life I was carrying aside from my own, but right now it was not the priority.

“Joker?” I questioned immediately.

“Chasing ‘me’ through the city as we speak. It’s ahhh, not going well for Gotham…” I nodded and lay back against the tiles for the moment.

“I didn’t realise… he’d be… upset. Anger, rage, sure. That sadness though, I did not see that coming.”

“You do realise that man fucking loves you, right?” Whisper asks, his eyes show amusement as I nod.

“Yeah, but not like that.”

“No you’re quite right, not like ‘that’; because you’re both fucking obsessive lunatics. The level of adoration you bestow on each other would make others hurl! Or cower in fear. It’s dangerous, the way you love each other… and no one else will ever have that because no one else is capable.” He finishes his little speech and stands up offering me a hand, “And because it’s fucking dangerous, I don’t want to be in this house when he decides to come back and grieve his not so dead wife.”

“We’re not married Whisper.” I chuckle before clutching my side in pain; he wraps his arm around my waist and helps me towards the bedroom. I know I’ve got some serious painkillers in there and take some as soon as possible.

“Yeah well, you should be.” He mutters as I take the pills and head towards the bathroom. “Call out if you need help. I’ll stay close by.”

Twenty minutes later I’m dressed in a black halter neck knee length dress, hair in a bun and makeup to attempt to cover the fact I have just died and come back to life. I also adorn myself with the emerald jewels Joker bought me when we first met. I’m all for Gotham being burnt to the ground, it’ll make them realise that without me Joker will destroy the place. I also don’t want Batsy to cause me any more grief then I need so don’t take as long as I’d like. We head out to the garage and take my baby, I have seriously missed my car, and once Whisper is on that jet I’m going to need it to prove to Joker I am still alive and who I say I am. For everything it’s worth, he may still just put a bullet through my head the second he sees me and claim insanity and for once, it wouldn’t be the case.

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BTS REACTION: To you getting in an argument or maybe even a fight because the other girl was messing with you and trying to get close to your s/o

Rap Monster:

“What happened with your face, Y/N-ah?” He would ask when you get home, all worried about the bruises and cuts.

“It was a girl in school, nothing more!” As much as you said it was okay and flee from it, he would fill you with questions and when he found out the reasons for your brands, the rapper would open a malicious smile.

“So … You’ve been fighting for my sake?”


“You shouldn’t go around fighting with people!” He’d rebuke you, with his serious look.

“But oppa, it …”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s wrong and you just stooped to her level!”

But internally he would be smiling and jumping to see you so jealous, while nursing your bruises.


“You shouldn’t do these things, you would have to fight with a lot of people, everybody wants Min Suga! You’ll kill yourself!”


“Who was that girl with whom you were fighting?”

“A bitch…”

“Jagi-ya, you can’t talk these things about people!”

“But she is! Who does she think she is to come talk that you two would make a better couple?!”

He would stop for a moment, reflecting, until he open a smile and say kindly.

"You don’t have to worry because the oppa will take care of you and not her!”


He would be lost and worried, looking for you all disheveled with scratches all over your body and ask if you want anything while he took care of you and when he found out the reason for it all …


“Jagi, you will get another chance to end with her face, now we’ll take care of you and then let’s eat!” He would be more excited than usual, filling you pampering.


“You fought for me? Is that what this is all about?” When the matter was closed, he would ask while rubbing your hair.

“No!” You would say, after all you had not told him that it was precisely the real reason for the terrible fight with your colleague.

“Ahhh, you don’t have to pretend, I heard you saying I am yours …” You would cover your face, embarrassed by that, but the boy would take your hands away and smile “I like it, and I will reward you all night … ”

*This maknae…*

~ADM Misso

GIF Credits to Their Original Owners!

Daddy Minho

Requested - yes (like last year omg I’m so sorry)
Word count - 2494
Warnings - daddy kink, public sex (ish), teasing ect.

“Dressing room now” was harshly whispered in my ear by my boyfriend Minho. He had been acting strange all day whilst I’ve been shopping.

“Pardon?” I turned around to see him biting his lip and adjusting himself for about the hundredth time today. “What is with you today?” I turned back around looking back to the clothing.

“Y/n, go to the dressing room now.” Minho took my hand and put it on his bulge “can you see what you’ve done to me?” Minho picked up the dress I had been looking at and walked me over to the dressing room.
“Just the one item?” The polite shop worker asked me with a huge smile.

“That would be right” I smiled back at her and uttered a small “thank you” as she walked me to the dressing room. Minho followed, staring at me all the time. Minho softly pushed me into the dressing room and quickly shut the door behind himself.

“Fuck y/n you look amazing” Minho whispered, pushing me against the wall “walking around in the short skirt” Minho smashed his lips onto mine “all the times you’ve gone on your tiptoes, flashing me a little part of your bum, you’ve made me so hard y/n.” Minho bit his bottom lip, his eyes we now dark, not just from lust “However, you’ve also made me angry” his tone changed. His voice was now flat, the look in his eyes evil “you flashed a few lucky boys, not just me, and now you need to be punished, got that?” I let out a low moan of Minho’s name, his hand pushing on panties; ribbing my clit fast and hard. The friction was amazing.

“Minho~ st-stop. W-we can’t. M-might get c-caught” I was cut off by a slap to the back of my thigh. Minho giving me a stern look. I looked up not know what I had done wrong, this time.

“Y/n what did you just call me?” My face went red. Minho’s hands quickly pushed up my skirt and went into my panties. He harshly rubbed my clit, fast and strong. My one hand flew up to my mouth. I bit my thumb to stop the moans from coming out of my mouth. “I asked you a question baby girl, don’t make me repeat myself” Minho was lookin me in the eyes. His harsh stare scaring me.

“I…I called you min-” I let out a shaky breath “Minho” my body was failing me. I wanted to look strong, like his actions did nothing to me, I wanted my face to be stern and not look like I had two of his long finger thrusting into me. This was not the case. My eyes were shut tight and my mouth wide open. My legs were shaking, only standing with the support of Minho’s one hand on my hips and my hand on his shoulders. “I’m sor-” interrupted by a harsh thrust of his fingers “Daddy, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, I promise.” My mouth felt dry. My body weak. I needed more. “Daddy please. More~” I moaned out quietly.

“No princess” Minho removed his fingers. I whined, reaching for his arm. “No y/n. You tease me, I tease you” Minho then placed his fingers in his mouth and started to luck my juices off of them. After this he walked out of the dressing room, leaving me looking like a mess.

I looked in the big mirror one final time before leaving the dressing room. I went to look for Minho, I’m guessing he’s still in the shop. I walk out of the dressing room, looking for Minho. Once I’ve laid eyes on him, I walk over to him. My legs felt like jelly, fuck that, my whole body felt like jelly, my insides were weak, I needed that release, but Minho had to go and punish me…ahhh I could kill him.

“Follow me princess” while my mind was wondering, I had walked up to Minho, not paying attention to him or what he had to say. “Did you listen y/n?” No answer “for gods sake y/n snap out of it” Minho took my hand and started to walk out of the shop. “You need to listen to me princess, I’ve got very important things to say”

“I’m listening, no need to keep on” I sassed out, I was angry at him, I never leave him when he’s about to cum, that’s just a sick punishment.

“Don’t take that tone with me princess, you’ll get punished again” Minho was speaking right next to my ear, well whispering. His words lit my body on fire, would he really punish me again? “anyway princess, I want to tell you a story, should we go somewhere to sit down?” I didn’t have time to answer him, he just walked into a cute little ice cream shop, pulling me behind him.

After we had ordered, Minho lead us to the very corner table of the shop, where no one else sat. “So about that story y/n” he took some of his ice cream onto the spoon and into his mouth, his eyes never looking away from mine “it’s about this little slut that thinks she can wear very shirt skirts with she is out shopping with her boyfriend, making her boyfriend hard in public, what do you think? She’s not very nice, is she?” Minho looked at me, waiting for my answer.

“Minho, this isn’t a story, this is what has just happened, yes I’m sorry I made you hard but you don’t need to call me a slut” Minho laughed before I could even finish the sentence.

“You’re half right, and well done for being sorry, however, that was only part of the story I wanted to tell, the main part of the story is what I’ve been thinking all day” a wicked grin made its way onto Minho face. “Do you want to hear that story princess?” Before I could answer, Minho had placed a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. “I’m going to tell you anyway” and the smug grin was back. “Once we have finished our ice cream” we ate in silence.

Minho finished his ice cream before I did, and sat there looking at me “if you don’t hurry up sweetie, you’re not going to hear the story” blushing at his words, I pushed the ice cream to one side. “Okay we can get started” Minho put his hands over mine, rubbing small circles onto the back of my hand. To any person that walked by, we would just look like a young couple in love, not a couple that was getting really turned on.

“Minho please just get on with it” I begged, I was getting so desperate, I needed anything, just hearing his voice telling me his fantasy could get me off at this point.

“I can see you really want this princess, so I’ll tell you” Minho pulled me towards him by my arms “I’m only going to tell this story once y/n, so you better listen, got it” I quickly nodded my head “so eager.” Minho smiled at me, then kissed me quickly before telling me his fantasy. “All day I’ve been thinking about how you feel wrapped around my cock, warm and tight. That, along with you flashing me got me so hard baby. But teasing you is more fun for me. I was also thinking about your lips. They are perfect for when you suck my cock, and when you hollow your cheeks, you nearly make me explode everything you do that” Minho’s eyes turned darker with lust, his hold on my hands tighter and his voice was so quiet, only I could hear him speak. “All day I’ve wanted to go into a lingerie shop and pick my princess some pretty things that she can only wear for me. And if my princess’ behaviour is good over the next week, daddy might get her some little toys she can play with when daddy is away” I was blushing at his words, Minho has never been so forward talking about our sex, I was getting really turned on.

“Can we go get the pretty lingerie now daddy?” My face was so red at this point. A bigger smile now made its way onto Minho’s face, he was loving this. Without a word Minho stood up, towering over me. He put his hand out for me to hold. Once my hand was in his grasp again, he was striding toward a lingerie shop. Once inside the shop, Minho wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his head on the top of mine, on moving it when he wanted to whisper in my ear.

“What colour does my princess want to get? Something that’s cute and pink, sexy and red or maybe something in black or white?” I looked around the shop, trying to find something that both Minho and I would like “come on princess, we don’t have all day, we need to get back home” his head was now on my shoulder.

“What colour do you want me to get?” My voice was quiet and shaky. Minho turned my head to the direction of the cute pink things. “The pink?”

“Yes it will look so cute on you princess” we (awkwardly) walked together towards the pink lingerie. “Would you let daddy pick them for you baby?” I nodded, no longer trusting my voice. Minho picked out a baby link babydoll and some stockings that matched it. “You’re going to look so sexy in this princess” we left the shop, going straight to the car, ready to go home.

The car ride was silent, the radio the only thing making a noise. Minho’s hand resting on my thigh, rubbing small circles on it. Once we got outside the house and the car stopped, I went to open the door. “Princess?”

“Y…yes?” I asked, suddenly nervous to what was going to be said.

“I’m going to give you five minutes to go into the house and get changed, be ready for me princess” I nodded, quickly getting the bag and running into the house and up to our bedroom. My clothes came off quickly, placing them in a pile on the floor, before I put the babydoll on, quickly followed by the stockings. The door suddenly opened.

“We done princess, I didn’t think you could do it” the wicked grin was back on his face. Minho kissed me hungrily. He pushed me onto the bed, climbing onto of me. “You look fucking amazing princess” he kissed me again, his hands moving all over my body. His kisses moved down my neck and turned into sucking and biting, leaving marks for everyone to see. Minho’s hands made their way to my hips, his lips following closely. Once Minho’s lips were near my panties, he started to pull them down, kissing my legs as he went. “I need you baby” he moaned into my inner thigh. Soon Minho was back looking me in the eyes “but you have been naughty today, so you need to get” he paused, leaned close to me ear and purred “punished.” Minho sat back on the bed and looked over at me, tapping his lap. “Come sit princess” I moved so that I was straddling his lap. “Only my one leg baby” …shit.

I moved myself so that I was hovering over his one leg. Minho growled, clearing not like my hesitation. He held my hips and brought his leg up to meet my core. “I was going to be gentle on you princess, but that has gone out the window. You know you should listen to daddy all the time” I moaned as Minho started to more my hips. The friction of his jean clad leg heaven on my clit. My hips started to move in their own, no longer needing Minho’s hand to guide me. Minho placed his lips near my ear, kissing and sucking every now and then “guess what princess?”

“W…what daddy?” My hips we’re moving faster than mind could process and more words came out as a whisper. Minho looked at me with disappointment plastered on his face “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t guess” I looked down in shame, not wanting to get punished again.

Minho smiled before saying “You’re not going to cum on daddy’s leg” his hands were then placed back on my hips to make sure I kept moving “and if you do, you won’t get to cum on my cock either” I went pale. I was so close and he knew it. My head dropped onto his shoulder, my clit becoming over sensitive and my body unable to stop moving due to his hands. Minho started to move my hips faster, jolting his leg up every so often. My moaning became louder, my body becoming weaker.

I was suddenly flipped onto my back, Minho looking over me “you been a bad girl today y/n” Minho got up off the bed. He slowly undid the buttons on his shirt and took his jeans off. Getting back on the bed and leaning over me, Minho began to talk slowly “you won’t do that again, will you princess?” I shook my head no. “Good girl” Minho kissed my softly, pulling down my panties, and slowly taking off his boxers. Then paused.

“Daddy please, I really need you” my voice was quiet, he knew j hated begging. Minho kissed me once before pushing his cock into me. “Fuck” I moaned. Minho slowed his movements down, making me moan out in frustration. Minho moved to wars my ear.

“Are you going to tease daddy all day again?” Minho whispered. His thrusting had totally stopped, he was waiting for my answer, knowing I would break any moment.

“I won’t. I promise daddy, I won’t tease you ever again”

“Right answer princess” Minho then snapped his hips towards my core. His thrusts deep and rough. He was grunting in my ear with each thrust, moaning out my name every so often. My hips we’re raising up to meet with Minho’s thrusts. His name falling out of my mouth. Minho moved his hand down to my clit, rubbing circles on the bundle of nerves. I was so close.

“Can I cum daddy?” My voice was shaky and moans were slipping out of me left, right and center.

“Cum for me princess” as soon as the words slipped passed Minho’s lips, I let go. I screamed Minho’s name, my legs shaking and my hands gripping onto Minho. Minho’s thrusts picked up, his breath becoming louder in my ear. With a few more thrusts, Minho came. “That was perfect princess” he kissed me on the lips as he pulled out “but if you tease daddy again, you punishment will be ten times worse, got that princess?” I looked away from the eyes burning into me.

“Yes daddy”

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Hey I'm re-submitting this with Akashi, Midorima, Kuroko, Himuro and Kagami being looked after by their s/o when they're ill. (I'm so sorry about last time my tumblr glitched and said your ask box was still open gomennasai *covers face*)

Lol you’re okay anon! I’m glad you could catch the box when it was open ^^ but I do think it might’ve been my fault as well because I sometimes forget to change both the ask box message as well as in my blog. Anyways, here you go! And, as always, I must apologize for being so late >.<

Kuroko Tetsuya - Kuroko was sound asleep when you walked into the room. The poor boy was coughing up a storm when you left earlier to go prepare some soup for him. You walked up to his bedside and sat down next to him, holding onto his warm hand.

“Please get better soon, Kuroko…” you whispered to him.

Kuroko shifted in his bed, letting out very soft noises. His eyes and cheeks twitched briefly until he settled down.

“_______….” he said, half asleep and half awake. He coughed a couple of times.

“Yes, Kuroko…?” you asked, leaning forward.

“…it’s cold without you,” he said with a troubled expression.

You frowned, contemplating what to do with that statement. You sighed and got up, walked around the bed to the side that was vacant, and slipped inside the covers. You knew this was a bad idea because he was extremely sick but Kuroko’s vulnerable and concerned expression when he said that made your heart melt.

Kuroko turned, his eyes fluttering open slightly in order to locate where you were, and he put his arm on your waist, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“Thank you.”

Kagami Taiga - “Say ahhh…” you gestured to Kagami while holding the thermometer. He looked at you with your mouth open for sake of demonstration, and reluctantly opened his own. You placed the thermometer underneath his tongue and then ruffled his hair. “Good boy.”

Kagami scowled at your actions. “Why are you treating me like a child?”

“Because you look just as vulnerable as any child right now~” You cooed, smiling brightly at him.

When the thermometer beeped, you took it out of his mouth and looked at the temperature, frowning. “You’re heating up…” You pulled off his blankets, surprising him. Your hands went to the buttons on his shirt and began to undo them.

“What they hell are you doing?!” A very flustered Kagami yelled at you.

“You’re dressed to the toe with such a high fever…you need to cool down a bit,” you said as you unbuttoned the last button and pulled apart his shirt, gazing down on his sweat-glistening abdomen and chest. “Oh wow, this is actually more erotic than I had anticipated…”

“T-That’s why-” Kagami pulled the blanket over him again, “you shouldn’t do things like that! Just because I’m sick doesn’t mean you can do whatever the heck you want with me!”

You frowned and got up from the side of his bed. “Oh really? Then let’s see how you manage to take care of yourself alone.” You walked out of his room and shut the door behind you, just to spite him. Kagami, thinking you were joking, pouted to himself. However, when you hadn’t come back after five minutes, he grew uncomfortable.


Midorima Shintarou - “Shintarou!” you yelled at the green-haired boy when you saw him up out of bed and watching the TV from inside the kitchen. “What are you doing here?!”

Midorima sniffled and pushed his glasses upwards, attempting to ignore you. When you yelled his name out once more, he sighed. “Can’t you see? Oha-asa is broadcasting today’s fortunes.”

You walked up to him and whacked his arm with a book. “You’re supposed to be in bed getting rest. You’re sick, remember?”

Midorima scowled and turned away from your angry face. “I’ve told you already, _____-chan. I am not sick. At least, not enough to disable me to a bed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go out and buy clothespins,” Midorima said as he viewed his lucky item on the screen.

When Midorima began to walk away from you, you grabbed his arm, causing him to jerk backwards. He glared at you. “You’re not leaving this house. No. Not until you’re better.”

“For the last time, _____-chan, I’m not sic-” On cue, he sneezed twice in a row. You raised an eyebrow at him with an amused look on your face. “That is insufficient evidence to say I am si-” He sneezed again.

You pulled on his arm. He stumbled the first few steps but then reluctantly followed you. “I’ll go out and get you whatever the hell it is you want but you have to promise me you’ll stay in bed, alright?”

Midorima felt somewhat nostalgic because you reminded him of his mother who used to take care of him when he was sick as a little kid. Of course, he never told you this, but instead just grudgingly agreed.


Himuro Tatsuya - Only the lords could explain as to why your boyfriend, even when down with a nasty cold, looked so irresistibly attractive. You smiled while setting down the hot bowl of chicken noodle soup when you saw him sleeping soundly. Leaning over, you brushed his silky black hair from his face, watching as some strands slivered from between your fingers.

Himuro groaned softly and opened his eyes, looking directly at you. You withdrew your hand and smiled at him. “Are you awake now?”

Himuro attempted to sit up when you urged for him to lie down. He protested and sat up anyway. “I made you soup,” you said while reaching for the tray on the bedside table and putting the bowl on it. You set the tray on his lap. Himuro smiled from the warmth radiating from the warm food. He smiled at you and mouthed a “thank you” (the poor boy had lost his voice too). Himuro winced from body pains as he moved his arm and you quickly got up to ask if he was okay. Obviously, he would nod and give you a considerate look.

You tied your hair back in a ponytail and took the soup spoon from his hand gently. He tilted his head at you like a little puppy being curious of something it’s seen for the first time. You dipped the spoon in the soup, blew on it to cool it down, then carefully brought it to Himuro’s lips. He was hesitant and confused at first, but eventually gulped it down. Your face was close to his because you were wary of spilling. Himuro leaned forward slightly and gave you a peck on the lips, causing you to blush.

“What if I get sick?!” You whacked his arm, causing him to groan in response.

He frowned at you as if to say “after just one little kiss?”

Akashi Seijuro - Akashi, cheeks as red as his crimson hair, reached for the glass on the bedside table while shivering like a newborn lamb. The expression on his face was so naive and vulnerable. He seemed like a child struggling to take care of himself on his own. When he finally lifted the glass of water and attempted to bring it to his lips, he sneezed, spilling almost all the water onto his bed sheets. He let out an exasperated sigh and shot you a glare when he heard you giggling on the chair next to his bed.

“Sei, you are very sick, no matter what you say,” you said while pulling out multiple tissues from the tissue box and handing them to your boyfriend.

He pressed the tissues down onto the damp blankets and then used one to blow his nose, “I am not sick. It’s just…a slight cold. I will recover almost immediately, as I always have,” he said, sniffling.

You got up out of your chair and pressed your hand against his forehead. He looked up at you with those striking eyes, almost as if to distract you from all the concerns you had. Biting your lip, you nodded. “Yeah, no… you’re staying in bed today. Don’t even think about getting up,” you said, throwing a blanket over his head.

Akashi pulled the blanket down his face so that only his eyes could be seen. He grabbed your wrist and you could sense he was smirking. “Then, will you warm me up by climbing in here with me? I might leave if there’s no one to supervise me.”

You blushed at his words and tried to shake off the grasp he had on your wrist. “Then you would get me sick too!”

The next morning, he was the one taking care of you.